IPL Acne Pimple clear Lamp, 350,000 flashes, replacement for DEESS iLight 3 plus Permanent hair removal device. Not a stand-alone item,it needs to be installed in a device.

Who is DEESS?
The DEESS company focus on supplying professional medical aesthetic device, personal-use beauty device,
cosmetics and running hundreds of top SPA in more than 80 countries.

Professional IPL Technology
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most popular technology for hair removal. First used at professional dermatology clinics and top salons and spas,
it has been proven to be safe and effective around the world for more than 20 years with millions of good feedback from users.Light is applied to
the skin’s surface and absorbed preferentially by the root of the hair follicle where melanin is concentrated. After continuous treatments,
the hair follicle is disabled for permanent results.

How does IPL affect acne?
The specific spectrum will improve the release of singlet oxygen ions from porphyrins that exist in human blood,
which will affect the Propionibacterium (anaerobion) in acne. It assists in the recovery of acne-prone skin.

DEESS IPL Spectrum:
Hair removal light 510-1200 nm: Heat energy effect on root hair follicle that full of pigment.
Skin rejuvenation light 560-1200 nm: increase partial circulation, improve collagen regeneration and reduce wrinkles.
Acne clear light 400-700 nm:  Anti-inflammation, speed up the recovery of acne.

Suitable skin colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Light Brown;
Potentially suitable skin colors: Brown;
Unsafe skin colors: Dark Brown and Black;
Not suitable for white, gray, red, or blond hair.

Acne clearing schedule:
Let the lamp window touch your skin tightly and vertically. Treat acne areas repeatedly for two to three shots.
If the acne area is inflamed, clean the pus areas first. Adjust energy from Level 1-5 gradually according to skin tolerance.
One treatment every two to three days.

Product Features

  • Easy replace operation. Compatible for DEESS iLight 3 plus.
  • 350,000 FLASHES PER LAMP, 20-YEAR LIFESPAN, AND WORKS QUICKLY: With a large 3.1 sq. cm lamp window and 25 flashes per minute.
  • HOW TO USE: Before change the lamp,please plug-out then take the lamp out and install the new one.
  • Quartz tube,UV filters. Excellent safety and durability.
  • Why my iLight 3 plus doesn’t flash after I replace the lamp ? Occasionally it seems doesn’t work due to loose contact of the lamp.Please clean the metal contact of the lamp with eraser then install properly and try again! 24-hour customer service(sikosales01@163.com)