Classic Samurai Stainless Steel Premium Cut Throat Straight Razor, Shavette, Manual Shaver Men’s Shaving Kit with 100 Lord Single Edge Razor Blades (Cream)

Classic Samurai Professional straight edge barber razor with Japanese quality is made from genuine surgical grade stainless steel! Perfect for Barbershop and Personal Usage. It offers another great option for a decent wet shave. It allows you get a quality straight razor barber style shave without all of the maintenance of a fixed straight edge razor. A new style of shaving without investing a lot of money. A great gift for someone who has mentioned interest in wet shaving.

Classic Samurai Shaving Razor Kit comes with 100 Lord Single Edge Razor Blades which give you at least a year’s worth of shaves. Making this one of the most economical choices out there.

It has the flipable blade lock like other shavettes that allows for quick and easy blade changes.  It works with single edge razor blades which you can easily snap your favorite double edge blade in half to create one.

Classic Samurai Straight Razor Instructions :

Prepare your face well for the shave. Taking a hot shower or washing your face with warm water helps remove the natural oils off your face allowing your beard hairs to absorb more water and soften. Also use a pre-shave oil underneath your favorite shaving cream. This will help lubricate your skin so the blade slides easier and reduces irritation.  Pull you skin tight, especially in problem areas like under your nose or on your chin. This will help reduce nicks. Using a 30-degree angle, take slow, strokes with the grain. Going against the grain can cause razor burn.

Compatible With : Astra,Shark, Lord, Derby and all other single and double edge safety razor blades.

Product Features

  • [GENUINE & RUST FREE] Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Smooth Crea Handle that helps prevent the razor from rusting and offer a comfortable grip. Minimizes Cuts.
  • [GREAT QUALITY] for Barbershop and Personal Usage, A great option for beginners.
  • [100% SAFE] Flippable blade lock like other shavettes that allows for quick and easy blade changes. Exchangeable Blade Technology allows to remove old blades to replace with fresh ones.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH] Astra, Shark, Lord, Derby all straight and double edge razor blades. The Kit includes : 100 Lord Single Edge Razor Blades. Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped. The Shavette comes in a plastic pouch for Protection.
  • [MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] We’re 100% committed to providing you with a top-notch customer experience. If there’s anything that didn’t go right with your order or if you feel our straight edge razor is not for you, please contact us and we will help you immediately with anything you need.

Lord Killigrew’s Natural Wet Shaving Set, Shave Kit, for Men with Straight Razor

Join Lord Killigrew on a Wet Shaving adventure! This set features a wide range of shaving essentials for you to enjoy.
Wet Shaving Set Includes:

– Wood Box with Vintage Rustic Look and seamed finger joints and antiqued hardware.
– Metal Double Edged Razor and Shavette Straight Razor (uses double edged blades for ease of use and convenience)
-Hand Made in Small Batches, Shave Soap, Shave Balm – uses the finest oils and butter.
-Shave Brush
-Info Card
-Rustic Butcher Paper Wrapping and Optional Gift Message Scroll.
-Free 2 character Monogram – Branded into the box

This shaving kit includes a wide variety of unique shaving essentials and make a unique gift for men, groomsmen, anniversary, and birthday. Refills and Supplies available.
The Hunt: Clean, fresh and woodsy. Iris, Sandalwood, and violet. Like a morning hunt in the English Countryside. Set includes 4 Shave Kits, perfect for groomsmen gifts or holidays presents.

Product Features

  • Unique Wood Shaving and Grooming Wood Box Set
  • Vintage Look and Feel Wood Shave Kit for Men with Straight Edge Razor Shavette
  • Includes Wet Shaving Essentials
  • Made in USA
  • Engraved Personalized and Gift Wrapped with Scroll Note