IPL Permanent Painless Hair Removal Device, Adjustable Dual Mode Flash 999,999 Flashes Facial Whole Body Profesional Hair Remover Device At-Home for Female Male by Panadoo

Product Features

  • 【Perfect after-sales service】Panadoo values customer’s experience of its products. Your satisfaction is our purpose, some unforeseen circumstances may occur inevitably. Contact us immediately if you aren’t satisfied with our products, we will upgrade the product or you have other requirements on our services.
  • 【Permanent & Painless Hair Removal 】Panadoo IPL hair removal device puts hair follicles to sleep and breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. Permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. It is furthermore the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home and is already regarded as the gold standard. Infinitely smooth skin, without any pain or irritation, is finally at your fingertips!
  • 【No Disposables Required】Panadoo Bea-13 is capable of emitting 999,999 light pulses, is the peak value ever. This tremendous number of pulses will enable you to remove undesired hair growth effortlessly. And since the Infinity is capable of emitting so many light pulses, there is no need for refill cartridges, saving you additional money.
  • 【NO MORE TRIPS TO THE SALON】Panadoo has adapted the technology for safe use in the comfort of your own home. Compared to the costs of salon hair removal methods, it doesn’t take long to see the financial benefit of this at-home IPL device.
  • 【Tailored & Safe】5 Level of Energy, 2 Mode Flash. Panadoo was tested for safety, effectiveness, and has been clinically proven. Cutting edge skin tone sensor which continuously scans the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light intensity. Manual modeis – small area hair removal, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, lips; Automatic mode – large epilating areas such as arms, legs, abdomen and back. The ideal amount of light is delivered with every pulse for safe and effective use.

IPL Household Permanent Hair Removal Device, 500,000 Flash For Female Facial Body Professional Painless Hair Removal Machine

Use the IPL hair removal system safely and effectively at home.
You will enjoy permanent, hairless and smooth skin for natural and beautiful skin.

How does IPL work on your hair?
The energy of the short pulsed light is preferentially absorbed by the pigment in the root hair follicle, and after continuous treatment, the hair growth is prevented.

Is it suitable for me?
The intense pulsed hair removal system is especially effective for dark blond, brown or black hair. As with any light hair removal, pulsed light epilators are not effective for red, light gold, gray or white hair. In addition, this product is not suitable for dark skin.

How often do you use it?
Stage 1: twice a week for the first 4 weeks.
Stage 2: 5-8 weeks once a week.
Stage 3: Treatment is required as needed after 6-12 weeks, and treatment is repeated every 2-4 weeks to obtain the best results.

1 x IPL hair removal
1 protective glass
1 plug
1 user manual
1 x razor

 In order to protect the skin, people who have the following characteristics should not use the product: the disorder of the skin. Local and systemic inflammation, atopic dermatitis, eczema or other skin conditions.

What can you expect?
In the first few weeks, some hair growth will still be seen. This may be the hair that was missed during the treatment, which is in a dormant state, not in the growing season.
At 8 weeks: a reduction in hair growth was seen. However, many hairs may still not have been treated during their growth phase. It is important to continue the weekly treatment.
After a 12-week plan: you will see any remaining hair should be finer and lighter. Continuous treatment every month or as needed can help your skin permanently reduce hair at home.

Product Features

  • 【IPL TECHNOLOGY USED BY DERMATOLOGISTS】- IPL (Strong Pulse Light) technology that is safe and clinically proven by professional dermatologists and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, thereby damaging the hair follicle and achieving permanent hair removal. It’s very safe and easy to use.
  • 【EFFECTIVE & PERMANENT】- Using the IPL hair removal system, Clinical studies shows,After 4 weeks of use,92% of hair follicles begin to atrophy, hair growth slows down and thins.After 8weeks of use,93% were inhibited hair growth, significantly reduced hair.and 95% of women will enjoy permanent hairless and smooth skin after 12 weeks of use, giving them natural and beautiful skin.
  • 【2 FLASH MODES AND 5 ENERGY LEVELS】- Manual / automatic flash mode to meet your requirements for different hair removal parts. Manual mode is mainly used for small areas of hair removal, such as bikini lines, fingers, lips; automatic mode can be used for large hair removal areas such as arms, legs, chest, stomach and back. Five dimmable energy settings, adjusted to the most suitable gear, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.
  • 【500,000 FLASH & LED DISPLAY】- ANDSF permanent laser hair removal with 500,000 flashes that enough for 9-11 individuals’ whole body hair removal. LCD design makes it easier to see all data at a glance.Non-battery operated, please keep it plugged in an outlet when in use.
  • 【QUALITY AND SERVICE GUARANTEE】- One year warranty from the date of purchase.It is a professional IPL hair removal for permanent reduction of hair growth, and it has 500,000 flashes. please read the instructions carefully and pay attention to some contraindications and methods of operation, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide a professional technical team to serve you.

