ALISTA Lint & Pill Remover | Rechargeable Electric Fabric Shaver, Defuzzer, Pilling Remover for Clothes, Sweater, Furniture | with Large Shaving Head, Twist Handle, Bag, Spare Blade, Cleaning Brush

Let’s face it, when attending an important meeting, looking your best can be a struggle especially with that built-up fuzz on your clothes.

For people who value their clothes, lint removal tools are a must-have in every wardrobe. And a fabric shaver is a surefire way of removing stubborn lint, fuzz, and pills.

But buying any shaver is a no-no. A quality purchase will certainly make a big difference. With lots of brands out there, looking for the ideal one is a tough task.

Take lint and pills off your clothes in just 5 minutes with the ALISTA Lint & Pill Remover.

This device works fast in removing all kinds of fuzz. As you press it over your clothing, the blades work by shaving off any lint or pills, making the surface smooth. Compared to lint rollers, our product does more as it can remove deeply-embedded lint.

Unlike other lint removers, ours is cordless and rechargeable. One charge is enough for 30 minutes of continuous operation. Without a cord, you’re free to move around.

Fabric shavers can tear fabrics and harm users due to blades. Not ALISTA, which contains 4 safety features: gradient mesh holes, high-speed motor, floating blade technology, and a safety auto shutdown. Collectively known as the Quad Protection Technology, ALISTA provides the ultimate protection for you and your clothes.

Want to know more why ALISTA is the right choice?
✅ The handle can be twisted in a 180-degree range. This allows vertical and horizontal operation.
✅ With an 11.4-oz weight and a compact size, it’s a portable device that you can bring anywhere you go.
✅ Made for heavy-duty use. Apply on sweaters, knitwear, drapery, sheets, blankets, comforters, duvets, curtains, furniture.

What are you waiting for, start clearing off that lint. Get it done with ALISTA Lint & Pill Remover. Click on “add to cart” TODAY!

Product Features

  • 👚 ONLY 5 MINUTES! – Our fabric shaver rejuvenates garments in just 5 minutes! Unlike a lint roller, ALISTA does more; it has a big shaving surface to remove deep lint and pills. Clothes, sheets, blankets, comforter, curtain, furniture… just name it, and ALISTA will make it look as good as new.

  • 👚 PROTECTS USER & DELICATE FABRICS – The blades of other fabric shavers can rip fabrics and hurt users. Don’t worry, our state of the art Quad Protection Technology prevents such things from happening. The 4 features include gradient mesh holes, high-speed motor, floating blade, and a safety auto shutdown.

  • 👚 PORTABLE & EASY TO USE – The ALISTA lint remover has a fair weight and compact size. With its ergonomic, 180-degree twist handle, you can use this tool both vertically and horizontally. The included carrying bag and cleaning brush will allow you to bring it with you when you travel.

  • 👚 CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE – ALISTA fabric shaver is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. A single charge will last for over 30 minutes and should be enough for your fabric shaving use. Without cords and with an included USB charger, you’ll be able to use it anywhere you go.

  • 👚 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are confident that our high-quality products will provide you utmost satisfaction. In the rare case you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a lifetime moneyback guarantee. No questions asked!

COQOFA 200 Pcs Hair Removal Waxing Strips Non-woven Large (3×9 inch)


Wax strips material: non-woven

Size: 7 x 21cm
Quantity:200 pieces in total

Package includes:
200 x Large wax strips

Please Note this product is made for using with hot wax.Wax Not included!

Product Features

  • 70G High quality non-woven fabric for hair waxing
  • Perfect for professional use in Spas and Beauty salons
  • Non-Woven fabric Strips,200 pcs in total,Size:7cm x 21cm
  • Application area: Arm, armpit, legs and so on, made for all soft hair removal waxes
  • Great tensile strength,it won’t separate or tear during use

Waxing Kit, MarySun Hair Removal Wax Warmer Hot Wax Melt Heaters for Women Men with 4 Bags of Natural Hard Wax Beans (3.5 oz Each) and 10 Large Wooden Applicator Sticks

How to use wax warmer?

