Premium Beard Grooming Kit – Vincent Verne Beard Care Kit Collection – 3 Piece Set – Comb, Brush and Oil by Liberty Grooming


You lean in, and when your lips touch hers, you can almost hear your beard hairs crunching into her face. The look on her face afterwards confirms your fears: you don’t have a beard, you have steel wool where your beard should be…


Feel the elegance that only Liberty Premium Grooming Company’s Beard Oil can bring! Offering moisture to your face and facial hair, you’ll notice your mug becoming more kissable and soft in no time at all!


There are no false ingredients in our blend! Only the finest organic oils and moisturizers go into our essential oil based beard oil. Nature is the only place to find true results, and that’s all we bring you!


We are men of our word, and we want nothing more than you to be happy. With a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and hundreds of reviews with thousands of happy customers, we know our product is worth your time. Remember, for the life of your purchase, we’ve got your back, no matter what! Whether you need a refund or replacement, we’ll make it right.


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Product Features

  • ★STEP UP YOUR BEARD GAME: and turn Your Beard Into A Well Groomed Masterpiece  with the Vincent Verne Premium Beard Grooming Kit. The Perfect Christmas and Holiday Gift for the Bearded Man. Includes 1Oz. Beard Oil, Ebony Wood Comb and Boar Bristle Brush.
  • ★THE KING OF OILS – We’re top rated by bearded men everywhere for a reason! It’s all about ingredients, and the Vincent Verne Collection Softener Oil has an unmatched blend of growth, strength, and softness! Formulated with essential botanical oils and moisturizers, this is a long-lasting full ounce of facial hair luxury! NATURALLY AMAZING – We choose natural ingredients that are the highest quality you can find.
  • ★HARDER, MORE DURABLE COMB: Most beard combs are made from sandalwood. Our comb is made from ebony, which is a harder, more durable wood, which means it’s less likely to break if you drop it or keep it in your pocket. Plus, the darker wood is more masculine. Perfect for your mustache too
  • ★100% BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH: Our brushes are lab-tested and guaranteed to be made with 100% boar bristle, NOT plastic or vinyl that could damage your beard. The natural boar hair is the perfect material to use against your beard, as it helps to soften, clean, exfoliator and distribute oils naturally and effectively.
  • ★A GENTLEMAN’S GUARANTEE – 100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK Lifetime guarantee did I say? Yes, we are positive we have an amazing product For that reason, we offer peace of mind with our products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money.

Minerals of Eden Hair Removal Collection Women Face Duo – Enriched with Dead Sea Mud & Minerals

Innovation is the key for Minerals of Eden “MoE”, however, all our raw materials are sourced by combining ancient and naturally occurring minerals from the Dead Sea renowned for their regenerative and restorative properties. Our advanced formulations deliver a luxurious, nourishing spa experience while staying true to the natural balance of the skin and hair, leaving you feeling nurtured, pampered and special. This lavish MoE range utilizes only the most potent of natural extracts to deliver an intensely therapeutic experience. Combining nature with innovative, cutting edge technology, Minerals of Eden present an integrated all-embracing solution for your hair and body – both for women and men. Our unique, sensitive facial formula will revolutionize the way you remove unwanted and unsightly facial hair. Facial hair is extremely problematic for women. Hormonal changes wreak havoc on our skin, creating bumps, pimples and hairs in places we wish to hide. We have created a 2-step solution to both prepare and replenish your skin which is gentle enough to use on your face. The unique blend of 26 Dead-Sea minerals and mud provide intense moisture and deep nourishment to your skin. While removing all unwanted hair, generating sensual, silky smooth skin for long-lasting results – without creating stubbly regrowth.

Product Features

  • Facial Hair Removal, Dead Sea

BIC Soleil Color Collection Razors (16 ct.)

BIC� Soleil� Color Collection� razors feature triple blades for a flawlessly smooth shave, beautifully-colored handles, lubricating strips to pamper your skin and rubber grip handles for added control. Sold in a convenient storage case with a slim, compact design, each package contains 16 razors.

Product Features

  • Triple blade for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • 16 razors
  • Soothing, lubricating strips
  • EZ-rinse blades
  • Pivoting head

Koenig Mens Shaving Collection – Natural Wood Soap Bowl, Natural Bristle Shaving Brush & 3 Soap Set

Harry D. Koenig, is a family owned company that has been providing the highest quality personal shave items since 1916. This handsome set includes a natural wood shave brush, and matching wood bowl with lid along with 3 shaving soaps. Makes a great gift.

Product Features

  • Soft bristle brush to help apply soap smoothly & evenly
  • Natural wood soap bowl with lid, measures 3.75 in diameter and 1.75 inches high
  • 3 Shaving soaps – specially formulated to leave skin soft and not dry on your face
  • Rich lather to help provide a cleaner, smoother shave experience
  • Wonderful gift for men

Premium Razor Set By Joshua Robert Collection

Shaving the way men should shave. A butterfly razor for easy access for cleaning and blade replacement. Natural Bristle Brush to make a great lather, gently exfoliate your face, and prep your beard for a close and comfortable shave. On top of that you have a very attractive addition to your bathroom counter with the brilliantly finished pieces in your set. Everything you need to get started is included, Butterfly Razor, Shaving Brush, Soap Dish, Blades, and Professional Barber Shaving Soap. Razor and Brush have textured chrome handles for a sure grip when your hands are wet or soapy. Shave with confidence, and enjoy the Shaving Experience, with our Premium Quality Shaving Set. This makes a great gift for any man on your list who shaves.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality Butterfly Safety Razor and Stand
  • High Quality Starter Blades by Feather
  • Natural Hair Shaving Brush
  • Pofessional Barber Shop Shaving Soap
  • Soap Dish with Lid

The Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection

Expensive But Worth It

I shave in the shower (Toilet Tree lighted mirror from Amazon) and love this razor. Ridiculously expensive? Yes. But if I’m going to scrape my face with a piece of sharp steel every morning, I want the best experience possible. I get good shave cream (Art of Shaving, Aveda, Cremo, RS) and use this razor. I have not had the reliability problems others seem to mention. My razors (I have one at home and one in my travel kit) have functioned flawlessly for a few years now. The high level of moisture in your beard from being in the shower makes for a much closer and easier shave. The light in the razor helps illuminate the different planes of your face, particularly around your nose and ears. This helps avoid that “Oh, I missed a spot” experience.

Product Features

  • Newly designed pack includes POWER RAZOR and 8 bonus ProGlide blades.
  • Perfectly balanced and weighted.
  • Gentle micro-pulses help you reduce friction and increase razor glide.
  • The built-in spotlight reveals details normally in shadow.
  • Handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.