cleanOZe Nasal Shaver – Nose Hair Trimmer for Men and Women – Manual with Double Blade Razor Head, Safety Comb, Moisturizing Strips – No Batteries, New Concept, No Hair Pulling, Waxing like results, No Vibrations, Reversible, Guaranteed Clean Shave, Unisex, Patented, No moving blade, Cordless Travel-Sized Personal Groomer – Black

cleanOZe is world’s first unisex nasal safety razor, designed with the ergonomic, grippy handle that will fit seamlessly in your hand. cleanOZe is a patented technology which uses world’s thinnest twin edge razor which is specially designed to enhance user comfort. cleanOZe is the only product available in the market which is easily capable of reaching those hard to reach nose corners. cleanOZe has been tried and tested for four long years as well as modified post 19 prototypes before it was allowed to reach market. ENT surgeons have approved cleanOZe to not produce any side effects post clean shaving nose hairs. cleanOZe has no moving parts and doesn’t use battery hence no chances of hair pulling and no uncomfortable vibrations. cleanOZe is a smart inline razor designed in Australia which will now provide a total clean shave and not a just a stubble. The end of the shaver is the perfect size to suit your nose and the specially designed twin edge blade allow for a clean shave, in any direction. There’s no need to worry as the safety comb on the blade will safeguard against any cuts and when wet, the moisturising strip will reduce any irritation from shaving the nasal hair. In less than 2 minutes it will completely remove all the unsightly nose hairs!

Product Features

  • 👃 GET RID OF NASAL HAIR FAST – Are pesky nose hairs always embarrassing you in public? Our unisex black nasal shaver is a handy grooming razor that is designed to easily fit into your nostrils.
  • 👃 COMPLETELY PAINLESS – Never pluck or wax your nasal hairs again! This handheld nose trimmer has a safety comb to guard against accidental cuts and nicks while still ensuring a flawless, clean shave.
  • 👃 NO IRRITATION – Nostrils are sensitive, so our nose hair clipper also has a moisturizing strip to prevent any irritation. Enjoy a smooth, vibration-free and refreshing shave that won’t take more than a minute.
  • 👃 EASY TO USE – Made of lightweight materials and with an ergonomic grip, our nasal safety razor is effortless to use. Every purchase includes a user manual with video for your convenience.
  • 👃 SATISFACTION ASSURED – Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we cover this product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have questions, reach out to us at any time.

Strong Brush Stand + Men’s Shaving Brush + Perfect Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl,For Guaranteed Best Shave of Your Life. Use for Old Fashioned Double Edge Safety Razor or Multi Blade Razor

Package including: 1 Piece Shaving Stand + 1 Piece Shaving Bowl + 1 piece Shaving Brush
January 12th 2018 Upgrade

Product Features

  • Beautiful and Functional shiny finish Stainless Steel shaving soap bowl
  • Perfect for wet shave: Holds water and softens beard bristles for perfect, true wet shave
  • Smooth and Natural Wood Brush Handle for a sleek modern look. It’s the Best Brush For Safety Razor, Double Edge Razor, Straight Razor or Shaving Razor
  • Nylon Shaving Brush, If you do not like the badger hair smell, this is the good choice
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we pride ourselves on quality products and customer service. If any reason you are not pleased with this product, please contact us or amazon, we provide 30 days warranty.

100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush and Bowl. For Guaranteed Best Shave of Your Life. Use for Old Fashioned Double Edge Safety Razor or Multi Blade Razor – Made for Modern Gentlemen

FAMILY TRADITION OF HIGH QUALITY SHAVING PRODUCTS To continue our family tradition of making high end shaving products at an affordable price, here is another brand new release from BIGFOOT SHAVES: The Traditional Badger shaving brush.
Since this is a new release with no reviews, you are backed by our 90 day money back guarantee. Alternatively, please check out reviews from other Bigfoot Shaves products to see what others are saying about us.
Shaving Brushes generate a wonderful, creamy, rich and warm lather.
The densely filled brush head is ideal for holding and distributing lather.
Helps soften and raise beard while gently exfoliating the skin in preparation for a close, comfortable shave.
This is the ultimate shaving brush from Bigfoot Shaves

