Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit with 5 Flavors Hard Wax Beans and Wax Applicator Sticks By Mibote

Enjoy Your Waxing at Home with MIBOTE Wax Warmer Kit

1.Cleansing Face, Exfoliating.
2.Apply moisturizing essential oil to the skin.
3.Just plug in and rotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater starts working.Take appropriate amount of wax beans into adepilatory wax heater to melt.
4.Heat the wax to a melting temperature,after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with aspatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.
5.After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped,against the direction of the hair growth quickly ,coated with skin cream.

1.Put a few drops of olive/color free oil onto pot
2.Reheat the remaining wax until completely dissolved
3.Pour it out and wipe off the wax with tissue or paper towels when it is still warm.

Capacity: 500 CC
Box Size: 7.9 *7.9 * 6.0 in
Aluminumcontainer: D4.13* 2.56 in
4.Rated power voltage: 100W, 110-120V, Upgraded Three-Pin US Plug
5.Frequency: 50/60Hz
6.Weight: 1kg / pc
Adjustable Temperature: Maximum 240°F

1 x Wax Heater
5 x Wax Beans (2 of them are inside the pot)
10 x Strips Paper
40 x Sticks
1× User Manual

Product Features

  • 【FIVE DIFFERENT FLAVOURS WAX BEANS】Natural wax Ingredients Chamomile, Lavender, Honey, Rose, and Original flavor. Can remove 98% body hair, like eyebrows, back. legs, arms, bikini area, facial, etc. Leaving your skin soft and glowing.
  • 【SUITABLE for MOST WAX TYPES】Melt most wax format, such as hard wax, soft wax, 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, microwavable wax kits and hair waxing kits. Offer you an amazing body hair removal.
  • 【UPGRADED ABS for YOUR SAFETY】We always keeps the faith: Your safety is our wealth, The difference between MIBOTE wax warmer and markets are for the 100% copper wire and molded in update durable ABS heat assistant material.
  • 【ECONOMICIAL & CONVENIENT】You can do hair removal at home with the help of the wax kit, it could firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root. which saves a lot of money and time. And the wax warmer with a removable pot makes it easy to clean.
  • 【RAPID MELT in 10 MINUTES】Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, just need 10 minute melt hard wax beans, adjustable temperature from 160℉ to 240℉allow you to choose, offer you an amazing full body hair removal even don’t go to salon.