Luxury Beard Grooming Kit for Men (6 Piece) | All-Natural Care Set | Includes Conditioning Oil, leave in conditioning Balm, Beard Wash, Beard & Face Soap, Boar Bristle Brush & Comb | Mens Shaving Kit


Get More in Every Set

Looking to transform your beard from unruly to one that rules? From patchy and dry to thick and healthy? Then you’ll love the
Baroque Royal Beard care kit! This isn’t just any beard care set, it’s the most complete of its kind. While others just have a brush
and a handful of products, ours comes with 60ml conditioning beard oil that 2X bigger than the competition, large 2oz
conditioning balm, generous 150ml beard wash, beard and face soap, a boar bristle brush, and comb. This means you
get the best bang for your buck while getting all the accessories and products needed to soften, stimulate, and groom your

Awesome Gift Idea

The best gift is one that come with a touch of practicality. One that special someone will reach out for almost every single day.
And that’s exactly what this beard grooming kit is all about! It’s the perfect gift for any guy: boyfriend or hubby, dad or brother,
friend or colleague. It comes packed in a stylish gift box that exudes a premium flair and is created with a woman’s perspective
to make it an especially awesome present from her to him. Make that birthday extra special, that anniversary memorable, or
that holiday a gifting home run with the Baroque Royal beard kit!

Here are more reasons to love this premium beard kit set:

– Beard oil, balm, and wash are all-natural with no synthetic ingredients.

– The only beard kit in the US made by an ISO-certified supplier.

– Completely cruelty-free; never tested on animals.

– Contains premium, masterfully-blended carrier and essential oils.

– Beautiful gift box makes for convenient storage.

Product Features

  • MOST COMPLETE KIT: Groom, style, and condition your mane with a beard grooming kit that gives you more in every set. This is the most complete beard care set, containing conditioning beard oil, conditioning balm, beard wash, beard and face soap, brush, and comb.and a reusable luxury magnetic box. This means you get all the accessories in one kit required to soften, simulate, and manage that beard you’re so proud of.
  • VALUE YOU’LL LOVE: This is the ONLY men’s beard care kit with a big 60ml (2oz) beard oil bottle, which is 2X larger than the 30ml (1oz) bottles found in others. It also has a bigger 50g beard balm, and a bigger 150ml beard wash. Get a beard maintenance kit that lasts twice as long as the others.
  • ALL-NATURAL; ISO CERTIFIED: Give your beard the royal treatment. Baroque Royal ultimate complete luxury kits are the only ones made by an ISO-certified supplier, are never tested on animals, and are all-natural with masterfully blended carrier & essential oils, 100% free of any synthetic ingredients.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Our beard growing kit comes packed in a luxurious reusable magnetic box gift box to make it the perfect gift to crown that birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, and everything in between. Whether you’re shopping for your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, or colleague, this beard grow kit is guaranteed to be an instant hit.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This full beard brush set comes with the Baroque Royal total satisfaction guarantee. Experience any issues? Just reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to make you smile. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get the largest beard products kit completely risk-free!

Pure Ziva Men’s Conditioning & Moisturizing Shaving Cream Lotion, Wintergreen Mint Scent, Paraben & Sulfate Free, 3 Fluid Ounces, No Animal Testing & Cruelty Free

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Product Features

  • Lightweight shave lotion contains phospholipids & white tea
  • Prevents razor burn and irritation
  • Very light mint scent
  • PROMOTION: Use claim code ZIVACODE at checkout; receive 10% off 2 items; 15% off 3 items; and 20% off 4 items, 25% off 5 or more items in our catalog
  • Made in the USA

Art Naturals Beard & Mustache Balm / Oil / Wax / Leave In Conditioner 2.0 oz – 100% Natural Conditioning that Soothes Itching – Thickens, Strengthens, Softens, Tames & Styles Facial Hair Growth.