1. Pour the wax beans into the pot with handle and heat up.
2. Set it into the medium temp after all the beans are melted (usually 10-15 mins) to keep it warm.
3. Skin test before waxing .
4. Apply the wax with the wood stick on the hair area along the direction of hair growth.
5. Tear off the harden wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
6. Nursing care the skin.


1. Skin test is a must before applying the melted wax to your body.
2. Pls stop use it if your skin is sensitive to the wax.
3. Never wax over the same spot more than once. It may cause irritation, swelling or redness.
4. To cleaning easily and taking out safely, pls pour the wax beans into the pot WITH HANDLE when heating, rather than pour into the wax warmer directly.

How to clean wax warmer after use?

1.Pour out the remaining melted wax.
2.Set the machine in heating status and shave the inner pot with sticks.
3.Wipe the inner pot with soft cloth after all the residue are gotten rid of.
4.Rinse the pot with water and wipe it dry.

Package Included

1 x MarySun Wax warmer
4 x Hard Wax Beans (3.5 oz / pack)
10 x Large Waxing Sticks
1 x Manual

Product Features

  • Upgraded Wax Warmer Kits: The package consists of a hair removal wax warmer, a 500 cc aluminum pot with handle, 10 applicator sticks and 4 bags of hard wax beans made from natural ingredients (3.5 oz each)
  • Safe & Widely Using: The 100% FDA approved wax warmer and the hard beans are body safe, can be used for face, eyebrow, nose, lip, cheek, arms, armpit, chest, leg, hands, legs, bikini line and private area.
  • Heating fast and temperature adjustable: A safety range of accurate temperatures (110℉ to 185℉) helps wax melt down quickly within 10 to 15 minutes. Auto shut-off in high temperature remains the wax in liquid but not overheat.
  • Melt different wax formats: Melt wax included hard wax beans (4 bags included), soft wax, 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax, microwavable wax and hair waxing. A good choice for long-lasting and safety hair removing.
  • Easy Waxing at home: Enjoy an amazing salon-like at home waxing or in-travelling hair removal and say goodbye to razor bumps. Do not apply wax over cuts, burns, wounds or the same areal twice.

Hard Wax Beans for Hair Removal (large 1.1 lb bag with Coconut oil) – Smooth Facial and Body Hair Depilatory Wax Beads for Wax Warmer Kit, Brazilian Bikini Waxing, Foxy Health for Women and Men

Get a 1.1 pound bag of Foxy Wax and 5 wooden application spatulas swiftly delivered to your doorstep. Appropriate for use on thick, coarse, stubborn hair and on sensitive skin. Ideal for men and women!


✔️ Natural ingredients: Soothing coconut oil nourishes skin. The subtle scent of a bouquet of flowers helps you forget that it’s really wax.

✔️ Simple to Use: Our wax beans save you time by melting fast and are less messy than our stringy wax bean/bead rivals. Removes from skin without messy residue, but with all your pesky hair!

✔️ Comfortable, Private Experience: Wax at home and on your own time.

✔️ Free E-Book included to guide you to the optimal waxing experience and results. Receive “The Unveiled Experience of Waxing” right to your email inbox. Please choose to receive emails from Amazon Sellers.

✔️ No Hassle Returns: Full refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied with your Foxy Wax purchase.

Simple use, Small price tag, Superior Quality at your fingertips.

Works like a charm with longer lasting results than shaving or with chemical, topical hair removal creams or lotions. Waxing beats its hair removal rivals by removing the portion of the hair under the skin which gives you long-lasting results (up to 3 weeks) and you avoid the “5 O’Clock Shadow” look! As a bonus, frequent waxing makes hair grow back thinner and fainter – easier for your date to forget that it’s even there!

How to Use:Pour desired amount of wax beans in wax melter or double boiler. Use a wooden spatula included with your purchase to apply wax in the same direction of your hair’s growth as you hold your skin taut. Remain holding skin taut while wax hardens. Remove wax in the opposite direction of hair growth once wax is no longer sticky to the touch.

Avoid awkwardness, inconvenience, and expense of salon/spa waxing services.If you want to experience for yourself at-home hair removal, then add Foxy Wax to your Amazon cart now!

