Microwave Waxing Kit,Hair Removal for Women Men Home Wax Kit,Remove Hair for Face Armpit Legs Bikini with 3 pack honey wax beans

Are you still worry about for the Coarse Hair on legs body and face?
Do you want a Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts?
The AMTOK Wax Warmer Kit is best choice for you.This is an ideal kit for hair removal needs for men and women.The kit can meet your daily body depilatory needs, applicable to all occasions like bikini area,back,legs,arms,facial etc. Naturaly and effectively, it will provides you a smooth, flawless, hair-free skin.

Directions For Use:
1) Heat the hair removal wax to flowing condition and suitable temperature.
2) Use the essence of care to keep the skin clean and dry.
3) Take the appropriate amount of hair removal wax with hair removal stick, apply a layer of thin and uniform hair removal wax along the direction of hair with stick clinging to the edge of skin.
4) Spread a layer of wax over the skin and make hair removal wax and hair tightly together.
5) Waite for 5-8 seconds,Tighten the end of the hair removal wax, torn out the hair removal wax quickly against the direction of hair growth. Hair will be pulled out together with hair removal wax.
6) After finishing body hair removal,heat container to dissolve away the wax,then use strips paper to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.

Adjust the dial to 240℉the highest temperature for time-saving and fast melting.
Heat wax pellets in the wax warmer to about 107 degrees to get best results.
Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.
Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.
Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past. Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower, or sunbathing.

Package includes:
1 x Microwavable Wax Warmer
3 x Hard Wax Beans
10 x Safe Application Spatula
1 x User Guide

Product Features

  • Removes unwanted hair gently and painlessly. Applicable for all parts like hairs on face, legs, armpit, arms, upper lip, eyebrow ,bikini. Suitable for daily use
  • Features Healthy health benefits: Apart from painless hair removal, our wax beans are made up with honey, which is helpful for nourishing you skin, making our
  • The wax warmer offers a see-through cover to prevent wax contamination. The temperature control lever with indicator light keeps your wax at a desired temperature
  • Fit all skins and Unisex. It can help man & women to remove unwanted nose hairs, beard, armpit hair. Hypoallergenic and gentle for all skin types. Naturally, it
  • Packaged a microwavable wax warmer,3 pack natural honey wax beans,10 safe application spatula. Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve them

WOWAX Microwave Waxing Kit, 8 ounce Brazilian Hot Wax Hair Removal Eyebrow Wax Kit At Home Use

Microwaveable Waxing Kit Includes:
8oz Hot Wax Jar
Exclusive Eyebrow Guide(3)
Disposable Waxing Large Spatulas(5)
Disposable Waxing Medium Spatulas(5)
Disposable Waxing Small Spatulas(5)
10ml Pre Wax Treatment
10ml After Wax Treatment

1. Place the wax in a microwave oven until the wax melts.
2. Wax will become very hot after heating, cooling for a while and then run test on small area, ensure the temperature is appropriate before treatment.
3. Kindly clean your skin with Pre Wax Treatment Cleanser, use spatulas to apply wax smoothly in the direction of hair growth.
4. For the optimal effect, apply the wax thin and even and control the thickness of the wax at 0.2CM-0.5CM .
5. Wait for a few minutes until the wax is almost dry, then rip the wax from the skin quickly against the direction of the hair growth.
6. After wax application, gently moisturise the waxed area with the After Wax Treatment.
7. It is ideal for those coarse,strong,long and deep grown hairs and great for the areas of lips, armpits, bikini line, eyebrows and delicate skin etc.

1. Apply wax along the direction of hair growth, tearing against the direction of hair growth.
2. In order to remove hair totally, the treated parts should be taut when rip the wax.
3. Do not apply wax on varicose veins skin, birthmarks nearby skin scars, tom or sun-damage skin.
4. After a wax hair removal, make sure you do not use deodorants,perfumed skin care products, and do not sun-bath for next 24 hours.
5. If you recently had a electrolysis or laser treatment cannot having a waxing treatment over the same area of the body as the skin may have been damaged.
6. People with high body temperature are advised to use in air-conditioned rooms.

