8 mins Hair off Hair Removal Cream Face Body Pubic Hair Depilatory Beard Bikini Legs Armpit Painless Hair Removal Spray

1. Specially added plant essential oils to reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black.

2. Supplements the nutrients lost in the skin after hair removal, avoids dry skin and keeps the skin smooth

3. Reduce hair density and activity. Prevent body hair from getting thicker and darker

4. Supplements nutrients lost after hair removal to avoid dry skin and keep skin smooth

5. Maintain damaged skin to achieve a healthy skin condition

Net content: 20ml
Main ingredients: aloe extract, menthol, allantoin, EDTA-disodium

Package Includes:
2x SHOWHER Hair Growth Inhibitor Essence

Product Features

  • The serum oil should not be confused with instant hair removal creams on the market, which are alternatives to shaving and waxing. SHOWHER Hair Growth Inhibitor Serum Spray contains a unique formula offering a long term, permanent and absolute solution to hair removal, that can be used on even the most private and delicate parts of the body.
  • With regular use the active ingredients considerably reduce, weaken and delay the regrowth of hair. The components heal the skin quicker after hair removal, whilst the Serum oil keep the skin smooth, soothed and nourished.
  • Ingredient: Glycerin, liquid chrysanthemum d element, butanediol
  • Smooth and visibly hair-free skin at your fingertips!
  • Ideal for body, chest, arms and legs.

U-Kiss IPL Hair Removal System, 400,000 Flashes Permanent Painless Hair Removal Device with LCD Display, 5 Settings for Face & Body, White

U-Kiss IPL hair removal system utilizes the same safe, clinically-proven IPL(intense pulsed light) technology that professional dermatologists and beauty salons use. The hair removal device emits intense pulse and absorbed by the hair follicle on various stages of hair growth to effectively reduces hair growth on the face and body. With flash mode for precision treatment on face, underarms, bikini area and slide mode that needs speed for legs, arms, back, chest and stomach, the IPL hair removal device gives you both speed and precision for whole body treatment.

4 Weeks – 75% of hair follicles begin to atrophy, hair growth slows down and thins.
8 Weeks – 85% were inhibited hair growth, significantly reduced hair.
12 Weeks – 95% of the area has been completely depilated.

Step 1: Shave your hair and dry your skin. Wipe clean the flash window.
Step 2: Plug in and turn on the IPL hair removal system.
Step 3: Wear the eye protection glasses included.
Step 4: Set energy setting, single flash mode or slide mode.
Step 5: Place the flash window vertically and firmly on your skin.
Note: A skin sensor is inside the lamp head and it will not flash unless it detects your skin.

A hair removal cycle needs 6 to 12 weeks treatments.
Twice a week for the first 4 weeks; once a week for the 5-8 weeks; treat when needed after 6-12 weeks, and repeat the treatment once every 2-4 weeks for optimal results.

U-Kiss IPL Hair Removal System is most effective on light to medium skin tones with hair ranging from light, medium to dark brown or black. The device is least effective on very blonde, red, grey or white hair where the smaller amount of melanin does not absorb the light

Product Features

  • ✅ CLINICALLY-PROVEN IPL TECHNOLOGY: U-Kiss IPL hair removal system utilizes the same safe & clinically-proven IPL (intense pulsed light) technology that professional dermatologists and beauty salons use. The IPL hair removal device emits intense pulse and absorbed by the hair follicle on various stages of hair growth to effectively reduces hair growth on the face and body.
  • ✅ FAST & EFFECTIVE HAIR REMOVAL RESULTS: With the U-Kiss IPL hair removal device, women typically experience 75% of hair follicles begin to atrophy and hair growth slows down and thins after 4 weeks treatments, 85% hair growth inhibited and hair visibly reduced in 8 weeks, 95% of hair treated depilated after 12 weeks.
  • ✅ FLASH AND SLIDE MODE & 5 ENERGY LEVELS: It comes with 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities; flash mode to release a single pulse for precision treatment on face, underarm and bikini lines and slide mode to release pulses continuously with intervals for arms, legs, chest, stomach and back for fast and effective treatment. You can customize your own hair treatment at the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • ✅ FOR FACE & BODY TREATMENT: The hair removal system is designed for unwanted hair treatment on face, underarm, bikini area, arms, legs, chest, back and stomach. Wear the eye protection glasses included while treat facial hair and avoid the eyes.use the IPL hair removal at the first time ,Choose the lowest energy (level 1), then apply the device to the area and emit the first pulse.If you do not feel any kind of discomfort, you can increase the appropriate energy and move to next small skin area
  • ✅ GREAT GIFT IDEAS & RISK FREE PURCHASE:U-Kiss Hair Removal System is backed by Seller 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty. Nicely packed, it makes a great gift idea for the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. Purchase today 100% risk-free and start your hair treatment for a silky smooth skin.

