Bohemian Brothers Grooming – Barbershop Bay Rum and Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil for Men (2 OZ). Ultra Smooth Shaving Experience. Prevent Nicks and Irritation. With Natural Vitamin E and Avocado Oil.

This Vintage Barbershop Pre-Shave Oil is the perfect way to start your daily shave. It softens and lifts the stubble, while forming a protective layer on the skin to increase razor glide for the closest, smoothest shave possible. This skin nourishing shave oil is formulated with a unique blend of All Natural Carrier Oils, Vitamin E, Fine Fragrance, and can handle even the coarsest facial hair. For the ULTIMATE RESERVE SHAVING EXPERIENCE, be sure to finish with BOHEMIAN RESERVE POST SHAVE BALM!

Product Features

  • DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR WET SHAVING. Proprietary Avocado based formula creates a protective layer on the skin, Maximizing Razor Glide to help prevent razor burn, bumps, and irritation.
  • SOFTENS COARSE STUBBLE and stands the hair up to provide an exceptionally smooth, close shaving experience. Natural Vitamin E repairs and rejuvenates the skin with each shave.
  • SMELLS AWESOME! The one-of-a-kind vintage blend of Bay Rum and Sandalwood Bourbon smells like an Old School Barbershop.
  • CONVENIENT, NO SPILL DISPENSER. Two Pumps is all you need. Never worry about wasting or spilling your favorite new Pre-Shave Oil again!

GBS Slant Safety Razor Shaving Set – Chrome – Merkur 37 The Stubble Remover (37001 37C) Slanted Razor, Badger Brush, Razor & Brush Stand, Bowl Soap + 10 Blades For Ultimate Wet Shaving Experience

GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. We proudly offer high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price. We combine the Classic Old School Tradition of Merkur 37001 Razor with the Ultimate GBS Wet Shaving Package. Merkur Razors rich 100 year old plus history with the modern Classic Style of GBS. Make your Grandfather Father proud!

Product Features

  • ✅100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! – We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution! B238
  • ✅37C :Chrome plated for corrosion resistant & longevity. Switch out used blade with any double standard blade. The head is a “slant bar” – wider gap between blade & bar which creates a more aggressive shave. 3″ handle.
  • ✅Brush & Razor Stand: Compatible with all standard shaving brushes (up to 22mm) and standard double edge safety razors. Stainless steel finish with a knurled center for that extra grip. Classic look with a modern touch. Keeps your shaving tools secure and ready. Height: 131mm (4.5″) Razor Opening: 12mm (1/2″) Brush Opening: 26mm(1″)
  • ✅Badger Brush: 21mm knot. 100% pure badger hair bristles. Retains water to the face to properly lather the skin
  • ✅Bowl & Soap – Durable Mirror like bowl with Ocean Driftwood shaving soap scented with vanilla oils and ocean breeze

GBS 100% Pure Badger Bristle Travel Shaving Brush, Silver Gray Metal Canister Compliments Any Shaving Razor For The Ultimate and Best Wet Shaving Experience

Quality – GBS manufactures High quality shaving / Beard grooming tools and Accessories. We are constantly testing and improving our products every day to make them better. We also have a full line of Balms, oils and wash. Soft goods to keep you your Beard looking its best as well as achieving the Ultimate Wet Shaving Experience. Professional Choice – Our Tools are used by professionals Barbers across the USA. Barber Tested and Approved! Durable – We Stand by our Products 100% because our products well made and extremely durable. With Proper maintenance and care our grooming and beard tools should last many years

Product Features

  • ✅100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! – We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution! B3
  • ✅Pure badger bristle brush in travel canister is great for every day use or travel.
  • ✅Enhance your shave creams/soaps with this brush. Whip up a nice rich foamy lather. Bristles exfoliate while not scratching your face for the best shave possible.
  • ✅Brush head unscrews and goes into lightweight but durable brushed chrome tube.
  • ✅Great starter brush! Attractive sleek look and its compact design is great for on-the-go!

uxcell 100% Natural Soft Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knot Handmade For Men Pro Exfoliate Facial Care Beard Wet Shaving Lather Luxurious Barber-like Experience Travel Kit

► Features:

► Home Use: The perfect male shaving product for all razors, ergonomic handle to ensure firm grip, attractive gloss handle, stronger than most fake hair brush. Natural sturdy badger hair helps massage your skin more comfortable. Our shaving cream brush makes your durable buddy during your daily shaving.

