PURPLE RELIC: Handcrafted Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit for Travel – Back to School, Off to College Gift – Multipurpose Use at Home and Office – Unisex (Tan)

This beautiful vintage storage box serves several purposes. It comes in handy for organizing travel supplies like toiletries, makeup, cosmetics, underwear, medicines, etc.
It can also be used as a storage box for stationery or art and craft supplies.
Handcrafted from genuine hunter leather, it’s an ideal gift for your loved ones which they are sure to treasure as a keepsake.

Product Features

  • ✔ Classy, Unisex, Vintage Look, Stylish, Luxurious Toiletry Bag ★ High quality 100% genuine thick leather with natural character ★ Strong and sturdy construction ★ Premium quality TKK nylon zip with antique finish metal slider ★ Leather carrying handle ★ Size: 9.2″ (L) x 5.2″ (H) x 4.2″ (W bottom) / 3.2″ (W top)
  • ✔ Stores everything shown in the image: Shampoo (60ml), conditioner (60ml), shower gel (60ml), cologne (60ml), body lotion (60ml), hand cream (30ml), face washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste (25ml), mouthwash (44ml), soap bar (21g), comb, nail cutter, razor, shaving brush, shaving gel (70g), aftershave (50ml), deodorant (70g) ★ Waterproof lining ★ Feet studs for protection from wet surface
  • ✔ Wide open zipped flap panel for full access to spacious inner compartment ★ Zipper and magnet closures ★ 1 large zipper compartment, 1 small interior zipper pocket, 1 long exterior zipper pocket
  • ✔ Multipurpose use ★ Travel toiletry bag ★ Dopp kit ★ Cosmetics bag ★ Makeup storage kit ★ Stationery office supplies box ★ School art and craft tools box ★ Useful gift for back to school and off to college students ★ Perfect gift for men and women
  • ✔ This beautiful product is handcrafted and hence unique ★ Nobody else in your neighborhood will have one like yours ★ Leather will have natural spots, scars and wrinkles ★ Color may vary slightly ★ Every piece has been thoroughly checked to ensure you receive the highest quality product ★ To be used in dry conditions ★ An original Purple Relic product, comes with brand packaging

BeautyTrack – Vintage Shaving Kit for Real Man, Genuine Buffalo Horn Handle – Straight Razor – Leather Strop Belt, Handmade Razors Shave Ready Safety Razor Manual Shaving…Pouch

BeautyTrack vintage shaving buffalo horn handle and genuine leather strop Belt>
To make your grooming routine easier, BeautyTrack has developed a new product, that will keep your cut throat razor sharp.This genuine leather strop is intended for the sharpening and honing of cut throat razors. The canvas layer is used to smoothen the blades, whilst the leather layer is used to sharpen the razor.
Why use a strop with my cut throat razor?
After several shaves, your razor’s cutting edge will become slightly more aligned with the head, which causes bluntness. If you use a strop correctly and treat your blade well, you will only need to hone once every month or even per year. Stropping serves to polish the edge of the blade and to re-align it at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving.
Method of stropping:
Hang your strop on a hook and pull it towards you, with the leather side up. Now lay the fully opened razor flat.
You should hold the razor at the part between the blade and the handle, just using your fingertips. This enables you to easily turn the razor when stropping. The blade must be laid flat on the strop, so that the cutting edge and the back both make contact.
When using the strop, always move the razor towards the back of the blade, NOT towards the cutting edge, or else you will cut the strop to pieces. Pull the blade gently towards you. The blade should stand at approx. 30-40 degrees to the strop.
Customer Care:
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
BeautyTrack is a specialized company in manufacturing superior quality razors and leather strop products,
☆”Quality products at reasonable prices” is how our customers describe BeautyTrack.
✔BeautyTrack offer free replacement or a hassle free refund if you are not satisfied with you purchase.

Product Features

  • Brand New Damascus Steel Limited Edition Genuine Buffalo Horn Handle Pure Black & Brown Ergonomic / Human Factors Designed Quality Damascus Steel Straight Cut Throat Shaving Razor + Genuine Leather strop Belt free storage case
  • Age Restricted item: 18+ Razor – BeautyTrack traditional Handmade Straight Edge, Cut Throat Razor for Men who Want the Closest, Most Traditional Shave Experience. A Straight Blade Razor that will need to be Sharpen after Regular use
  • The handle is made of 100% Buffalo Horn,Come with free BeautyTrack pouch to keep these Razor Safe after use
  • BeautyTrack Exclusive !!! For Professional and Personal Use !!! Buy with confidence
  • BeautyTrack matches high street quality and beats high street prices!!

