GiGi Mini Pro Complete All-Purpose Hair Removal System Starter Mini Waxing Kit

Do all your own waxing at home with a kit that has everything a beginner needs for a great wax, before, during, and after with the GiGi Mini Pro All Purpose Hair Removal Starter Waxing Kit. This complete hair removal system contains everything a new or price conscious stylist needs to do a top notch job, from pre and post wax treatments, lotions, waxes, accessories, tools, and a warmer. It also includes an instructional guide so you can hit the ground running and get started fast. Wax like an expert right at home by choosing the GiGi Mini Pro All Purpose Hair Removal Starter Waxing Kit.

Product Features

  • No need to go to the salon again, now you can do all your waxing right at home
  • Complete hair removal system for novices
  • Contains everything a beginner stylist needs
  • Features an array of pre and post treatments, lotions, waxes, and a warmer
  • Includes instructional booklet to get you started

GiGi Hair Removal Waxing Starter Kit for Face and Body

GiGi at Home Hair Removal Waxing Starter Kit for Face and Body

Long-Lasting Results

With the GiGi Waxing Starter Kit, you will be able to achieve a hair-free skin over an extended time. The hair is pulled out from the root, it grows back thinner over time and makes the hair grow slower and finer. It’s all you need to stay fuzz-free for up to six weeks!

Affordable, Achieve A Hair-Free Skin For A Longer Period

No need to break the bank or spend more time going to and from the salon. Formulated with natural ingredients, this works like a magnet pulling away debris and hair from the root. The smooth hair-removal wax grips the hair follicle, removing it clean away and letting you enjoy a bare skin for a couple of weeks! This is the ultimate solution for you for excellent hair-free and long-standing results!


You only have to pay for this kit once, then you just have to replace the wax once you run out of. It’s a pretty amazing complete hair removal kit and formulated for use for the entire body, including facial hair removal. It is designed as a premium waxing kit to satisfy all your wishes and desires!

Top Pick Home Waxing Kit

GiGi – the leader in hair removal for decades, offers advanced formulations and ingredients that elevate your ultimate waxing experience! The most trusted brand among professionals, spa and salons. Committed to providing you with professional-grade hair removal products to help you achieve smooth, beautiful, and hair-free skin.

Product Features

  • ALL-IN-ONE, COMPLETE AT HOME HAIR REMOVAL KIT: This waxing set contains every wax tools you need for the most effective wax possible. It comes complete with all the professional tools such as Professional-grade Wax Warmer, All-Purpose Honee (14 oz), Pre Hon Pre-Epilation Cleanser (4.0 oz), Pre Epilation Powder (2.5 oz), Slow Grow with Argan Oil Hair Minimizer (4.0 oz), Wax Off (4.0 oz), Strips, Applicators, and Wax Collars needed for fast, efficient hair removal while being gentle on the skin.
  • WAY TO A SMOOTH AND HAIR-FREE SKIN FOR WEEKS: Step up your hair removal game with GiGi Waxing Starter Kit! The perfect wax to remove thin and stubborn hairs, like the ones from the bikini area and the underarms. The gentle formula in this depilatory solution will help dissolve any dirt and dead skin cells, making sure you don’t get ingrown hairs or blocked pores. This removes almost all the hairs from a single pass to achieve silky smooth and hair-free skin that lasts for weeks!
  • IDEAL FOR FACIAL AND BODY HAIR WAXING: Easy to use hair removal system that provides spa-quality finish every time. GiGi All Purpose Honee formula help protect, soothe and hydrate the skin throughout the hair removal process, leaving skin sleek, smooth and hair-free, yet gentle enough for delicate areas. Designed to remove unwanted hair on the face and body including back, arms, legs, underarms, and chest. Works like magic on every skin and hair type, reducing the need for tweezing and clean up!
  • WAXING KIT PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: This is the ultimate starter kit for beginners looking to learn all about waxing. This kit contains everything you need to practice and perform a complete depilatory service. The wax only adheres to the hairs and does not stick to your skin for unpainful hair removal. It’s simple to use, easy and not messy. As easy as shaving, this innovative waxing package requires no experience!
  • SALON-QUALITY WAXING AT HOME: Why pay for a pricey salon visit when you can get ultimate waxing experience at home? This kit contains every wax tool you need for the most effective wax possible and achieves the smooth, fresh from the spa feel, without the hassle and high-cost tag of salon services. It does everything you will need to have a salon-like waxing finish, plus you can tailor your usage based on your needs. Get a do-it-yourself complete line of waxing without leaving your home!

