1Set Exfoliating Hair Removal Mitts Natural Gentle Discs Manual Shave Painless Depil Pad Epilator

This mitt is a revolutionary method which allows you to remove hair quickly and painlessly.
A simple circular motion allows you to remove hair and dead skin and exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Product Features

  • 4 x large replacement disks plus 4 x small replacement disks.
  • 1 x small mitt for sensitive areas approximately 8 x 3.5 cm in size.
  • 1 x large mitt approximately 12 x 8 cm in size.
  • 1 x storage/carry case.
  • Two sizes of mitts allow you to remove hair on all areas of the body: legs, bikini line, armpits, etc.

MSmask Facial Hair Face Removal Handheld Face Depilatory Hair Removal Threading Beauty Female Epilator Women Tools Depil

Condition: 100% Brand New
Keep face cleaner and smoother
Original threading facial hairs remover, no pain.
Removes hair root for long lasting hair-free complexion.
Clean and dry face before using,Bend the stick and turn the handle outwards and slide along the face,repeat in down/up motion.
Apply toner and moisturizer after using.
Material: ABS Resin + Stainless Steel Spring
Color: Random Color
Package included:
1 x Face Hair Remover Tool

Product Features

  • Removes hair at the root for a longer lasting hair-free complexion
  • Removes excess / unwanted facial hair, leave your skin feeling softer and hair free.
  • It works like tweezers, except that it removes a small area of hair at a time so it is faster.
  • No chemical, anyone can use ,Natural, safe and convenient

Eveline Cosmetics – Bio Depil 9 in 1 – Ultra Delicate Depilatory Cream for Sensitive Skin (Aloe Vera 125 Ml)


Delays and restrains hair growth back

-Extremely effectively removes unwanted hair
-Unusually delicate for the skin
-Delays hair growth back
-Moisturizes the skin, thanks to silk proteins content
-Enriched with aloe, calms and soothes irritations
-Contains coenzyme Q10+R, to additionally care skin during depilation
-Makes the skin satin smooth and silky soft
-Acts VERY fast
-No risk of skin injury

-Using the spatula provided, spread the cream evenly on the skin areas to be treated. Do not rub in.
– Leave on the skin for 5 minutes. Use the spatula to remove the cream from a small area of the skin.

If the hair goes off easily, use the spatula to remove the rest of the cream, moving against the direction of hair growth. If the hair is still not easily removed, leave the cream on the skin, but not for longer than 10 minutes from start of application. Duration of application depends on the thickness of hair.

– Remains of the cream can be removed with a wet sponge. Next, wash the skin with warm water (do not use soap) and dry.

The formula should not be used for face hair removal.

Before the first application of the formula it is necessary to do an allergic test: apply the cream on a small area of the skin, and rinse it after a few minutes. Unless an allergic reaction develops in the application place within 24 hours, you may start depilation. If at any point your skin starts to burn, remove the cream and rinse the skin with warm water. If the burning sensation continues, consult a doctor.


Apply the cream according to directions of use. Never apply the cream on cut, irritated or deeply sunburnt skin. Do not use deodorants or antiperspirants within 24 hours after hair removal. Avoid sunbathing.

Product Features

  • Extremley effective at removing unwanted hair Very delicate on the skin Delays hair regrowth & moisturises skin Enriched with Aloe Vera & Coenzyme Q10+R Fast acting