Blitzby Depilatory Cream For Men and Hair Removal Cream For Men, Powerful, Effective 5-8 Minutes, No smell, Non-Irritating, Gently Remove Anywhere Unwanted Hair, For All Skin Type, 100ML

How To Use:

Tip: Before using the hair removal cream, you can use a hot towel to heat the hair part, so that the pores can be opened by heat.

1. Use a towel or water clean around the area.

2. Apply the hair removal cream evenly on the parts that need to be removed.

3. After 5-8 minutes, wipe in the reverse direction of your hair.

4. Clean it with water; warm water is recommended.

Applicable Skin Type:

Any skin type.

Storage method:

Store in a cool dry place to avoid eating by children. Please keep it out of the reach of young children.


For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

If there is any discomfort after use, please suspend the use.

Do not scratch after depilation, do not reuse the cream in the same part within 72 hours.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality: Blitzby’s Hair Removal for Men exquisite formula is mild and safe with no irritation, no burning, no odor, no scratches or bulges on the skin. It contains special plant extracts such as sassafras, aloe vera leaves, sophora flavescens roots, and wolfberry for skin safety.
  • Fast and Effective: Our hair removal is rich in active ingredients, softens the contact between the body hair and the roots so that the body hair is easy to break. Just wait 8 minutes, then wipe the hair removal cream away from your body. Easily get rid of those hairy troubles!
  • Delay Hair Growth: With our product, not only do you remove the hair, but you also moisturize your skin, and delay the growth of new hair!
  • Widely Applicable: Use this hair removal product on the arms, armpit, chest, legs, toe, and pubic area. Suitable for individuals and families.