Facial Hair Remover,Electric Hair Removal for Women’s Face Lip Armpit Chin Cheek Arm Leg and Full Body

Product Features

  • 【Pain Free Hair Removal For Women】This facial hair removal for women is mainly designed for face use, very easy to use. It painlessly and gently removes unwanted facial tiny and coarse hair from upper and lower lips, cheeks, chin and neck, give you an exquisite makeup and glorious look.
  • 【Safe, Painless, Hypoallergenic】The blades designed with anti-allergic material are not direct contact with skin, but cut hairs from the root fast and quickly, with no force pulling, zero harm to the pores.Gently cut hairs , leaving your skin smooth and bright.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】This facial hair removal is extremely lightweight and portable enabling you to easily take it to everywhere.
  • 【Wet & Dry Dual Use】You can trim comfortably even when you are taking a shower.
  • 【Why Choose Us】It bring you not only 1* hair remover, 1* wash brush, 1* instruction manual ( Battery is not include ),but the best customer service.If you have problems with our product,welcome to contact us!We will try our best to satisfy your needs.

Body & Facial IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men permanent – IPL Hair Removal System 500,000 Flashes – Home Use, Face, Legs, Bikini & Underarm Hair Remover device (Purple)

Innovative IPL Technology

IPL Technology is the most popular technology applied in hair

removal application. First used at professional dermatology and

top salon, spa. It has been proved as safe and effective Around

the world for more than 20 years, own a number of good feed

backs from users.

How to use?

1 – Shave the areas where you want to remove unwanted hair.

2 – Plug in the device and press the power button to turn it on.

3 – Wear the protection glasses before using the laser hair removal device.

4 – Increase or decrease the energy level by touching the energy level adjustment button repeatedly.

5 – Place Flash Window vertically (90°) and firmly on your skin

where you want to remove unwanted hair. Press Flash Button to

send pulses.

Is it suitable for me?

Applicable skin color: White, Ivory, Beige, Light brown

Noticeable skin color: Brown

Not applicable/Unsafe: Dark brown and black

Not for white hair, grey hair, red hair and blond hair.

Built-in sensor will active the device after confirm your skin tone,

otherwise the device will not be activated.

Please refer to the user manual for details.

For permanent hair reduction, suggest 6-12 treatments at least.

12 weeks plan: 1 treatment/ week;

Each treatment , repeat 2-3 times.

Package Include

1*Main Body

1*AC Adapter

1*Safety Glasses

1*User manual

Product Features

  • Effective & Permanent: Clinical studies shows 75% of hair growth was inhibited and the hair became finer after 4 weeks of using. While 92% of women enjoy the freedom of smooth permanently hair-free skin after 8 weeks of usage.
  • IPL Technology Used by Dermatologists: IPL hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of multiple light and heat superimposition that destroy the hair follicle. It’s very safe and easy to use.
  • 5 Energy Levels & 2 Flash Modes: Hair removal epilator has 5 different energy levels to accommodate different skin sensitivities. Two flash modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts.The manual mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, lips; and the auto mode can be used for large hair removal area, such as arms, legs, chest, stomach and back.
  • Super Long Lifetime: 500,000 flashes enough for person’s whole body treatment. Non-battery operated, please keep it plugged in an outlet when in use.
  • Risk Free Purchase: Our laser hair removal system is backed by Seller 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty. If you have any questions,please feel free contact us,we will provide professional technology team to service for you