► Comfortable Shaving Experience: Produce rich shave lather and give in to perfect shaving experience from the convenience of your home! Our excellent shaving brush, made exclusively from 100% natural soft badger hair will help you save time and money on expensive barbers!

► Holds and Retains Water: The bristles on this badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent, which helps you apply shaving cream fast and get a real wet shave. It also makes it incredibly easy to rinse out when you are done.

► Compact and Light weighted Design: Perfect for travelling and on business, tiny dimension can be storage in your bag conveniently.

► Finally, please rinse the shaving brush, drain the water, the bristles will be placed on the bracket to dry.

► FAQ:
► About Hair Shedding:
you may experience a couple hair falling at first use, but it will stop after few uses.Eliminate the moderate shedding of your original badger shaving brush by avoiding hot water- use it with warm water to keep its hair soft and shiny, for longer top shaving performance!

► About Hair Smell :
All the hair has been sanitized, but as a TOKEN of badger hair AUTHENTICITY, our shaving brush may have the natural characteristic badger smell when used for the first time- don’t worry, it will go away soon!

Product Features

  • ► Package included: 1 x Shaving Brush Knot.
  • ► Retains water and heat, produces rich shave lather, gently exfoliates your skin,generating the creation of new skin cells and offering your face unique sleek, radiant looks!
  • ► Natural thick SOFT bristles help comfortably massage your skin thoroughly take away residue from your pore,ergonomic handle to ensure firm grip, makes it the best male shaving product for all razors,Safety Razor,Double Edge Razor, Straight Razor or Shaving Razor..
  • ► Perfect for travelling and on business, tiny dimension can be packed in your bag conveniently. Our 100% true Badger shaving cream/Soap brush makes your durable buddy during your daily shaving.
  • ♥ Perfect gift for your father and boyfriend, first choice for Father’s day and valentine.

GBS Ocean Driftwood 97% All Natural Shave Soap Made in the USA – 3 Pack. Creates a Rich Lather Foam for Ultimate Wet Shaving Experience

GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. Proudly offers high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! B111/BG
  • 97% All Natural no toxic ingredients Made in the USA
  • A light masculine scent that is fresh and smooth
  • 3 Pack each 3 oz shaving soap has GBS embossed logo
  • Creates a rich creamy lather. GBS signature shaving brushes are also available!

Colonel Conk All Natural 3 Step Shaving Kit – Shaving Cream, Aftershave and Pre-shave Oil – Southwestern Sun Scent Compliments and Razor for Ultimate Wet Shaving Experience

In 2015 Colonel conk launched it;s new shaving line with all natural ingredients.

Product Features

  • A fine, long lasting lotion that goes on lightly and absorbs quickly, while keeping your face feeling moisturized all day.
  • The essential oils based scents are refreshing and enjoyable when applied, but will not linger or interfere with your favorite cologne throughout your day. The Southwestern Sun scent is created by an exclusive blend of essential oils. This is a refreshing citrus blend with a crisp, clean fragrance.
  • Rich, silky and luxurious, Colonel Conk’s Natural Shave Cream is a premium alternative to our natural shave soap. An experience to be enjoyed and savored! Creates the perfect buffer between your skin and the blade with a thick creamy lather with great hang time. Nutrient rich, long lasting shave cream with beard softening formula for a clean, close shave.Helps to lubricate skin and hair for a smooth cut. The Southwestern Sun scent is created by an exclusive blend of essential oils.
  • Unscented Pre Shave Oil is the first step to an excellent shave, a proprietary blend of 5 essential oils plus other enriching ingredients. A high quality product with a hint of menthol, crafted to raise your hairs before the shave and provide that extra layer of lubrication which many wet shavers enjoy. Combined with Colonel Conk’s natural shave soap or shave cream, you will experience a shave like no other!
  • More than 99 Percent natural, the Colonel Conk Natural Product Line includes that minimal fraction of a percent of preservatives sufficient to keep the product fresh on your shelf.

Rozia Premium Men’s Rechargeable Travel Electric Hair Clipper,Nose Trimmer & Handy Shaver, Sleek, Lightweight & Sturdy Design, Ideal For Cordless Use, Provides Barber-like Experience

Finally, A Grooming Kit That Knows What A Man Needs!

Presenting the premium Rozia 3-in-1 rechargeable travel electric hair clipper, nose trimmer and shaver!

