Bib & Tucker Luxury Lime & Black Pepper Shaving Cream 5.3 fl oz

Using a blend of gentle ingredients, Bib & Tucker’s Lime & Black Pepper Shaving Cream creates a rich and creamy lather for a close and comfortable shave. Free of parabens and colorants, Bib & Tucker’s Shaving Cream contains moisturizers to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin. Made in England. Net. Wt. 5.3 fl oz/150g Fragrance Notes: CITRUS SPICY Top: LEMON, bergamot, mandarin, Key lime Heart: COLOGNE, coriander, magnolia, spicy zingy fresh (cardamom, blackpepper & elemi) Dry: smooth & bitter woody VETIVER, gurjum, blond woods & musks

Product Features

  • LUXURY SHAVING CREAM – Using a blend of gentle ingredients, Bib & Tucker’s Shaving Cream creates a rich and creamy lather for a close and comfortable shave. Contains moisturizers to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin.
  • SPICY CITRUS FRAGRANCE NOTES – Top: LEMON, bergamot, mandarin, Key lime. Heart: COLOGNE, coriander, magnolia, spicy zingy fresh (cardamom, blackpepper & elemi). Dry: smooth & bitter woody VETIVER, gurjum, blond woods & musks.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE – Splash face with warm water. Using hands or a brush, gently massage a moderate amount of shaving cream onto the face to develop a deep lather. Keep strokes short and shave in direction of hair growth. Rinse with cold water and follow with aftershave.
  • MADE IN ENGLAND – 5.3 fl oz

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream Coconut Lime 8 oz (2-packs)

Get up close and comfortable with this Coconut Lime Very Emollient Cream Shave. Whether feeling a little prickly or downright shaggy, it’s time to go from hair to bare. Our refreshing, soap-free cream shave is power-packed with rich botanical emollients to fight off dryness, chaffing, and bothersome bumps. An infusion of Aloe Vera, Coconut, Calendula, Lime and Vitamin E help moisturize skin and soften unwanted hair for an extra close, yet effortless razor glide, and reduced risk of nicks, cuts, and irritation. Face-tested and leg-approved for soft, smooth skin. Hypo-Allergenic and Hydro-Active cream for normal to dry skin. 8-Ounces per unit (2-Units)

Product Features

  • 8-Ounces per unit (2-Units). Get up close and comfortable with this Coconut Lime Very Emollient Cream Shave. It’s time to go from hair to bare.
  • 100% Vegetarian Ingredients. No testing on animals. No artificial colors. No harsh sulfates. No parabens or phthalates. Soap-Free cream
  • Hypo-Allergenic and Hydro-Active cream for normal to dry skin.
  • Reduced risk of nicks, cuts and irritation. Face-tested and leg-approved for soft, smooth skin.
  • An infusion of aloe vera, coconut, calendula, lime, and vitamin help moisturize skin and soften unwanted hair for extra close, yet effortless razor glide

Spartan Tape Kinesiology Tape – Incredible Support for Athletic Kt Sports and Recovery – Free Kinesio Taping Guide! – Pain Leg Back Shoulder Ankle Knee Tendonitis Injury – Uncut (Lime Green)

SPARTAN TAPE Kinesiology Tape kt tape benefits: Pain Kt Benefits Reduce Provide Relief And For Protection Sports Painful Injury Adhesive Bandage Brace Reduces Recovery After Injuries Kinesio Tape Blood Circulation Medical Elastic Stretch Muscles To Get Back Neutral Ktt Kttape Physical Therapeutic Therapist Choice Kinetic Fp Wave Band Provides Kinesthetic Kinesiotape Tex Gold Protection Jump Squat Rock Run Flex With Swim Sweat Shower Waterproof Safe Hypoallergenic Latex Free High Quality Cotton Skin Breathe Irritate It Physiotherapy Taping Guide Body Professionals Pregnant Women Gym Lifters Pregnancy Anyone Active Lifestyle Hiking Running Cycling Mountain Biking Crossfit Martial Arts Yoga Golf Tennis Boxing Weight Lifting Swimming Athletics Sport Flesh Colored Help Jumpers Knee Shoulder Elbow Arm Wrist Lower Neck Ankle Foot Abdominal In Bicep Tricep Quad Calf Rotator Cuff Ac Joint Hip Flexor Bursitis Ribs Thumb Groin Carpal Tunnel Achilles Tendonitis Peroneal Tendinitis Shin Splints Hamstring Strain Plantar Fasciitis Pre Cut Pro Precut Athletic Ktape Of Water Proof Tapes Rocktape Extreme Muscle Beige Breast Strips Boob Lift Leuko Leukotape Kinselogy Tan Uncut On Kenisology Theraband Roll Wrap Black Ktapes H2O Boobtape Nexcare Compression Sleeve Large Goat Kensio Breasts Sensitive Bra Sleeves Fit Sauce Blister Up Strength Prevention Prewrap Pod Athlete Ecocut Rescue Socks One Sock Support Dark Boobie Extra H20 Sticky Finger Climbing Dress Bob Dresses Monitor and much more!

