The Neat Guy 6-PACK Beard Catcher Kit with Beard Apron / Bib for Mess-Free Shaving + Shaping Tool + Comb + Scissor + Bag, All you Need for a Good, Clean Shave, The Perfect Gift for Fathers Day


We, beard loving people at The Neat Guy have found that one set to rule them all. From trimming to styling to simply shaving, our set has it all for you to have the grooming session of your life.

What will I get?

Beard Apron / Bib (white)

✔130 x 80 cm beard apron ✔adjustable neck size ✔waterproof polyester cape for easy collection and disposal of hair ✔ easy to wash & machine washable ✔ 2 white suction cups with hook

2 White Suction Cups with Hook

✔Strong and stable suction cups for adjusting the apron

Beard Shaping Tool

✔L shaped beard shaping tool ✔for designing symmetrical neck & cheek lines / mustaches / goatees ✔shaping guideline is included in the package

Two sided Beard & Hair Comb

✔Authentic pear wood comb ✔two sided comb for every thickness of hair ✔for hair & beard ✔use it for everyday styling as well as shaving & trimming

Small Scissor

✔small trimming scissor ✔stainless steel ✔for every facial hair


✔a lightweight water proof bag ✔compact and perfect for travel use ✔neatly pack your beard set and you are ready to go

Usage Instructions:

– Unpack The Neat Guy beard apron set

– Attach the Velcro neck straps to your neck

– Stick vacuum cups to the mirror

– Begin grooming and just watch the hair clippings fall neatly down your apron

– Use our styling comb and scissor to adjust the length and set the desired beard shape

– After the session neatly dump the hair into a dustbin

– Look awesome!

Product Features

  • ✔ DON ‘T WORRY ABOUT CLOGGED SINKS & FLYING HAIR CLIPPINGS: Have fun shaping your beard the way you like it without thinking of cleaning afterwards. Just stick our vacuum suction cups on your mirror and watch your hair collect on the beard catcher / apron for easy disposal. It is also machine-washable.
  • ✔ *6 PIECE SET* ALL YOU NEED FOR SHAVING & TRIMMING: This set includes everything a man needs to shape his beard & moustache which makes it the perfect gift for every man. The set includes a beard apron + two suction cups + beard shaping tool + two sided beard & hair comb + small trimming scissor + a pack for the ease of carry.
  • ✔ *BONUS* BEARD SHAPING TOOL: Don’t let Mother Nature decide on your beard shape. Use our beard shaper to get that symmetrical neck and cheek lines you want. Look the way you want it without going to a barbershop. Use the brush on the side to clean your shaver. You can also use our trimming scissor with shaping tool to adjust your beard length.
  • ✔ *BONUS* TWO SIDED BEARD & HAIR COMB: Let there be no mistake, we care about your hair as well as your beard. Use our two sided beard & hair comb for your daily styling as well.

Mr Rugged Beard Cape – Barber Apron Catches Hair While You Shave or Use Clippers for a Hair Cut – Keeps Things Neat and Tidy – Professional Quality

You can’t skip trimming if you want to make sure your beard looks its best every day, but when you consider all the hassles that cutting your rugged growth causes, you may feel tempted to keep your scissors or your clippers tucked away in the medicine cabinet.

With the Mr Rugged Beard Cape, you won’t have to worry about dealing with all of those fallen, messy whiskers. This beard apron keeps you and the bathroom perfectly clean.

Inspired by the classic barber apron, the Mr Rugged Beard Cape fits around your neck and measures 2 full feet in length to give you plenty of coverage.

Unlike a traditional hair cut apron, this beard cape has two plastic suction cups sewn onto the bottom. Take the suction cups and stick them right onto your mirror to form a cradle for capturing hair. Then, you can shave and trim without ending up with stubble in the sink or on your clothing!

When you finish shaving, the Mr Rugged shave apron can be emptied into the garbage for quick and easy cleanup. Fold it up and stash it in the vanity or closet, and it’ll be ready for use again and again.

The Mr Rugged Beard Cape was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. We replaced those awkward tiny snaps on the traditional barber apron with Velcro, so you can get this beard apron on and off in a hurry. The Velcro gives our shaving and hair cut apron an adjustable fit through the neck to prevent tightness and discomfort.

Tame those unruly trimmings and spare yourself the hassles of a lengthy cleanup after you shave. Simplify grooming with the best shave apron on Amazon. Order the Mr Rugged Beard Cape now.

Product Features

  • BYE BYE STRAY HAIRS Protect your collar and your shirt with this beard cape, and you won’t end up with embarrassing whiskers on your shoulders and neck
  • NO MORE MESSY SINKS Suction cups on the bottom of this beard apron attach to your mirror, creating a tent to capture hair. You can empty the trimmings into the garbage after you shave for easy cleanup
  • A PERFECT FIT This shave apron has an adjustable neckline to ensure your comfort. It’s one size fits all guys
  • EASY TO GET ON AND OFF Unlike a barber apron with a tiny snap, our cape has a Velcro closure that you can fasten and unfasten with one hand
  • NOT JUST FOR SHAVING You can use this cape as a hair cut apron for touching up your ‘do with clippers, too