Product Features

  • * PURE BADGER BRUSH: 100% Badger Hair Bristles. As a testament that this brush is made from REAL, AUTHENTIC QUALITY badger hair, there will be a break-in period when the brush sheds some bristles, and releases a light badger aroma. Be proud!! You are a member of Bigfoot Shaves Club!!
  • * PERFECT FOR WET SHAVE: Holds water and softens beard bristles for perfect, true wet shave
  • * GENTLY EXFOLIATES SKIN: When you apply shaving cream, the badger bristles gently exfoliate the skin for the glowing and radiant face
  • * RICH LATHER FOR PERFECT SHAVE: Creates a rich lather when used with a shaving soap. This prepares your skin and beard for that smooth shave with no nicks and cuts.
  • * PAIR WITH OTHER BIGFOOT SHAVES PRODUCTS: Use this with Bigfoot Shaves Razor, Stand and Blades for that perfect shave you always wanted

Lavender Shaving Soap Refill Puck Protects & Moisturizes For a Smooth Shave. Guaranteed No Knicks Or Irritations. Made With All Natural Ingredients Like Shea Butter For Rich Luxurious Lather, 3.8oz

The Best Shaving Soap Designed For All Skin Types Including Sensitive Skin That Will Leave Your Skin Smooth and Comfortable Without Irritations or Razor Burns

Experience Barbershop Quality, Luxury, & Thick Lather at The Comfort Of Your Home

The secret to shaving daily and experiencing a soft and smooth shave while not having irritation is in the ingredients of the Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap.
This soap is formulated to build nice thick lather and to give you great cushioning and glide preventing the razor from irritating your skin. The Shea Butter moisturizes your skin while the soy comforts and conditions.

Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap Is Great For:

• All Skin Types
• Irritated Skin
• Sensitive Skin
• Shaving Daily
• Getting a Close & Smooth Shave
• Creating Thick & Creamy Lather

What Sets Men’s Soap Company Apart From The Rest?

• High Quality Natural Ingredients
• Low Price For 1 Large 3.8 oz Shave Puck
• Non-Toxins and Parabens Free
• Free of Preservatives, Synthetic Fragrances, & Dyes
• Lasts Longer Than Shaving Cream
• Thick Lather Within Seconds
• Hydrates and Moisturizes Your Skin

Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap is backed by a Money Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our product simply contact us for a full refund.

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button & get the best shaving soap TODAY! You will not regret investing in a smooth and irritation free skin!

Product Features

  • All natural and minimal ingredients: our shave soap is made of the best naturally derived vegan plant ingredients. We do not use toxins, parabens, sulphates, or dyes. These high quality ingredients will leave your face feeling buttery smooth.
  • Subtle Lavender scent: many of our customers have described the scent as mild and delightful that is not overpowering. The scent has earthy smell while it is fresh and not flowery. Women tend to love how a man smells after using the Lavender soap.
  • Thick and creamy lather: you can whip a nice, thick creamy lather in 15 seconds that provides fantastic glide and protection. The rich lather and thick foam provides a coating that leads to a smooth shave. Your razor can be rinsed cleanly without having to brush out the blades between shaving stokes.
  • Moisturizing and does not dry out: our shaving soap includes shea butter and glycerin base that will leave your skin soft, moisturized, and silky smooth. You will not experience irritation, nicks or cuts, no rash, no bumps, no ingrown hairs, and no razor burns. The soap will not dry out and it is very gentle on the irritable areas of skin under the jawline and neck
  • Try it risk free: Men’s Soap Company has an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the soap simply request a refund. We guarantee that your shave will be so comfortable each and every day. Do it. Buy it now. Your face will appreciate it.

Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor Kit by Shaveology – Engineered to Deliver the Best Shave of Your Life Guaranteed! – Hands Down the Best Safety Razor on Amazon for the Price. Best Mens Gift!

This High Quality Double Edge Safety Razor Set by Shaveology is handcrafted to deliver a close comfortable shave every time you use it. Perfectly balanced to reduce pressure on the skin, the Closed Comb design helps eliminate razor burn, Nicks, cuts, skin irritation and ingrown hairs typically caused by traditional cartridge razors.

If you are new to the art of the traditional wet shave or a seasoned veteran you will be very satisfied with the Griffin Series DE Safety Razor Kit. Not only is the Griffin sleek and good looking with its all Chrome finish on the head, handle and base, but it is also perfectly weighted for total control when shaving around sensitive areas such as the nose, lips and neck. The non-slip handle completes the razor and is comfortable for all hand sizes.

Each Griffin Series Kit comes standard with:

• (1) Closed Combed Double Edge Safety Razor
• (5) Platinum Series Razor Blades (60 day supply)
• (1) Genuine Leather Blade Cover for Traveling
• (1) Polishing Towel to keep your DE Safety Razor looking great on your sink at all times.

Makes the PERFECT GIFT. Treat yourself or purchase for a loved one, friend, co-worker, corporate gift or any occasion. Either way you or the lucky recipient will be impressed by the attention to detail and quality that goes into manufacturing this luxury set, not to mention the handsome packaging.

We want to make this an easy no risk decision for you. With Shaveology you are always covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you (or the person receiving this) are not fully satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked.

The BEST VALUE ON AMAZON Hands down. No other brand Even Comes Close.

Click the ADD TO CART button Now and get ready for the best shave of your life

Product Features

  • EXPERTLY ENGINEERED – to deliver an Extra Close Shave Guaranteed!. This Closed Comb Double Edged Safety Razor is the perfect edition to any mans shaving routine. This High end razor features a Chrome Plating on the neck, head and base so it not only looks Great, but it will not rust or tarnish. Comes with a non-slip black acrylic handle that is weighted for total control.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – Kit comes with one Luxury Shaveology Phantom Series Closed Comb Doubled Edge Safety Razor, 5 Platinum Razor Blades (60 day supply), 1 Leather Blade Cover for Travel and 1 Polishing Towel to keep your DE Razor looking great on your sink at all times.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are going to make this decision very easy for you – If for whatever reason you (or the person receiving the kit as a gift) are not 100% SATISFIED then we will refund your money back no questions asked. That is how confident we are that this really will be the best shave of your life.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF SHAVE – Far and away the best gift for men or that special someone in your life such as your lover, family, friend and co-workers. The person who receives this set with be blown away and eternally grateful.
  • BLADE REPLACEMENT – is easy, quick, safe. Head fits all standard double edge razor blades

Magnus Chrome Razor and Brush Stand – The Perfect Shaving Razor and Brush Stand to Keep Your Brush Clean and Dry, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Make Your Bathroom Elegant And Your Shaving Seamless

If you have a classy shaving kit you use almost every day, this small addition will do wonders. It looks just great, and it’ll help you manage your shaving utensils with ease. No more fumbling around for your razor and nicking your fingers.

High Quality Craftsmanship, Carefully Weighted

Our chrome razor stands go through strict tests before packaging. We want to make sure they’re made of the best materials, are weighted properly so they won’t tip. They’ll fit most razors on the market, too.

Buy One For Someone You Care About

Wives and girlfriends from all over the world keep telling us how happy their men were when they got our Magnus razor stands as a present. It’s a great gift for the man in your life. Or if you’re buying for yourself, buy one for your buddy too.

Try Without Risk

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try your Magnus Safety Razor Stand with no risk involved.

