Mangosteen Facials Acne Treatment Natural Soap Bar for Face Wash. Suitable for Sensitive Skin and Blemish Remover 100g

“To be the better life” CANAE Acne Soap helps remove and prevent all kind of acne as inflammation acne and swollen pore This product suit for those with acne and sensitive skin. Our Soap made from Lab that used Organic Mangosteen. You will see the best result in case of acne and the secondary benefit will help you in whitening.

Mangosteen Peel
With main ingredient “Mangosteen Peel Powder” with organic & natura from Virgin Cold Pressed. Have 3 features is:
1) Suppress the growth of bacteria causes acne and pimple (Xanthone).
2) Anti-inflammatory and anti-radicals (Mangostin).
3) Heal the skin and tighten pores (Tannin).

★ Suitable for daily use on ALL skin types, including sensitive and combination skin.
★ Remove Acne.
★ Reduce and remove melasma.
★ Anti-Aging.
★ Skin Whitening.
★ Reduce Wrinkles.
★ Repairs skin cells and keep moisturize into the skin.
★ Stimulates accelerate shed the old skin cells shed.
★ Anti Bacteria.
★ High Quality Ingredients.
★ Absorbs quickly.
★ Size 100 g
★ Wonderful Customer Service and Fast Delivery.
★ This product comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Our company CANAE is an expert in the field of skin care We are number one in the industry. Our expertise in various fields of skin care products such as anti aging, eye serum, Whitening cream, Mark Cream and Acne Cream. More over , CANAE also has products in the dietary supplement and nutritional supplements for health care for women too. Our LAB with safe and modern technology. You are assured of our products can make a difference to you for sure.

Product Features

  • SMOOTH SKIN & REMOVE MELASMA: Help keep skin soft, Smooth skin and retain moisture. Help destroy Free radical that cause of melasma. Sesame seed oil, which prevents uv light than Other oils.
  • PROTECT & REPAIR SKIN: Help protect the skin from sun damage and also enhance the blood circulation. it repairs skin cells and keep moisturize into the skin. Reduces melanin that effective and safe increase level of the whitening and smooth surface skin.
  • REMOVE ACNE & CREATE A NEW SKIN CELL: Salicylic Acid is a synthetic that acts like a natural organic acid called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Stimulates accelerate shed the old skin cells shed, and create a new skin celled. In addition, salicylic penetrates through the pores as a result. To accelerate exfoliation eliminating dirt and blockage, the cause of acne. And also oil control
  • ANTI AGING & SKIN WHITENING: Sesame seed contains SESAMIN to enhance the properties of antioxidants. Rich in vitamin-e nourishes the skin firm and bright, Anti Aging. Moreover contains beta sitosterol, which have anti-inflammatory effects. It helps your skin to heal wound fast. Ginger Root Powder enriched with anti-bacterial properties that helps clean the skin and reduce inflammation due to chemicals.
  • REDUCE WRINKLES: Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and improve skin smoother