Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG5760/40-18 piece, beard, body, face, nose, and ear hair trimmer and clipper w/storage case

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 is the all-in-one trimmer for maximum precision with 2x more baldes. Craft your own personal look with this versatile trimmer, which includes 18 quality tools for styling your face, head and body. It’s DualCut blades deliver maximum precision and the no-slip rubber grip improves comfort and control.

Product Features

  • 18 pieces: a metal trimmer, a detail metal trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, an extra-wide hair trimmer, 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, 2 body trimming guards, a storage bag and a cleaning brush
  • Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more blades. The steel blades lightly brush against one another – sharpening themselves as they work. This results in blades that are sharp as day 1 after 3 years of use
  • Powerful lithium battery delivering 3 hours of cordless run time. Or use while plugged in for continuous use
  • To deliver maximum torque and power, the trimmer includes a full-metal motor and a drive train that’s been reinforced with tempered steel
  • Our unique cutting guards are reinforced with ultra-strong fiberglass material to prevent bending and buckling, ensuring an even trim every time

Holoras Smooth Electric Lady Shaver, Women Shaver Bikini Trimmer Women’s Hair Remover For Legs Bikini Area Armpit

Holoras Smooth Electric Lady Shaver, Women Shaver Bikini Trimmer Women’s Hair Remover For Legs Bikini Area Armpit

Product: Rechargeable callip remover
Color: Purple
Model: KM-280R
Input voltage: 110-220V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 2W
Charging time: 8H

-This lady shaver is ergonomic designed especially for women, perfect for arm, leg, bikini line, underarms and other delicate areas hair shaving.
-Unlike traditional forceps epilating methods which take much time and bring great pain, the electric women’s hair remover can remove the hairs quickly and smoothly with no pain or discomfort.

The lady hair removal shaver should not be rinsed all, just take down the razor head and wash it.
Do not place or store your electric shaver where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
The women’s bikini trimmer gives the best performance when the skin is dry, recommended to shave prior a bath or a while after a bath.

Package includes:
1 x Electric lady shaver
1x Charging Cable
1 x Protective Cap
1 x Cleaning Brush

Product Features

  • Triple shaving head design: While smaller side blades makes light work of longer hairs, the large centre blade remove shorter hairs with ease. The curved blades make shaving even hard to reach areas like armpits and bikini lines easy without damaging your skin.
  • Multi-Use: Shaving foil for a close and comfortable arm shaving, leg shaving, underarm shaving and bikini line &pubic hair trimming,armpit,body,face shaving.
  • Fast and Efficient Hair Removal: Cordless hair trimmer safely and gently shaves extra hair with an ultra smooth finish.
  • Waterproof head: The cutting heads can be rinsed in water for cleaning, easy to clean.
  • Convenient to Use: It’s rechargeable, easy to carry and use .Continuous charging 8 hours,Up to 30 minutes of shaving use.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961V Epilator for Women and Bikini Trimmer Bundle – Electric Hair Removal for Women with 2 Exfoliation Brushes & Skin Care System

Braun Epilator and Bikini Trimmer

Product Features

  • Wet & Dry epilator removes more hair in one strokes other Braun epilators
  • 2 body brushes exfoliate and help to reduce ingrown hairs
  • Shape your bikini zone: the slim bikini shaping head is designed for shaving precise lines, shapes or contours.
  • Eyebrow shaping: use the high precision head on the bikini trimmer to also style your eyebrows.

Men Hair Removal Cream Chest Back Legs Armpit Sensitive Area Painless Depilatory


Hair Removal Cream delivers painless hair removal for men, with results that last longer than shaving.

Regenerates, repairs, and nourishes skin with natural extracts,

The extra strength cream is formulated especially for coarse body hair and is effective in as little as 4 minutes.

How to use:

Apply the cream generously to the area to be treated. Using your hand, smooth cream on to completely cover hair with a thick and even layer. Do not rub in.