Poshions IPL Hair Removal System, 2 in 1 IPL Hair Remover, 400.000 Flash with LED Screen Beauty Skin Rejuvenation, Home Use Electric Epilator for Body, Face and Bikini Gift for Women and Men

✅How does the skin rejuvenation lamp work?
Skin rejuvenation treatment works by IPL light that iy is a specific wavelength to stimulate the production of new collagen, which can renew, firm, replenish and brighten the skin.

✅How to use?
1. Please have your hair shaved in advance before the treatment!
2. Wear glasses and plug in the device,this is not a rechargeable device.
3. Hold the button for 3 seconds to start/power off.
4. Click the button to adjust levels.
5. Put the device vertically on your skin and click the button to flash.
6. Please try from level 1, if there is no discomfort then you can go on!
Note: the uasge steps of skin rejuvenation lamp is similar to the hair removal lamp.

✅ Is it suitable for me?
Applicable skin color: White, Ivory, Beige, Light brown
Noticeable skin color: Brown
Not applicable/Unsafe: Dark brown and black
Not for white hair, grey hair, red hair and blond hair.
✅Where can I use it?
You can removal hairs on up lips, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, bikini, private parts.
✅How often should I use?
2 times per weeks for the first 2 weeks.
1 time per week for the 3rd and 4th week.
1 time every 2 weeks for 5th-8th week.
1 time within 1-3 months after 8 weeks.
Operation frequency will vary from person to person, the maximum times per month is 6 times.
Lamp tubes: Xenon quartz
Light source: Intense pulsed light
Weight: 1kg
Energy Level: 5 levels
Flash Size: 4.5cm²
Adaptor: AC100~110V~50/60Hz
Size: 139*61*206MM
Rated power: 36W
Warranty: 2 Years
✅Package Included:
1 x Poshions IPL Hair Removal System
1 x Power Cord
1 x Skin Rejuvenation Lamp
1 Pair of Safety Goggles
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • 😍【LONG SERVICE LIFE】The 400,000 Flashes Hair Removal lamp ensures long service time,and a lamp head of 20000 Flashes of Skin Rejuvenation. It is more economic than a Beauty Salon.Just Enjoy it at home!
  • 😍【FDA CERTIFICATED IPL TECHNOLOGY】Patented Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology features effective hair removal results as treatment in beauty spa and salon. Lighter and smaller design for home use.
  • 😍【2 in1 MUTI-FUNCTIONAL】Package includes 2 replaceable and disassemble lamp head: Hair Removal (HR) Head for whole bodys’ hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation (SR) Head for whitening and anti-wrinkles. Enjoy the beauty both of hair removal and skin improvement.
  • 😍【EFFECTIVE RESULT】90% hair reduction in 6-12-weeks plan within 3 month. Continued monthly treatments, or treatments as required, should keep your skin with permanent hair reduction at home.
  • 😍【ADJUSTABLE 5 LEVELS OF ENERGY】You can adjust the ernergy level for different body parts. Recommed 1st level for beginners. Our products are availeble for both female and male.Non-battery operated, please keep it plugged in an outlet when in use.

TOPLANET IPL Hair Removal for Women 500000 Flashes Permanent Body Hair Remover Home Using Auto Flash for Bikini line, Legs, Arms, Armpits Wholebody

Why Choose IPL Hair Removal?

1.Broad Spectrum 530nm-1200nm, filter out shorter wavelength, especially potentially damaging ultra violate light.

2.The resulting light has a spectral range that targets specific structures and chromophores (e.g. melanin in hair, or oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels) that are heated to destruction and reabsorbed by the body.

3.Hairs grow in several phases (anagen, telogen, catagen), laser only can affect the currently active growing hair follicles, but IPL can destroying the hair-producing papilla(IPL most effectively in darker, coarser hair).

4.An average of 8-10 treatments are required to remove most visible hair(not all hair follicles are ‘active’, and only active hair follicles can be affected by the treatment. ‘Inactive’ hair follicles can be treated as they become’active’over time).

