Epilator Hair Removal – Epilady Legend Rechargeable Women’s Electric Epilator Head

Good for every skin tone and hair color. May be used on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face. Ergonomic design including contoured gripping points to ensure a firm and non-slip hold. Perfect Angle Guide (included) provides the best epilation results right out of the box. Charge lasts up to 60 minutes – enough for more than two full epilations. Kit includes Legend epilator, dual-voltage adaptor, Perfect Angle Guide, cleaning brush, carrying case, and instruction manual).

In 1986, Epilady brought the first epilator to the market and revolutionized hair removal, offering a cost effective, mess-free alternative to shaving and waxing for women around the world. With no nicks, no cuts, and results that last for up to 4-6 weeks, epilating is the ideal solution for smooth skin. Since our company’s inception 30 years ago, the Epilady name has been synonymous with superior hair removal. Over the years, Epilady has continued to lead the industry with innovative technology and designs, as well as dedicated customer service. Today, Epilady has expanded far beyond the original coil-style epilators that put us on the map (though we still sell those as well!), with a product line offering something for everyone.

Epilady knows the epilator best – we did invent it, after all. Affordability, convenience, effectiveness, and long-lasting results are the cornerstones of the Epilady brand. Over 30 million women worldwide own Epilady products… join Epilady today and find out why!

Product Features

  • RECHARGEABLE: Epilady’s Legend is a rechargeable epilator, perfect for traveling around the country and overseas. Charge the battery when it runs low and you are good to go. The Legend can also be used cordless or with the cord, to your convenience.
  • ELECTRIC HAIR REMOVER: No need to shave the same spot over and over to get those stranded hairs. The Legend removes the hair directly from the root for results that last up to 4-6 weeks. This leaves your skin silky smooth and flawless.
  • RAZOR SPEED: The Legend offers two operating speeds to tweeze your hair to perfection. There’s no need for an expensive spa treatment when you can give yourself one right in your own home. Make your skin feel like it was just freshly waxed.
  • SUPERIOR FINISH: Get great results, fast. At 31,000 tweezes a minute, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can feel clean and refreshed. The wide epilating head ensures fast and smooth action. Let the Legend be your shaver replacement.
  • LADIES’ BEST FRIEND: The Legend is effective on all hair types and colors, making it the go-to epilator. The ergonomic design with contoured gripping points ensures a firm and non-slip hold. Can be used on arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and face.

Epilady Legend- Epilator /Hair Remover+pouch+brush New

The Epilady Legend removes even the shortest and finest hair by the roots, slowing re-growth so your skin feels smooth for weeks. The wide epilating head has 40 tweezer discs, and the two-speed motor can be adjusted to your comfort level. Not just for legs?Çöthe Epilady Legend is safe and effective on your arms, face, under arms and even bikini area too. Portable, rechargeable design can be used corded or cordless. Ergonomic rubber design ensures a firm, slip-resistant grip……..

Product Features

  • Epilator removes hair by the root so it grows back slower..
  • 40 tweezer discs creates 32,000 tweezes per minute for fast hair removable..
  • Portable, rechargeable design can be used corded or cordless, so it’s great for home or travel.
  • ABS, stainless steel.
  • Includes cleaning brush, carrying case and instruction manual.

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator

The legend 4 is epilady’s newest full-size rechargeable epilator allows you to remove hair all over your body for up to 4-6 weeks. the legend 4 is the latest in the line of epilady’s best-selling legend epilators. it can be used corded or cordless, with the same power and efficiency either way. the perfect angle guide puts the user in the perfect angle for epilation for great results the first time. removes hair safely from the arms, legs, underarms, bikini and face (do not use around the eyes). smooth, quiet and efficient, the legend 4 is our best epilator yet! kit includes adapter, perfect angle guide, storage pouch, cleaning brush, and instruction manual. one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

  • Use corded or cordless
  • New, quiet, wide epilating head, with perfect angle guide to keep you at the perfect angle for the best epilation
  • Removes even the shortest and finest hair, leaving skin smooth for up to 4 weeks
  • Dual voltage adaptor (110-240v) for easy use anywhere in the world
  • Two operating speeds

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Epilator Hair Remover Plus Free Epilady Lady Coil Tweezer for Facial Hair Eyebrows Chin Etc Hair Removal System for Women

Our 4th generation Legend Epilator: We took all our customer input over the years and made our best epilator ever! Faster, smoother epilator head, improved electrical system, and improved gearing system.

Epilady Coil Tweezer: “The coil tweezers are wonderful, especially for the eyebrows. One does not need to sit and take out one hair at a time as with regular tweezers so great to reduce the time taken. Great idea/invention and again thank you.”

This is what one user had to say about this great product. The Epilady Coil Tweezer makes tweezing much faster and easier. Its patented coil technology is easy to use, and works as fast as 12 tweezers to quickly, efficiently and carefully remove any unwanted hair.

The Epilady Coil Tweezer is perfect for eyebrows, but can also be used on facial hair, arms, legs, bikini, and underarms. It is small and light, and removes the hairs by the root in one easy squeeze. You can put it in your purse, car or travel bag for use whenever you need a quick touch-up.

The Epilady Coil Tweezer is great on its own, and makes a perfect compliment to any Epilady hair removal product!

Special coil gripping action. Easy to operate – simply push coil lever upwards with your thumb. Release and pull. Small and compact – fits into any purse or pocket. 12 times faster than regular tweezers.

Please note that this is a manually-operated device, so there is no need for batteries.

Product Features

  • Epilator Kit includes adaptor, Perfect Angle Guide, cleaning brush, carrying case, instruction manual and FREE Epilady Coil Tweezer!
  • May be used corded or cordless. Charge lasts up to 60 minutes – enough for more than two full epilations.
  • May be used on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face.
  • Epilator has two operating speeds!
  • PLUS FREE Epilady Coil Tweezer – Gentle Facial Hair Remover! Great for eyebrows, facial hair or a quick touch-up on the arms, legs, underarms or bikini line.