Brave Soldier Clean Skin Face Cleanser (8-Ounce)

Luxurious and rich in natural botanicals, the non-drying, low surfactant formula includes wild eucalyptus to invigorate skin.

Product Features

  • A gentle cleanser for Face and Hands
  • Safe for Sensitive to Normal Skin
  • Helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance so even sensitive skin feels cleaner and healthier and wonderfully hydrated
  • Utilizing the natural moisturizers and amino acids your skin needs, use this mild yet effective cleanser every day to remove grime, sunscreen, and makeup while soothing, nourishing and cleaning your skin
  • For men and women

Brave Soldier Shower Shaving Lotion (8-Ounce)

Utilizing a unique blend of advanced lubricants, Shower Shave helps your razor glide effortlessly over your skin.

Product Features

  • The ultra-rich silicone based formula is amazingly slick and bonds with water to add extra lubricity and deliver the closest shave possible
  • Shower Shave is designed specifically for bath and shower use and is perfectly paired with a waterproof electric razor
  • Shower Shave is non-irritating, curative and conditioning
  • Formulated to stimulate cell defense mechanisms, raise active topical metabolism and provide anti-inflammatory relief to tender skin, Shower Shave calms, tones and protects while helping seal in the shower’s moisture
  • Shower Shave is more than a shave treatment, it’s a skin treatment