Straight Razor – River Lake RZ1100 PROFESSIONAL Barber Razor Straight Edge Safety – Salon Quality Smooth Shave – Close Shaving Men’s Manual Shaver Safety – Includes Genuine Leather Carrying Case

Ergonomic Design

Easy-to-master design with a rounded edge assists in providing a safe and secure shave. Its smooth grip helps you easily get rid of overgrown facial hair. Rest your initial three fingers on the back of the blade, the last one on the blade’s tank and your thumb on the side of the blade, close to the center, for a perfect shaving experience.

Rust-Free 430-Grade Stainless Steel

Designed to perfection, using the finest of stainless steel, this razor pulls off a seamless shave every time. The disposable blade pack allows you to switch from an old and rusty blade to a new, clean one. It’s made using the 430-Grade Japanese Stainless Steel construction that makes it rust-free and last longer.

Easy Grip

Hold your razor by resting your initial three fingers at the back of the blade. Now rest your pinky fingers on the blade’s tank and using a slight pressure, place your thumb on the side of the blade close to the center to have a comfortable grip of the razor. This grasp will ensure that you have the most comfortable shave.

Ultimate Shaving Experience

Our superior design is expertly weighted, agreeable in your grasp, and gives you more noteworthy control and adjust than numerous different razors available. Say goodbye to cuts and scratches. Save razor consumption and welcome an additional nearby wrap-up to your shaving accessories. Ideal for a touchy skin.

Packing List:

1* River Lake RZ1100 PROFESSIONAL Barber Razor Straight Edge Safety

1* River Lake Genuine Leather Carrying Case

Product Features

  • CLASSIC – The chrome plating over the brass body helps deter rust for long-lasting performance, Classically styled straight edge barber razor made of brass with chrome finish will provide a reliable smooth and silken shave every time.
  • QUALITY THAT LASTS – Designed with classy, financially smart men everywhere in mind, this stainless steel razor blade brings you consistent fine shaves and works with your budget. Our razors are made from fine quality Stainless Steel, guaranteed to never rust or tarnish with use. Created with an easy-to-open blade guard, you can exchange each blade safely and easily.
  • MORE FUNCTIONAL THAN REGULAR RAZORS – Designed with comfort and stability in mind, the River Lake straight razor glides smoothly and provides the right holding angle to avoid discomfort. When opened, your ring finger rests on the back handle loop, index and middle fingers on top, and your thumb near the blade compartment. Follow our instruction sheet for more specific directions.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We know you will come to love and enjoy shaving with this classic shaving system just as much as we do. So we offer you to try the River Lake Straight Edge Razor, for 30-Days risk free. If you are not completely satisfied and loving the close shave this brings, then simply return for your money back.
  • CLASSIC SHAVE – Gives you access to the finest possible shave. This is the instrument you need to detail-trim hair and facial hair. The wheel didn’t need to be reinvented, someone just needed to refine the quality. Give River Lake Razor a try, you won’t regret it.

Gift Box Safety Razor Cartridge Man Manual Wet Shaving Genuine Leather Pouch

Material:Imitation wood + alloy razor
Blade: 4 pcs 3 layer baldes
Length of razor: 5.2 inch/13 cm
Type of razor pouch: Brown Embossing Genuine Leather
Net Weight: 76.2 g Or 2.69 oz
Package include:
1pcs cartridge razor
1pcs Long razor case
1pcs Gift box

Product Features

  • 100 % Brand New and High Quality
  • Classic design provides you the most stable and excellent service.
  • Imitation wood + alloy razor(three blades) can give you a comfortable feel.
  • Can be refilled with 3 spring-cushioned blades common Razor Blades in market.
  • Ideal for travel use or to provide general protection for your safety razor.

