Baiden Tan Mitten – Pre-Tan Scrub Exfoliator for Face & Body, Use With Self-Tanning Lotion & Spray, Super Effective Fake-Tanner Remover, Enhances All Forms Of Tanning: Spray, Self, Sun & Bed

If You’re Sick Of Uneven, Patchy, Orange, Or Just Plain Poor Looking Tans And You’d Like To Solve This Once And For All…You NEED To Try This!

Eliminate 99% Of Tanning Problems;
• Patchy, uneven tans
• Tans wearing off unevenly
• Dark knees and elbows which hang around much longer than the tan
• Tan wearing off after just couple of days
• Ingrown hair
• Age spots which tan darker than the tan and make you look spotty.

Here is what Baiden Tan Mitten does:
• Fantastic pre-tan exfoliation. Scrubs away every last bit of old fake tan
• Removes all the last bit of dead skin layer, including knees and elbows, so the tan is even
• Use Baiden before waxing and it will be almost pain free
• If you scrub before shaving, you will not only get the closest shave ever, but will eliminate ingrown hair

It’s Fast, Easy & Simple.

You can have even, smooth, long-lasting, perfectly polished tan skin after each and every tan…whether you’re in a tanning booth, using a spray tan, or the old-fashioned way with the sun

The secret to a perfect spray and self tan is removal of as much as possible of the dead skin layer and Baiden removes almost all by rolling it off.

Furthermore, if you sunbed or sun tan, thanks to increasing blood circulation and performing lymphatic drainage you will tan brown, not red and also very evenly.

We are so confident with our product that we are happy to extend our money back guarantee to 60 days, so there is absolutely no risk to you to give it a try 🙂
Just Click “Add to Cart” to get the most out of your tanning the safe & easy way…100% Risk Free!

Product Features

  • ENHANCE YOUR TAN…GUARANTEED: IF YOU DON’T LOVE THE RESULTS WE’LL REFUND YOU! -If you aren’t happy with the results of our proven, effective exfoliator and tan-enhancer, we’ll send you a refund. It works and we’ll prove it!
  • NO MORE DARK PATCHES, STREAKS, OR UNEVEN TANS! -If you’re sick of the blotchy, uneven, orange, or poor-looking tans…you NEED this! Works perfectly with any quality self-tanner like: Solid Black, Fake Bake, Jwoww, St Tropez, Sun Laboratories
  • YOU’LL SAVE MONEY & SEE BETTER RESULTS WITH YOUR TANNING…HERE’S WHY -We’ve painstakingly created a product that’ll last 2 years of weekly exfoliation AND will improve your skin dramatically after just 1-3 sessions! See for yourself risk free.
  • DON’T BUY ANY EXFOLIATORS ANYWHERE WITHOUT READING THIS FIRST –> -How many times have you been burnt by a product promising the moon? Ours is proven, safe, and 100% effective. And it’s guaranteed or your money back. What are you waiting for?
  • AREN’T YOU READY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR TAN WITHOUT USING MORE DANGEROUS CHEMICALS? -Don’t settle for toxic chemicals, deal with poor and uneven tans, or waste your time on cheap imitators that don’t work. Buy yours now before it’s too late.

Hair Off Mitten, 3 hair remover mittens (Pack of 4)

As seen on TV. Removes hair from legs, quickly, gently & easily. No pain; No chemicals; No nicks & cuts. Leaves legs hair-free & silky smooth. Results last longer than shaving. Great for travel and touch-ups! The Hair Off Mitten is uniquely designed to quickly and easily remove hair from legs. It makes razors, painful waxing and harsh chemicals a thing of the past. No stubble. No nicks. No odor. Just soft, silky, hair-free legs every time! As gently as it is easy, the remarkable, new Hair Off Mitten gently massages away unwanted hair. Like magic, its exclusive SilCoat finish removes hair from your legs, as it smoothes away rough, dry, flaky skin into satiny softness. The Hair Off Mitten removes hair so well, regrowth actually appears slower, less noticeable, barely there. you get perfect, smooth, hair-free legs every time, without any inconvenience. Also good for touch-ups between hair removals as it quickly removes stubble. One Mitten removes hair from both legs 1 to 2 times depending on hair thickness. Manufactured in Canada.

Product Features

  • 3 count kits, comes in a pack of 4 (12 mittens in total)
  • Removes hair instantly and easily
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Regrowth appears slower and less noticeable
  • Leaves skin hair-free and silky smooth