Shaving Station – Beard & Pre Shave Conditioner Gel – Kaffir Lime, Bergamot, Argan Oil – Men’s Bronco Pre-Shave Gel – Soft & Smooth – Aloe-Vera, Vitamin B5 & E – Paraben & Sulfate Free – 3.38 Fl Oz

Shaving Station’s Bronco Pre-Shave Gel

Men’s pre-shaving product made of natural botanical ingredients containing no parabens, sulfates, or synthetics. Get rid of shave nicks, bumps or burns. This ultimate lubricating pre-shave product nullifies toxins, reduces uneven shave results, is clear, non-sticky or oily for amazing razor glide with a delicious mild-earthy scent.

Powered With 100% Pure therapeutic grade plant-derived botanicals:

• Kaffir Lime Essential Oil – Antioxidant properties, slowing the breakdown of cells to minimize age marks, scars and pimples while softening your skin, nullifying toxins and delivering comprehensive anti-aging benefits that keeps skin smooth and young.

• Bergamot Essential Oil – Antibacterial and antifungal properties, a natural cleanser helping skin remove dirt, and impurities while unclogging pores stimulating better circulation to the hair follicles and balancing oily skin. Bergamot oil removes germs from the hair and scalp, leaving you feeling calm and serene.

• Aloe-Vera Extract – Healing and anti-inflammatory properties helping hair retain hydration without it feeling greasy. Prevents dry skin before shaving, Aloe can also be used as an aftershave treatment as it can heal small cuts and bruises caused by shaving and sooth skin.

• Vitamins B5 and E – Reduce inflammation, repair damage to hair follicles, maintain shiny, healthy hair and provide nutrients you need. Besides having antioxidant properties, these vitamins block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process, reducing wrinkles.

For Enhanced Effect & Great Results: Pair with additional Shaving Station Bronco Kaffir Lime & Bergamot products in the line available here on Amazon

Product Features

  • 100% Vegan | Infused with Organics | Natural oils and essences | Paraben & Sulfate free | Dermatology Tested Cruelty Free | Alcohol Free | Kaffir Lime & Bergamot oils | Aloe-Vera Extract | Vitamin E & B5 | Castor Oil
  • Powered by high quality pure botanical essences of Vetiver and Cedarwood, Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel helps smooth and moisturize the skin providing it with luxury conditioning while lifting hair follicles allowing the blade to gently and easily slide across the skin for the closest, flawless soothing shave
  • Shaving gels have less harsh chemicals, which is why they’re recommended for men with sensitive skin. Enhanced lubrication providing more protection to your skin and a smoother razor glide than just shaving creams
  • Say goodbye to razor burns, bumps, nicks, itchy or dry skin. Not sticky or oily, zesty-spicy fragrance is delicious and refreshing. Even the hardiest of hairs lose their stiffness when touched by this ultra-lubricating moisturizing gel
  • • Soften Facial Hair • Soothe & Moisturize Skin • Heal Razor Burns & Nicks • Nullify Toxins • Stop Infections • Fight Irritation & Dry Skin • Remove Build-Up • Balance Oily Skin • Keep Pores Clean • Prevent Residue