DULARF Electric Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor/Electric Foil Shaver, Wet & Dry BS – 8003 4 IN 1 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver Shaving Razor Trimmer

Methods: Trim the beard Slowly move the shaver back and forth against the growing direction of beard hair Trim nose hair Gently move the trimmer around to trim the unwanted hair in your nose Trim the sideburns Slowly move the trimmer back and forth against smaller areas such as hairlines or sideburns Facial cleaning Put the brush head close to the skin slightly, then gently clean the face circularly

Product Features

  • The 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver is a 4 in 1 multi-functional electric tool for shaving beard, sideburns, nose hair, and also for cleaning face.
  • The 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver Floating technology allows the entire blade to adjust to the active contour and keeps the blades in close contact with your face, ensuring an accurate shave.
  • The 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver 4 in 1, not only be used as a beard razor, a nose hair trimmer, but also a facial cleaner at the same time
  • The 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver Touch switch breathing light system, making the shaving full of fun
  • The 5D Touch Men Electric Shaver 5D intelligent floating with contour detect technology for a close, comfortable and refreshing shave on the curve of the face