Greenland Barber Double Edge Safety Razor for Men | Classic Men’s Shaving Razor with 5 Derby Single Blade Double Edge Razor Blade

This Double Edged Safety Razor includes 5 Free Derby Premium Double Edge Safety Razor blades to get you started. These blades are Swedish Steel with chromium, ceramic, platinum, tungsten and polymer coated edges considered one of the best choices for classic wet shaving.

Greenland Barber & Co. created this 100% metal safety razor for years of use. We designed an eco friendly razor alternative to the endless onslaught of cheap disposable razors. Our luxury razor is designed to produce zero waste without sacrificing a smooth shave for even the most sensitive skin. This unique razor comprises a two part, die cast and hand polished, chrome plated zinc alloy head, precision engineered to deliver a shaving angle that is gentle on the skin for a smooth, close, comfortable and accurate wet shave.

Our Double Edge Safety Razor is much admired by both beginner and experienced wet shavers worldwide and those who enjoy wet shaving results comparable to an original barber straight single blade razor. Our solid stainless steel handle is also finished with flawless hand polished chrome scratch resistant plating. Add our double edge safety razor to your wet shave kit at home, or pack it in your to go kit as it makes an ideal travel razor.

Product Features

  • High Quality Materials: Heavy duty stainless steel handle, and zinc alloy head finished in chrome harmonizing durability, performance, and old school style.
  • Precision Design: The handle was carefully proportioned to the head creating perfect weight distribution for increased comfort, and control. Our mission is creating an effortlessly smooth wet shave every time for a lifetime.
  • Vintage Eco: Uniquely embossed head inserted in an hour glass curved shaft constructed of old fashioned natural materials satisfies the traditional classic gentleman who remains in fashion for a lifetime.
  • Derby Premium DE Razor Blades Included: World Renown Swedish Steel Derby Premium Double Sided Blades (five pack) included allowing instant professional shaving kit right out of the box.
  • 100% Fully Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with our razors contact us directly. We stand behind our products and believe in customer relationships and are committed to give the best customer service possible.