The most handy and efficient accessory every modern man requires in order to look sharp and sophisticated!

Efficient And Long-Lasting Results!

Due to its unique cordless design, this elite gadget will improve shaving efficiency and provide unparalleled accuracy and precision!

Its pop-up detail trimmer will make sure that you can reach every difficult spot and achieve great results!

Plus, its all-inclusive, hair clipper, nose trimmer and shaver functions, will guarantee that your every need is covered!

Lightweight And Heavy-duty Design!

The sturdy Rozia men¡¯s rechargeable hair shaver is ideal for travelling due to its compact and lightweight design!

Plus, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy safe and efficient shaving for years to come, since this elite grooming gadget is extremely durable and heavy-duty!

The Perfect Gift For Every Man!

This stunning shaving accessory is the ideal gift for every modern man, since it provides unmatched, barber-like results and is perfect for travelling!

Impress your boyfriend, husband, brother or father with this amazing 3-in-1, rechargeable hair clipper, nose trimmer and shaver by Rozia!

100% Satisfaction Is What We Aim For!

We, at Rozia, believe that you deserve the most handy and durable grooming accessory available, that¡¯s why we developed this premium rechargeable 3-in-1 travel shaver!

You can rest assured that your investment is 100% risk-free, since we confidently back our elite product with a 2-year full warranty!

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Product Features

  • ?DISCOVER THE BEST ACCESSORY FOR EVERY MAN! ¨C Our premium Rozia 3-in-1 rechargeable hair clipper is the most handy and efficient grooming accessory a man could ever get! Due to its sleek and lightweight design, it is very simple and easy to use, plus you can travel with it, since it easily fits any travel bag!
  • ?AN ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION! ¨C This elite men¡¯s gadget by Rozia features a unique hair clipper, a convenient nose trimmer and a magnificent shaver, so that you can rest assured that your every need is covered! It is specifically designed to provide a thorough and all-inclusive grooming solution!
  • ?AMAZING & HANDY DESIGN! ¨C This stunning Rozia hair shaver is fully rechargeable, so you can rest assured that you won¡¯t have to spend any money on disposable shaving accessories again! Plus, it provides unique flexibility, since it is ideal for cordless use! Additionally, its sleek design will have you ecstatic!
  • ?THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA! ¨C Due to its unique versatility and heavy-duty design, this premium hair clipper, nose trimmer and shaver is the ideal gift for every man! Impress your husband, boyfriend or father with this remarkable gadget, which will solve all their grooming problems instantly!
  • ?100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE! ¨C We, at Rozia, believe that every man should own a hair shaver that can cover all his needs! That¡¯s why we confidently back our premium grooming accessory with a full 2-year warranty! So rest assured that your investment is 100% risk-free!

[BLACK] – Facón Double Edge Long Handled Classic Vintage Heavy Duty Safety Razor for Smooth Wet Shaving Experience – Butterfly Premium Design – Includes 5 Luxury Platinum DE Razor Blades

Facón Double Edge Long Handled Premium Safety Razor

Enhance Your Shaving Experience Now!

– Are you tired of using an expensive and inconvenient electric or cartridge razor?
– Are you sick of disposable razors that irritate your skin and don’t give the desired grooming results?
– Are you bored of shaving razors that are not sharp and extremely difficult to use?

Introducing Your Very Own Facón Double Edge Safety Razor to the Rescue!

– Designed to provide smooth extra close shave while saving you money along the way.
– Perfectly balanced to reduce pressure on the skin, to help eliminate razor burns and skin irritation.
– Handcrafted and re-engineered using an exacting construction process to deliver the best shave of your life.
– Includes 5 Gillette 7 O’clock SharpEdge double edge safety razor blades.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Facón Razors Brand to be Quality Premium Products.
You are Backed by Our Lifetime Warranty too!

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Product Features

  • ►FACÓN SAFETY RAZOR provides an extra close shave. Its comfortable long handle is designed for a non-slip grip and works well with all hand sizes.
  • ►PREMIUM QUALITY – This Chrome plated luxury razor is sleek and stylish and has been precisely handcrafted and re-engineered to deliver the best shave of your life.
  • ►EASY ON YOUR WALLET – Our razors cost you far less than traditional cartridge razors because replacement blades are far less expensive to buy.
  • ►LIFETIME GUARANTEE – This razor comes with our standard lifetime return guarantee, no questions asked. Try it risk-free, we know your going to love it.
  • ►LIMITED TIME OFFER – This is an exceptional limited time deal for you or that special someone. Take advantage of this special launch offer today!