Product Features

  • ✔️ Confidence – Walk out your door feeling ready and eager to start your day without hairy legs, underarms, face, chest, back, etc. Long lasting hair-free results that lasts up to 3 weeks. Avoid the lack of privacy and high cost of salon or spa waxing services.
  • ✔️ Quality – Our wax pulls out more hair while causing less skin irritation. The wax removes cleanly from skin with minimal residue. Our wax is less stringy than other waxes which creates less mess for you. Included with the wax beans is 5 wooden application spatulas.
  • ✔️ Ease of Use – No need for strips which means less supplies to store and more money in your pocket. An added benefit of frequent waxing is less coarse and more sparse hair in between waxing sessions!
  • ✔️ Improved Experience – Our wax’s light floral scent and cheerful color enhance your hair removal experience. Wax in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule. Use with a wax melter or double boiler.
  • ✔️ No Hassle Returns – If you are not satisfied with our wax beans for any reason, we will be happy to give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Men’s Large Power Charging Electric Razor For Men Cordless Shaver Accurate Trimming With The Pop-Up Detail Trimmer Replacement Shaver Electronic Switch Locking

Enjoy A Clean Quick Shaving

Are you tired of wasting precious time shaving with these old-fashioned razors that make cleaning a torture and leave your face dehydrated?

Would you like to try the easy, even and comfortable shaving of an advanced electric razor that will make your everyday shaving ritual a breeze?

Treat Yourself To The Unique Convenience Of A Large Power Charging HT950 Electric Razor By ROZIA

Make your daily shaving an enjoyable comfortable activity in the premium efficiency of our flexible, potent razor device.

Select Corded function when you shave at home or Cordless function when you need to use it away from home, on your holidays, on camping or for a quick, refreshing shave while travelling.

A Powerful Electric Razor

Charging this potent 3W electric razor between shaves will offer you reliable continuous use for a whole 20 day- period, to make sure your beard will never have the chance to grow!

The ROZIA shaver is equipped with a high- speed Ag Pd alloy motor which delivers the maximum cuts per minute and functions at peak power up to the end of each battery charge, to ensure consistent perfect shave.

Safe Touch Electronic Switch For Locking

The Sliding Type Switch gives you the chance to turn on your electric razor easily and safely lock it after use to avoid accidents, especially if your razor device falls in the hands of young children.

Rest Assured Your Purchase Is Entirely Risk-Free! 2-Year Money-Back Guarantee!

If your new HT950 Electric Razor does not make you perfectly happy, we will be glad to fully refund you. To us, customer satisfaction comes always first.

Purchase Your ROZIA Electric Shaver Now!

Click Add To Cart NOW While Supplies Last!

Product Features

  • SHAVE IN PREMIUM CONVENIENCE: Enjoy the maximum flexibility and convenience of this advanced Charging Electric Razor by ROZIA with the high-speed Alloy Motor. Select the Corded or Cordless Mode and have the safest close precision shaving in no time! We are offering you also a shaver head in the package for the first replacement you will need!
  • GET UP TO 20 DAYS OF SHAVING BETWEEN CHARGES: With 45 minutes of Cordless Runtime, our large power 110V 3W electric razor with the 24V Rechangeable Battery is guaranteed to make your everyday shaving ritual a breeze! For shaving away from home, this high tech shaving device comes with universal voltage AC adaptor/charger for your convenience and peace of mind.
  • EXCELLENT PRECISION SHAVING: The ergonomic built-in Pop-Up Detail Trimmer is a powerful extendable long hair trimmer, perfect for the exacting trimming of side burns, beards and moustaches, while the Wide Floating Foil is your potent ally for a close comfortable shave, as it conforms smoothly to the contour of the face, chin and neck, for outstanding fast effects.
  • INSTANT EASY CLEANING: Cleaning your ROZIA electric razor for men is now easier than ever. Simply rinse your HT950 razor under running water to effortlessly remove stubble, leaving the foil and blades fresh and renewed until the next use.
  • 2 YEAR QUALITY WARRANTY: At ROZIA we take pride in the premium quality of our electric razor and strive to continuously improve it. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new razor device, feel free to return it within 2 years and we will be glad to fully refund you.

