VIKINGS BLADE Grand Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl – Fits All Soap Pucks (Large)

The big brother to the Chairman luxury shaving bowl with Vikings Blade patent-applied microscopic technology to generate lather more effortlessly. Double the size and volume of the Chairman bowl. Fits large pucks.

Product Features

  • Product of Australia – Heavy duty stainless steel (184g) – LARGE Diameter: 3.55″
  • 2019 NEW Release: Fits LARGE pucks and all shaving creams. DOUBLE the height + volume of the standard Chairman bowl
  • Frosted Microscopic Finish: Generates EXTRA lather much FASTER (Vikings Blade’s patent pending technology)
  • Rough and tactile surface for ultra grip & a rugged, manly look
  • A crucial piece to the Vikings Blade wet shaving collection