Product Features

  • ✅ SPEED UP YOUR RECOVERY AND ENJOY FREEDOM FROM PAIN – recover faster due to increased kinesio blood circulation and reduced inflammation. The SPARTAN TAPE is designed to move with you, stretching when you stretch and flexing when you flex while providing long lasting gentle support therapy and aiding blood circulation to promote faster healing.
  • ✅ INCREASE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – The SPARTAN TAPE enables your muscles to more easily get back to neutral shape and is designed to work with your body and flex with your muscles to support, not restrict the area. It also gently lifts the skin to promote better blood circulation for increased sports performance.
  • ✅ WATERPROOF AND LIGHTWEIGHT TECHNOLOGY – When properly applied, the SPARTAN TAPE can stay on through 3-5 days of showering, crossfit workouts, gym sessions and beyond. This athletic tape does not irritate skin, because it is hypoallergenic and latex free.
  • ✅ FREE 41-PAGE TAPING MANUAL – Step by step kinesiology tape application e-guide for your best results. You don’t need to be a kt physical therapy expert to use the SPARTAN TAPE.
  • ✅ ORDER NOW – YOU HAVE NO RISK WITH OUR 100% GUARANTEE – If, for any reason, you don’t like your SPARTAN TAPE kinesiology tape, simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. No catches. No hassles. You’re always protected.

Preserve Shave 5 Five Blade Refillable Razor, Made from Recycled Materials, Key Lime

Preserve is proud to introduce “Shave 5,” a next generation razor that is beautifully designed to offer an extraordinary shave while being gentle on the environment. Preserve “Shave 5” Five Blade Razor features 5 ceramic coated blades in a cartridge that moves easily over both contours and angles, all at the end of an ergonomically designed recycled plastic handle. Preserve “Shave 5” is designed to offer an exceptional shave for both men and women. The comfortable handle will not only accommodate, but work well and feel good with the various grips used by shavers of all stripes. The handle is made from recycled materials, and is recyclable with Preserve’s Gimme 5 recycling program after use. The 5 blade cartridge features ceramic coated blades for improved comfort and a lubricating strip with cocoa butter and aloe. The blades and >90% of handle are made in USA; the blade cartridges are assembled in Mexico. Included in this set is one razor handle and one blade cartridge. Preserve Shave 5 blade cartridge replacement blades are sold separately.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic handle is designed for all uses and is made from recycled materials
  • The 5 blade cartridge features ceramic coated blades for improved comfort and a lubricating strip with cocoa butter and aloe
  • Set includes one razor blade cartridge and one razor blade handle, replacement “Shave 5” cartridges are sold separately
  • For use by both men and women
  • Blades and >90% of handle made in USA; cartridge assembled in Mexico, never tested on animals

Shaving Station – Beard & Pre Shave Conditioner Gel – Kaffir Lime, Bergamot, Argan Oil – Men’s Bronco Pre-Shave Gel – Soft & Smooth – Aloe-Vera, Vitamin B5 & E – Paraben & Sulfate Free – 3.38 Fl Oz

Shaving Station’s Bronco Pre-Shave Gel

Men’s pre-shaving product made of natural botanical ingredients containing no parabens, sulfates, or synthetics. Get rid of shave nicks, bumps or burns. This ultimate lubricating pre-shave product nullifies toxins, reduces uneven shave results, is clear, non-sticky or oily for amazing razor glide with a delicious mild-earthy scent.

Powered With 100% Pure therapeutic grade plant-derived botanicals:

• Kaffir Lime Essential Oil – Antioxidant properties, slowing the breakdown of cells to minimize age marks, scars and pimples while softening your skin, nullifying toxins and delivering comprehensive anti-aging benefits that keeps skin smooth and young.