Leave cream on the area to be treated for at least 4 minutes. Using a soft cloth or tissue, test a small area for hair removal.

If hair does not come away easily, leave the cream on for a few minutes without exceeding 10 minutes in total.

Wipe ceam and hair away with a tissue. Rinse treated area with water and while you shower

Product Features

  • Men Hair Removal Cream 4 minutes fast actions
  • Pain free,fast,effective.Perfect for use on chest,back,legs, armpit and private area
  • Hair free skin that lasts days longer than shaving
  • Regenerates, repairs, and nourishes skin with natural extracts
  • Direction: Apply the cream generously to the area to be treated. Using your hand, smooth cream on to completely cover hair with a thick and even layer. Do not rub in. Leave cream on the area to be treated for at least 4 minutes. Using a soft cloth or tissue, test a small area for hair removal. If hair does not come away easily, leave the cream on for a few minutes without exceeding 10 minutes in total. Wipe ceam and hair away with a tissue. Rinse treated area with water and dry while you shower

HEALCO Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans Solid Depilatory Wax Bean Depilatory Dedicated Painless for Full Body Hair Removal

Why us?

HEALCO maintain our quality for customer’s satisfaction. This wax bean has been served to people since a long time and has provided superb results. . This wax was manufactured to full fill all hair removal needs and to seek its customer’s pleasure. This wax is the replacement for all other hair removal creams and lotions.

Functions of wax beans:

Excellent quality results, removes 99% hairs.
Applicable to all skin types, perfect for sensitive areas on skin.
Main Ingredients: Natural Turpentine.

How it works ?

Heat up the wax in a spatula to melt beans for proper use
By fingers or using strips apply it to specific area
Borders of wax should be thick during application for easy hair removal and having great results
Wait until wax is cooled and hardened
Remove wax and get excellent results

Specification of Wax beans

Adopting natural and pure ingredient to ensure it is harmless to your skin while hair removal.
Without hair removal paper, it can also achieve the best hair removal effect.
Can be used on all areas of the body, like face, arm, leg, underarm, etc.

Package included: 1* hard wax bean (100g/3.53 Ounces)

Product Features

  • NTUEAL WAX INGREDIENLS: Manufactured from natural ingredients, do not cause any harm to your health. instead of industrial spicery. Enriched with coconut oil and beeswax, provides a moisturizing and smoothing effect, which enables a soft and non-aggressive waxing procedure. It’s a physical process with nature hard wax beans
  • EFFECTIVE ADAPTED TO SKIN: Low melting point, high moisture and dry quickly, bring more comfortable and reassuring feeling. The soft of wax bean and temperature make it more ideal for your delicate your skin. To have a better hair removal, please keep the melted wax temperature in a suitable range, (we suggest it about 42◦C/107◦F). If it’s lower, it can NOT remove hair. However, Be careful, do NOT be too hot to your skin!
  • EASY TO USE: Hard Wax Beans are easy apply method as require a spatula and then apply by hands or can use sticks and remove when hardened. No need of strip or cloth, just apply by hand and remove when hardened & becomes cold.
  • WIDELY USED: Ideal for full body, face, fingers, armpits, legs, some sensitive area, Bikini area. HEACLO hard wax beans can provide deep and effective hair removal experience, results guaranteed as it removes about 99% hairs.
  • Economic way to do with hard wax beans: you can do a depilatory at home by yourself at any time.

Wax Warmer, Hair Removal Waxing Kit, Zooson Electric Wax Heater with 4 Hard Wax Beans and 10 Wax Applicator Sticks (At Home Waxing Kit)

* No need to spend all your money to achieve hair removal at beauty salons.
* The Wax can be used to remove unwanted hairs on face, hands, legs, armpit, bikini lines, and many more areas of body. And it works perfectly for sensitive skin.
* Easy to use and carry, you can keep beautiful skin while traveling.