Safety Razor Shaving Kit: Genuine Badger Brush – Outstanding Quality Elegant Silvery Alloy Brush Handle + Beautiful Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl and Razor Brush Stand, The Best Gift for Gent Mens

Package including: 1 Piece Shaving Stand + 1 Piece Shaving Bowl + 1 piece Badger Brush

Product Features

  • Universal Concise style stand with shaving brush, consist with a excellent Stainless steel SUS420 bowl. And there is a razor holder on stand.
  • 100% Pure Badger hair shaving brush with Outstanding Quality Elegant Silvery Alloy Handle, Creates a perfect, creamy, rich lather for your face.
  • It’s the Best Badger Brush For Safety Razor, Double Edge Razor, Staight Razor or Shaving Razor, No more hair entanglement and obvious smell, Pure luxury high end shaving brush
  • This universal stand fits most brush and razor models(But not all), If your brush or Razor can not fit this holder open perfect, you just can use the tool to adjust. It is better that Please measure your brush and razor before purchasing
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we pride ourselves on quality products and customer service. If any reason you are not pleased with this product, please contact us or amazon, we provide 30 days warranty

4 in 1 Men’s Shaving Set, Luxury Genuine badger brush + Shaving Brush Stand + Safety Razor + Shaving Soap Bowl/Mug Black Finishing, Great Gift Idea for Father Husband or Boyfriend

Package including:
1 x Badger Brush
1 x Shaving Brush/Razor Stand
1 x Safety Razor
1 x Shaving Bowl

Product Features

  • Shaving Stand + Brush Handle + Bowl + Safety Razor Handle: All Material are made of Aluminium and Classical Piano Baking. 100% Natura Pure Badger hair Shaving Brush
  • Completed shaving kit Includes everything you need. SAVE MONEY by buying a complete kit. Purchased Separately, this kit would cost over $50.
  • Stand Size approximately: Total height= 93mm(3.66inch), Total length = 116mm(4.56inch), Total width= 55mm(2.16inch)
  • Brush Size approximately: Total length=93mm(3.66inch), Maximum diameter=30mm(1.18inch), The hang position of diameter=27mm(1.06inch)
  • Bowl Size approximately: Diameter: 93mm(3.66inch), Height: 35mm(1.37inch)

Fendrihan Genuine Porcelain Apothecary Shaving Mug, White

With short sides and a wide opening, this shaving mug is the perfect tool for whipping your favorite cream or soap into an unbeatable lather. The convenient handle is ideal for holding, and the dazzling white porcelain adds class and sophistication to any room. Made in the European Union (Romania). Note: Please make sure to

Product Features

  • MADE IN EUROPE: Genuine Made-in-Europe porcelain craftsmanship gives your shaving mug a solid feel, and a beautiful appearance on your bathroom counter.
  • THE PERFECT SHAPE: A wide lip and short sides are perfect for lathering shaving your favorite wet shaving soap or cream, right in the mug. No more banging the sides!
  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter: Base 2.5″ (6.5 cm) Top 4.3″ (11 cm) Height: 2.8″ (7.2 cm)
  • A HOT SHAVE: Heavy duty porcelain retains temperature longer. Lather your favorite soaps and creams directly in your mug, and enjoy a hot shave, just like at the barber shop!
  • EASY-TO-USE: The convenient knob handle allows you to lift and hold your apothecary shaving mug at any angle you want! Twist, turn, and get every bit of lather you need.

Genuine Leather Shaving Brush Protective/Travel Case

This Genuine Leather Shave Brush Case from Parker Safety Razor is handmade to ensure high quality. This case will cover both the handle and bristles to help preserve your investment while traveling. Also makes an excellent gift!

Product Features

  • Protects your shave brush when it is not in use.
  • Hand made with genuine leather for durability and quality
  • Excellent for all standard shave brushes with 20-25mm knots
  • Provides protection for the both bristles and handle while traveling or in storage.
  • A genuine Parker Safety Razor product

Hair Removal Genuine Organic Permanent Reducing Solution,tala ANT EGG OIL 20ml 0.7ozhair Removal Genuine Organic Permanent Reducing Solution,tala ANT EGG OIL 20ml 0.7oz

TALA ANT EGG OIL This Tala Ant Egg Oil is a genuine product of Turkey with a retail box to be confused by imitations can be distinguished by the silver hologram on the box and not just a glass bottle. Tala ant egg oil has been the most useful hair reducing product for women and men for centuries in Asia and the Middle East because of its painless and very easy use against hair on your body which you don’t want to have. The product is based on the time history of the Ottoman Empire. This Tala is produced in Turkey.