Pain-free Permanent Hair Removal – IPL Hair Removal System, 350,000 Flashes Professional Face & Body Hair Removal Device for Women & Men, 5 Power Level with LCD Display

Innovative IPL Technology
AT MOUSE IPL hair removal uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). It works by heating the hair follicle, focusing light energy at the root to break the cycle of growth. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and suppresses growth by stunning the follicle. Therefore, it’s not recommended for use on very blonde, red, grey or white hair where the smaller amount of melanin does not absorb the light.

No Replacement Cartridge
350,000 flashes, provides the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 12 years. You can removal hairs on the face (upper lip, chin) and body parts including legs, underarms, bikini area, belly and arms. This device is suitable for both men and women.

How to Use
Step 1: Shave your hair and dry your skin.
Step 2: Plug in the power plug, press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds, the device enters the working state.
Step 3: Press and hold the key to select the gear (recommended gear from 1-5, the higher the gear, the higher the strength).
Step 4: Paste the device vertically on the skin that needs to be depilated. Click the flash lunch button to complete one time.
Step 5: Cycle through step 4, and the area of hair removal can be repeated three times.
Step 6: Use aloe vera gel to wipe the area of hair removal.

Note: It can only be used three times in one skin area, Cannot be used continuously on the same skin

Package Include
1* IPL Hair Removal Machine
1* AC Adapter
1* Shaver
1* Safety Glasses
1* User manual

Product Features

  • ✔✔✔【Clinically-Proven IPL Technology】 AT MOUSE IPL hair removal system uses (Intense Pulsed Light) technology: heating the hair follicle, focusing light energy at the root to break the cycle of growth. Effectively reduces hair growth on the face and body to achieve permanent hair removal. NOTE: It is normal that skin feels a little heat when the light flash.
  • ✔✔✔【350,000 Times Long Life】 IPL light hair removal use hand-held design, easy to install and easy to carry it. Plug charger, no need battery. Removes hair while making your skin smoother.
  • ✔✔✔【1-5 Level Selection】 Shot press power button to adjust the level(from low to high, level 1 is lowest, level 5 is the highest), please choose the suitable level which your skin can bear.It is recommended to start from low to high and improve level as the skin adapts next time.
  • ✔✔✔【Wide Range of Applications】IPL epilator applies to most parts of the body including legs hair, underarm hair, arms hair, forehead hairline, back, bikini part, etc. Universal epilator for women and men. Light won’t hurt your eyes. You can wear sunglasses while you are using it if you feel glare.
  • ✔✔✔【Best Gift for You or Your Friends】Enjoy professional-quality hair removal results in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It’s a good gift for you and your friends

IPL Hair Removal System , TUMAKOU MLAY T3 Face and Body Permanent Painless Hair Removal Device , 300000 Flashes Professional Light Epilator For Hair Removal+Skin Rejuvenation+Acne Clearance (HR+SR+AC)

Product Features

  • IPL hair removal system featuring a compact design that is perfect for use in your home or on the go.
  • Safe permanent hair removal at home. Results clinically proved: up to 82% less hair 1 month after 8 sessions.
  • Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back,Face,and chest.
  • Hair removal device high compatibility: efficient for different skin types, exclusive skin detection system.
  • IPL painless hair removal deep to hair follicles, the heating is absorbed by melanin , 2 years warranty, life-long maintenance. ($259.99 for Three lamps)

Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Face & Body Bar for All Skin Types, 3 Count

This bar is specifically formulated to remove dirt, oil and other impurities.  It has a rich lather and rinses clean without leaving a heavy residue or drying skin. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Product Features

  • Deep Cleans and Rids Your Skin of Dirt, Oil and Impurities Without Drying Skin, Leaves Your Skin Feeling Refreshed and Clean
  • Good For Everyday Use
  • Won’t Irritate Sensitive Skin
  • Ideal For Full Body and Facial Cleansing
  • Non comedogenic

Yamasang Wax Strips, Hair Removal Strips for Face Full Body Leg Eyebrow Bikini Brazilian Underarm Women men, Waxing Strips with 48 Count Double Size Cold Wax Strips And 6 Post Care Wipes (L54)

❤ Dear buyers, thank you for your support, we will provide you with quality products and satisfactory after-sales service.

