Straight Edge Razor Natural Wood Scale with Five Double Edge Blades – Professional and Close Shaving – Men’s Manual Shaver, Barber Approved


We Suggest:

If you are newbie for straight razor, please make sure you watch a video to learn howto use it properly, our razor is the best within this price range.

How to Insert a Blade? So Easy!

Push the cover lock forward Open one side of the cover Place one double edge blade onto the cover which with two positioning pins Close the cover Pull back the lock and finished

Instruction for Shaving

Softening hair by water or wet towel,then apply some shaving cream  on your skin Keep the angle of blade and skin about 25 to 35 degrees Keep your skin as tension as possible Shave against the direction of hair growth


After shaving each time, keep the blade cover and blade clean and dry with rag

Package Include:

One Straight Razor and One Box of 5 Piece Blades One Exquisite Packing Box

Product Features

  • CLASSIC: Vintage style straight razor, gives you closer shaving, the more you use it, the more you love it
  • PERFECT DESIGN: Forget about the single edge blade straight razor which is complex to operate and blade always falling out. Our razor use double edge blade, positioning pins on the inner side of the cover keep the blade in position and never fall out, blade cover fixed by a thumb controlled buckle, so easy to operate and replace a blade
  • BLADE and COVER: Blade cover made by solid aluminum, strong and durable, keep the blade in position tightly, never rust. Comes with 5 pieces of super sharp stainless steel double edge blades, you can buy it on Amazon easily when runs out
  • SCALE MATERIAL and DESIGN: Scale made by pure mahogany wood, 100% natural, polished without painting, contoured to fit your palm well. Hollow design is conducive to dry razor after use and inhibit bacterial growth
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: One year risk free, if you are not completely satisfied with our straight razor, then simply return for your money back, If it exceeded the time window for returning specified by Amazon, please just contact us directly

420 Glide Natural Premium Hemp Seed Shave Oil – The Art of Superior Shaving Secrets. Scented with [Bergamot/Clove] – 1oz.

The expert blend of essential oils in 420 Glide creates an amazingly comfortable, smooth shave that maintains the skins moisture levels and absorbs quickly without clogging pores. This specialty blend starts with hemp seed oil, and then combines other cold pressed seed & essential oils for a skin glide like never before. 420 Glide’s oils are known to protect the skin’s moisture; all while increasing its elasticity. The Vitamins A & E immediately sooth irritated and itchy skin, as the antioxidants and proteins help restore your skin. Shave oil replaces shaving foam, soap, cream, pre-shave balm, aftershave and even beard oil. It dramatically reduces razor burn, nicks, bumps and ingrown hairs. It is perfect for both men and women and can be used in the most sensitive of areas because it is 100% Natural.

Product Features

  • 100% Natural. Moisturizing & non-comedogenic. Enriched with vitamins A & E.
  • Made with nutrient rich, hemp seed & cold pressed seed oils. Scented with essential oils.
  • No shaving creams, gels or soaps needed. Not shaving? Use as a high quality beard oil!
  • Not just for men. Women everywhere are experiencing the 420 Glide phenomenon.
  • Small batch blended in the U.S.A.

3 in1 Stainless Steel Shaving Stand and Perfect Shaving Bowl Dia 3.2″ with Shaving Brush Natural Solid Wood Handle for Men Wet Shaving

Package including: 1 Piece Shaving Stand + 1 Piece Shaving Bowl + 1 piece Shaving Brush

Product Features

  • Functional shiny finish Stainless Steel Shaving Stand with Beautiful Double Layer Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl
  • Perfect for wet shave: Holds water and softens beard bristles for perfect, true wet shave
  • Smooth and Natural Wood Brush Handle for a sleek modern look. It’s the Best Brush For Safety Razor, Double Edge Razor, Straight Razor or Shaving Razor
  • Nylon Shaving Brush, If you do not like the badger hair smell, this is the good choice
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we pride ourselves on quality products and customer service. If any reason you are not pleased with this product, please contact us or amazon, we provide 6 Months warranty.

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle | Safety Razor Wood | Eco Friendly | For Men or For Women | Sustainable and Durable | Saftey Razor | Bambaw

Experience a better shave, for you and the environment!
We have appreciated the convenience of “disposable” plastic razors since 1974 when they were first introduced. However, they are not, and never have been, recyclable or biodegradable. We were sucked in with convenience but forgot about our impact on the earth we live in.