GiGi No Bump Skin Smoothing Topical Solution for after shaving, waxing or laser hair removal treatment 8 oz

GiGi No Bump Topical Solution is the ideal razor bumps treatment for both men and women! GiGi No Bump Skin Smoothing Topical Solution is your key to a holistic hair removal regimen. It is formulated with salicylic acid that gently unclogs pores and exfoliates skin to achieve a smoother, more radiant, and bump-free skin after hair removal. It also lessens redness and protects skin from inflammation. It helps prevent ingrown hair and bumps caused by waxing or shaving. Simply apply GiGi No Bump Skin Smoothing Topical Solution on the desired area 3-4 days prior to hair removal then use as a daily maintenance toner to make your skin clearer and bump-free as you*ve always wanted!

Product Features

  • HELP PREPARE and TREAT skin before and after any hair removal treatment, waxing or shaving
  • REMOVE unsightly and bothersome ingrown hairs & razor bumps for smooth, touchable skin
  • EXFOLIATES : Contains Salicylic Acid known for its anti-septic and exfoliating properties. When used topically, Salicylic Acid reduces skin build-up and clears clogged pores, improving the overall look and feel of the skin.
  • EFFECTIVELY unclogs pores after hair removal preventing unsightly skin bumps or razor burns
  • CRUELTY FREE and proudly MADE in the USA. IDEAL for both men and women

Gigi Slow Grow Lotion- Reduces Hair Regrowth 8oz

Gigi Slow Grow Lotion- Reduces Hair Regrowth 8oz GiGi Slow Grow is a fast absorbing lotion that inhibits the formation of new hair (known as keratinization). With daily use, this greaseless lotion continues the anti-keratinization process while conditioning skin.

Product Features

  • Gigi Slow Grow Lotion- Reduces Hair Regrowth 8oz

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Are you planning on being a professional esthetician? Practice your hair waxing techniques with GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit.

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit is your perfect solution in polishing your waxing techniques. It contains everything you need for a hair removal treatment from start to finish. This kit features an easy-to-use wax warmer, the bestselling GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax, cleansers and after-wax treatments, plus applicators and muslin strips in various size, so you can get started.

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit includes:

Wax Warmer All Purpose Honee, 14 Ounces Pre Hon, 4 Ounces Pre Epilation Powder, 2.5 Ounces Wax Off, 4 Ounces Slow Grow, 4 Ounces Petite Applicators, 10 Pieces Small Accu Edge Applicators, 10 Pieces

Product Features

  • Professional-grade hair removal waxing kit for hair waxing students or home use
  • Contains a wax warmer, GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax, pre- and post-wax treatments, applicators, and muslin strips
  • GiGi is the most trusted brand by the Professionals in hair waxing and hair removal
  • Complete with everything you need for a smooth, flawless, hair-free skin
  • Proudly made in the USA

Gigi Hair Removal Strips for The Body 12 Strips

GiGi 0660 hair removal strips for the body, 12 strips. GiGi Hair Removal Strips for the Body are formulated with All Natural GiGi Honee and are ideal for removing hair from the body at home in between salon services. Gently press the pre-waxed strips onto the treatment area then lift off. Apply the GiGi After Wax Lotion to leave the skin beautifully smooth. GiGi After Wax Lotion contains naturally enriched conditioners. Moisturizes skin, removes excess wax and refines pores. Leaves skin softer and silkier. Product includes: 12 removal strips (24 applications), after wax lotion, and instructions.

Product Features

  • Gigi Hair Removal Strips for The Body 12 Strips

Gigi Cloth Epilating Roll 50 Yards Economical Alternative to Muslin, Featuring a Non-woven Design for Use with All Soft Waxes – Size 50 Yards

GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax meets the demand for thorough hair removal of the bikini area, popularly known as Brazilian waxing. Soybean and Oilive Oils provide vitamin-rich emollients to smooth and moisturize the skin. This non-strip formula is designed for coarse, resistant hair, yet is gentle enough for use on sensitive and delicate areas.

Product Features

  • GiGi Cloth Epilating Roll is an economical alternative to Muslin, featuring a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. Can be cut to size for full body waxing
  • Cloth strips are alternative to muslin.
  • You only need them to soft wax.
  • These come on a roll and are pretty easy to custom cut to size you need.
  • Size 50 Yards