Order your razor stand today while it’s available

Product Features

  • USEFUL, ELEGANT, AND IT FITS: For every gentleman seeking the classy look, our straight razor stand will surely be a winner. Its high-class chrome design fits most razor and brushes perfectly Brush opening is drop more then 1 inch and Razor opening is drop more then 1/2 inch, It’s a chrome razor stand you’ll love to look at on your bathroom counter… and you’ll love to use it even more.
  • SAFE AND STABLE: You can be sure your razor and brush never fall because this shaving brush stand is carefully weighted. Not only will you avoid the frustrations of tipping shaving stands, but you’ll be also safe from cutting yourself.
  • LONGER BRUSH LIFE AND BETTER HYGIENE: This razor and brush stand will not only make your shaving kit more manageable, but also make air drying easier for your brush, prolonging its life. Plus once you get it, you can keep your shaving kit clean without effort.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR MEN: It’s tough to buy gifts for men; but you can’t go wrong with a double edge razor stand like this one… if he shaves, he’ll love you for making his life easier with a Magnus shaving set stand.
  • TRY RISK-FREE: This item comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it, and if it doesn’t fit your razor, or you don’t like it for any other reason, just let us know within 30 days. You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Hair Brush for men, Black Wild Boar Bristle, Best Firm Natural Wooden Round Comb, Beard Oil Balm & Wax Brush, Men Skin Care Conditioner, Military Style Premium Product, Beard Care, Beardeur, Lifetime Guaranteed

The Secret to A Fine Looking Beard!!!

Having Trouble with Maintaining, Styling and Waking up to a Lopsided Beard?

The Beardeur Boar Bristle Brush is excellent for keeping the hair in your face looking clean, smooth and looking great where ever you are.

– Helps eliminate static and smooth down facial hair while adding a light, natural shine
– Manage any beard style
– The firm, natural boar bristle massages and stimulates skin to distribute natural oils with ease
– Workout any troublesome kinks and tangles
– Combs through scruff to lift dirt and beardruff (dried skin)
Order Today For These Great Benefits:
– Its palm sized that features an exquisite low profile wooden handle
– Well designed and provides an attractive and ergonomic grip
– Fits nicely in your hand and is small enough for a travel kit/pocket
– The black bristles are natural boar hair & provide the perfect balance between stiffness and comfort
– Natural boar bristles have the highest reputation for polishing & maintaining hair
– Will brush through even the thickest hair.
– Quality choice for those looking for a military style brush.

At Beardeur, we believe every bearded man deserves a top of the line grooming product. That’s why we search the globe for the highest quality materials available to help you keep your face looking its best, “for nothing adds to the beauty of man so much as a full flowing beard.”

As a result of all this, your brush is set sure to quickly become your new favorite item in your grooming kit. Start every morning with our boar brush today. ACT NOW and start enjoying your Beardeur Beard Brush immediately!

WORRY FREE SHOPPING Just click add to cart above. Your purchase will be backed by a LIFETIME No- Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee! We want you to be 100% HAPPY so if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will Refund you.

Product Features

  • ➊ MASTERFULLY HANDMADE SOLID WOOD BEARD BRUSH by Beardeur ➔ Bearded men were turning heads long before the New York Times declared facial hair fashionable. Theres just something about a well groomed guy that makes you stop and stare. You’ll also notice when there’s a hair askew, or the way the not-so-sexy scruff feels against your face. Luckily, there’s a beard care product like Beardeur’s Premium BOAR BEARD COMB BRUSH that can definitely help you looking great.
  • ➋ TOP SELLER ➔ Number (1) one Amazon Rated, Natural Beard Product Solution for mens grooming accessories, Present yourself as a respectable gentleman & eliminate an itchy & static beard. The best wooden beard comb & coarse hair detangler to treat and calm dry unruly & wild beard hair, Perfect for all skin and hair types. Grooms both dry & wet beards & hair for a healthy, stylish, groomed finish.
  • ➌ AS FEATURED IN GQ & ESQUIRE MAGAZINE ➔ Get the professional shine & velvet smooth appearance, Use daily to maintain the true urban beardsman efffect, Aids in regrowth & thickening of brittle & thin hair – resulting in maximum beard volume, perfect addition to your beard kit. Real 100% pure wild boar bristles for soft and firm hair. There is no synthetic, plastic or nylon bristles. Your brush is set sure to quickly become your new favorite item in your grooming kit
  • ➍ 100% PREMIUM BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH ➔ When combing through your beard & mustache natural oils distribute evenly and with ease, that hydration goes straight to the hair follicle, much like a conditioner & shampoo does when you wash your hair. Dove Men+Care hair expert Mr. Scneidman believes its essential for maintaining facial hair. Most men dont believe they need to use any products at all men should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads.
  • ➎ THE ULTIMATE MANLY GIFT ➔ for birthdays or fathers day: Perfect Gift packaged in a unique vintage travel box stamped with an elegant wax seal from the best beardbrand in the market – the Beardeur skin care boar hair brush is designed to work great with beard balm, beard oil and mustache wax. Grow that epic beard using our all New Beardeur Premium Beard Oil, Leave In Conditioner, and Beard Moisturizer. Beard Up America