Bambaw’ s double edged safety razor:
The razor has a long handle made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainable and one of Earth’s naturally renewable materials. The Bamboo handle will never splinter nor will it become slippery. The handle is biodegradable and designed with a perfect weight and ergonomic shape.

Why use a safety razor? Smooth, clean shave without irritation or razor burn Less clogging due to high quality single blade, resulting in a closer shave Cost effective as blades are cheaper than cartridge refills and disposable razors Strong and durable, made from quality materials Environmentally friendly and sustainable More control as razors are designed to have the perfect weight and ergonomic shape

⚠ Do not shave with this saftey razor like you would with a cartridge razor: The Bambaw razor is heavier and glides effortlessly on the skin whereas cartridge razors are lighter and need additional pressure. The safety razor has no pivoting head which implies to shave in shorter strokes. The included user manual will guide you to get the perfect shave. ★★★ Go back to tradition and achieve that perfect, smooth shave at a fraction of the price, and without harming the environment.★★★

⌘ No blade is included. A good quality blade is important. For a perfect shaving experience, we recommend platinum coated safety razor blades. However, The Bambaw saftey razor fits all double edge razor blades.

Product Features

  • *PERFECT SHAVE*: Achieve a closer, smoother, more professional shave without the hassle of irritation or ingrown hairs with the Bambaw double edge safety razor.
  • *DURABLE*: Bambaw double edged safety razors are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made from high quality materials, a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel parts, your Bambaw razor is incredibly strong and durable.
  • *ECO-FRIENDLY*: Conventional plastic razors are practically impossible to recycle and end up in our landfills and oceans. With Bambaw safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade, which helps create a cleaner planet.
  • *COST EFFECTIVE*: Once you have the saftey razor, all you need to buy are the blades. You simply can’t get any better value for money in the long run.
  • *USER MANUAL*: In-depth digital user manual included. Tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body for men and women, after shave treatment, increasing the life of the blades, responsible recycling and 2 x bonus homemade shaving recipes.

Bay Rum Shaving Cream for Men – Made with Shea Butter, White Tea & All Natural Ingredients – Full of Organic Soothers, Moisturizers & Anti-Oxidants

The Miracle Working Shea Butter rich formula keeps skin smooth and supple. Full of highly effective natural and organic soothers, moisturizer, and anti-oxidants — aloe, sunflower and sweet almond oil, white and green teas, lavender and comfrey – skin will transform into its own best defense against harsh environmental factors while staying soft and bump free.

Bay rum is one of the oldest recorded aftershave scents. It brings back the nostalgia of old school barbershops and grandpa’s shave routine. Back when quality and craftsmanship meant something.

Our version of bay rum is a modern twist on that old time favorite. Handcrafted with the finest and purest ingredients, we carefully and painstakingly blend our bay rum to ensure a total harmony of the all-natural oils, extracts and absolutes

* Size: 4 oz | 120 ml
* Scent: Bay Rum
* Jar: Frosted Black Recycled Plastic
* How long it should last: can last up to 6 months.

Product Features

  • BRUSHLESS CONVENIENCE – Use with or without a shaving brush – simply lather up with your fingertips or favorite shave brush.
  • YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN – Formulated with anti-oxidants to leave your skin looking younger, more refreshed and bump free.
  • KEEPS YOUR SKIN SMOOTH – With rich emollients and highly effective natural ingredients and organic soothers and moisturizers.
  • SKIN WILL TRANSFORM into it’s own best defense against harsh environmental factors while staying soft and bump free.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Proudly Made in the USA. ★

Roll-on Wax Cartridge, Pinkzio Wax Kit For Hair Removal. All purpose Hard Wax for Eyebrow Lip Arm Armpit Leg And Bikini Hair Removal. Depilatory Wax Refill For Hair Removal 100g (Natural x2pks)

Pinkzio wax cartridge just got easier to use. Pinkzio warm wax melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularly on sensitive skin. The thinner application aids in the removal of all unwanted hair. In addition, pinkzio wax leaves skin silky smooth with no wax residue. Good for all skin type.