Large Hanging Toiletry Bag Travel Cosmetic kit Waterproof Heavy Duty Women Makeup Organizer Bag Men Shaving Kit for Travel Accessories Shampoo Bathroom Storage Bag Big Shower Bag

Compact, Lightweight, Convenient!

This toiletry bag is your perfect traveling companion. It’s large enough to carry travel sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for men and women. The compact collapsing design makes the bag small enough to fit your suitcase or duffle. It is great packing for business trips, summer vacations, or out-of-town family holidays–or for dorm rooms or simply heading to the gym.

Whether you’re traveling for a short business trip or backpacking over the summer, chances are you’re going to need toiletries or makeup along the way. That’s why we developed the hankcles hanging toiletry bag, a versatile makeup, cosmetic and toiletries back that keeps your essentials close and hanging hands-free so you never have to leave shaving cream, deodorant or foundation behind.

The perfect size for mom’s or entire families, the cosmetics bags are crafted with waterproof nylon and contain tons of storage space to keep everything neatly secure. Sized to fit your carryon luggage, backpack, or even as a standalone bag, you never have to leave hygiene or personal items at home again.

Product Details:

Material: Waterproof Nylon
Folded size: 9.6 x 2.5 x 6.3 inches
Unfolded size: 9.6 x 5.1 x 8.3 inches
Weight: 0.87 lb
Color: Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Red

Washing instructions:
– wash separately in clean water at room temperature
– do not wash in hot water and alkaline detergent

Product Features

  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This toiletry bag is made with high quality Nylon 600D Oxford fabric featuring with water resistant coating and lasting durability. The water-resistant fabric is convenient to wipe clean and dry easily. The stitching is well sewn and reinforced with numerous bartacks at all stress points. The zippers all operate smoothly.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Excellent capacity can meet all your different needs in daily. Fits full-size bottles, perfect for family vocation, weekend trip, travel or honeymoon holiday. You can put your make-up, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit and etc, all in one place. Make your travel comfortably and easily to have all your necessities in one bag.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Built-in heavy duty hanging hook allows more easier hanging and access on the bathroom door, shower rod or towel rack. Durable carrying handle is convenient to carry or hung up. Can be folded very easily and thinly when not in use. Ideal for business trip, vacation, gym, makeup, outdoors activities, picnic, bathroom organization and more.
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS – Compartments in various sizes make the bag functional and highly organized. Extra cushion protect your belongs from shocking. Elegant design, foldable and lightweight, organizing maximum toiletries. Perfect for one or two person to traveling.
  • DIMENSION: Fold Size: 9.6 x 2.5 x 6.3 inches.Unfold: 9.6 x 5.1 x 8.3 inches for reference.And this cosmetic bag weighs only 0.87 lb,it will be a great companion for your journey.

Beard shaping tools, MiLa Mustache Grooming Symmetric Kit for Men, Including Professional Manual Shaver+10PCS Spare blades+ Styling Comb Template+ Stainless Steel Scissors+ A Large Velvet Bag

Product Features

  • ★PERFECT BEARD GROOMING KIT – Trimming and shaping your beard & mustache with one complete set. Ideal for any type of beard and stache grooming and styling. Just to help you make your beard lines more symmetric, such as Jaw line, Neck line, Cheek line, and GOATEELINE.
  • ★STRAIGHT BEARD RAZOR – Designed in accordance with the human body aesthetics, this manual shaver works better with the comb template. You can shave your beard along with a straight razor, blade, electric clipper or scissors. [BONUS:10 PCS blades included with each Beard Grooming Kit].
  • ★MUSTACHE COMB – Get a professional-level accurate trim or crisp shave, without your barber’s costly services! Making Perfect Lines & Symmetry.
  • ★HIGH QUALITY – All Made of STAINLESS STEEL,durable and anti-static beard trimming tool,not easy to be broken,and polished edges,protect from scratching by this beard care products.
  • ★AMAZING GIFT FOR EVERY GENTLEMAN – Best value in shaving and grooming accessories! This beard trimming tools are great gifts for men like boyfriend,husband and father,please feel free to use MiLa Beard Guide Tool!

