SUPRENT Lady Electric Shaver, Noise Reduction Women’s Electric Razor and Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer, Use Wet and Dry,USB Rechargeable (Pink)


1. Prepare
Unless you’re using a wet and dry shaver – which can be used with or without water – you’ll get much better results from an electric shaver if your skin is dry. To make sure it’s free of dirt and sebum (the skin’s natural oil) use an alcohol-based pre-electric shave product. Most are formulated with ingredients like vitamin E, ensuring that your skin is protected and irritation is kept to a minimum.

2. Get the angle right
Hold the shaver at right angles to your skin, and use your free hand to pull your shaving area to make your body hairs stand upright. This will ensure maximum contact with the skin, reduce shaving time and minimize snagging.

3. Keep cool
Due to the fact that general shaver are mechanized, most shavers generate a degree of operational heat – bad news for sensitive skin as it can cause irritation. Always tackle the sensitive areas first while the shaver is still cool. Press lightly and don’t go over the same spot repeatedly.

4. Give it some TLC
Shavers are like cars: they perform better if properly maintained and any worn out parts are replaced. Many now come with their own cleaning systems. If yours does, use it. Not only will it help to deliver a better shave, it will prolong the product life, too. Use the cleaning brush provided to remove any hair dust from the cutters after each shave but be gentle as these parts are delicate and easily damaged. Never tap the shaver on the edge of the sink to remove residues.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If there were any problem with your SUPRENT lady shaver, just contact us, we provide 12 months warranty.

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Product Features

  • LADY SHAVER WITH 3 IN 1 BLADE: Straight blade and cambered blade shave longer hair, then middle mush blade shave stubble.
  • R-TYPE OBTUSE BLADE + RETRACTABLE BLADE: Shave closely and harmlessly. SUPRENT Ladies shaver is your skin guard.
  • ELECTRIC RAZOR WITH 6500 RPM MUTE MOTOR: High efficiency and low noise. Take 3-5 sec less.
  • USB 2.0 FAST CHARGE: Connect with any phone adapter and mobile power. Never power shortage.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF BODY: 100% washable. Wet and dry use.