Product Features

  • ✔ VALUE SET-2 PCS Natural x 2 pc2 . 100g /each
  • ✔ ROLL ON WARM WAX-Pinkzio Facial Wax for hair removal is applied on the treatment area after being pre-heated. It remains thin consistency but sticky and removes with waxing strips.
  • ✔SMALL CARTRIDGE HEAD- The small roll-on cartridge head design is perfect for precision area, such as eyebrows and lips.
  • ✔ EASY APPLICATION: All you need is a wax heater, paper strip and Pinkzio wax, pre-heat your wax and apply it with strip, then peel off the strip. It’s that simple. It makes the process clean and more effective.
  • ✔ QUALTY ASSURANCE- Pinkzio Cosmetics protect you and your clients by providing products of only the highest premium quality, which complies with the standards ISO 9001 ISO 13485 ISO14970 and ISO 22716

Baisidai PILATEN Unisex Painless Natural Hair Removal Depilatory Cream for Body Leg Armpit Area (200G)

Description: -100% Brand New and high Quality. -Gentle composition, does not harm the skin. -Easy to use, gently applied, quickly penetrate inside hair follicles, nourish the skin. -Fast hair removal, tighten pores. -Blocking the absorption of nutrients hair, slow hair growth rate. -Easy to wash after use. -Hair removal depilatory creams spread on the area, even with a scraper, after 5-10 minutes, scraping with a scraper depilatory creams, rinse with water. Packgae: 100g or 200g

Product Features

  • Package: 100G or 200g
  • Mild composition which does not harm the skin ;Fast hair removal, tighten pores
  • Can be used for arm,leg,body,armpit, unisex product
  • Easy to use, gently applied, quickly penetrates inside hair follicles and nourishes the skin
  • Note: Please don’t use this cream on wound

Hair Removal Cream , ZUTOBO Painless Natural Plant Lavender Depilatory Cream Used on Bikini,Underarm,Chest, Back, Legs and Arms for Men and Women,Clean and Silky – 100g

Product Description:

Net weight: 100g

Apply skin: ordinary skin


This product is a kind of effective hair removal cream.Contains natural essence of oil smooth skin,in the hair when providing moisture touch,balance the skin to restore soft.Do not stay back roots,slow down hair root growth rate degree. Do deep cleaning and balance the skin to restore soft and smooth.


1.Warming towel dried in the hair removal department .
2.Squeeze the amount of paste evenly applied to hair removal site,be careful not to rub.
3.Wait for 5-10 minutes(concrete can be root according to the thickness of the hair appropriate to adjust the time)
4.Use a wet towel against the direction of hair growth lightly wipe until exposed.
5.Rinse immediately with water after wiping clean,smooth and delicate skin.
6.Spray dry repair cream,massage to absorb.

Safety Warning:

Do not rub or use soap.
Wash your hands immediately after applying the cream.
Store at room temperature. If stored at a low temperature, crystals may form.
Keep out of reach of children.

Product Features

  • •Fast:gentle cream quickly softens hair and acts on hair follicles hair gently off.
  • •Light:gentle formula,clean hair removal,less irritation.
  • •Natural:contains natural essence of oil,balance the skin to restore soft and smooth.
  • •Slip:remove a large area of body hair,not easily residue,feel the skin silky touch feeling.
  • •Suppressed:hair small molecules direct hair follicles,slow down hair root growth rate degree.

Youke Body Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans Solid Depilatory Wax Natural Hot Film for Men and Women, 10ounce/300g (Milk flavor)

Direction for use:
1.Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater to melt.
2.Heat the wax to a melting temperature,after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.
3.When the wax becomes cool,hard and holds the skin taut,remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.

1.For professional use only.
2.Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.
3.Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.
4.Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.
5.Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower,or sunbathing.
6.If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder,consult your doctor before use.
7.Keep away from Children.
(If it is your first time to use this product,please take a first test on a small patch of the skin ,if after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction, you can proceed with the full application.If you suffered an adverse reaction,please apply Aloe vera gel on your skin and do not use this product in future.)

When applying this wax leave the edges slightly thicker for an easy removal.
Before the wax is removed, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed.

Care Instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place

Package included:
1 Pack 300g Hard Wax Beans

Product Features

  • Natural wax ingredients, no harms to your health. The hair remove is a physical process, so it doesn’t hurt the skin.
  • Can remove above 90% of the hairs you want to remove at one time,then you can use a tweezer to remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time,that will be very easy.
  • Easy operation: Simply melt the wax beans in a wax warmer, it can also be melted in a cup in the microwave, then use a spatula to apply the wax to your unwanted hairs. When the wax gets dry, tear it off from your skin directly with no cellophane or non-woven strip needed!
  • Save your money and time: Soft touch of the wax makes it ideal for your delicate skin. It also dries fast, which makes it ideal for the bikini area and for use during the warmest periods of the year. You can do a depilatory at home by yourself. As the hard wax does not break, it allows for long and thin wax layers to be made, resulting in the use of less wax.
  • Great for body facial arm legs and sensitive areas bikini area hair remove wax beans, effective for removal of coarse and short hairs.