ROSENICE Shaving Soap Bowl Cup Large Deep Size Shaving Mug Container for Men

This item is a portable shaving bowl, which is made of premium material for durable and long-term use. Perfect for those who are accustomed to the traditional form of shaving. Just add your favorite shaving soap refill to this shaving soap dish and use your shaving brush to work your lather. Very classy and stylish, nice shaving mug for choice.

– Color: As shown in the picture.
– Material: Bamboo.
– Size: Approx. 11 x 11 x 6cm/ 4.33 x 4.33 x 2.36 inch (LxWxH).
– High quality with well polished smooth surface, comfortable and safe for use.
– Compact and Practical: Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving.
– A perfect gift for your boyfriend and father.

Package Including
1 x Shaving Soap Bowl Cup Large Deep Size Shaving Mug Container for Men

Product Features

  • Material: Bamboo.
  • Size: Approx. 11 x 11 x 6cm/ 4.33 x 4.33 x 2.36 inch (LxWxH).
  • A perfect gift for your boyfriend and father.
  • Compact and Practical: Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving.
  • High quality with well polished smooth surface, comfortable and safe for use.

100Pcs Hair Removal Wax Strips Dedicated For Facial & Body Hair Removal, Depilatory Paper Large Professional Non-woven, 7.9’’ x 2.8’’ (80pcs)

Whenever you grow too dense to hand hair or leg hair, deeply troubles, with a one-time special hair removal paper posted up, just quick pull to eliminate troubles plagued the course of time, once fixed up, not hurt the skin, and clear trace of pain can irritate the skin, promote skin metabolism.
Weight: 120g/4.2oz
Color: White
Material: Non-Woven
Size: 20 x 7cm/7.87 x 2.76″ (Approx.)
Using Tips:
Warm Tips: Hair removal paper should be used together with depilatory wax.
1. First smear moisturizing cream on the place that need to be removed hair to make larger pores.
2. Then take appropriate depilatory wax to spread evenly along the hair.
3. Take out a removal paper to gently affix to hair removal place.
4. 10 seconds later tear down the paper by the reverse direction.
5. Wash the hair removal place and smear skin lotion.
Application Range
Easy to use, for use in arms, legs, underarms and other parts.
Package Include
100pcs or 80pcs Hair Removal Paper

Product Features

  • Material: Non-woven cloth strips, no harm for your skin when using. And the material itself has great tensile strength, soft and flexible, can be used with all depilatory wax systems and won’t separate or tear during use
  • The waxing strips offer a versatile cosmetic tool for the convenience of hair removal at home, and it is also perfect for professional use in Spas and Beauty salons.
  • Each disposable hair removal paper is designed with size of 20 x 7cm/7.87 x 2.76″, perfect size for large areas, also can be cut down to any size for use on smaller areas
  • Application area: Arm, armpit, legs and so on, made for all soft hair removal waxes
  • Attention: Strips do not contain wax on them. They are to be used along with a soft hair removal wax

100PCS White Large Facial Body Hair Removal Non Woven Wax Strip Epilating Waxing Strips

1. Hair must be kept dry ,cut the hair to 0.5-1.5 cm
2. Depilatory wax must be along the direction of hair growth sticky, against the direction of the rapid growth of hair tear off.
3. Do not use skin with varicose veins, abscesses, breakage, sunburn, or other damage. If you are allergic to skin, try a small area to test the skin.
4. When used for face, bikini, armpit and other sensitive parts, we strongly recommend that you do not repeated the same area repeated hair removal.
5. If the use of wax after the skin temporarily turned red ,the normal reaction.
6. Within 24 hours after hair removal, should not use perfume, soap, antiperspirant products or sunbathing.

Product Features

  • Using method: after applying wax on skin, put the strip on and press until it strongly sticks on to the wax layer, then tear the strip off (strips do not contain wax itself)
  • Made of non-woven, thick and durable, sanitary and disposable, soft to conform better to your body’s curves
  • According to your needs to cut the size of the Strips; Suitable for removing unwanted hair on body, face, legs, underarm area, bikini area, eyebrows, etc.
  • Package: 100pcs; Size: 7 x 20 cm/ 2.8 x 7.9 inches
  • Non-Woven Wax Strips meet every waxing need-for both men and women alike.