Product Parameter:


Irradiation Area: 3 cm2

Light Wavelength: 530nm-12000nm

Voltage: 110v-240v

Input Power: 36w

Flash Frequency: 500000 Times

Operation Temperature: -10℃ to 35℃

Humidity: 30% to 75%

Package: 1* IPL Hair Removal; 1*AC Adapter; 1*Safety Glass; 1*Shaver; 1*User Manual

Product Features

  • ❄ Upgraded Hair Remover: new IPL technology emits full spectrum 530nm to 1200nm, generate pulse widths up to 250ms, take advantage of intense pulse light theory, light can penetrate skin & targeting in melanin directly, the light can destroy hair follicle and prevent hair growing, suitable for women & men hair removal.
  • ❄ Superior Use Experience: LCD screen display, 500.000 times flash with auto flash function, release your hands, lower heat generated, 5 adjustable light flash intense level, optional painless mode brings you more comfortable feeling.
  • ❄ Visible Hair Removal Efficiency: the bigger light hole can effects on larger diameter targets, 98% of hairs is visibly decreased even not grow thick hairs any more after 8 weeks, get silk skin in 4-6 months (different skin type will have different time), medical beauty also can be realized by yourself, dermatologists highly recommended.
  • ❄ Fast Heat Dissipation: built-in fans cooling IPL hair removal body fast, improve machine working performance, good quality filters ensure stable light output, lower temperature touches your skin surface, freely use hair remover on your body.
  • ❄ Safety Guarantee: CE, Rhos, FCC certificated, long term after sales consultation, 180 days money back service, any problem all can be solved friendly in TOPLANET.

Remington iLIGHT Essential At-Home HPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ 12Js per flash and 350k flashes – FDA cleared for Women & Men

Reveal your naturally beautiful skin with long-lasting hair removal that’s fast, comfortable, and effective.

The Remington iLIGHT Essential uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL) Technology to deliver pulses of light energy for permanent hair reduction*. While shaving cuts hair only at the surface and waxing can be painful and time-consuming, iLIGHT Essential works beneath the surface of the skin to heat hair follicles and disable growth. This device features a compact design with Advanced Triggerless Technology for 3x faster flashes** and quick, easy treatments. You’ll get long-term performance with a light cartridge that never needs to be replaced. It delivers up to 15 years of full body treatments with 350,000 flashes***. This system is FDA-cleared for use on the face and body, and it uses HPL Technology with low energy levels for safe use at home. Discover how the iLIGHT Essential makes it safe and easy to get professional hair removal results at home.

*Permanent hair reduction is defined as long-term stable reduction in number of hairs regrowing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months, after the completion of a treatment regimen.
**Compared to the iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz
***Varies based on usage, the lamp lifetime does not extend the warranty.

Product Features

  • FDA-cleared for use on the face and body The voltage is 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Permanent Hair Reduction*. Intensity Level:5
  • Advanced Triggerless Technology – 3x Faster Flashes**
  • Skin Tone Tester – Suitable for skin tones 1-5
  • No need to replace the light cartridge – up to 15 years of full body treatments with 350,000 flashes***

Remington iLIGHT Elite Face & Body IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results at home w/powerful 32Js per flash- FDA cleared for Women & Men

Meet our most powerful hair removal system for permanent hair reduction that you can achieve at home. The REMINGTON iLIGHT Elite Face and Body Hair Removal System uses professional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to permanently reduce hair and provide up to 94% hair reduction after just three at-home treatments^. We’ve designed this system to be intuitive, with the highest number of light pulses and the largest treatment window size available from iLIGHT. This is the FDA cleared and clinically proven way to reveal your smooth, beautiful skin. To ensure comfortable at-home use, our skin tone tester helps determine if the device is safe for your skin. Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term stable reduction in number of hairs regrowing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regimen. ^Individual results vary. In clinical testing on the body, the upper quartile of treatment site averages 94.3% fewer hairs after just three treatments. On average, participants had 66% fewer hairs 12 months after just three treatments. 1Based on comparison of power per flash for iLIGHT IPL7000 to Tria LHR 4.0, Gillette Venus, Philips Lumea, Silk’n Flash & Go, Silk’n Glide, and Illuminage Beauty Me.

Product Features

  • The Most Effective at Home Hair Removal Device with nearly 2X Better Results in fewer treatments1
  • Professional Intense Pulsed Light Technology with a powerful 32 Joules per flash
  • Longer Lasting Permanent Results
  • FDA Cleared and Clinically Proven for use on Face and Body
  • Large 4cm2 Treatment Cap for Fast, Accurate Treatments
  • Includes Two Treatment Caps: Body Cap and Precision Cap
  • 100,000 Flashes
  • Convenient LCD screen with on screen instructions for ease of use
  • Fast, Gentle, and Easy to Use
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 in 1 IPL Laser Hair Removal VICTO IPL Permanent 300000 Pulses flash Face and Body For Hair Removal System + Skin Rejuvenation (HR+SR) HD LCD Display