Usage Instruction:

❤Step 1. Clean your skin and keep dry it completely. 

❤Step 2. Rub the wax strip between your hands to warm the wax hair removal strips for 30 seconds up to body temperature. 

❤Step 3. Wax strips carefully torn into two pieces both pieces can be used the effect is the same. 

❤Step 4. Press the non woven waxing strips with some strength at the direction of hair growth. 

❤Step 5. Remove it in a very quick motion against the direction of hair growth. 

❤Step 6. After depilation wipe with post wipes to remove remaining wax residue. Make your skin smooth and silky. 

Professional Waxing Strips Kit Include:

❤28×large wax strips(double side)

❤20×small wax strips(double side)

❤6×Post finish wipes

Product Features

  • ❤【All in One waxing strip kit】28 large size (7.2*3.5 inches) for full body, legs, hands, 20 small size (3.6*1.8 inches) for face, armpits, bikini area,6 pcs specialized post wipes, to moisturizes and soothes your skin and help remove wax resides.
  • ❤【Natural Waxing Strips Ingredients】Made of high quality beewax,Hobba Seed Oil Essence of etc. Mild and gentle to skins.
  • ❤【Long Lasting Effect and easy to use.】Three simple steps: rub , waxing and go! It can last up to 7-8 weeks.
  • ❤【Non-woven fabrics strips..】 The wax strips are soft and flexible to conform to body curves. Meanwhile, the fabric is antibacterial, non-toxic, breathable and environmental.
  • ❤【Save Your Money】Give you a new fresh experience for Waxing at any time. It could save your time and much money in waxing salons. Let’s face it – that smooth, silky feeling is addictive and perfectly waxed skin is a huge confidence booster! Use the money you save for cooler stuff!

SYOSIN IPL Permanent Hair Removal System, 500,000 Flashes Painless Epilator Hair Remover with LCD Screen for Women and Men Face & Body

SYOSIN IPL hair removal system, offers you an easy hair reduction solution at home!

SYOSIN Home Use IPL Hair Removal System

Intense Pulsed Light is one of the most popular technologies applied in the hair removal,
it helps prevent excess hair from reaching the skin surface, soft and comfortable, safe, and harmless to your sensitive skin.

Suitable for Most People

SYOSIN IPL works effectively on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hairs.
However, it’s NOT effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair. It is also NOT suitable for dark skin.

Super Easy to Use

Super Easy Operation Shave your hair and dry your skin. No batteries or charge required. Just plug it in to start up the device,
and put vertically on your skin and click the button to flash.The treated hair is put into a resting phase and then sheds in the coming days.

Note: A skin sensor is inside the IPL hair removal system and It will not flash unless you point the flash window to your skin.

How often to use it
1. For a permanent hair reduction, we recommend at least 6-12 treatments.
※ Use twice a week for the frist month.
※ Use once a week after the second month.
※ Once every 2 weeks after the third month.
2. If you find that it gets into new hair after 6-12 treatments, you can use it once every two months to get satisfactory results.
3. Operation may vary from person to person. Use less often if the hair area grows slightly.

Product Features
500,000 Flashes
LCD Display
5 Adjustable Energy Levels
IPL Hair Removal Technology
Manual Flash Mode & Automatic Flash Mode

What’s in the box?

