Aofmee Beard Oil and Balm Kit for Moisturizing, Taming, Strengthening & Growth – Men’s Beard Care Grooming Gift Set for Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Friends – 2 fl.oz & 2.12oz

Have You Grown a Beard?
If so, you should definitely be maintaining it properly. Otherwise unkempt beard can irritate the skin and
cause many problems, including acne, dandruff and dryness. Using our Aofmee Beard oil and balm complex
and your beard will be like a real macho! Oil he keeps the beard soft and healthy, helps prevent hair loss.
Thick chic beard – symbol of a strong man!

Will a Unruly Beard Drive You Crazy?
Our Beard Oil and balm make the beard itself more manageable, neat and smooth. They soften your beard,
also keeps your beard and skin hydrated to prevent discomfort resulting from dry skin and coarse hairs, and
even eliminates itching & dandruff.

How To Use This Beard Care Kit?
1. Beard oil and balm can be applied daily after showering or cleansing. For dry beard, applying more often.
2. First apply 4-6 drops to your palm and rub your hands together.
3. Next massage upward into the beard and skin under you chin and on cheeks.
4. Then scoop out about a thumbnail size amount out of the tin, and rub it into the palm of
your hands until it is fully melted.
5. Once melted, you massage it into your beard starting at the root of the hair follicle first and
then gradually make your way to the end of your beard.
6. Finally groom your beard with comb and style as usual.

What Are You Waiting For? Take it home and Make you look damn handsome!

What You Get?
– 1 x 2 fl.oz Beard Oil
– 1 x 2.1 oz Beard Balm
– 100% money-back guarantee & friendly customer service.

Product Features

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC – These beard oil and beard balm in light scents both contain added vitamins or nutrients such as olive oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. These are easily absorbed leaving your beard and mustache full, soft, and healthy. Suitable for all kinds of beards.
  • SOFT & HEALTHY – Our unique blend is specially formulated for your beard and the skin underneath to reduce itchy and flaky skin, promote thicker and faster hair growth, tame flyaway hairs, repair split ends, and make your hair softer to the touch. Our Beard Oil and balm will leave your beard looking and feeling healthier and manlier.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply using moderate amounts of beard oil and balm, evenly applied and rub it thoroughly your beard, you’ll enjoy a softer and healthier beard. Any excess oils on your hand can be used on your hair as a moisturizer! It’s non greasy and quick absorbent.
  • PERFECT MEN’S GIFT – Our beard care kit come with a luxury premium gift box. It is great gift for husband, dad, boyfriend on Father’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Christmas. Make them look damn handsome!
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE – We believe in our products. That’s why we offer 30 days money back guarantee and provide friendly customer service.

Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Skin Hair Removal Cream

Hair Removal Cream for the Body. Cherry Blossom scented with aloe and meadowfoam oil. 4.2 fl. oz. Please read instructions thoroughly before using. Test skin before use and do not leave on for more than 8 minutes.

Product Features

  • SSS Regular Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream (Regular Formula)
  • Cherry Blossom Scent with aloe and meadowfoam oil
  • Easy Hair Removal for the Body, 4.2 oz
  • Removes hair in 2.5 minutes. Do not leave on for longer than 8 minutes.

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave Aloe Mint – 5 Fl Oz

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave Aloe Mint Directions Rinse skin thoroughly with warm water, leaving skin wet. Apply Moisturizing Foam Shave into palm. Gently rub lather over skin. Shave and rinse.*NOTE: Performs best when used sparingly. Ingredients: Purified water, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(G), disodium laureth sulfosuccinate(G), sodium cocoamphoacetate(G), dimethicone copolyol(G), menthol(S), polyquaternium-10(G), polysorbate 20(G), cocamidopropyl betaine(G), certified organic aloe barbadensis(S, 1), calendula officinalis(S, 1) and camellia sinensis (green tea)(S, 2) extracts, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil(S), tocopherol (vitamin E)(S), citric acid, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol(S), potassium sorbate, and botanical fragrance. G) Glide for Close Shave S) Soothes Sensitive Skin 1) Certified by Quality Assurance International 2) Certified by Oregon Tilth