Product Features

  • MICROWAVE WAXING KIT: 8oz Brazilian Hard Wax Jar, 10ml Pre and After Wax Treatment, Exclusive Eyebrow Guide(3), Disposable Large Wax Sticks(5), Disposable Medium Wax Sticks(5), Disposable Small Wax Sticks(5), suitable for beginner.
  • MELTS IN SECONDS AND GREAT CONSISTENCY: Melts it in microwave oven for a few seconds. Stop heating before completely melt, and than stir to reach a great consistency. Be sure to test the temperature before waxing avoid burn yourself.
  • FAST HARDEN TIME AND STRIPS FREE: Ideal for busy estheticians. Stiffens on the skin quickly, peeled off to remove the hairs completely. Requires no muslin strips and leaves no residue on the skin.
  • WARM TIPS: Our FDA Approved Microwave Brazilian Hot Wax Kit removes even the coarsest hair from sensitive and delicate areas. For home and salon use, save your money and time. Rip the wax from the skin quickly and small area of hair removal once can reduce the pain.
  • ATTENTION: After wax treatment, the skin may get red and fell sensitive, this is normal and will fade away within 24 hours. Always run a skin test before use, especially for sensitive skin.

Facial Surgi-Wax Microwave Hair Remover Original Formula (1oz/28g)

Surgi-Wax Facial is a microwaveable wax that instantly removes facial hair from the root. No Muslin strips are needed to effectively remove facial hair for up to 6 weeks. Just microwave, apply to skin and within seconds the wax will be pliable enough to remove.

Product Features

  • No Muslin Strips Needed
  • Waxes Away Facial Hair Instantly
  • Microwave Hair Remover
  • Salon Results in the Privacy of Your Own Home

GiGi Wax All Purpose Honee Microwave Depilatory Formula Body Hair Removal Set

Provide a professional quality wax service with the #1 selling hair removal formula in the world! GiGi is a top industry runner when it comes to depilatory waxing. This kit is perfect for students who are just starting out or for salons who want to expand their services. Kit Includes 1 Package of Muslin Paper Strips 1 (8 oz) Can of All Purpose Honee Wax 1 Package of Wax Spatulas 1 Bottle of Pre Hon 1 Bottle of Pre Epilation Powder 1 Bottle of Wax Off 1 Bottle of Slow Grow

Product Features

  • Ready To Use in Minutes
  • A Complete System for Gentle Efficient Removal of Unwanted Hair
  • Set of 4 Before and After Care Products
  • 1 (8oz) Can of All Purpose Honee
  • Package of Wax Spatulas & Muslin Paper Strips

Nair Hair Removal Kit, Microwave Wax for Legs, Body, and Bikini Area, Fresh Peach Melon 7.7 Oz. (Pack of 2)

Nair Microwave Wax is a quick, simple and effective way to remove hair with results that last up to weeks longer than shaving. Just heat the natural sugaring wax in the microwave for a maximum of 15 seconds, apply the wax to skin, and remove the cloth str


Product Features

  • Case of two boxes of microwavable hair removal wax
  • Quick and effective way to remove hair with results that last weeks longer than shaving
  • For legs, body, and bikini area
  • Dermatologist and professional salon tested
  • Includes a pleasant peach melon fragrance

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula, 8 Ounce

Gigi Brazilian bikini wax microwave formula’s strip-free wax formula is designed for thorough bikini waxing, popularly known as Brazilian waxing.