1* Hair removal device
1* Protective glasses
1* User manual
1* AC power adapter

Product Features

  • 😁 Professional IPL Technology Support ** SYOSIN hair removal device uses safe and clinically-proven IPL(Intense Pulsed Light). The pulsed light energy is transferred through the surface of skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy, disabling the hair follicle and preventing further growth.
  • 😁 Safe/Fast/Effective Treatments **The IPL Technology replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, allowing you to treat a full body in just 30 minutes. Clinical studies shows 90% of the area was completely removed after 12 treatments, painless and enduring, it is safe and effectively permanent solution to remove unwanted hair.
  • 😁 Latest Revolutionary Design ** One Cartridge with 500,000 Flashes excellent quality quartz lamp, provides the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 20 years. LCD display will show you all data, More reliable and ture.
  • 😁 WHOLE BODY & PAINLESS Hair Removal ** SYOSIN is the ideal choice for full body hair removal, suitable for women and men.If you are care about quality, safe, fast and simple, this product exactly for you. Painless remove hair on the face (upper lip, chin) and body parts including legs, underarms, bikini area, belly and arms.
  • 😁 RISK FREE ** 1*SYOSIN hair removal Machine, 1*Instruction Manual,1* Eye mask(at the bottom of the box), 1*AC power adapter. SYOSIN is backed by Seller 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by ❤tinruius@163.com.

Wax Warmer Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit, Nonstick Electric Pot Heater with 4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans(14.1oz)and 10 Wax Applicator Sticks for Painless Wax of Legs, Face, Body, Bikini Area [Upgraded]

Hard Wax Bean Features: 

Natural formula Wax Beans.

Excellent grip on strong & stubborn hairs, ideal for bikini & underarm. 

No strips or pre-wax oil required. 

Provides a thin, economic and hygienic application. 

Developed for all types of skin: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for small area hair removal. 

100% natural, FDA Approved, chemical and toxic free, and best of all safe for all types of skin. 


Waxing Tips & After Care: 

Peel off in one quick motion to lessen the pain and cut long hairs shorter before waxing to enhance the effect. 

After waxing off unwanted hair, remove some leftover wax with water. Use a lotion or essential oil to moisture your skin and give your skin a comfortable massage. 

Product Features

  • WAXING KIT INCLUDES: Upgraded Wax Warmers Electric Heater 500ml (1 unit), 4 Different Flavor Hard Wax Beans(3.5oz/each), Large Size Wooden Spatulas (10pcs), Wax Warmer Collars (5 Packs).
  • NONSTICK INTERIOR: Wax not only heats quickly and evenly, but it also won’t stick to the bottom or sides thanks to the pot’s non-stick coating. Large-capacity 500ml waxing pot can be used for heating different types of wax, like beads wax, hot wax pellets, paraffin wax, wax beans.
  • QUALITY SAFE MATERIAL: 100% FDA/FCC Approved. Upgraded heat-resistant ABS material for wax warmer that is nonflammable, hard and prevents wax warmer from overheat, melted and bubbled. Reinforced to support the range of temperatures of 160-240℉ for melting the wax quickly within 10-15 minutes. The wax warmer will light off when the temperature reaches 240℉, and it will start working again when temperature under 160℉.
  • 4 FLAVORED DEPILATORY WAX: Natural wax ingredients with chamomile, lavender, rose, honey four different flavors, which helps you reduce the risk of being irritation for misuse other waxes. the wax will exfoliate stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz from the root, leaving the bikini area silky smooth without redness and irritation.
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS: Skip the hassle of daily shaving. Our high-grade wax beans melt quickly and remove unwanted hair without wax strips from All Body the Bikini area, Back, Face, Eyebrows, Legs, Arms, Facial and Brazilian waxing from the root thus causing hair slower growth and delivering a painless experience to you.

