THE ULTIMATE Beard Shaving Hair Catcher Bib – Convenient & Time-Saving Pro Facial Hair Grooming Apron For Men, Offers Hassle-Free Shaving & Catches Clippings – Brown – Prophet & Tools

Real Men Don’t Make A Mess In The Bathroom, Real Men Use An Epic Beard Cape!

Are you sick and tired of hearing your wife or girlfriend complain about hair in the sink?

Do you want to make beard grooming as hassle-free as possible?

Looking for a convenient and easy-to-use facial hair shaving hack that will save you time and effort?

Presenting The Ultimate Beard Shaving Hair Catcher Bib By Prophet & Tools!

Designed by bearded men for bearded men, this durable and sleek brown beard shaving apron is the perfect way to keep your bathroom sink and floor spotless and make your wife or girlfriend the happiest in the world!

Say goodbye to messy sinks full of hair clippings once and for all with our compact and comfortable polyester facial hair catching bib!

Sturdy, Rugged & Smart, Just Like You!

Your time is precious, so don’t waste it trying to clean up the sink every time you have to groom your epic beard.

The Prophet & Tools will allow to easily dispose of the hair clippings with its easy flap shoot.

And using this beard bib is a breeze, since all you have to do is attach the suction cups to your bathroom mirror and start shaping your manly beard!

Attention Ladies! Your Troubles Are Finally Over!

Offer your boyfriend, husband, father, brother or roommate this unique beard hair catching bib and never have to worry about annoying facial hair all over the bathroom again!

And the best part? This compact and convenient beard styling apron comes with a handy self-packing bag for hassle-free hair trimming on-the-go and a fantastic FREE ebook “Oil is Richness – A Guide for Bearded Men” with amazing tips on how to keep your beard shiny, healthy and epic!

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Product Features

  • DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE GROOMING-HACK FOR BEARDED MEN! – Stop struggling with hair clippings all over the sink and bathroom floor once and for all! The Prophet & Tools premium beard shaving bib is here to make your life easier and your shaving routine 100% hassle-free! This ergonomic and convenient men’s shaving hair catcher is going to become your most trustworthy companion, due to its user-friendly design and heavy-duty material!
  • YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE WILL SIMPLY LOVE THIS ELITE HAIR CATCHER! – Surprise your significant other and show her how much you cherish her, by instantly eliminating all the hairy mess in the bathroom! The Prophet & Tools comfortable beard trimming bib is made of high-quality, waterproof polyester and is large enough to catch all the hair clippings before they reach the sink! All you have to do is use the handy suction cups to attach it to your bathroom mirror and trim away!
  • FOR BEARDED MEN BY BEARDED MEN! – Our ergonomic beard clipping apron is designed to help you easily get rid of the hair clippings with its easy flap shoot disposal. And the best part? If you have to pause while trimming your beard, all you have to do is attach the handy neck hooks to the mirror suction cups! That’s it! No more sink clogging, no more nagging and no more worries with the Prophet & Tools exclusive brown polyester beard shaving bib!
  • LADIES, THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR BEARDED MAN! – This one’s for you ladies! If you are sick and tired of having to clean up after your husband or boyfriend, then you absolutely need the Prophet & Tools time-saving beard grooming apron! If you are looking for a thoughtful birthday, anniversary or Father’s Day gift, then our lightweight yet heavy-duty beard grooming bib is exactly what you need! Your bathroom will be spotless and you’ll spend more quality time with your man
  • FREE SELF-PACKING BAG & E-BOOK FOR BEARD GROOMING ON-THE-GO! – Now you can groom your epic beard without worrying about hair clippings anywhere you are! The Prophet & Tools exclusive facial hair apron comes with a durable and handy bag and a BONUS eBook “Oil is Richness – A Guide for Bearded Men”! Try our innovative beard bib for 30 days and if you’re not thrilled with all the effort you will save, then we promise to buy it back from you at full price! What are you waiting for

[Movember Special] LumberWear Beard & Moustache Apron Bib Hair Catcher – Grooming Shaving Trimming Cape that Catches Hairs Clippings & Trimmings – Suction Cups attach to Mirror – Shave Travel Pouch

Keep your sink and clothes as tidy as your beard
By catching stray hairs before they land, Kenley’s innovative LumberWear beard catcher keeps your household happy and your sink shining. Whether you’re using an electric razor for a super-clean shave or perfecting your lumberjack beard, dealing with stray hairs and trimmings is an unnecessary hassle. As well as causing an unsightly mess, getting in the soap and blocking the sink, stray hairs can cause serious arguments with loved ones. With it’s gift-ready packaging and stylish print, the Kenley LumberWear beard apron is a great time-saving gift for any man.

