BlueZOO 500CC Portable Hair Removal Pro Wax Warmer,Student Starter Kit,Warmer Salon Spa Beauty Equipment for Waxing ,For Girls ,Women and Men

Wax Warmer Specification:

1.Capacity: 500CC
2.Product Size: D18cm * H15cm
3.Box Size: 63.5*42*32.5cm
4.Aluminum container: D10.5cm * 6.5cm
5.Color: White Body / black lid
6.Rated power: 100W
7.Rated voltage: 110V
8.Frequency: 60Hz
9.Weight: 700g / pc

Directions For Use:

1.Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater to melt.
2.Heat the wax to a melting temperature,after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.
3.When the wax becomes cool,hard and holds the skin taut,remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.

Package includes:

1 x Wax Heater

Product Features

  • ♥ HEAT MOST TYPES OF WAXES:Bluezoo wax heater is a multi-purpose warmer that accommodates most wax containers and warms all wax formulas, including hard wax, soft wax, paraffin wax, loose wax and wax beans etc.
  • ♥ SAFE AND EASY TO USE: :This Bluezoo wax warmer is 100% copper wire and molded in update durable ABS heat assistant material,You can adjust the temperature from 160-240 ℉ to heat, the wax will heat up faster than normal wax warmer. The warmer will stop working and light off when the temperature to 240℉,and it will start working and lighting again when temperature under 160℉.
  • ♥WAX HEATER POT:11CM pot opening to accommodate most 400g wax beans which is ideal for beauty professional who perform minimal waxing services.
  • ♥SAVE MONEY AND TIME:The wax heater offers you an amazing salon-like home hair removal treatment with easy quick and safe operation, helping you save time and money.
  • ♥TIPS FOR CLEANING WAX POT: 1.Melt the remaining wax in the pot, then put a depilatory paper and stir it with a stick. The wax will stick to the depilatory paper. 2.Take care to control the temperature,don’t heat your hands. Put on gloves to prevent wax sticking to your hands

Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Waxing Kit,mini Pro Waxing Kit,student Starter Kit,warmer Salon Spa Beauty Equipment for Hard Strip Waxing ,For Girls ,Women and Men

Product Advantages:

Pro-Wax 100 Wax Heater is suitable for use by Home Users & in beauty salons and spas but is also great for nail technicians, mobile therapists & students. Suitable for all types of waxes.

— Can give your skin comfort and calming feeling.

— Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care and maintenance.

— Have a cover to prevent the dust.


Color: White

Power: 100W

Voltage: 110-120V /60HZ,US plug

Dimensions: 7.3 * 6.7* 5.5inches

Weight: 1.3pounds

Package size: 7.9 *7.9 * 5.9inches

* Package weight: 1.7pounds

Package includes:

1 * Wax Heater Warmer

1 * User Manual


The size is small.Please don’t put your hand or foot directly.

Product Features

  • Warms all types of waxes and built to last
  • Accepts standard 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, and bricks
  • Circular heating element for fast, even wax meltdown
  • Removable liner bucket
  • See-through cover