Hard Wax Beans for Painless Hair Removal for Full Body Brazilian Bikini Face Legs Eyebrow at Home Waxing Beads for Women Men

Product Features

  • ❤ Painless Hair Removal: Our best painless hair removal pearl waxing beans, no harmful chemicals when melting, the hard wax hair removal is a total physical process, no harm to skins, effective on soft hair. Perfect for your entire body: face, arms, legs, chest, back, and bikini.
  • ❤ Efficient Hair Removal: This pearl waxing bean Can remove above 90% of the hairs you want to remove at one time, it can handle the hair, remove the hair from the roots and thus slower growth, enjoying being hairless at least for 3 weeks, perfect and long-lasting result.
  • ❤ Easy to Use: Easy operation, you just need more a wax heater pot, and a spatula to apply the wax to your hairs, you can use a tweezer remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time. easy apply, easy remove. Highly flexible for easy removal. Melts quickly and pulls off cleanly.
  • ❤ Save Money & Time: You can easily remove hair at home. Stop paying for expensive salon hair removal treatments! You’re on your time, not the salons. Enjoy nearly pain-free, stripless flawless hair removal at home, our pearl wax beans is worth buying!
  • ❤ Guarantee: We promise 60 days no reason to return, free products exchange or money back if there is an issue about the wax beans, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Hair Removal Waxing Kit, Wax Warmer with 4 PC Hard Wax Beans(14.1oz)20 Wax Applicator Sticks 5 Aluminium Bowls for Full Body, Legs, Face, Eyebrows, Bikini Women Men Painless at Home Waxing

Dear customer, thanks for you choose and purchase our product, if you have any problem in using process, welcome to contact us.

4 High Quality Formulas Target Your Different Parts
√ Lavender / Chamomile formulated wax beads targets full body for men women
√ Cream hard formulated wax targets facial / eyebrows waxing for women men
√ Rose formula brazilian wax beans is ideal for brazilian and underarms coarse hair.
√ Reusable heart-shape aluminium bowls for small area waxing

Package List: /
Waxing Warmer*1
Wax Beans *4
Large Wax Applicators*10
Small Wax Applicators*10
Aluminium Bowls*5
User Guide*1

How to clean the wax tin post use?
Unplugging it and cleaning when it has cooled to a touchable temp.
1. Pour some of your preferred cleaner, such as oil, into the container and allow some of the wax to be dissolved away.
2. Use a scraper or spatula to remove stubborn bits of wax.
3. Once all the wax is dissolved away, use paper towel to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.

Attention Please:
1. Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.
2. Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.
3. Keep machines away from children
4. Do not swim or sunbathe within 24 hours after use
5. Do not adjust the temperature too high for a long time, so as not to damage the machine.
6. If it is your first time to using this product, please take a first test on a small patch of the skin, if after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction, you can proceed with the full application. If you suffered an adverse reaction, please apply aloe vera gel on your skin and do not use this product in future.

Product Features

  • 👙Meet all your request of remove hair : The wax warmer kit offer 4 formulas wax beans ( chamomile/lavender/rose/cream) worked on chin,chest,bikini line,legs, feet, nose and eyebrow etc. Easy and fast to removes your hair, leaving skin smooth and soft for up to 3 to 6 weeks.
  • 👙Fast & Safety : 100% copper cord and durable heat-resistance ABS housing, makes heating up brazilian wax beads faster and safer. The heater only takes 8-10 minutes to melt the 32.5oz wax beans, and it goes on stand by and will reheat as the temperature drops. Adjustable temperature range from 158 to 240°F, auto cut off function ensure your safe.
  • 👙FDA Approved Hard Wax Beans : The scented wax beans are made from natural, safe, gentle, and non-irritating ingredients. When you remove your unwanted hair, it helps you to feel relaxed without irritation and burns. And it is stripless hard wax kit, you do not need any fabric strip for this product.
  • 👙Compatible for all kinds of wax beans : The waxing kit is suitable for most kinds of wax, such as soft wax, hard wax, canned wax. It is quite compact and thus easy to carry, ideal for use at home or when you are traveling. Easy to get the Salon service at home ,no wasting time and money.
  • 👙Package List : Waxing Warmer*1, Wax Beans *4, Large Wax Applicators*10, Small Wax Applicators*10, Aluminium Bowls*5, User Guide*1. The perfect gift for four season, click the “Add to Cart” button now!