Product Features

  • 0822338

Shick Intuition Pure Nourishment Moisturizing Razor Blade Refills for Women with Coconut Milk & Almond Oil – 12 Count …

Shick Intuition Pure Nourishment Moisturizing Razor Blade Refills for Women with Coconut Milk & Almond Oil – 12 Count …

Product Features

  • Schick Intuition Women 12 Blade Cartridges
  • Pure Nourishment Care Razor Refill, 12-Count
  • Includes cream pouch to help soothe skin
  • Coconut milk and almond oil
  • Blade cartridge made in Germany, Assembled in China with Skin Moisturizing Solid

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave, Mango Vanilla – 8 oz

Aerosol-free to help protect our environment environment. Formulated with organic botanicals and vitamin E to gently soothe the skin, plus organic aloe vera for a smooth, clean finish. Featuring a patented, aerosol-free, foaming technology that delivers a silky, lubricating foam to soften hair for effortless razor glide and prevent troublesome razor clogs.

Product Features

  • Alba Botanica – Moisturizing Cream Shave Mango Vanilla – 8 fl oz

Pre Shave Oil – Naturally Moisturizing for a Slick Irritation-Free Soothing Shave and Smooth Healthy Skin – Perfect For All Skin Types-Helps Prevent Razor Burn – For Men & Women with Sensitive Skin

An Essential Step In Your Pre-Shave Routine

Want to give yourself a barber-quality shave every morning?
Want a closer shave and smoother skin?
What if you could change your appearance in 2 seconds every morning?

3 Steps to Change the Way You Shave Forever

Step 1: Shake a few drops of pre shave oil onto your hands
Step 2: Rub the essential oils on your face to soften your beard
Step 3: Enjoy a smooth, close shave that leaves your skin hydrated

We believe that shaving is a sacred experience. Looking clean-cut and smelling fresh is important. But relishing a routine you’ll be doing most days for the rest of your life is important too.

The hectic pace of modern life makes us forget that shaving should be a deliberate, soothing, and enjoyable experience.

Shave Like Your Hero: We’re bringing back the classic shaving experience – shaving like your grandfather shaved.

Save Money With Our Long-Lasting Pre-Shave OIl: By applying just a few drops every day, you’ll be protecting your face from nicks and rashes for pennies per use.

“My Skin Feels Great And Looks Fantastic”: Recent converts to pre-shave oil have reported benefits such as an easy-glide shave, less razor burn, and an earthy scent for the rest of the day.

A Legacy Of True American Craftsmanship: Unlike many competitors who outsource manufacturing to Asia, we formulate, product, pack, and ship all our products right here in the USA. Each ingredient of our pre-shave oil has passed our high standards.

Try It No Risk: We’re proud of the attention to detail and transparency we put into our products. If after trying the product, you’re unhappy with the quality and the results, just get in touch with us to get a full refund.

Add a Bottle of Premium Pre Shave Oil to Your Cart Today!

Product Features

  • SIMPLIFIES YOUR SHAVING ROUTINE: Perfect for busy mornings. Simply wet your face with warm water then dry. Next, dab a few drops of pre-shave lotion onto your hands then massage the shave oil for men into your face.
  • PROTECTS SKIN & ELIMINATES IRRITATION: Natural & Organic Ingredients. Be kind to your skin when shaving. Invest in a pre shave oil that lifts and moistens facial hair.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS RENEW YOUR SKIN: Part of our attention to detail is making sure we include only the highest-quality ingredients in our pre shave oil. Our organic oils (jojoba, avocado, grape seed, evening primrose, and sunflower) are selected to help restore, soothe, and refresh your skin.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Superior Premium Shaving Oil. Our preshave lotion is manufactured the old-fashioned way: at home in America by skilled hands. Every bottle of shave oil we ship is luxuriously handcrafted.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: We’re bringing back the art of pre-shave oil and True American Craftsmanship. If you’re not 100% happy with our pre shave oil, we’ll refund your money, No Questions Asked. Try a bottle, Risk Free, of The Gentlemen’s shaving oil today, see the change in the mirror every day.