Give a guy the gift of a strong stache and brawny beard with this exclusively-formulated beard balm that’s a fave with the babes. A complement to our bestselling Beard and Stache Oil, this follicle-friendly pocket pomade shapes, styles, structures, grooms, and conditions facial hairs for a polished, professional, or any “personalized” look. This superior salve seals split ends, reduces breakage, and prevents patchiness due to the beard-boosting blend of jojoba, sweet orange, and grapeseed oils. Hydrating and conditioning mango seed butter help keep skin and hairs lubricated and nourished. The light, fresh scent of sweet orange oil keeps things smelling clean and deodorized all day. Tangle-taming formula allows for on-the-fly flexibility and manageability, without any stickiness, frizz, or stiffness. Rich essential oils alleviate itch, dryness, and irritation. You’ll want to get back to your rugged roots with this whisker and woman-approved beard balm.

Product Features

  • 100% all-natural ingredients manage and refresh unruly beard and mustache hairs
  • Botanical-rich jojoba and argan oils keep hairs strong, shiny, moisturized, and super nourished
  • Follicle-friendly, deep-conditioning mango seed butter and grapeseed oil keep hairs lubricated
  • Sweet orange oil deodorizes and keeps your beard and stache strands smelling clean and fresh
  • Pomade-like formulation shapes and styles hairs into a plethora of cool, personalized looks

Beard Brush For Men – Facial & Scalp Hair Comb By Beard Deluxe – Natural Bamboo, Ergonomic Handle & 100% Boar Bristles For Easy Conditioning & Styling – Portable Design – Gift Box & Cotton Pouch

The Best Beard And Mustache Comb Is Now Available On Amazon!

Having a beard is the hottest trend which can effectively accentuate your manly nature and highlight your facial characteristics.

Nevertheless, if you do not take proper care of your beard or mustache, you might end up looking unattractive at the least!

All you need in order to keep your beard perfectly groomed and always look your best is the highest quality beard brush which is now available on Amazon!

Premium Quality Construction And Unique, Ergonomic Design

Beard Deluxe presents you with a must have grooming accessory! This top notch men’s beard comb features a practical, comfortable natural bamboo handle that provides you with a firm grip and allows for easy brushing.

What is more, it has 100% natural boar hairs which can gently massage your hair follicles and promote hair growth, helping you acquire a longer, thicker beard that will impress.

Its compact, portable and lightweight design allows you to keep it in your pocket and condition your beard and mustache any time you wish to!

Nice Gift Box And Practical Soft Cotton Carrying Pouch

This handmade boar bristle hair brush is ideal for every single type of hairs including soft, coarse, long or short.

Moreover, it can be used for grooming your facial and scalp hair too.

You will receive it in a nice, stylish, striking gift box that allows you to offer it as a present to anyone you love!

Inside the box, you will discover a cotton pouch that can keep your pocket beard comb protected while traveling.

Keeping you satisfied is our priority. This is why we offer you a 90 day money back guarantee!

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Beard Deluxe handmade hair and beard brush features a natural bamboo handle as well as 100% soft boar bristles. Its unique design allows you to comfortably groom your beard and mustache, removing any dead hair. Furthermore, it can detangle your beard, leaving it smooth and well-conditioned.
  • GROOM AND STYLE YOUR BEARD ANY TIME YOU WANT TO: This top quality beard and mustache grooming comb is portable thanks to its extremely lightweight and compact design. Now, you can condition and style your beard and mustache any time! You just have to keep this must have comb in your pocket!
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR: No matter what your hair type, this boar bristle brush is ideal for you! It can perfectly take care of and style short, long, soft and coarse hair, having you look your best. This amazing styling tool can take care of your beard, mustache as well as your scalp hair too!
  • PERFECT GIFT BOX AND CARRYING POUCH: Make this grooming accessory yours or offer it as a gift to someone who likes to be stylish and elegant. You will receive this must have mustache and beard brush in a nice, impressive gift box! Moreover, inside the box, you will find a soft cotton, protective, carrying pouch!
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Providing you with the highest quality products and the friendliest costumer service is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a 90 day money back guarantee in case this handmade bamboo beard comb does not live up to your expectations!