• Bergamot Essential Oil – Antibacterial and antifungal properties, a natural cleanser helping skin remove dirt, and impurities while unclogging pores stimulating better circulation to the hair follicles and balancing oily skin. Bergamot oil removes germs from the hair and scalp, leaving you feeling calm and serene.

• Aloe-Vera Extract – Healing and anti-inflammatory properties helping hair retain hydration without it feeling greasy. Prevents dry skin before shaving, Aloe can also be used as an aftershave treatment as it can heal small cuts and bruises caused by shaving and sooth skin.

• Vitamins B5 and E – Reduce inflammation, repair damage to hair follicles, maintain shiny, healthy hair and provide nutrients you need. Besides having antioxidant properties, these vitamins block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process, reducing wrinkles.

For Enhanced Effect & Great Results: Pair with additional Shaving Station Bronco Kaffir Lime & Bergamot products in the line available here on Amazon

Product Features

  • 100% Vegan | Infused with Organics | Natural oils and essences | Paraben & Sulfate free | Dermatology Tested Cruelty Free | Alcohol Free | Kaffir Lime & Bergamot oils | Aloe-Vera Extract | Vitamin E & B5 | Castor Oil
  • Powered by high quality pure botanical essences of Vetiver and Cedarwood, Howdy Rowdy Pre-Shave Gel helps smooth and moisturize the skin providing it with luxury conditioning while lifting hair follicles allowing the blade to gently and easily slide across the skin for the closest, flawless soothing shave
  • Shaving gels have less harsh chemicals, which is why they’re recommended for men with sensitive skin. Enhanced lubrication providing more protection to your skin and a smoother razor glide than just shaving creams
  • Say goodbye to razor burns, bumps, nicks, itchy or dry skin. Not sticky or oily, zesty-spicy fragrance is delicious and refreshing. Even the hardiest of hairs lose their stiffness when touched by this ultra-lubricating moisturizing gel
  • • Soften Facial Hair • Soothe & Moisturize Skin • Heal Razor Burns & Nicks • Nullify Toxins • Stop Infections • Fight Irritation & Dry Skin • Remove Build-Up • Balance Oily Skin • Keep Pores Clean • Prevent Residue

Edwin Jagger Lime Pomegranate Shaving Soap – DE Wet Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor Shave

Edwin Jagger`s traditional hard shaving soap refills are ideal for use in a shaving soap bowl with a quality shaving brush. Delicately fragrant, the soap, when combined with hot water and brush, will whip up a luxurious creamy lather. When applied to the face the lather feels rich and velvety and will soften the beard in preparation for the razor blade.

Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade and Organic Shikakai Shaving Gel – Lemongrass Lime, 7 oz

Get a close, comfortable shave with organic ingredients that nourish and cleanse the skin! Like organic shikakai powder from India, used there for centuries on hair and body. And fair trade & organic sugar from Paraguay, giving our Shaving Soaps a delightful caramel color and aroma, moisturizing and soothing naturally.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soaps are great for both men and women. Squirt a little bit of Shaving Soap onto your hands (about the size of a nickel) and rub them together for a good lather. Apply to face-underarms-legs and continue to rub soap into skin and hair, enhancing the lather and preparing skin for a good, clean shave. Works best right out of the shower-when skin is moist and hairs are soft!

Product Features

  • SMOOTH AND MOISTURIZING: The organic and vegan ingredients are combined with a pure-Castile liquid soap base for a rich, emollient lather and a moisturizing after feel
  • SHIKAKAI: Organic shikakai comes from the seed pods of the small South Asian tree Acadia Concinna and has been used for millennia in India as a gentle conditioning cleanser for both skin and hair.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND VEGAN: Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
  • NATURAL: Smooth and luxurious soap with no synthetic detergents or preservatives, as none of the ingredients or organisms are genetically modified.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon – Lime Shaving Cream Jar, 5.3-Ounce

We offer you the finest range of shaving brushes, razors and shaving accessories, manicure sets, deodorants, talcs, soaps, oils, sponges, hair brushes, combs, shaving mirrors, our own brand of aftershaves, colognes an men’s shaving gifts.

