Enshey Facial Hair Remover Spring Remover Stick Threading Epilator Stick Tool Facial Hair Epilator for Men and Women- Removes Lip, Chin, Side Burn, Cheek Hair Without Shaving, Lasers or Waxing


100% New.

Keep face cleaner and smoother.

Remove the hair by bending the stick into an inverted U.

Original threading facial hairs remover, no pain.

Pen size and light weight, take it wherever you go.

Removes hair root for long lasting hair-free complexion.

Clean and dry face before using, Bend the stick and turn the handle outwards and slide along the face, repeat in down/up motion. Apply toner and moisturizer after using.


Full length: 19cm

Stainless steel length: 10cm

Color: Orange+silver

Usage: Bend the stick into an inverted “U” and place it against the hairs you want to remove. Hold the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions. The hairs are trapped between the tightly coil spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement.

♥Package including

1x Facial Hair Remover

Product Features

  • Effective Facial Hair Epilator: This facial hair epilator will quickly and easily remove unattractive facial hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply bend the wire into a “U” shape & roll it across your face. No more painstakingly trying to pluck each hair with a pair of tweezers!
  • Convinient & Easy to Use: This tool is small and portable, perfect to take along when you travel, and does not require batteries or maintenance. It easily fits in a purse or bag and works great for last minute touch-ups. Simply use in the convenience of your own home, at work, or on vacation. Our facial hair remover arrives complete with instructions so you don’t have to waste any time getting rid of those unwanted hairs!
  • Proven Reasults Last Up to 6 Weeks: Effectively pulls facial hair from the roots without breakage. Hair grows back thinner and softer over time, making your unwanted facial hair less noticeable. Over time, you will find you need to use this facial hair remover less and less frequently.
  • Cheaper Than Beauty Treatments: Save money on expensive hair removal methods such as laser treatment, waxing, threading, sugaring, and electrolysis. Your low cost one-time purchase will last you for months to come.
  • Safe Guaranteed: Our stainless steel threading stick does not irritate or damage skin like bleach, depilatories, epilator, trimmers or other beauty devices. You can use our facial hair remover as often as you want without risk of permanent skin discolorations from creams or chemicals.

Facial Hair Remover for Women The Facial Hair Epilator removes your unwanted facial hair easily without the need for lasers, waxing Includes Hair Removal Spring , Tweezers and travel pouch

The Best Facial Hair Remover For WomenA Great Tool For Easy Hair Removal For Women

The Hair She Goes Kit is the perfect facial epilator its great for removing all facial hair including the dreaded mustachio far better than waxing or electrolysis and much safer than using a razor for shaving


✓ A simple facial Hair Removal Tool comparable to threading it is a spring hair remover for quick and easy removal of unsightly facial and chin hair, get rid of that peach fuzz at home with this system

✓A womans best friend these organic hair removers device are better than lazer treatments

✓ No Irritation from messy creams and waxes, it is a good option for people with sensitive skin

✓ Comes complete with Tweezers for full hair removal

✓ Suitable for upper lip hair chin hair and cheeks and jawlines as well.

✓ Long lasting results remain hair free for up to 6 weeks.

How To Use The Spring Hair Remover Tool

1.Holding the Hair Remover in each hand bend into U-shape and place on face

2.Slowly rotate the rubber handles in both directions whilst gently moving the remover in an upwards motion

3. Thats it really it is that simple. For removing the odd stray hair use the included Tweezers

Great for travel, No mess No Fuss

You may feel slight discomfort for the first few uses.


Have a hot shower before using to open up pores, this makes the hair come away much easier and less painfully

Click On The Yellow ADD TO CART Button for a lovely soft hair neat free face!

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Product Features

  • NATURAL FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL FOR WOMEN : remove facial hair root and all for up to 6 weeks far easier and less expensive than wax or a threading tool and creams or laser treatments
  • FACIAL EPILATOR SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR & SKIN TYPES: best for chin , cheek and upper lip areas
  • NO MORE EXPENSIVE SALON TREATMENTS : our Facial Epilator Tool will safely replace these costly treatments it pays for itself after just one use
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY : The Hair Remover will soon become your favourite beauty tool , no batteries required and perfectly discreet.
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS : Just like waxing hair is removed from the root which means you get hair free for up to 6 weeks and with each use hair will come back finer and thinner.