The package includes:
1. The main body
2. Two lamps (Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation)
3. An eye protector
4. An adapter
5. A user manual in English

According to various women’s beauty trial reports, in comparison to the vertical lamp holder that is closer to the skin, the effect is better.
– Lips and hair in 1 minute
– Arm hair in 3 minutes each
– Armpit hair in 2 minutes
– Bikini hair in 2 minutes each side
– Leg hair in 10 minutes
– Back hair in 12 minutes

The professional electric VICTO ipl laser hair removal machine for sale is an innovative beauty product, which has the functions of Hair Removal (HR), Skin Rejuvenation (SR), and so on.

-It adopts a single intense pulsed light irradiation method.
– It integrates many applications of optical technology in beauty and health,the field of the most professional and useful products.
– Fast and painless.
– Its large light area makes it faster and protects your skin from burns.
– Intelligent cooling system, used for intelligent sensing, which greatly reduces the complexity of the operation.
– Gentle and effective even on the most sensitive areas of the body, using a light-based system with IPL technology applied in professional salons to achieve the hair reduction.
– Exclusive skin detection system, which keeps your eyes safe: the light is only emitted in contact with the skin.
– It includes a skin tone sensor to ensure that your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to guarantee a gentle but effective treatment.
– The light produces heat, which is transferred to the hair follicle and leads it to a resting phase.
– As a result, the hair sheds naturally and the regrowth is prevented.
– If you apply regularly, these light pulses keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

Product Features

  • 2 years warranty
  • HD LCD liquid crystal display, durable, 300 thousand hair flash is the number of hair
  • Automatic flash mode: fits the skin and can automatically high-speed flash different areas of free choice, with efficiency in hair removal increased by 30%
  • Auto flash: Suitable for removing hair from the thighs, arms and other large areas
  • Manual flash: Suitable for removing armpit hair and other small areas

IPL Laser Permanent Hair Remover Epilation Acne for Armpit Bikini Photorejuvenation bulb flash Painless Shaving Epilator Depilatory Shaver Man Women Hair Facial Body Underarm Leg (GMR38)

Instructions for use:

1> Before laser hair removal before use off certain parts of the hair, hairy first scrape, because it will hinder the laser energy to the hair follicle and melanin combustion.

2> Epilation 3-5 stalls, according to individual hairs growing power, may be positioned 7-10 days laser shot once, does not require frequent laser hair removal.

3> Depilated skin area needed to determine how much the flash off in a month to fifteen days off after 1, and so on until 2-3 months after laser hair removal may be performed once a month.

Because the hair is scraped off, the hair follicles milk ball and after being burned, it did not imagine growing up so fast.

4> To achieve permanent hair removal is a time, depending on the degree of personal bushy hair, and 3-6 months for the efficacy period.

5> The set is generally about 15 times can laser hair removal, about 60 days to see the effect of you!


Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality!

Material: PC

Color: Blue, Purple, Black, Pink.

Style: Epilator

Power Source: AC

Input voltage: 110V-220V

Power: 70W

Laser intensity: 1/2/3/4/5

Size: 225MM*130MM*220MM

Gross Weight: 1300gPackage includes:

1 x Epilator

1 x Spare flash cartridge

1 x Multi-voltage charger (Replaceable UK, EU and US standard plugs will be provided)

1 x Glasses for eyes protective

1 x User manual in English

Product Features

  • Description: Homelight Epilator Exclusive home pulsed Light TM technology: quick, painless and almost permanent hair removal.
  • Features one of the largest treatment area on a cartridge (4 centimeters), High repetition pulse rate: flash each 3.5 sec
  • Permanent and safe depilation at home. Results clinically proved: up to 82% less hair 1 month after 6 sessions
  • Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest High compatibility: efficient for 5 different skin types, exclusive skin detection system. Featuring a compact design that is perfect for use in your home or on the go, Flash n’ Go has an ergonomic head that is ideal for the treatment of hard to reach or sensitive areas (bikini line), smaller zones , or any area with curves that requires a more targeted approach. HPL exclusive & patented technology
  • Exclusive skin detection system,Eyes safety system: light emitted only in contact with the skin, 2 light cartridges are supplied Lightweight and compact, application in all parts of the body (loan) (Face), quiet in the application

IPL Home Pulsed Light Laser Epilator Shaving Permanent 200000 Light Pulses Hair Removal home epilator Men women for Full Body with English Instructions and Spare Flash Cartridge (Pink)

Use Method:
1) Plug in the power, when the right side of the indicator is red, then press the start button will switch to the left indicator light turns blue, this time indicates that the product has been started.
2) Make the laser head on the skin, after the left and right sides until light blinks to indicate the product is ready, press the button on the handle to work.
3) +/- button to adjust the intensity.
Laser hair removal is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat, by properly regulate energy pulse laser wavelength, the laser will be able to pass through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles, light can be absorbed and converted to heat damage the hair follicle tissue, so that the ability to regenerate lost hair while may damage the surrounding tissue, tingling light technology. Laser hair removal is a safe and efficient long-term to the hair technology.