Newest + Best Luxury Aftershave Skincare System for Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs, Acne and Aging; Soothes Razor Burn and Hydrates Dry skin – Natural & Organic Serum + Tonic for Men & Women (Unscented)

Product Features

  • Pioneered by a plastic surgeon and a physician/molecular biologist from proprietary botanical extracts. Packed with superfoods and antioxidants that fights acne, clears razor bumps, soothes razor burn/irritation, relieves ingrown hairs, and moisturizes dry skin. Free of artificial fillers and fragrances. Designed for men and women, all ages, skin complexions and skin types (normal, oily, dry, scaly, sensitive and acne-prone).
  • Lotion functions as a daily moisturizer, night cream and a powerfully soothing serum. Tonic functions as a daily hydrating and soothing toner. Both can be used after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser treatments and tattoos. Family owned by father/son physician duo in the USA, expect outstanding customers satisfaction and premium products or your Money Back – 60 day guarantee.

Hair Removal Cream Nightmood Painless Natural Plant Depilatory Cream Hair Growth Inhibitor Permanent Hair Remover Used on Bikini Underarm Chest Back Legs Hair Remove Cream For Women & Men 60g

Material: cream
Color: white
Net weight: 60g
Unisex: Unisex
How to use:
1.Extrusion in the need for hair removal hair removal cream,the mount must be to be enough.
2.Apply the paste to determine the thickness completely covered with hair.
3.Wait 5-8 minutes,the hair is open it has changed.
4.Scrape with the scraper against the direction of hair root scraping the effect on out.
5.After hair removal,rinse with water,but also with the use of skin repair water.
1.It is disabled to be used for inflamed and impaired skin surface, people that has a history of allergies uses cautiously
2.Please place in a shade place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
3.If you have sensitive skin before you use, you should try behind the ear in case there is an allergic reaction / red spots, or have a itchy / burning sensation, please do not use any more.
4.Avoid using a dry cloth or hand hard rub, so as not to damage the skin and close the bottle after use and store at room temperature. If stored at a low temperature, crystals may form,keep the product out of the reach of children.
Package includes:
1 * Depilatory cream

Product Features

  • 1.Hair Removal Cream is suitable for use on the chest, back, shoulders, arms, underarms and legs and leaves skin smooth for longer than shaving, with no razor rash or prickly regrowth.
  • 2.First in the hair removal parts with a wet towel moisturizing, apply the product (about 2mm thick) evenly to the hair removal site. Wait 5-8 minutes (depending on the thickness of the hair) and then use a towel along the hair in the opposite direction gently wipe, and then clean with water.
  • 3.For hair removal on all body parts.
  • 4.Developed for all types of skin.Contains moisturising Cocoa Butter, excellent for dry skin. Large fixed roller head is ideal for leg waxing. Provides a thin, economic and hygienic application.
  • 5.WARNING:Do allergy test on hands before use and do not use this product if the skin is imflamed or damaged,If you have any problem about Hair Removal Cream, please contact us,we will give you a perfect answer

Funwill Painless Women’s Hair Removal for Women Nose and Facial Trimmer Face Lazer Body Machine Kit Device Tool Natural Skin Girls Portable Cheek Epilators Shavers

❤ Feature:

-1. Gentle on all skin types, yet highly effective, sharp blades and the high speed trimmer system gives you a quick and smooth trimming experience.

-2. It is specially designed for elegance fashion ladies.

-3. Its mini style makes it easy to store at home and carry in your bag or pocket during travel.

-4. Many place for use: Face, Arm, Leg, Armpit, Bikini, Nose.

❤ Specification:

-Weight: 200g

Color: Black

–Size: 13.2 x 2.8cm

-Material: ABS + UV

-Power Supply: USB Charging

❤ Package Includes:

-1 x USB Hair Remover

Product Features

  • 🍀Gentle on all skin types, yet highly effective, sharp blades and the high speed trimmer system gives you a quick and smooth trimming experience.
  • 🍀It is specially designed for elegance fashion ladies.
  • 🍀Its mini style makes it easy to store at home and carry in your bag or pocket during travel.
  • 🍀Many place for use: Face, Arm, Leg, Armpit, Bikini, Nose.
  • 🍀We will offer 24 hours,if you have some questions,we will always here give you a good answer.