FATHER’S DAY SALE! Wet Shaving Brush – Made With Real Badger Hair for Best Quality – Durable Handle, Brown – Smooth Bristles That Shavers Love – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Say a friend of yours came to you one day because they noticed how smooth and fresh and nice of a shave you were getting and wanted to know the secret.

Once you tell them you use a certain type of shaving brush, they might appear skeptical at first. Does a shaving brush – especially a high end one with authentic badger hair – really make that big of a difference?

Of course you know that answer is yes. It opens up and exfoliates the skin to get a better shave. It applies an even yet thorough lather that you just plain can’t accomplish by hand. This is especially important if you get stubble rather easily.

Just as important – it’s super easy to use and maintain. It holds water well. Rinsing it out is simple. You don’t have to “break it in” – it’s soft the first time you use it and over time it softens up even more.

It feels good and produces a superior shave. Plain and simple.

When you place your order today, you’ll see risk free, hands on for yourself. You’re backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try it for yourself because you owe it to yourself to enjoy the results that The House of Saxon shaving brushes provide.

Product Features

  • This brush is soft enough to feel smooth on your skin while still getting the job done. And that job is to create a lather your grandfather would be proud of!
  • The bristles are made from authentic badger hair – not nylon or other cheaper, synthetic and less effective materials. It has a slight, pleasant scent if you have over-sensitive olfactory. The scent is so slight most customers don’t even notice.
  • Dealing with higher end shaving brushes like these, you may notice a slight “shed” of a few bristles the first time you use it. It’s minimal. This is actually an indication of quality. Be weary of brushes that never “shed” because that’s not natural.
  • Isn’t it time you enjoyed the best shaving experience? Here you have a shaving brush designed to reach more, even and thoroughly coating to get that clean, fresh shave.
  • Built to last and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Order yours now. When not using it, store it “bristles down” to get the most out of your shaving brush!

16oz SWEET ALMOND OIL – 100% Pure & Natural Moisturizer from Head to Toe & Best Carrier Oil – SEE RESULTS OR MONEY-BACK ★ Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet. Perfect for massaging. Excellent carrier oil for essential oils ★ 100% Guaranteed to Heal Your Body!

Amazing Moisturizer from Head to Toe!

Our 100% pure and all-natural Sweet Almond Oil is an amazing moisturizer from head to toe.
Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet – leaving the skin soft and healthy.

Our oil is luxurious and lightweight. It quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish and hydrate, making it ideal for dry, damaged and sensitive skin.
Unlike most of the lotions, this oil does not have sticky feeling nor it contains any chemicals.

Almond Oil is perfect for massaging – the glide is excellent and it helps to relieve muscle pain and physical stress.

Sweet Almond Oil is a really good carrier oil for essential oils – it mixes well with other oils and has no odor.
Great for DIY beauty products like body oils, lotions, butters and scrubs, lip balms, perfuming, hair moisturizers, beard oil, and more.