Product Features

  • The following months you will do the same thing in 4 to 6 more sessions (it will take about 6 months) and you won’t have any hair on your body anymore, forever.
  • If you hurt yourself during cleaning the hairy area somehow, you should take a shower or wash the area where you hurt yourself with cold water, then wait for a while and put on our product.
  • You should wait until your hair grows back. You should do this in 4 to 6 more sessions.
  • One bottle of ant oil is enough to solve your complete facial hair problems.
  • Please don’t forget that you have to use Tala Ant Egg Oil after you have cleaned the area very thoroughly and massage it.

Two (2) Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Bay, Regular scent rum shaving sticks. This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form.

This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form. With a shaving stick you rub it directly on your wet whiskers and whip up a lather right on your face with a shaving brush. This is great for traveling, or shaving in the shower….or for everyday use!

Product Features

  • This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form.

18″ Genuine Leather Strop Belt Barber Shaving Pro Straight Razor Sharpener

Included in the Package:
1 x Razor Sharpener

Strop used for final touching after honing straight razors

Steel attachment hanging hook deduction for professional barber shop

Product Features

  • Genuine Leather Strop Belt Barber shaving Pro Straight Razor Sharpener
  • Size: 450*50*5mm/ 17.7″*2.0″*0.2″
  • Ideal for Straight Razors,Sharpen Knives and Chisels
  • Strop used for final touching after honing straight razors

Justice Shaving Company Pure Badger Shaving Brush – Exquisite and Affordable Addition to Your Wet Shaving Set – Genuine Badger Hair Shaving Brush – Optimal Shave Brush for a Classic Wet Shave (White)

JSC’s Pure Badger Shaving Brushes create a rich and warm lather, that softens whiskers and lifts the beard while opening pores to ensure a close shave. A badger hair shaving brush is highly prized because they hold in warmth while bringing sufficient water to the skin for moisturizing and gentle exfoliation. Synthetic shaving brushes and boar hair brushes are harsher on the skin and do not hold the warmth or water nearly as well as the badger brushes do. These densely filled pure badger brush bristles are ideal for holding and evenly distributing lather. This is an elite shaving brush at an entry-level price and is available in two handle colors making an elegant addition to any bathroom counter. Sometimes the value of higher hair grades is overstated and the value of “pure badger” is underrated. Being slightly thicker hair, pure badger brushes are more durable than the higher grades and can do a better job of exfoliation. Pure badger is a high-quality shaving brush for an affordable price and is one of the most popular grades among wet shavers for its balance between performance and price. Some brushes claiming to be high quality will shed for many months or years. This handmade brush may shed a few of hairs during the first couple of weeks of use, as will any natural animal-hair shave brush, but beyond that the brush will have minimal shedding. Picture yourself stropping your straight razor in or inserting a new blade in your favorite DE safety razor in preparation for a traditional shave with a classic badger hair shaving brush. Picture yourself creating a full, thick lather in your shave bowl with this beautiful brush and imagine how it will feel to apply the warm soapy foam to your skin. Imagine the feel of your skin afterwards. Picture the way your shaving set will look with a new brush in your shave stand. Add a JSC Pure Badger Shaving Brush to your cart and live the dream of a luxury wet shave experience. Turn your daily shave into an luxurious escape.

Product Features

  • Our Pure Badger Shaving Brush is 100% badger hair bristle brush; real badger brushes are the shave tool of choice for discerning men
  • Firm and exfoliating yet soft on the face, Pure Badger is a leap up from synthetic brushes and 2 leaps from horsehair or boar hair shaving brushes; a badger brush is an elite tool for serious wet shavers
  • At this entry-level price, there is no need to buy goat, pig, or horse hair shaving brushes; you can begin badger shaving for the price of a lesser brush
  • JSC only uses 100% badger hair for a warm and luxurious shave. Badger hair brushes hold moisture and condition the skin while applying a thick rich lather
  • Money back guarantee backed by JSC. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it! We’ll refund your money if not totally satisfied