My Perfect Goatee, Shaving Beard Bib by GoateeSaver, MPGBB100

Does your facial hair go all over the sink and counter when you shave? Do you dread the cleanup of this grooming ritual? Well fear no more! The Beard Bib will eliminate any worries you have about facing the facial fuzz. My Perfect Goatee Beard Bib is the ideal grooming accessory to reduce the mess made by a manly shave. Simply tie one end around your neck and stick the other end onto the mirror using the suction cups. The beard bib will act like a hammock and catch all that falling hair! My Perfect Goatee Beard Bib can be easily packed away into the bag included. Made from black polyester, it is lightweight and will last for many grooming sessions to come! This bib makes the ideal gift for any man, especially one who struggles to clean up the mess after a shave! A great addition to any grooming kit.

Product Features

  • ELIMINATE MESS: Wife approved beard apron eliminating those pesky hair trimmings around the sink
  • EASY TO USE: Attach neck strap around neck, attach strong suction cups hooks to the mirror and hook end of apron to the suction cups
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Unhook end of waterproof bib from mirror – take outside and shake off hair or empty into the trash can. No need to remove suction cups from mirror before dumping hair. This allows for easy and complete clean up.
  • CONVENIENT: Includes pouch for easy storage and for travel.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Strap fits necks size up to 27 inches (35.8 cm)