Type: Epilator
Color: Blue
Power: 42W
Way of Working: Plug-in
Power Source: AC
Input Voltage: 110V – 240V
Plug: EU Plug + US Plug + UK Plug
Features: Hair Removal Machine, Painless,Permanent, Useful
Size: 22.5cm x 14cm x 23cm/8.86″ x 5.51″ x 9.06″ (Approx.)

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
It can only using 1-2 times per month and it do not have a significant results for the first times when you using it.
Do not use on the face.

Package Includes:
1 x Epilator
2 x Laser Heads
1 x Charger (With EU Plug + US Plug + UK Plug)
1 x Eye Protection Cover

Product Features

  • 1. Easier – Compact and light – Painless on all body zones: legs/armpits/bikini line/arms Do not use on the eyes.
  • 2. HPL exclusive & patented technology – quick, painless and almost permanent hair removal and safe depilation at home
  • 3. Results clinically proved – up to 82% less hair 1 month after 6 sessions
  • 4. High compatibility- efficient on 5 skin types , exclusive skin detection system
  • 5. Exclusive skin colour sensor – Low fluence (5J:cm2) = high skin protection – Eye security system (contact sensor + protection glasses)

Boom Boom’s FLASH WAX – Professional Depilatory Lavender Cream Wax

Flash Wax is a low temperature lipo-soluable cream that is perfect for sensitive skin. It is so perfect, it can be used on ALL skin types and on ALL areas. Made in Italy, for professionals, fits all standard wax warmers.

Product Features

  • Boom Boom’s FLASH WAX – Professional Depilatory Lavender Cream Wax

Lufei® 12000mah Solar Panel Portable Charger Power Bank Outdoor Camping External Backup Battery with Dual USB Port and Built-in LED Flash Light for Iphone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4, Ipods, Ipad 2 Air Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4, S3 I9300, Note 2, Note 3; HTC One, Sensation, EVO 4g, Thunderbolt, 8x, Droid Dna; Nokia Lumia 920, 520, 1020 and Other Android Smart Phones, Tablets, Mp3, Mp4 with Micro USB


Designed with dual USB interface, supports charging for two devices simultaneously. It can provide you high-capacity power perfectly. Powered by solar power, Solar energy technology, enviromental friendly and will not have to worry about your device run out of source anymore when outside. Power saving and environmental friendly. LED charging and capacity indicator show charge status and remaining power level. It is suitable for mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS, DV and so on.


1. Auto turn on the power. Touch solar powerbank can monitor the output and recharge mobile devices automatically.

2. Touch ON/ OFF, the power LED indication would turn off after 10 seconds. The touch solar powerbank would turn off and stop to charge after 30 seconds without loading.

3. High capacity 8000mAh lithium battery inside. With only 30 min recharging by this touch solar powerbank. It can extend 100 to 150 mins talking time.

4. With over-charging and over discharging protection, it maximizes the lifespan of battery and ensure safe charging.

5. When the electricity is lower than 10%, led indicator would flash.


1. Solar Panel: 1.5W; 5.5V/ 260mA

2. Micro USB input: 5V/1A

3. Dual USB outputs:

Output 1: 5V/1A

Output 2: 5V/2A

4. Battery capacity: 12000mAh; over 500 cycle times

5. Effciency rate: over 85%

6. Working environment: -10 to 60 degree/ 30- 80 Percent

7. Storage environment: -20 degree to 70 degree/ 30- 80 Percent

8. Charging time: aound 6.5 hours

Package Included:

1* 12000mAh solar charger

1* Micro USB cable

1* User manual

Product Features

  • Solar energy technology, enviromental friendly and will not have to worry about your device run out of source anymore when outside. Monster capacity of 12000mAh; Provides Dual USB port for 5V USB-charged devices.
  • Various connectors coverDual USB outputs for charging 2 5V USB-charged device simultaneously.
  • 4 LED indicators makes it easy to know how much source you’ve got, it will automatically shut down after 30 seconds if no device is connected.
  • Package Includes: 1* 12000mAh solar charger / 1* Micro USB cable / 1* User manual