BiC Soleil Shave & Trim 3 Razors Plus 1 Bikini Trimmer (Pack of 3)

3 flexible blades for a flawlessly smooth shave Pivoting head and rubber grip for ultimate comfort

Product Features

  • BIC Shave and Trim Razor comes with 3 Disposable Razors and 1 Bikini Trimmer. Perfect for getting close with the 3 flexible blades on each razor
  • Individually adjusting flexible blades
  • Shave your curves and Trim bikini hair
  • Shave and trim made easy. For simple, even trimmer over the razor head
  • 3 razors and 1 bikini trimmer per pack (3 packages included in this set for a total of 9 razors and 3 bikini trimmers)

Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls, 3.4 fl oz 2 Pack

Say goodbye to messy powders!
Applies as a soothing cream.
Dries as a cooling, silky non-talc powder.
Anti-chafing and prevents wetness.
Talc-free, paraben-free, aluminum-free.
Hypoallergenic and clinically tested.
Made in the USA.
Not tested on animals, just humans.

Product Features

  • For the first time there is a product that prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feelings of being sweaty, sticky, and chafing in the groin area, which all men suffer from.
  • Fresh Balls is an easy to apply lotion that dries quickly, so it won’t clump on your skin or leave a powdery residue in your pants. It can be used as often as needed and is recommended to use as part of your daily grooming routine.
  • Our product is Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, and Talc Free, and contains Oatmeal as an anti-irritant.
  • Note – Please open the package to find the actual item inside (2-pack of FRESH BALLS Male Hygiene Antiperspirant Lotion). The package necessarily may not indicate the actual item inside to prevent stock from being seen as the product is a genital hygiene cream

Van Der Hagen Shave Butter 3 pack (6 oz/tube)

SHAVE BUTTER Shave creams are a dime a dozen, but you don’t want Van der Hagen’s Shave Butter to slip away. Rich in emollients, our recipe includes natural ingredients like macadamia nut oil, and shea, mango and cocoa butters. Each application will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Since Shave Butter does not contain soap, it will not foam like traditional shave creams, foams or gels. Best of all, it consists of over 10% glycerin, naturally soothing your skin and providing a luxurious shaving experience. Say goodbye to skin irritation and razor drag. Shave Butter works well for women’s shaving needs too!

Product Features

  • Superior shaving cream that fights nicks and razor burn, while giving you a close, comfortable shave
  • Unique shave butter balm allows razor to glide effortlessly over skin. Leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Light fragrance perfect for sensitive skin
  • Made with the best ingredients
  • You will receive 3 six ounce bottles totalling 18 ounces of premium shave formula

Gillette Venus with Olay Ultramoisture Women’s Shave Gel, Water Lily Kiss, 6 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Gillette Venus shave gel with Olay UltraMoisture is an advanced formula with 5x more moisturizers for soft, smooth skin, every time you shave and comes in a rust-free can with a transparent gel gauge so you know exactly how much gel is left. vs. Ivory bar soap

Gillette Series Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin 7 oz (Pack of 6)

Formulated with aloe to gently soothe, this Anti-Friction gel enhances razor glide for a close, smooth, comfortable shave and delivers the protection and comfort you need for healthy looking skin.

Product Features

  • Infused with aloe
  • Includes lubricating ingredients to help protect against irritation during shaving
  • 3x action formula hydrates, protects, refreshes
  • Hydrates to soften hair and lubricates to help protect
  • Lightly fragranced to refresh

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Scented Shave Soap, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 2)

All shave soaps are not created equal. The Luxury Shave Soap is your ticket to the relaxing shave you deserve. Unwind as the subtle, floral scent floats over the peaks and valleys of your skin. The shave soap contains over 10% glycerin to help promote healthy skin cell growth, and the emollient Shea, mango and cocoa butters create a rich, moisturizing lather. If you just can’t get enough, it also works as a superb bath soap!

Product Features

  • Pack of 2 Bars, Each bar is 3.5 ounce
  • Lightly Scented Luxury Shave Soap
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Vegetable based
  • Not tested on animals

Tifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strips Multi Size Pack 200

200 Count Non-Woven Hair Removal Waxing / Epilating Strips are perfect to use with all soft hair removal wax. Includes 100 strips 3″ x 9″, 100 strips 1.5″ x 5″. Tifara Beauty Epilating Strips are non-woven, very STRONG, THICK and DURABLE waxing strips that can be used with all depilatory wax systems and won’t separate or tear during use. Our strips are ideal for waxing all areas of the body. Strips can also be cut down to any size for use on smaller areas. Wax strips can be used many times, 5+ pulls! So no need to use a new strip each time you remove the wax. Use the same strip over and over

Product Features

  • Ultra Quality Waxing Strips – Thick and durable – Tear Free
  • 100 strips 3″ x 9″, 100 strips 1.5″ x 5″, Non-Woven Wax Strips
  • Made for all soft hair removal waxes
  • Hair removal waxing strips, Epilating Strips
  • Strips do not contain wax, they are to be used along with a soft hair removal wax.

