Ystar Men’s Beard Bib Apron & Shaping Template Tool (Combo) Facial Hair Trimming & Clippings Catcher | Shaving Accessory Guide for Side Burns, Mustache, Goatee(White)

Keep your beard, mustache, or neckline neatly trimmed and your counters and shirt clean with a Ystar Beard Bib Apron and Shaping Tool combo!

Facial hair is what makes a man distinct. Be it a full beard, a kept goatee, or that rugged 5 o’clock shadow, it’s all about looking the part. But it’s almost impossible to keep your shirt, your counter, or your sink clean when you’re trying to shave, trim, or clean up your face.

That’s why we developed the Ystar Beard Bib Apron and Shaping Template Tool combo, a smarter way to cover your clothing and the counters below without making a mess or staining your favorite shirt-and getting a perfectly symmetrical shave every time.

The best grooming guide no matter what your personal style or look, make sure you always look your best when you take on the day by lining up your facial hair quickly and easily with the Ystar Beard Bib and Grooming Template; a proper way to groom and keep everything a bit cleaner.

Product Details:

Beard Bib Apron (2-Piece Set) Self-Packing Travel Pouch Waterproof Pongee Material Comfortable, Adjustable Velcro Neck Strap Beard Shaping and Grooming Template Tool Line Up Beards, Sideburns, Mustaches, Necklines Includes Mirror Mounting Suction Cups (2) Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Product Features

  • Catch-All Beard Bib – This waterproof men’s bathroom apron catches loose hairs and clippings before they fall on your shirt, the counter, or in your sink drain.
  • Comfortable, Adjustable Design – The Velcro neckline and dual mirror suction cup hooks let you find proper placement, allowing for easier, cleaner use for every beard.
  • Portable, Waterproof Design – Each beard bib apron is designed with a self-packing pouch, allowing you to easily wash it and then keep it in a backpack or travel bag.
  • 8-in-1 Multi-Shaping Tool – This grooming guide features a forehead line, step, straight, and curve cut, mini comb, neck line, mustache, and inward curve goatee.
  • Home & Travel Use – These grooming accessories for the modern man can be used in your bathroom, at the gym, or keep them in a travel bag for use on business trips.