CHARMMAN Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Stand, Extra Wide Openings, Wider Base, Manly Look

TOTAL HEIGHT: 5.7″/145mm

1.When you receive our shaving stand, please check whether the screws at the bottom are loose, perhaps this happens during long distance transportation. If there is any loosening, please tighten the screws first and then attach the bottom antiskid cushion.
2. After long term using,If the screws at the bottom are loose(the connection between the main mast and the base), it can be tightened directly, do not need to open the base.

After-sale servic
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-If you received our products and are not satisfied, Please contact us, We will try our best to solve it. provide first class service and make unreasonable refund.there is nothing worried with your purchase!
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Product Features

  • Wider openings: 1.2″(31mm) openings for shaving brushes, more than most of the similar products. the concave part of the brush handle can be directly hung on it instead of the middle part of the brush, so the shaving brush does not fall usually.
  • Wider base: the width of the base is 3.1″, which is wider than most other shaving holder, so it has stronger stability.
  • Anti-slip design: textured anti-slip knurling on the whole mast, easy to grip, feel good. the base of our stand is equipped with a antiskid cushion and can be stuck by yourself.
  • Not rust: our stands are made from high quality chrome plated aluminium alloy, surface polished, not rusty.
  • Masculine looking: Classic design, simple, manly appearance, a tough guy.

VIKINGS BLADE The Admiral Razor and Brush Stand, Extra Wide Openings, Heavy & Raw Stainless Steel

Another crucial piece to the Vikings Blade wet shaving set. If you are a fan of other Vikings Blade products such as the Chieftain razor, the Godfather razor, the Dark Stallion brush, the White Knight brush, the Chairman bowl and other pre-shave and after-shave products, this double stand is a must.

Product Features

  • Product of Australia
  • Made of heavy-duty raw stainless steel for a manly, rugged and unique look
  • Very heavy (0.57 lb), weightier than most chrome plated zinc stands on the market
  • WIDE openings: 0.71″ for razors and 1.10″ for brushes
  • Goes perfectly well with other Vikings Blade products such as the Chieftain razor,the Godfather razor, the Dark Stallion badger brush and the White Knight synthetic silvertip brush