Beard Brush for Men – Best Facial Hair Comb for Mustache Conditioning Styling & Maintenance – With Boar Bristles for Easy Upkeep & Grooming – Distributes Products & Natural Waxes – Smooth Viking

Keep your beard looking sleek with Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush.

This beard brush uses only the highest quality materials to ensure you get the best results. This includes bristles from Black Wild Boars to offer a sturdy but effective combing action.

With this beard brush, it’s easy to give your beard the care it needs to look its best all day long.

Product Features

  • Highest Quality Boar Bristle – Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush uses only the highest quality Black Wild Boar bristle to ensure you receive the best results when it comes to shaping, styling and simply grooming your facial hair. This brush contains no synthetic filler bristles that could detach in your beard or irritate the skin underneath.
  • Easily Smooths & Styles Hair – This brush makes it easy to get the beard style you want by smoothing your facial hair and stimulating the skin underneath. By reaching the skin, the brush encourages the distribution of natural oils that are produced to keep your beard feeling and looking healthy when it might otherwise tend to look dull and lifeless.
  • Made with Tough Bristles to Untangle – The bristles on Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush are firm enough to tackle even the toughest of tangles in your facial hair. With this premium comb, you don’t have to worry about getting tough and uncomfortable knots or having a beard that looks unkempt and messy any longer.
  • Clears Residue & Dandruff – You don’t want to be caught in public with crumbs, dirt or anything else stuck in your facial hair, and with this brush you don’t have to worry about that. The tough bristles also massage the skin on your face and clear away any dandruff or flaking that could be caused by dryness or irritation.
  • Works for All Beard Styles – Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush works how you want it, regardless of whether your style is vintage, modern, classic or anything else, you’ll be able to easily achieve it with this styling brush. It can be used to evenly distribute your choice of beard wax to get the style you want, or you can just use it to maintain and regularly groom your more natural look.

Bolt Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel – The Best Shave and shaving supplies for Sensitive Skin – Concentrated so a little goes a long way. Gives the Closest Wet Shave While Conditioning Using 100% Organic Essential Oils. Improves Razor Glide and Leaves Skin Smooth and Clean. Enhance Your Shave Experience Now!

SUPERSKIN SHAVING GEL by BOLT is a dual purpose gel that not only gives you the closest shave but also conditions your skin using a proprietary blend of 100% Organic Essential Oils. For men with sensitive skin, this makes shaving a pleasure and makes razor burn and cuts a thing of then past. Alcohol and chemical free from the start sets Superskin Shaving Gel apart from the rest. Men with tough beards have had their share of trouble getting a comfortable shave by trying all sorts of items ranging from creams, lathers, brushes, straight razors, razors with multi-blades along with hot towels and having to go to a professional barber for an exceptional shave for that spacial event. Men have to shave. It’s a right of passage. It shouldn’t be torture. Let’s face, men and also women have been searching for that perfect shaving soap or the best shaving cream and have been trying all sorts of remedies from using a shaving brush to electric razors, straight razors and even waxing to handle unwanted hair growth with some success but usually after many attempts leaving battle scars from many of their episodes with “something new”. All for the search to get the best shave that will be consistent and without having to blot blood off the skin during and at the end of the shave. We at BOLT have tried many formulas and have finally created a totally organic gel we proudly call “The best shaving gel for men”. It’s so good, many women are also taking the opportunity to try their significant others Superskin Shaving Gel and finding how well it works when using it to shave their legs. It makes the razor glide effortlessly along the skin enabling a clean and very close shave without any nicks or cuts left in it’s wake. There are many products we also suggest to use after using our shaving gel – Nivea has an excellent post shaving lotion for sensitive skin that also works well and in harmony with our shaving gel. Our Organic Shaving Gel-made for men, but also approved by and for women.

Product Features

  • ENRICHED WITH A SPECIAL BLEND OF 100% ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS. Improves and conditions your skin with Organic Coconut oil.
  • IMPROVES RAZOR PERFORMANCE. The gel is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. You can apply it to all areas of your face.