Wax Warmer Specifications:
1.Capacity: 500 CC
2.Power: 100W
3.Rated Voltage: 220V
4.Box Size: 20*19*15cm
5.Aluminum Container: D10.5cm * 6.5cm
7.Temperature Range: 160℉ – 240℉

Directions For Use:
  I. Clean the skin area that needs hair removal.
 II. Pour some wax beans into the pot, heat up until the wax beans are completely melted(rotate the knob to 240℉ for melting rapidly and saving time, the warmer will stop working and light off when the temperature to 240℉), then Adjust the dial to the 160℉ for heat preservation.
III. Spread a layer of wax evenly over the skin in the direction of hair growth.
IV. Waiting for about 10 seconds, peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth when it hardens.
 V. Clean up the residual wax over the skin with cleansing oil or baby oil.
VI. Drop some of the cleaning oil or baby oil to the pot and reheat until dissolving away the wax residue.
VII. Use paper towel to wipe away any residue in the pot.

Pay More Attention:
· Test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure your skin is not overly sensitive to the wax
· Test the wax temperature on figure to avoid damage before applying
· Do not apply wax over cuts, burns or wounds
· Soothe an aloe lotion on your skin to calm irritation after waxing hair removal
· Do not take a shower or exposure temporarily after hair removal

Package Include:
1 x Wax Warmer
4 x Packs of Hard Wax Beans
10 x Sticks
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • FOUR FLAVORS BEANS: Includes chamomile, aloe, lavender and blackcurrant. Hard wax beans comprise natural, gentle and safe ingredients. Made from high quality resins, aromatherapy oils and natural items. Painless and safe enough to use on face, eyebrow, hands, armpit, legs, bikini lines, brazilian and many more areas of body, leaving your skin smooth all along.
  • QUALITY SAFE MATERIAL: Quality is better than other wax warmer. The thicker flower cover and frosted ABS shell are more beautiful and hard to damage. The oxidized removable wax pot is bright, smooth and easy to clean. Upgraded durable ABS heat assistant material to prevent overheat. The US three pin plug guarantee safety in use.
  • RAPID MELT + AUTO-SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: You can control thermostat knob to adjust temperature from 160℉ to 240℉. With only 8-15 minutes for a fast wax melt down, cleaning your body parts during this time. It will shut off when the temperature to 240℉,and it will start working and lighting again when temperature under 160℉ to maintains ideal wax consistency.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST WAX TYPES: Zooson wax warmer can melt most wax format including hard wax, soft wax, sugar wax, 14oz wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, microwavable wax kits and hair waxing kits. This is an ideal machine for hair removal needs for home self-waxing or any waxing spa salon.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE:100% FDA Approved, highly purified wax and 100% non-toxic. Zooson is committed to providing our customers with the best service. Your Safe, health and beauty is our number one priority. Just for full refund or replacement if you have any concerns.

Electric Shaver Razor for Men 8 in 1 Rotary Shaver Beard Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Waterproof Fast Charging …

Product Description:

8In1 Washable Floating Head Rotary Shaver Washable Rechargeable Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver & Trimmer Grooming Kit, Men’s Electric Razor, Facial Cleaning Brush, Beard Trimmer,Nose trimmer.

LCD display:

While charging: shows the symbol of the red plug.

When the battery capacity is low: the symbol of the red plug flashes.

When using: shows the blue battery  capacity.

With boost charge,can use more convenient,able to use wire or wireless.


Model: HT9530

Charging time: 60-90 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes

Battery: Lithium-ion 1xLi 4/5AA 14430 500mAh

Adapter: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz;



1 x Electric Shaver

1 x Nose Trimmer

1 x Hair trimmer

3 x Hair trimmer comb

1 x Bag

2 x Cleaning brush

1 x Charger

1 x User Manual


The blade is susceptible to bacteria, so please clean the shaver blade frequently. Do not share the shaver with others to avoid any skin disease.