See Results or Your Money Back!
Order now and be protected by Eve Hansen’s “TRY-IT-OUT-AT-OUR-EXPENSE” customer satisfaction policy.
Use our product and if you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 360 days and we’ll refund your money.

So, ADD TO CART and surprise your loved ones with the 5-star natural beauty product!

Product Features

  • #1 HIGHEST QUALITY – our Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) is 100% pure cold pressed and undiluted for the highest potency. Bottled in the USA in a state of the art FDA Registered Facility.
  • ✔ AMAZING MOISTURIZER from head to toe. Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet – leaving the skin soft and healthy.
  • ✔ LUXURIOUS AND LIGHTWEIGHT – quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to heal, nourish and hydrate. Excellent CARRIER OIL for essential oils – it mixes well with other oils and has no odor.
  • ✔ SEE RESULTS OR MONEY BACK – Eve Hansen products are backed with manufacturer’s “100% satisfaction policy”. Try it out at our expense – if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money!
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Fractionated Coconut Oil (Liquid) 16 Oz – Use with Essential Oils as a Carrier and Base oil – Best Aromatherapy Carrier Oil with Numerous Hair & Skin Benefits – Use for Therapeutic Recipes – Safe Moisturizer & Softener – Add to Roll-On Bottles for Easy Application – Use as a Sensual Massage Oil – Satisfaction Guaranteed

★★ Best Carrier Oil for Massage, Therapeutic Recipes and Essential Oils ★★

Fractionated Coconut Oil – extracts only the best part of coconut oil to create the best carrier oil and massage oil on the market!

If You Don’t Feel That This is the Best Carrier Oil and Moisturizer You have Ever Tried We Will Give You a 100% Refund.

Beneficial For The Skin

✓ Great therapeutic benefits

✓ Excellent on skin; a natural and very safe moisturizer, softener and non-irritant lubricator

✓ It can be mixed with other carriers and essential oils

✓ Wonderful balance of saturated fats helps stimulate hair growth

✓ Fractionated coconut oil is a carrier that never goes rancid

Advantages of Fractionated Coconut Oil

✓ It is Highly Stable for use in Creams, Lotions and any Cosmetic uses.

✓ Deeply Moisturizes and Seals in Moisture without Clogging Pores

✓ 100% Natural, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Free of Any Fragrance or Color

✓ One of the hottest MCT Oils on the market today!

✓ Odorless and colorless. Does not stain and easily washes out of clothing and sheets

100% Satisfaction Bullet-Proof Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Bullet-Proof Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our premium fractionated coconut oil for ANY reason whatsoever, simply send us a message and we will instantly refund 100% of your money. Our customer service is passionate about making sure you are happy!

Click the ADD TO CART Button Now While Still In Stock

Product Features

  • OTHER AMAZING USES – Fractionated Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile oils. It is a great replacement for other traditional carrier and base oils as it has a very long shelf life. You can use it in your hair as a moisturizer, coconut shampoo, eye make up remover, shaving cream, massage oil, aromatherapy, natural deodorant and face wash. It readily absorbs to soothe dry skin making it the ideal oil for topical applications and many other household uses.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS BASE – Fractionated Coconut Oil has a longer shelf life and being odorless can be used to replace or blend with any of the more traditional oils such as, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera oil, Almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Calendula oil, Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Wheatgerm oil, Evening Primrose oil, Grape seed oil, Hazelnut oil, Walnut oil, Macadamia oil, Sesame oil and other traditional base oils.
  • ►WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK◀ Lifetime 100% Money Back PROMISE if you are not satisfied in any way. Just Send Us a Email and we will refund you in FULL, and there is no need to even return the bottle ★ OUR STOCK OFTEN SELLS OUT FAST ★ so be quick and order yours today.
  • HOW FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL IS USED – Fractionated coconut oil used in many health products, hair care products, lotions and soaps. It is ► ODORLESS, COLORLESS and has NO GREASY FEELINGS ◀, does not stain and easily washes out of clothing and sheets. It is thinner than unrefined coconut oil and readily absorbed by the skin and leaves it feeling subtle and moist. It is widely used in aromatherapy and excellent for using in massages and will not clog pores. It is a great carrier base for using with essential oils too.
  • ►PREMIUM BENEFITS – Fractionated Coconut Oil has so many advantages over coconut oil as it is always in liquid form (unlike traditional coconut oil) and still maintains all its great properties. It has been highly purified and primarily contains the fatty acids capric and caprylic acid. It has a very long shelf life and is great in cooking as it can withstand very high temperatures and ideal for many dishes as it has a clean pure taste without the impurities that traditional coconut holds.