Product Features

  • The microwave formula melts in seconds, requires no muslin strips and leaves no residue on the skin
  • This gentle formula removes even the coarsest hair from sensitive and delicate areas
  • For home and salon use
  • Available in jar

Gigi Strip Free Honee Microwave Kit, 16 Ounce

Good for beginners,

I ordered this wax after trying out my roommates gigi wax kit. Hers is with the strips, this one is “strip free” . I personally prefer the other, its a thicker wax and uses strips…and because i feel comfortable waxing myself i felt comfortable handling it and felt it to be more comparable to the salon experience. The upside of THIS strip free wax however, is that it is more gentle to use. it dries almost immediately after putting it on the skin, doesn’t mess much, and the pull off is quite easy. i kinda felt though that because it was more of a “softer” wax that i had to keep applying, and applying it to get all the hairs. WHere as with the strip kit you get one shot and you’re done. But after a few tries i learned to press down as much as possible with the stick as you apply it so that it can latch to the hairs. I mainly use this for my lip and eyebrow and i’m sure will last me 6 months. it doesn’t seem strong enough to try with bikini area but i will try that in the future.

Strip free honee microwave kit includes a microwavable hard wax that does not require muslin strips. Strip free honee becomes soft and pliable when it cools and peels off easily leaving smooth, hair-free skin.

Product Features

  • This microwave kit is a complete system that includes all the necessary treatment products and accessories
  • No muslin strips needed
  • Kit contains: 1 strip free honee microwave formula (8 ounce), 1 pre hon (2 ounce), 1 wax off (2 ounce), 1 post wax skin concealer (2 ounce), 1 slow grow (2 ounce), 5 small accu edge applicators, 5 large accu edge applicators

GiGi Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System 35 Piece Kit

Buy GiGi Hair Removal Wax – GiGi Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System 35 Piece Kit

Product Features

  • GiGi Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System 35 Piece Kit: Buy GiGi Hair Removal Wax – No muslin strips needed. A complete system for gentle, efficient removal of unwanted hair.Kit Contains: Strip Free Honee Wax Microwave Formula 226g/8oz Pre-Hon 59ml/2oz Wax Off 59ml/2oz After Wax Skin Concealer 59ml/2oz Slow Grow 59ml/2oz 5 Small Accu Edge Applicators 5 Large Accu Edge Applicators 10 Small Cloth Epilating Strips 10 Large Cloth Epilating Strips
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. GiGi Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System 35 Piece Kit.

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit, 16 Ounce

This product is amazing the steps are as easy as 123 best thing is that its affordable. Would recommend it to everyone

Normally I get waxed at a local spa, but occasionally don’t have the time to get in before vacation/an event/etc., so I wanted this for those times. I only got waxed a week ago, so I couldn’t use it down there, but did try it on my BF’s stomach (LOL) and my thighs. I would say that it works really well for a do-it-yourself wax. I had to play with the temperature a bit–ended up needing to heat it for almost 90 seconds, then broke the barrier gently to avoid the burns some other people experienced. I had no issues with this.

The 4 creams included seemed to work really well (though I haven’t tried the growth minimizer yet). The wax took out a good deal of hair and was really quite easy to use (even my BF wanted to get in the fun). I deducted one star because it’s so super messy, but this is more user-error than product-error! I think as I practice, I’ll get better at keeping the wax IN the container and not everywhere else.

Product Features

  • This gentle formula removes even the coarsest hair from sensitive and delicate areas
  • No muslin strips needed
  • Kit contains: 1 Brazilian bikini hard wax microwave formula (8 ounce), 1 pre hon (2 ounce), 1 wax off (2 ounce),
  • 1 pre epilation oil (2 ounce), 1 slow grow (2 ounce), 5 small accu edge applicators, 5 large accu edge applicators

Gigi All Purpose Honee Microwave Kit, 16 Ounce

All-purpose honee microwave kit offers a complete system for fast and efficient hair removal in the salon or at home. The all-purpose honee formula will leave skin sleek, smooth and hair-free, yet gentle enough for delicate areas.

Product Features

  • A complete waxing kit for salon or home use
  • Effective for all waxing services while being gentle to the skin
  • Kit contains: 1 all-purpose honee microwave formula (8 ounce), 1 pre hon (2 ounce), 1 wax off (2 ounce), 1 post wax skin concealer (2 ounce), 1 slow grow (2 ounce), 5 small accu edge applicators, 5 large accu edge applicators
  • 10 small natural muslin strips, 10 large natural muslin strips