Please keep electric shaver in dry placeot is a washable shaver, but do not keep in water for a long period of time

Product Features

  • 8 IN 1 Men’s electrical shaver equipped with kinds of cutter,including a beard razor ,sideburns /hair and also with nose trimmer,facial cleansing brush.
  • 3D rotary shaver with precision blades of upgraded double-blade technique automatically adapts to the contours of you face, neck and even the jaw. Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave.
  • Three LED indicators: (1) Numeric indicator displays battery level; (2) plug/battery sign shows charging status; (3) tap sign reminds you to wash the shaver.
  • WATERPROOF-IPX7. Fit for use in either wet or dry circumstances. It is washable, but do not keep in water for a long period.
  • Convenient charging. Chargeable lithium battery, 60 minutes rapid charge. With LED Charge Indicator, it can remind you about the battery capacity.

HANYANG Electric Shaver Razor For Men 3 in 1 Beard Trimmer Dry Wet 4D Rotary Trimmer Shaver Rechargeable Waterproof Cordless Shaver Facial Sideburns Nose Hair Shaver

HANYANG Shaver focuses on quality. If you have any question, please contact us. We can offer you the best service as well as a full refund at any time.

Specification :
material: ABS, stainless steel
Duration: 60 minutes
Rated Input: 110-240v, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 3w
Battery: 1 x li-ion battery 500mAh

Packing Set:
1. Hanyang electric shaver
2. Shaver blade heads
3. Sideburns trimmer
4. Nose hair trimmer
5. Cleaning brush
6. Shaving blade head protector
7. Charging cable
8. Operation Instruction
9. Quality Certificate

Product Features

  • {HANYANG Three-in-One Shaver} It is a kind of men’s electric shaver which is designed with 4D blade head suspension, available for fine-trimming and rotation, and can be used as shaver, sideburns trimmer and nose hair trimmer. It has six powerful functions: (1) multi-functional trimming; (2) available for both dry and wet shaving; (3) powerful 4D blade head; (4) long-time standby; (5) IPX7 deep water-proofing; (6) Intelligent anti-clamping beard chip.
  • {HANYANG Electric Shaver} It has 4D intelligent suspension design, and its three blade head can fit the curves of the face and neck in 360 degrees. The dual blade nets are designed to suit to the facial contour. It is made of steel blades imported from German and it also has automatic grinding blade head. three powerful functions Hanyang Electric Shaver include: (1) suspension of 1D blade surface; (2) 2D dual arc blade net; (3) suspension of 3D flexible glue.
  • {IPX7 deep water-proofing grade} It can be used for both dry and wet shaving. With compact body assembly design and IPX7 deep water-proofing grade, the whole shaver can be cleaned in the water, so that you can clean it conveniently.
  • {Intelligent anti-clamping beard chip} The body of the electric shaver adopts automatic intelligent anti-clamping beard chip. In case of automatic induction battery state, low power can also ensure the speed of the motor, so as to prevent the beard from being clamped.
  • {HANYANG Shaver offers 18 months’ quality guarantee} Hanyang multi-function shaver focuses on product quality, and our factory strictly controls all production procedures. Our professional team and after-sales service guarantee that, if you have any suggestion or comment on our products, we will provide 18-month after-sales services to make you satisfied and do the best to make you rest assured to buy and use it!

Primal Beard – Beard bib for Men – Lightweight beard Catcher Shaving bib with suction cups for mirror, Hair Clippings.


Whether you are doing touch up or shaving it off completely with hair caught in your shirt or clogged sink you spent more time on cleaning than trimming beard. Save time and mess by using beard bib and catch all messy hairs that falls from your face while shaving and once you are finished fold the beard cape and dispose hairs in trash bin.
• Reduce mess
• Easy to use
• Washable material
• Made with premium nylon
• Include carrying pouch
• Light weight and comfortable with neck strap
• Easy hair disposal
• One size fits all
• Time saving

Attach the neck straps and secure to mirror. Start with your own normal grooming discipline. If you need to stop and go away while grooming, you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups. Once complete lower to the trash can and gently shake.
Doesn’t matter it’s a Father’s Day, Birthday or Holiday Gift, or even one to yourself the Beard Bib makes for the perfect gift for every man. Woman even likes it to use to cut their hair too.

