Nair Hair Removal Lotion – Aloe & Lanolin – 9 oz

Get naturally smooth with our New Nair® Naturally Smooth Cucumber Melon Lotion in as little as 3 minutes. Our lotion delivers a thick, rich formula that removes hair while leaving your skin Nair® Naturally Smooth. Add in a fresh cucumber fragrance and you have the perfect solution for smooth natural legs that last days longer than shaving.
Dermatologist Tested.

Product Features

  • Smooth skin lasts days longer than shaving
  • Beautify your skin.
  • Refreshing scent

Premium Shaving Soap By The Well Groomed Guy – All Natural Rich Lather Soap For a Classic, Smooth Shave – Tallow Glycerin & Lanolin For Perfect Skin Care – Citrus, Lavender & Sandalwood Scented

Make Shaving Your Daily Self-Care Ritual & Afford Your Skin The Care It Deserves

Do you consider yourself a man with an eye for good taste and refinement?

Do you enjoy a good, old fashioned shave, but are sick of thin lather and chemical-smelling gels and foams?

Would you like to see what it feels like to shave with a 100% natural, top quality rich shaving soap?

In that case, the Well Groomed Guy may just have exactly what you need!

Take Your Skin Care & Grooming Game To The Next Level With The Shaving Guy!

The Shaving Guy is a no-nonsense, all natural shaving soap for the contemporary distinguished gentleman – you.

Its tallow based formula contains a number of high quality, hand-picked and naturally derived ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin, stearic acid, lanolin and fragrance oils.

As a result, it creates a rich, protective lather that lubricates any razor and provides you with a luxurious, irritation free feeling of freshness.

Like an old fashioned masterful barbershop shave, this amazing shaving soap leaves your skin perfectly smooth, moisturized and free of razor bumps, nicks and cuts.

It’s subtly scented with a refined combination of citrus, lavender and sandalwood – an aroma you will quickly learn to love!

A True Gentleman’s Shaving Soap Of Choice, Crafted Specially For You

Take a stand against this fast, stress dominated time and age. Shaving should not be a hasty two-minute affair, but your daily ritual of self-care, a way to start your day with a self-assured smile and a true gentleman’s conviction.

Make it happen with the Shaving Guy – Starting Today!

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Product Features

  • ENJOY YOUR SHAVE LIKE A GENTLEMAN: Forget cheap disposable razors and chemical shaving foams. Enjoy a classic, deep shave like a contemporary gentleman with this amazing natural shaving soap. It only takes a moment to make a rich lather, but the smoothness and tenderness of your skin will last all day long!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Shaving Guy shaving soap is exclusively made from top quality naturally derived ingredients, hand-picked and combined to deliver a buttery smooth feeling. Our soap is non-toxic, non-allergenic and contains no parabens, sulphates or harmful substances – only the best for our refined gentlemen customers!
  • MOISTURIZING SKIN CARE: The Shaving Guy soap will help you keep nicks, cuts, razor burns and rash to a minimum! Its nurturing formula combines shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils to make sure your skin remains smooth, moisturized and silky soft!
  • SUBTLE, MANLY SCENT: After each classic shave with this amazing soap, you will not only look like a distinguished gentleman, but also smell like one. A light citrusy scent, balanced out with hints of sandalwood and lavender – in other words, the aroma of sophistication and success.
  • WELL-GROOMED SEAL OF QUALITY: At the Well Groomed Guy, we have absolute faith in our shaving and grooming products. We use them ourselves on a daily basis after all! If, however, you find them to be below your standards of quality, please don’t hesitate to tell us so! Our customers’ feedback and satisfaction is the Well Groomed Guy’s lifeblood!

Nair Aloe & Lanolin Lotion, 9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

Nair™ Hair Remover Lotion with Soothing Aloe & Lanolin.
New look fresh scent.
Beautify your skin.
Smooth skin lasts days longer than shaving.

Product Features

  • Hair Remover Lotion with Aloe & Lanolin For Legs by Nair for Unisex – 9 oz Hair Remover
  • Hair Remover Lotion with Aloe & Lanolin For Legs by Nair for Unisex

Nair Body Hair Remover – Aloe and Lanolin – 9 oz- 2 units.

Yay for chemists everywhere

After all these years, Nair’s scientists finally formulated something that works for me. I have long thought I was from another planet, given that Nair-like products work on one part of me and do nothing someplace else, even in quantity, even after too much time.

Today I tried this formulation for the first time. It removed hair everywhere I wanted, in under 5 minutes per area, without burning, without the stench. I am very happy.

Now I’m going to go place an order for more on Amazon before they change the formula again. I’m gonna be stockpiling this puppy!

Product Features

  • Removes unwanted body hair on the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area
  • Leaves skin smooth and radiant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Works in as little as 3 minutes
  • Includes added aloe and lanolin for great looking skin