GOLD METALLIC Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor – Swing Lock Disposable Close Shaving Men’s Manual Shaver – Made of Stainless Steel with Easy Blade Replacement Mechanism

My Grandfather always said “real men shave with a straight razor”. It may not be the 1930’s anymore, and they sure “don’t make them like they used to”, BUT our high quality products beg to differ. All of our straight razors are made from 100% stainless steel and the colour will never fade. They’re extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Just swing the razor holder open, toss in a 1/2 blade, then lock that bad boy into place and you’re ready to shave like a champ! We offer 24/7 customer service. Visit our website: www.gentlemenzclub for more details.

Product Features

  • ALL GOLD Stainless Steel Exchangeable Blade Straight Edge Barber Shaving Razors
  • FREE Fitted Carrying Case
  • Genuine stainless steel blade arm (not aluminum) – Professional Quality for Barbershop use or at home
  • Accepts Barbershop Single Edge Blades or 1/2 Double Edge Blade
  • Heavy Duty Build and Feel, with Tension Knob