Product Features

  • Beard trimming catcher can be used as a tray table for grooming essentials. Beard Cape Aprons offer a solution to your Messy Sinks and Clogged Drains.
  • Beard Cape with comfortable neck straps and Beard clippings allow you to create a catchall pouch to trap any beard or mustache trimmings very easily.
  • Beard catcher made out high quality of Nylon, it is exceptionally durable, incredibly strong & prevent beard hair from clinging on shaving beard bib.
  • Beard apron allow you trim you beard in minutes without mess and clogging your sink with quality grooming cape. It Saves your time and money.
  • Beard Apron Bib comes with two pairs of strong suction hooks providing you a strong grip. After using Beard Hair Catcher, you can easily dispose beard hairs.

Hair Remover for Women, Foraco Professional Waterproof 4 in 1 Flawless Hair Trimmer Epilator Tool Set for Facial & Body, USB Rechargeable, Black

This shaver and nose hair trimmer has ergonomic design and perfect face, nose, ears, arms, legs, bikini line, armpit and other sensitive parts of hair shaving.
Compare with the traditional file shaving or tweezers hair removal device, which takes a long time to complete, and bring great pain method, electric hair clipper can quickly and smoothly remove hair without any pain or discomfort.
nose trimmer women Details:
* Dynamic contour adjustment
* quick hair Catchers
* waterproof
* Noise reduction settings
* USB rechargeable
The device can be directly charged with the computer, car, mobile phone charger

* Material technology: ABS plastics
* Size: 3.1×3.1x12cm
* Power supply: USB Recharging (DC5V 1A)
* Charge for 3 hours and use for about 50 minutes

Package Included:
1 nose trimmer
1 cleaning brushes
1 shaving accessories
1 x Eyebrow Trimmer Head
1 x Beard Trimmer Head
1 x Body Shaver Head

Be careful:
1. apply a slight amount of pressure on the razor and oppose the direction of hair growth. Don’t drag the razor, because it can cause irritation or injury.
2. apply lotion after shaving.
3. please put the machine in the place where the children can’t touch it

Product Features

  • Portable mini size hair remover kit for women, waterproof and perfect for travelling, used for ladies body, facial, eyebrow, armpit, bikini, nose and ears hair trimming, multifunctional trimmer set will bring you a flawless hair removal experience
  • Professional Hair Remover Set, 4 kinds of heads easy to replac, meet your different needs; protection cover on each trimmer head, the blade won’t touch your skin directly, provides an efficient and painless trimming experience for you, no pulling, no tugging, no cuts or pain
  • Easy to Clean, simply rinse the blades after each use for long lasting performance. A cleaning brush is included to clean away stubborn hair particles easily, the trimmer set is also waterproof
  • Cordless & USB Rechargeable, no trouble with the battery and cables any more, could connect with USB port for charging, such as power bank, PC etc.
  • Tailer-Made Services, we offer our customers a 12 months quality warranty, when you get any problem about the hair remover set, please contact with us immediately, we will offer you satisfied solution, Close service is our consistent aim!

Bikini Trimmer Shaver for Women Men Pubic Hair Razor Bikini Shaving Stencil Privates Shaper Pubic Secret Intimate Tools Kit for Women (Heart Straight Triangle) (b)

Feature: – Non-toxic ABS material,safe and reliable. – Perfect shape:Triangle/Heart/Line,optional. – Discreet package,protect your privacy. – Pubic hair removal tool,it can be a perfect gift for your lover. – Very sexy – A shaving template designed to shape and form your style – Creates and maintains a perfectly shaped – Add life interest, improve the sex apathy, improve the quality of sex life Description: – Material:Silicone – Line: 72*7mm – Heart:54*60mm – Triangle:28*56mm – Color:As shown Note: Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!