Mid Century Shaving Brush – Pure Badger Hair – Resin Handle For an Amazing Wet Shave Experience (Black)

Enjoy a Premium Shave Experience
Mid Century Shaving Products are all designed for and by wet shavers, so you can count on them being hierloom quality products that you’ll be proud to have in your shave kit.

Thick Rich Lather
Whether you prefer a Shaving cream or solid shave soap, or lathering on your face or in a bowl, you’ll be able to create rich, thick lather with our shave brush. Badger hair soaks up water, and slowly releases it while you’re lathering, to create the perfect shave foam.

Pure Badger Hair
Most of the shave brushes you see available are made of “Pure” badger hair, which is the most economic grade available. Pure badger hair, like human hair, absorbs water and releases it slowly while you’re creating lather. Cheaper boar brushes and synthetic brushes do not retain water, so it’s harder to create lather.

Quality Construction
This Brush’s handle is made of solid resin, not hollow plastic or wood that absorbs water and splits. The handle has substantial weight and feels like the premium product that it is when being used. You don’t have to worry about dropping this brush and breaking or chipping the softer wooden handle many of the entry level shave brushes come with.

Longevity and Lifespan
Your shaving brush will last decades with proper use and care. Always store your brush bristles down from a quality shave stand. Storing your bush sitting on the flat part of the handle will cause water to settle into the knot instead of drying, and could cause mold and hair loss.

Total Height: 107mm (4.2 in)
Knot Size: 22mm (0.85 in)
Loft: 58mm (2.3 in)
Weight: 590 gm (2.1 Oz)

Skip the Entry Level Shave Brush, Start With A Premium Product Today!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM PRODUCT Avoid the hassles of entry level cheap shave brushes that can ruin your shaving experience. Our brush creates rich, thick lather and feels great in your hand, like a premium product should.
  • PURE BADGER HAIR is all we use in our shave brushes. Most of the popular brushes being sold for under $15 are actually horse hair sold as badger. Badger is superior to Boar and Synthetic bristles because it retains more water to create thicker, richer lather and feels great on the skin
  • ATTRACTIVE HANDLE is made of a solid resin that will not be affected by use in water, like wood handled brushes. You don’t have to worry about cracking, chipping, or paint flaking.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP is guaranteed, our shaving brushes don’t shed excessively or retain a foul odor
  • FITS THE HAND PERFECTLY this brush is of substanial enough size that it fits comfortably in the hand and feels very well balanced. It feels great

Pawaca 3-in-1 Men’s Manual Razor Set Shaving Set with 100% Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Natural Wooden Mug Bowl and Goat Milk Soap – Experience a Better Shave

The Pawaca Shaving Set is the perfect men’s grooming products. The shaving bowl gives you a thick lather that smells great, the brush helps apply it generously to any areas you plan to shave, and the soap cleans and penetrates the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and moisturized. Whether you’re ready to shave off that scraggly beard, just enjoy a clean, fresh face before work, or routinely shave your head or other parts of your body, our soap and brush set can help you get the job done right.

– Moisturizing, round shaving soap
– Creates rich, creamy lather.
– Softens beard for a smooth, close shave.
– Comforts and soothes skin for silky soft results.

Shaving Brush: badger hair, dutch wood handle
Shaving Mug: high quality wood
Shaving Soap: goat milk, 100g

Shave Brush(Total Length): 100.99mm/4inch
Diameter of Handle Bottom: 34.79mm/1.36inch
Soap Bowl: Height: 4cm/1.57inch, Dia. bowl:7.8cm/3.07inch
Soap: Height: 25mm, 68mm Dia.