Product Features

  • English Classic
  • Lemon-Lime Scent
  • Use with or without a brush
  • Lemon-Lime Shaving Cream in a Jar

Men Rock Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream 100ml

A lovely and thick, subtly scented cream – you will only need to dip the end of the brush into the pot to create enough lather for a shave. Scented with Sicilian Lime and a hint of black pepper, providing a vibrant and masculine cream reminiscent of London’s traditional barber shops. 100ml

Product Features

  • Please be aware that unless expressly indicated otherwise, Cooking Marvellous are not the the manufacturer of this product. Product packaging may vary from what is shown on this listing. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our listing. Please always read the labels, warning and directions provided before using or consuming the product.

#1 Best Quality All Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap (2 Bars) Raw Organic Moisturizing Soap for Acne, Dry Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Burns, Sensitive Skin (Bay Rum & Lime) – Incredible By Nature

The Secret Is Out!

Goats milk has been the source of ageless, beautiful skin for thousands of years. While still somewhat unknown, this beauty secret is finally making it’s way to getting the proper recognition that it deserves.

Finally take care of troublesome skin.

• Made with natural unrefined Shea Butter, your skin will be left baby soft, and feeling oh so smooth. The power of Shea butter can used because it contains vitamins A and E that have been shown to strengthen skin and repair damage. Many today use it to heal burns, sores, rashes, and scars. It helps promote cell renewal and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

• The power of this soap doesn’t stop with Shea butter. It also contains, Raw Organic Goat Milk, which contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acids that naturally exfoliate to remove dead skin cells without irritation. It’s also packed with essential vitamins & minerals that have been shown to repair damaged tissue, reduce lines & wrinkles, control acne, and provide relief to eczema, and psoriasis.

Take advantage of the soaps scented with Essential Oils to not only provide a refreshing & relaxing experience, but Essential Oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Lime, & Bitter Almond, have also been shown to contain many healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging properties as well.

A great gift for friends & family.

Click, “Add to Cart” Now!

Product Features

  • REJUVENATE & GLOW – Tired of trying dozens of toners, lotions, astringents, gels & creams? Your skin will never be happier with this 100% authentic goats milk soap. Gentle, highly moisturizing, & easy to use. You’ll quickly find out why this handcrafted bath scrub is better than any skin care product you’ve tried.
  • CHEMICAL FREE – The reason why commercial soaps don’t work is due to chemical additives. They dry out the skin, & rob it of vital vitamins & minerals. Our soap is completely natural & allows the body to absorb essential vitamins (A, C, D, B1, B6, B12 & E) that strengthen skin, repair damage & promote cell renewal.
  • REDUCE THE SIGNS OF AGING – Fight back against the sands of time. Reduce fine lines, wrinkles & strengthen aging skin. Made with Shea butter, you’ll be able to reduce inflammation, deeply hydrate, nourish, exfoliate & keep pores from getting clogged because it’s non-comedogenic. MADE IN THE USA.
  • CRUELTY FREE – Our products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and never tested on animals. We take the utmost care to make sure all our ingredients are plant-based, high quality, & kept free from GMO’s, parabens, petroleum, artificial fragrances, dye’s, animal fats & preservatives for a truly refreshing experience.
  • 30 DAY NO HASSLE GUARANTEE – Reveal your potential with a promise. Buy today and be protected by our no questions asked, money back offer. Purchase with assurance that if your review of our brand of product does not prove in part or whole to benefit your desired outcome then we’ll promptly refund your money.

Alba Botanica Coconut Lime Very Emollient Cream Shave, 8 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)

Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered natural, 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. This means we DON’T use parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. We make a full range of products packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair. Because the Alba Botanica is committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, we never test our products, or the ingredients that go into them, on animals. We recognize the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business, from the field to the final product. We hope that you join our do beautiful campaign. Together we can help to preserve and heal the planet, now and for future generations.

Product Features

  • Natural, soap-free, conditioning formula is packed with rich botanical emollients for a soft, smooth, refreshing shave
  • Aloe vera, chamomile, green tea and vitamin E helps this concentrated, hydro-active cream fight dryness and chaffing
  • Effortless razor glide and a comfortably close, refreshing shave with less irritation and hypo-allergenic
  • 100% vegetarian and no animal testing
  • No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or artificial colors

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Shaving Cream, Key Lime Shaving Soap, 11 Ounce (pack of 4)

Lime is a natural cooling antiseptic and also acts as an astringent. Our Key Lime Moisture Shave contains a moisturizing formula with antiseptic Peppermint to cool and stimulate, emollients Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera for healing. Goldenseal h

Product Features

  • For face & body
  • Non-aerosol
  • Olive Oil & Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin
  • Goldenseal to protect against nicks and scratches