Product Features

  • 1、bikini trimmer to safely and comfortably shave, trim and maintain sensitive bikini areas with a sharp, hypo-allergenic bikini razor blade designed for use on sensitive skin.
  • 2、Sexy, Stimulate partner sexual desire,Touch better and boost life passion,improve your confidence, and be a more confident woman.
  • Personal shaver makes it easy to trim as close to the skin as you want while avoiding irritation and razor bumps with a five-position women’s shaver trim head. Angled waterproof bikini trimmer head also helps cut and remove unwanted hair more easily.
  • 4、Safety razor kit, easy to carry and use – made from Food grade silicone, contact with the skin does not cause allergies and other skin problems, with Newjinda razor kit, shave and shape easily, to be a confident and shining woman.
  • 5、Package List:1x Pubic Hair Shaving Template 

SKINOSM Hard Wax Warmer Kit, Electric Wax Heater Hair Removal Waxing Kit with 4 Pack Hard Wax Beans & 10 Applicator Sticks, Home Depilatory Machine for Women and Men

There really is nothing more Liberating than being hair free!

At-home Waxing
To leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth and beautiful, without any harmful chemicals

Why we need the Wax Warmer?
❤Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts
❤No Skin Damage
❤Finer and Softer Body Hair
❤Double Function of Hair Removal and Exfoliation
❤Waxing Diminishes Hair Growth

How to use your Wax warmer?
①Clean the skin area that needs hair removal
②Heat up until the wax beans are completely melted(Adjust the dial to 185℉ for time-saving and fast melting, The warmer will stop working and light off when the temp to 185℉) then rotate the knob to the 110℉ for heat preservation(and it will start working and lighting again when temp under 110℉)
③Spread a layer of wax over the skin in the direction of hair growth
④Waiting for 5-8 seconds, then peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth
⑤Clean up the residual wax over the skin with cleansing oil or baby oil
⑥Then drop some of the cleaning oil or baby oil to the pot and reheat until dissolving away the wax residue
⑦Use paper towel to wipe away any residue in the pot

⚡⚡What need we pay more attention⚡ ⚡
Test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure your skin is not overly sensitive to the wax
Test the wax temperature on waist before applying
Do not apply wax over cuts, burns, or wounds
Do not use water or alcohol to clean up the residual wax over the skin after hair removal
Soothe your skin with an aloe lotion to calm redness and irritation after waxing session
Do not take a shower or exposure after hair removal

Product Features

  • SKINOSM HAIR REMOVAL WAXING KIT INCLUDES – New Generation at Home Wax Warmers Electric Heater 500ml (1 Unit), Large Size Wooden Spatulas / Applicators (10 PCS), 4 Pack of 100g Lavender & Honey flavored hard wax beans
  • SAVE MONEY & EFFECTIVE – No More expensive salon hair removal treatments! This is an ideal kit for whole body depilatory needs for men and women, including bikini area, back, legs, arms, facial and brazilian waxing. It can be used at home self-waxing or any waxing spa salon.
  • QUALITY MATTERS – Quality of wax warmer vary on market. Difference between SKINOSM wax warmer and markets: 1. 100% copper wire & Upgraded heat-resistant ABS material to prevent overheat; 2. Accurate temperatures (160℉ to 240℉): Adjustable thermostat control knob for quick wax meltdown(in 8 minutes); 3. Auto-shut-off Function maintains ideal wax consistency; We guarantee the quality!
  • DIFFERENT FAVOR HARD WAXS – Included 4 packs of hard wax, namely lavender and honey. Also this no-strip, hard wax professionally adheres to the hair, firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root. Delivering a painless experience and leaving the skin silky smooth.
  • FDA Approved 1 Year Warranty – For whatever reason you don’t love Lifestance wax warmer kit, let us know so we can give you a full refund or send you a replacement. Click the “Add to Cart” Button NOW and become the captain of your Beauty!