How to Shave:
1.Soak the shaving brush by warm water
2.Hot compress your face to moisturize, and soften the root of beard
3.Use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soapon your beard
4.Shaving your beard according to the texture firstly, then reverse direction, from sparse to dense part.
5.Wash your face, cleanse the shaving brush by warm water and dry it on the shaving holder naturally to ensure longevity

Package include:
1x Shaving Bowl
1x Shaving Soap
1x Shaving Brush

Product Features

  • Shaving Brush: 100% pure badger hair shaving brush with natural wood handle, very soft and firm, as water absorbing and heat retention capability, works well with all shaving soap, gels or creams, easy to clean, and quick to dry.
  • Shaving Bowl: High quality wood, fine texture inside and outside the bowl; Lightweight, firm, resistant to corrosion, durable for longer use.
  • Shaving Soap: Hand made goat milk shaving soap easily creates rich lather: it lubricates razor for a slick, cushioned and comfortable shave.
  • Perfect Gift: Perfect for who like traditional wet shaving, great gift idea for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers looking for a fabulous combination
  • Note: Our men shaving products are designed to be used for wet shaving, head shaving or and men with beards that know keeping it neat doesn’t mean shaving it off.

Hisight Acrylic Men’s Stand Holder for Best Safety Razor Strong stability Men Shaving Set, Badger Hair Brush Soap Bowl Men Shaving Cup Set 3 In 1 Wonderful shaving experience. (Black)

Type: Shaving razor set Material: Acrylic, Badger hair ,ABS and blaireau Color: Black for shaving holder and brush bowl cup Quantity: 3pcs Holder Size: Approx. 8.0 * 5.5 * 10.8cm / 3.1 * 2.1 * 4.3in (L * W * H) Holder Weight: Approx. 46.0g / 1.6oz Bowl Cup Size: Approx. 8.6 * 4.2cm / 3.4 * 1.7in (D * H) Bowl Cup Weight: Approx. 29.0g / 1.0oz Shaving Brush Size: Approx. 3.5 * 10.0cm / 1.3* 3.9in (D * H) Shaving Brush Weight: Approx. 43.0g / 1.5oz Total Size: Approx. 13.0 * 9.0 * 8.0cm / 5.1 * 3.5 * 3.1in (L * W * H) Total Weight: Approx. 150.0g / 7.4oz Package List: 1 * Shaving holder 1 * Bowl cup 1 * Shaving brush How to use the brush: 1: water wet face, in fact, wash your face is by the way, and use the effect of warm water will be better. 2: shaving cream or shaving soap into a small bowl, with a wet beard brush evenly, painted on the beard parts, soften beard. (commonly used in home soap, soap can be used, please use nourishing effect or essential oils, soothing skin series of soap, better effect) 3: the most important thing is, if you can persist in softening for 1 minutes, OK, your shaving will be very comfortable,Adhere to soften for 2-3 minutes, perfect and enjoy, shaving obviously feel soft beard, razor scraping past, no feeling, feeling very cool. 4: shaving is finished, wash the facial foam with water, rinse the skin impurities and beard on the shaver, rinse the brush, put the brush on the brush rack, control the dry water or dry naturally.

Product Features

  • #Badger Hair Brush Soap Bowl Men Shaving Cup Set 3 In 1.Perfect for organizing your shaving razor set,Suitable for most of shaving brushes.Convenient for double edge razor, disposable razor or straight razor.
  • #100% Badger hair bristles,Brush Handle and Shaving Soap Bowl are made of ABS resin. Drip Stand is made of Acrylic Creates a perfect rich lather,Gently exfoliates the skin,Brings water to the face for that perfect, true wet shave.
  • #Blaireau shaving brush creates a wonderful shaving experience, get your shaving items organized and clear.
  • #Acrylic shaving razor holder creates luxurious quality feelings, easy to clean,Facilitates air drying for longer brush life and better hygiene.
  • #The most important thing is, if you can persist in softening for 1 minutes, OK, your shaving will be very comfortable,Adhere to soften for 2-3 minutes, perfect and enjoy, shaving obviously feel soft beard, razor scraping past, no feeling, feeling very cool.

Orchid Spice Safety Razor Shaving Kit, Complete Grooming Wet Shaving Kit experience

This Beautiful Hand Crafted Wet Shaving Kit with Old Fashioned Safety Razor is Perfect Gift for Anyone Who Enjoys a Beauty Of Clean Wet Shave Experience. Set comes with 5 Double Edge Blades and a Beautiful Gift Box Set. Additional to its Design it Gives You That Perfect Feel You are missing During Traditional Shaving. It will add a Beauty to anyone’s Vanity.

Product Features

  • Hand Manufactured Wood Handle Safety Razor and Brush
  • Stainless Steel Bowl and Zinc Alloy Razor Head Material
  • Hand Crafted Badger Brush
  • 5 Double Edge Platinum Coated Blades
  • Gift Box for Husband, Father, Boyfriend and Grandfather