Nair Moisturizing Face Cream, 2 Ounce

A face is not a place for hair. Nothing else exudes confidence and natural beauty like the face. What is yours saying? Nair Face Cream is gentle on your face. It removes facial hair below the skin’s surface, exfoliates above and leaves skin smooth and radiant. It’s a fact: some faces need an extra degree of TLC, which is why we developed Nair Sensitive Face Cream. Formulated with Sweet Almond oil, It’s thorough hair removal for all hair types. Get silky smooth skin and long-lasting results – your skin deserves sensitive hair removal care. Use on upper lip, chin and face. Not tested on animals.

Product Features

  • Gentle facial hair removal for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with sweet almond oil
  • Exfoliates and leaves skin smooth

Gillette Venus with Olay Shower & Moisturizing Shave Cream, Vanilla Crème, 10 Ounce

Gillette Venus with Olay moisturizing shower & shave cream gently cleanses and helps protect your skin while shaving. Our formula combines moisturizing ingredients with the delicate scent of vanilla. Use while shaving to reveal visibly more beautiful skin.

Product Features

  • Gently cleanses while you shave
  • Combines moisturizing ingredients with the delicate scent of Vanilla
  • Rust-free bottle, 10 fl oz (295 mL)
  • For great results, use with Gillette Venus Comfort Glide Vanilla Creme razor

Gillette TGS Series Shave Gel, Moisturizing, 7 Ounce

With a 3x action formula, Gillette series moisturizing shave gel hydrates, protects, and soothes (row) [refreshes (NA)] your skin. Formulated with aloe, series sensitive shave gel helps protect your sensitive skin against the 5 signs of shaving irritation: nicks & cuts, tightness, redness, burning and stinging. For an incredibly comfortable shave, use Gillette series moisturizing shave gel with a Gillette mach3 razor.

Product Features

  • Helps protect against 5 signs of shaving irritation
  • 3X action: hydrates, protects and soothes
  • Invigorating scent to refresh
  • Gillette series moisturizing shave gel delivers protection and comfort
  • Use Gillette series moisturizing shave gel with Gillette mach3 razor

Driftwood Caravan Shave Cream (Sandalwood Fragrance) – All Natural – Moisturizing Lather – With Coconut Oil and Vitamin E – 5 Ounce

Looking for a luxurious shave experience that gets the job done and is also good for your skin?

This shaving product was created by outdoor enthusiasts who believe that taking care of your skin should be awesome. Tested and proven by professionals to whom shaving is an art as well as an important aspect of their craft.

Driftwood Caravan Wet Shave Cream is an easy to use, all-natural shave cream that is great for your skin and easy to use. Made for all bodies, including the ones with sensitive skin. It is infused with just the right amount of essential oil fragrance so that you are able to enjoy the aromatic properties of the product while not competing with the other products in your daily grooming regimen. Just apply directly to the shave area, add a little water or mix with your favorite brush and mug.

For enhanced results, start with your favorite pre shave oil. Finish your shave with your favorite toner, after lotion and shave balm. For silk smooth skin, the best time to shave is always during or after a hot shower. Works with all razors including straight razors, cartridge razors and safety razors.

Product Features

  • MOISTURIZING AND SOOTHING FOR ALL SKIN TYPES shaving soap with coconut oil and tocopherol to hydrate, moisturize and reduce skin inflammation caused by environment and daily stress
  • SHAVING CREAM GENERATES THICK, SMOOTH, PROTECTIVE LATHER EASILY with or without the use of a shave brush to reduce razor burn and give you a close comfortable shave. Perfect for everyday use
  • REGULAR USE PROVIDES GENTLE EXFOLIATION FOR HEALTHIER SKIN AND HAIR. Application of shave cream with a brush and shaving with a razor helps unclog pores, release trapped hairs and reduce ingrown hairs on faces, legs, heads, chests, arms, backs on men and women for unisex shave
  • EASY APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: For a thick, rich lather, apply a few drops of water and whip in a circular motion with a shave brush in the palm of your hand or bowl.