Wax Necessities Natural Concentrated Citrus Depilatory Wax Cleaner 95% D- Limonene 16 Oz.

The Citrus Cleaner with all the natural power of D-Limonene will completely remove any wax from equipment and floors.
Directions:Use undiluted to clean wax residues. On heavy wax deposits allow the cleaner to work for few minutes then wipe and rinse with water. Always test on small hidden areas before using on large areas. Do not apply in brand logos stamped on equipments. WARNING: Professional Use Only! DO not use on skin. Test on a small hide area before use.Discontinue use if the the clearer affects the surface of the hidden area.

Product Features

  • -95% Natural D-Limonene Solvent
  • -No Petroleum Distillates
  • -The Citrus Cleaner with all the natural power of D-Limonene will completely remove any wax from equipment and floors.

Travel Size Men’s Shave Cream – 15 Single Use Pods – Leak Proof, TSA Approved & Filled with Premium Natural Ingredients. Protects Sensitive Skin. Concentrated Formula. Easy to Pack. (SPSCC05FPB)

Squeeze Pod is a revolutionary line of travel size personal care products conveniently packaged in patented, single-use “pods” for pampering and problem-solving on the go. All Squeeze Pod products are made in the USA using premium natural ingredients. Perfect for travelers and active people who squeeze the most out of life, Squeeze Pods are TSA-compliant and easy to pack or tuck in a pocket, backpack, carry-on or gym bag. We’re proud our products are vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Formulated for sensitive skin with no harmful preservatives or allergens, Squeeze Pod Travel Size Natural Shave Cream offers two-in-one convenience: It softens stubble for a close shave while moisturizing skin with natural sunflower seed, coconut, spruce and lemon verbena leaf oils. Our non-comedogenic shaving cream won’t clog your pores.

Simply squeeze, then smooth on skin, and enjoy the natural, revitalizing scent as your razor glides. Squeeze Pod Travel Size Natural Shave Cream is concentrated, so reapply water as needed to spread shaving cream.

Squeeze Pod Travel Size Natural Shave Cream has a shelf life of two years and can be stored in all environments. Take the guesswork out of packing: Simply count out the number of shaving cream pods you need before you travel.

Product Features

  • LEAK PROOF – TESTED AND TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS OF TRAVELERS – “A Travel Must-Have” – Travel+ Leisure & “The Foolproof Way to Pack Without a Single Leak.” – Luxury Travel Advisor
  • TSA APPROVED – Stress Free Security Checks. Ideal for Carry-On Bag Travel.
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA – Wet face & apply shave cream. To extend coverage, wet face again & spread cream thinly. The thinner the spread, the better the shave.
  • PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Contain NO sulfates (color safe), Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates or Harsh Chemicals. All Formulas are PETA Certified Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. Manufactured in USA.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We guarantee you’ll love our leak-proof, travel-size natural toiletries. If you don’t love them, please return for your money back.

Biofficina Cool Moisturizing Shaving Gel Concentrated, so Your razor Gently Glides 3.38 oz.

Organic Cool and Moisturizing Shaving Gel, prevents irritation, 100ml./3.38 oz.
A highly concentrated shaving gel that can be applied directly to wet skin with your hands or with a wet brush for a thicker foam to let the razor glide gently on your skin. It stays on the skin after the first pass of the razor to protect it with soothing, organic Tuscan extracts of mallow and nettle to guard against irritation and redness. Perfect for all skin types. Alcohol free.
Scent: Slightly spicy notes (from essential oils)
Suggested use: massage on damp facial skin and then shave. It can also be used with a brush. The gel does not make excessive foam so that it stays on your skin after the first pass of the razor and does not irritate it on the second pass. Like all our products, the gel is concentrated so that you need little and it lasts long.
Active ingredients: Organic extracts of mallow and nettle; Urea.

Product Features

  • Biofficina Shaving Gel with moisturizing lubricants to reduce dryness
  • Ultimate Skin Protection and excellent smooth razor glide
  • Helps soothe and protect dry, sensitive skin while shaving
  • Natural ingredients provides moisture and lubricates for the perfect care
  • Thicker foam improves razor glide and helps protect

Bolt Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel – The Best Shave and shaving supplies for Sensitive Skin – Concentrated so a little goes a long way. Gives the Closest Wet Shave While Conditioning Using 100% Organic Essential Oils. Improves Razor Glide and Leaves Skin Smooth and Clean. Enhance Your Shave Experience Now!

SUPERSKIN SHAVING GEL by BOLT is a dual purpose gel that not only gives you the closest shave but also conditions your skin using a proprietary blend of 100% Organic Essential Oils. For men with sensitive skin, this makes shaving a pleasure and makes razor burn and cuts a thing of then past. Alcohol and chemical free from the start sets Superskin Shaving Gel apart from the rest. Men with tough beards have had their share of trouble getting a comfortable shave by trying all sorts of items ranging from creams, lathers, brushes, straight razors, razors with multi-blades along with hot towels and having to go to a professional barber for an exceptional shave for that spacial event. Men have to shave. It’s a right of passage. It shouldn’t be torture. Let’s face, men and also women have been searching for that perfect shaving soap or the best shaving cream and have been trying all sorts of remedies from using a shaving brush to electric razors, straight razors and even waxing to handle unwanted hair growth with some success but usually after many attempts leaving battle scars from many of their episodes with “something new”. All for the search to get the best shave that will be consistent and without having to blot blood off the skin during and at the end of the shave. We at BOLT have tried many formulas and have finally created a totally organic gel we proudly call “The best shaving gel for men”. It’s so good, many women are also taking the opportunity to try their significant others Superskin Shaving Gel and finding how well it works when using it to shave their legs. It makes the razor glide effortlessly along the skin enabling a clean and very close shave without any nicks or cuts left in it’s wake. There are many products we also suggest to use after using our shaving gel – Nivea has an excellent post shaving lotion for sensitive skin that also works well and in harmony with our shaving gel. Our Organic Shaving Gel-made for men, but also approved by and for women.

Product Features

  • ENRICHED WITH A SPECIAL BLEND OF 100% ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS. Improves and conditions your skin with Organic Coconut oil.
  • IMPROVES RAZOR PERFORMANCE. The gel is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. You can apply it to all areas of your face.