Hard Wax Beans for Wax Warmer Kit (large 1 lb bag with Coconut oil) – Smooth Facial and Body Hair Removal, Flawless, Painless Brazilian Bikini Waxing -Natural Depilatory Pearl Beads for Women and Men

Premium Quality, Convenient, Affordable. Experience smooth skin that lasts 3X longer than shaving and with less pain than traditional waxing. Click Add to Cart now because… it’s time to love your skin.  

Receive a 1 pound bag of KōluaWax, an Applicator, and How-To Guide with purchase. Perfect for both men and women. Strong enough for brazilian or bikini. Gentle enough for facial waxing. 

Does it work? Absolutely! Shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. But KoluaWax adheres to the hair, pulling it out of the root. Because hair is removed farther down the shaft, it takes longer to grow back. Regrowth is softer, finer, and less noticeable. Plus, our powerful pink wax has a light floral scent.


✓ Luxury Formula. With the benefits of coconut oil, our hard wax beads are the only wax you will ever need! 

✓Easy To Use. Our natural beads melt quickly and pull off cleanly. Works great on all hair types.

✓Smart + Convenient. Enjoy the same benefits of a high-end salon waxing at a fraction of the price. Wax when it’s convenient for you in the privacy of your home.

✓FREE Guide. New to waxing? We share our secret tips and tricks with you. Get “The Ultimate Guide to at Home Waxing” delivered via email. Be sure to opt-in to receive emails from Amazon sellers.

✓GUARANTEE. Shop with confidence. If you’re not happy with your purchase, return it within 60 days from a full refund.

HOW TO USE: Melt KōluaWax in a wax warmer or a double boiler. Apply wax in direction of hair growth, allow 30 to 45 seconds to harden. As soon as the wax isn’t sticky to the touch, pull wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, trapping the hair and pulling it from the root.  Say aloha to gorgeously smooth skin.


Product Features

  • ✓LASTING RESULTS-Skip the hassle of daily shaving. Waxing, as a hair remover method, pulls hair from the root and that means lasting results. Expect 3 to 6 weeks of smoothness for face, upper lip, chin, underarms, eyebrows, legs, chest and back.
  • ✓PRIVACY-Not everybody likes to get naked in front of strangers. We get that! Waxing in private allows you to enjoy discreet waxing while achieving professional results. Take matters into your own hands with our flawless hair removal tool.
  • ✓SAVE MONEY-Salon waxing costs a fortune. One bikini wax alone costs upwards of $50.00. With a large 1 Pound bag of KōluaWax natural hard wax beans, you may get 40 bikini waxes or more. Cute applicator spatula included.
  • ✓CONVENIENT-You’re on your time, not the salons. Enjoy nearly pain free, stripless hair removal at home. Easy to use with your waxing kit, wax melter, or even a double boiler. Remember, waxing frequently reduces ingrown hairs too. Pulls off smoothly.
  • ✓MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-If you don’t love our wax, receive a full refund within 60 days from purchase. No questions asked. No hassle. Manufacturer’s warranty is only available from authorized sellers. SolaViv is the only authorized seller.

HOTAPEI Women V Neck Lace up High Cut One Piece Bathing Suit Large Brown

Round neckline and lace up sides and front, one piece swim in a high cut silhouette to highlight your slim figure and the fabric is healthy and close-fitting to contour your curves.

(US Size 4-6)S: Bust 30.71-35.43, Waist 23.62-27.56, Hip 31.50-37.01, Length 27.56(inch)
(US Size 8-10)M: Bust 32.68-37.40, Waist 25.20-29.13, Hip 33.46-38.98, Length 27.95(inch)
(US Size 12-14)L: Bust 34.65-39.37, Waist 27.17-31.10, Hip 35.43-40.94, Length 28.35(inch)

Product Features

  • HOTAPEI Apparel with registered trademark. Please CONFIRM your order is SOLD by HOTAPEI! We NEVER AUTHORIZE ANY OTHER SELLERS TO SOLD THIS!
  • Special Design: HOLLOW Out, Lace up sides and front, Round neckline, High Elasticity,
  • Pattern: Soild
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 X Pant, 1 X Top
  • Size Detail: Please go to product description to check.