Bikini Zone Creme Hair Reomer Sensitive Bikini Area 2oz (2 Pack)

DetailsNow, from the Bikini Zone experts you know and trust, Bikini Zone introduces Ultra Smooth Bikini Creme Hair Remover. Removing hair from your bikini line has never been this fast and easy. This is the bikini creme made exclusively for your ultra sensitive bikini area. The gentle yet effective creme formula works in just 4 minutes to throughly remove all bikini hair with results that lasts longer than shaving. The Bikini Zone Creme Hair Remover formula has a fresh, cucumber melon scent and contains moisturizing aloe and chamomile to soothe skin and prevent bumps and skin irritation. with Bikini Zone Creme Hair Remover, you’ll have smooth bikini line, guaranteed. Manufactured in the USA.Directions1. For best results, trim bikini hair before proceeding either treatment. 2. Flip open cap. Squeeze creme hair remover onto fingertips, then gently apply creme evenly to bikini area. Be sure to cover all hair completely with a thick, even coat. Do not rub in. 3. After 3-4 minutes, test a small area. If hair does not wipe off easily, leave on a few minutes longer. Do not exceed 10 minutes. For especially coarse hair or hard to remove hair, saturate hair with lukewarm water for several minutes, pat dry and then apply product. 4. To remove hair: Rinse bikini area thoroughly with lukewarm water, using a washcloth to wipe off hair. Do not rub or use soap. Pat dry. 5. Keep container closed when not in use.WARNINGS:Read all directions and WARNINGS before using. Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people even after prior use without adverse effect. Therefore, test before each use by applying creme on the skin inside your elbow and remove in ten minute.Made in the USA.

Sweetease Leg Waxing Kit Multipack – 120 Wax Strips, 6 Pack Waxing Kits, 20Count in each Pack

It’s Easy Peasy! Wax it Sweetie! SweetEase Wax Strips for Legs will keep you silky smooth for weeks longer than shaving! These mess-free, easy-to-use wax strips will give you smooth skin in less time than it takes for your nail polish to dry! Perfect for your first time, each kit includes everything ou need for many leg waxing treatments. This multipack contains 6 individually packaged SweetEase Leg Waxing Kits. Each of these kits has 20 (10×2 sideded) pre-coated wax strips, 2 after wax wipes & 1 instruction card, for a total of 120 SweetEase Leg Wax Strips and 12 after wax wipes.

Product Features

  • Excellent Value Multipack – 120 SweetEase Leg Wax Strips included
  • Super easy-to-use hair remover that leaves you silky smooth for weeks.
  • Perfectly sized for and ready to use! Just press on and zip off!
  • Get results in just minutes, in the privacy of your home!
  • No Stress. No Stubble. No Fuss. Just smooth legs that last for weeks.

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Sensitive 12.6 Ounce Pump (372ml) (2 Pack)

Treat your skin well with a sensitive skin formula, that works in the shower. Now enjoy silky-smooth skin that lasts days longer than shaving. For every skin type, there’s a perfect Shower Power that takes care of unwanted hair while you shower!

Product Features

  • Get smooth, radiant skin while you shower.
  • quick and easy
  • Save Time with Shower Power

Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor with Bulk Pack of 12 Replacement Razor Cartridges and Shaving Razor Handle (Blue)

A truly great 5-blade shave at a great value. Personna has been a trusted razor brand since 1906. If you are looking for a value razor blade alternative that offers the same performance as the overpriced luxury brands, then this is what you are looking for. You get a bulk pack of razors, so you won’t need to buy them again for a while. 12 of the finest, made in the USA, ceramic-coated 5-Blade men’s razor blades made from imported steel and designed to complement the way a man shaves. This razor has a deluxe handle that is contoured for those tough to reach areas and has a no-slip grip for wet shaving. The perfectly sized lubrication strip is fortified with aloe and vitamin E for an even better glide. On the back of each cartridge is a trimmer blade for shaping up your sideburns and other edges. The handle has a one finger cartridge release for quick cartridge change. These 5-blade razor cartridges come packed 4 cartridges to a dispenser, so you will get 3 dispensers to store in your cabinet. Compare to any other razors for the price and performance. A great alternative to high priced razor’s at significant savings. Compare this price for 12 men’s 5-blade razors and cartridges to the price you are paying at retail and then compare the shave. You won’t go to the store again to buy your razors. These may have a cheap razor price, but they do not have a cheap razor shave quality!

Product Features

  • ✔ RISK FREE: Satisfaction guaranteed through Amazon! When the seller is Personna and the shipper is Amazon, you can be assured that the product you receive is quality and your purchase is secure. Personna was the first company to introduce the safety razor in the US. We have over 135 years of customer satisfaction behind our product! We led the way in innovation, and we continue to grow and develop technology to improve your shave.

  • ✔ SMOOTH, PRECISE SHAVE: With our specially designed lubrication strip created with the sensitive contours of a man’s face and neck in mind, we can ensure a safe, comfortable shave. Glides smoothly across the skin. Great for all of the lines and curves of a man’s jawline. Contours to provide a smooth shave around delicate areas. Our unique optimized soap bar profile is designed to improve skin flow, reduce friction, and balance to reduce irritation commonly associated with shaving.

  • ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY: These replaceable razor cartridges and all of our blades are made in the USA from imported steel. Keep blades dry when not in use. Don’t store steel blades in the shower or on a wet surface.

  • ✔ MODERN DESIGN: With five coated blades, an enhanced soap bar for reduced friction, a pivoting shave head, and a trimmer blade, you will be able to shave every curve with comfort. Thoughtfully designed with a man’s face and neck in mind, you can shave effortlessly for silky smooth, touchable skin. Each package contains 12 replacement cartridges and one sturdy handle.

  • ✔ VERSATILE: Perfect for wet shaving in the shower. Quick rinse technology keeps the blades clean, giving you a close shave every time. Ergonomic handle is easy to hold. The perfectly sized lubrication strip is fortified with aloe and vitamin E for an even better glide.