The must-have for well-groomed men
Designed for home and salon use, the Kenley beard catcher’s innovative design and carefully engineered suction cups let you trim, shave and clip without having to clean up afterwards. It’s ideal for a quick date-night shave or a last-minute trim as it means you don’t have to change your outfit. Simply shake the nylon fabric over the bin and you’re done. Measuring 105x80cm (41x31in) it gives you freedom of movement without being unwieldy. The light nylon fabric packs down into its own handy pocket, ready for storage, the gym or travel. Tuck your clippers, razor or scissors in the pocket and you’re ready to conquer the world and look sharp the whole way round.

Product Features

  • AVOID CLEANING UP: Why should cleaning up take twice as long as shaving? Capture your stray beard hairs as they fall with the Kenley LumberWear beard catcher and stop them mucking up the soap, blocking the plughole and tangling in your toothbrush. A thorough clean up job will take just a few seconds.
  • PACKS DOWN FOR TRAVEL: The LumberWear beard apron has a handy pocket that doubles as a travel pouch, letting you tidy this neat tool away for storage or travel. With enough space for your trimmer, razor or tiny axe, it’s easy to keep your facial hair as you like it whether you’re at home or on the go.
  • SHIPPED IN A GIFT-READY BOX: Stylish and practical, this Kenley beard catcher is made of sturdy nylon in a trendy print. At 41″x31″, it’s large enough to be effective yet packs away for easy storage. It’s the ideal gift for image conscious men or anyone who hates cleaning the bathroom sink!
  • KEEP YOUR CLOTHES TIDY: Date night, grey hairs or 5 o’clock shadow – whatever the reason the last-minute shave or beard trim is a fact of life. The Kenley beard catcher keeps your clothes clean while you shave. It’s ideal for wet and dry shaves as well as clippers and a quick scissor trim.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME OR SALON USE: Whether you share a sink with your spouse or your boss, keeping it clean is key to a peaceful life. Cleverly designed suction cups let you hook one end of the Kenley beard apron to a mirror or tiles while the other ties round your neck. Trim away and then empty in the bin easily.

Mr Rugged Beard Cape – Barber Apron Catches Hair While You Shave or Use Clippers for a Hair Cut – Keeps Things Neat and Tidy – Professional Quality

You can’t skip trimming if you want to make sure your beard looks its best every day, but when you consider all the hassles that cutting your rugged growth causes, you may feel tempted to keep your scissors or your clippers tucked away in the medicine cabinet.

With the Mr Rugged Beard Cape, you won’t have to worry about dealing with all of those fallen, messy whiskers. This beard apron keeps you and the bathroom perfectly clean.

Inspired by the classic barber apron, the Mr Rugged Beard Cape fits around your neck and measures 2 full feet in length to give you plenty of coverage.

Unlike a traditional hair cut apron, this beard cape has two plastic suction cups sewn onto the bottom. Take the suction cups and stick them right onto your mirror to form a cradle for capturing hair. Then, you can shave and trim without ending up with stubble in the sink or on your clothing!

When you finish shaving, the Mr Rugged shave apron can be emptied into the garbage for quick and easy cleanup. Fold it up and stash it in the vanity or closet, and it’ll be ready for use again and again.

The Mr Rugged Beard Cape was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. We replaced those awkward tiny snaps on the traditional barber apron with Velcro, so you can get this beard apron on and off in a hurry. The Velcro gives our shaving and hair cut apron an adjustable fit through the neck to prevent tightness and discomfort.

Tame those unruly trimmings and spare yourself the hassles of a lengthy cleanup after you shave. Simplify grooming with the best shave apron on Amazon. Order the Mr Rugged Beard Cape now.

Product Features

  • BYE BYE STRAY HAIRS Protect your collar and your shirt with this beard cape, and you won’t end up with embarrassing whiskers on your shoulders and neck
  • NO MORE MESSY SINKS Suction cups on the bottom of this beard apron attach to your mirror, creating a tent to capture hair. You can empty the trimmings into the garbage after you shave for easy cleanup
  • A PERFECT FIT This shave apron has an adjustable neckline to ensure your comfort. It’s one size fits all guys
  • EASY TO GET ON AND OFF Unlike a barber apron with a tiny snap, our cape has a Velcro closure that you can fasten and unfasten with one hand
  • NOT JUST FOR SHAVING You can use this cape as a hair cut apron for touching up your ‘do with clippers, too