MRY Gold Callus Remover – Best Portable Pedicure for Smooth and Soft Feet Great Results Guaranteed!

Do your feet embarrass you? Get sexy feet instantly or your Money back! Feel Confident about your feet! Benefits after using the MRY callus remover include: Soft smooth skin after one use. Freedom to wear sandals whenever you want. Beautiful feet your friends wish they had. Whats included in the MRY Package? – MRY Gold callus remover – x2 AA batteries – x1 cleaning brush – x1 black carrying bag – x1 extra fine roller – x1 user manual. After using your MRY callus remover, you will have the confidence you need to be barefoot or wear sandals. We are 100% confident you will love your new feet after using the MRY callus remover that if for whatever reason you arent 100% satisfied, we offer a 30 days, risk free, money back guarantee. Feel free to return it within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund! Wish you and your feet all the best!

Product Features

  • SEXY FEET: Embarrassed about your feet? This sleek callus remover will get you smooth and sexy feet many times faster than any pumice stone, foot scraper. or regular foot file.
  • DURABLE: The roller head is made of top-quality micro-mineral materials that lasts longer than most other callus removers. BONUS: x1 Fine roller included to help achieve the softest feet possible.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: The MRY Gold Callus Remover is beautifully crafted while being structurally strong. The smooth surface of the MRY feels great in the palm of your hand. You will love the look and feel of the MRY once you receive yours today.
  • BONUS: The Extras include: x1 Fine Roller, x2 AA Batteries, x1 Clear Head Cover, x1 Cleaning Brush, x1 Black Carrying Bag.
  • SAFE TO USE: The MRY Gold Callus Remover is powerful enough To buff any callus, but safe enough to not tear through your sensitive skin. You can carefully get your perfect sexy feet without any worries!

MRY Black Electronic Callus Remover – Best Portable Pedicure for Smooth and Soft Feet – Great Results Guaranteed!

The MRY Black callus remover is lightweight, battery operated and portable. Perfect size to travel with. You will find the MRY to be very durable and will outlast its competition. Don’t be seduced by others, this is the callus remover for you. After using your MRY, you will have the confidence you need. Your feet will look and feel great. No more insecurities about what others may think about your feet. Ready to show off your feet? Purchase your MRY today! Included Package contains: – MRY Black callus remover – a cleaning brush – black carrying bag – 2 AA batteries – user manual. MRY Black callus remover is guaranteed to work or your money back. No questions asked, totally risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied with it, send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

Product Features

  • SAFE: The MRY Black Callus Remover is powerful enough To buff any callus, but safe enough to not tear through your sensitive skin. You can carefully craft your perfect feet without any worries!
  • DURABLE: The roller head is made of top-quality micro-mineral materials that lasts longer than most other callus removers. BONUS: x1 Fine roller included to help achieve the softest feet possible.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: The MRY Black Callus Remover is beautifully crafted while being structurally strong. The smooth surface of the MRY feels great in the palm of your hand. You will love the look and feel of the MRY once you receive yours today.
  • BONUS: Extras include: x1 Fine Roller, x2 AA Batteries, x1 Clear Head Cover, x1 Cleaning Brush, x1 Black Carrying Bag.
  • GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your MRY you can return it within 30 days and we will refund you for your purchase, no questions asked!