100% Natural Shaving Cream For MEN – Conditioning & Lubricating – ‘Wet Your Whiskers!’ – by Vi-Tae® 8.39oz – For A Luxurious, Smooth, Close, Skin Nourishing Shave While Preventing Nicks, Cuts, Rash, Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair.

Get the Closest Shave Possible while Nourishing Your Skin Naturally!!

Whether you’re getting ready for a date, an interview, or just doing some routine grooming, you want to look your best.

But even after using your best razor, your shave leaves your face and neck covered with bumps and irritation.

What was the point of shaving if your skin is now red, sensitive, and looking seedier than your stubble?

The worst part is, the hair will start growing back within a few hours.

The goal is to get smooth, clear skin, so don’t settle for anything less. ‘Wet Your Whiskers!’ by Vi-Tae is an all-natural shaving cream specially formulated to give men the best shave possible and redefining your shaving experience.

It’s safe to use for both the face and body, and nourishing aloe and seaweed extract mean your skin will be vibrant and moisturized.

The result? Healthy skin and a more confident you.

Why Try ‘Wet Your Whiskers!’?
• Rich and smooth formula is enriched with aloe and shea butter to give you an extra close and comfortable shave.
• The blend of essential oils and butters hydrate your skin, so it won’t look dry or dull.
• Ideal for coarse hair on the face, neck, and body.Defends & protects your skin and heals cuts and irritation.
• All-Natural, Premium Quality – Made in the USA with lots of LOVE:
• Brought to you by Vi-Tae, a trusted brand with thousands of satisfied customers.

Your Purchase is Backed with an EXTENDED 1-Year Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

*Stock is limited.

Order Vi-Tae ‘Wet Your Whiskers!’ Now and Look Great with the Closest Shave Naturally!

Product Features

  • Closest Shave, Naturally!: Natural ingredients like palm oil to soften hair and shea butter to hydrate skin come together to create a shaving cream that gives you clean, smooth skin. Our rich and non-foaming formula allows for effortless razor glide, giving you an astonishingly close shave and the best results.
  • Minimize Irritation Prevent Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair: Because it’s made with beeswax and a blend of essential oils, this shaving cream helps prevent and heal the cuts and minor skin irritations that come with shaving. The natural, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties leave your skin looking fresh, healthy, and as smooth as butter.
  • Made for Men: The ‘Wet Your Whiskers’ formula and natural scent was finely tuned with men (and adventurous women) in mind. Geranium flower and bay leaf oils help to soften thick, coarse hair, making it ideal for the terrain of the male face, chest, stomach, or any area you may want to groom.
  • All-Natural, Unique Formula – Made in the USA with lots of LOVE: ‘Wet Your Whiskers!” shaving cream for men was created without any harmful or toxic chemicals or preservatives and is paraben, colorant, and gluten-free. You get a great shave without the overpowering smells or potential side effects that come with most other creams or lotions.
  • Try Risk Free From A Trusted Brand: When you’re looking to treat yourself to the very best, Vi-Tae has exactly what you’re looking for. Our line of health, beauty & personal care products feature only natural ingredients for quick and safe results. A trusted brand for natural products that deliver amazing RESULTS & a proven track record of helping tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. *** Your COMPLETE SATISFACTION is assured with our EXTENDED 1 YEAR, No Questions Asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, 6 fl. oz.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, penetrating formula not only helps prepare your beard by penetrating and softening whisker growth, it holds in moisture so your shaving blade glides easily Refreshes skin, too, for an easier, smoother shave and less razor burn
  • Unique see-through texture lets you see where you’re shaving, helping to prevent nicks and cuts — especially great for shaving side burns, moustache and head; won’t clog your blade, because it’s super light and rinses easily
  • Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Glycerin provide a lubricating, protective cushion
  • Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Menthol refresh and revitalize skin
  • Phospholipids bind moisture to the skin and support the natural skin barrier