no!no! Micro Hair Removal System, Pure White

no!no! MICRO gives you a hair removal treatment with professional-like results in the palm of your hand. no! HAIR no! PAIN – Treat and remove hair simultaneously with this micro-sized hair removal device powered by patented Thermicon Technology. Thermicon Technology works based on the scientific principles of gentle heat transference making it safe on all skin tones (and tattoos!), while effectively treating all hair colors (including blonde, red and gray). One treatment level is all you need with the small but powerful no!no! MICRO. Use it virtually anywhere on the face and body. This kit includes: 1 White MICRO, 1 Large Buffer, 2 Thermicon Tips (Wide and Narrow), Travel Bag, Lanyard, Charger, Cleansing Brush, and instruction manual.

Product Features

  • no! Hair no! Pain! Simultaneously treats and removes hair with patented Thermicon technology.
  • Weeks of lasting results with continued use and can safely be used virtually anywhere on the face or body.
  • Heat based technology makes it effective on all hair colors (including blonde, red and gray).
  • Safe for all skin tones, even dark spots and tattoos!
  • Cordless, rechargeable, designed for a hair removal treatment at home (or on the go).

Shaving Brush | 100% Pure Badger Hair | Large Badger Brush | Heavy Resin Handle, Black | Rich Lather | Shave Brush | Use w/Double-Edge Safety or Straight Razor | Genuine Badger Bristles | BRV MEN

Badger Shaving Brush

Upgrade your shave with this luxurious shaving brush. Not only its larger than regular shaving brushes it’s bristles are made of the finest pure badger hair. With dense natural bristles it creates rich lather for a perfect shave. Bristles has unique gold color tip which gives this brush a truly stylish look for classy gentlemen.

The badger hair bristles get very soft when soaked in warm water. High water retention with dense bristles creates very rich lather. Naturally exfoliates and massages the skin and prepares your face for the perfect close shave. Badger brush gets underneath your beard and mustache allowing shaving products to further penetrate and soften. Use with your favorite shaving soap, foams, gels or creams.

Beautiful shaving brush for classy gentlemen who like traditional wet shaving ritual. It’s a great gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, grandfather. Wet shave brush.

– Wet your brush using warm water ensuring it’s thoroughly wet
– Gently shake off excess water
– Apply a small amount of shaving cream on the tips of the bristles. If you are using a shaving soap swirl your brush on top of the soap a few times for 10-15 seconds
– Apply your brush directly on your face to build up lather. Add water or cream/soap to adjust the lather thickness
– Rinse brush with warm water and flick bristles to remove water
– Preferably place upside down (on a stand) so that water can move away from the base of the brush

– Weight: 90 g / 0.2 lbs
– Overall Height: 10.5 cm / 4.13 inches
– Handle Height: 5 cm/2.16 inches (Made of resin)
– Knot Loft: 5.5 cm / 1.95 inches (Length of the badger hair bristles)
– Knot Diameter: 24 mm (Diameter of the hair bristles at the bottom of the brush. Most brushes are about 20 mm knots)
– Fits any standard size stand

Product Features

  • 100% PURE BADGER HAIR BRISTLES – The quality of our bristles are unmatched. BRV MEN shaving brushes has very dense bristles. Unlike our competitors we don’t use any mix-hair, grey hair or black hair and call it pure badger brush. This is the real badger hair shaving brush. Amazingly bright and beautiful color.
  • LUXURY BADGER BRUSH – 24mm knots top-end luxury shaving brush with heavy resin black handle for comfortable hold. High water retention with dense bristles. Creates rich lather for perfect wet shave. Use with your favorite shaving soap, foams, gels or creams. Perfect for thick, glossy lathering, easy to clean, and quick to dry.
  • QUALITY SHAVE – The natural bristles get very soft when soaked in warm/hot water. Naturally exfoliates and massages the skin and prepares your face for the perfect shave. Use it with Double-Edge Safety Razor or Straight Razor. Badger hair shaving brush. Professional grade.
  • FOR MEN – We have created this beautiful shaving brush for classy gentlemen who like traditional wet shaving ritual. It’s a great gift idea for your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, grandfather. Mens shaving brush.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – BRV MEN shaving brushes are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. We want to see a smile on your face. Buy with confidence. We work hard to provide you with the best badger brushes at an affordable price. Shaving brushes for men.

Shaving Set with Soap Dish + Shaving Brush + Stand Holder, Men’s Grooming Set Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush Kit Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Razor Gift Sets for Men, Manual Shaving Kit

This shaving set includes beard brush, soap bowl and brush stand. The bowl adopts stainless steel material, durable and practical. With a stand holder, convenient to store bowl and brush as well as keep them clean.

Includes beard brush, soap bowl and stand holder. Adopts stainless steel material, durable and practical. Stand holder helps to store bowl and brush. The brush is made of high grade nylon material, soft and not easy to fall off. The bottom of the bowl is non-slip to prevent tilting and slipping. Thicken edge material, make you shaving safe and secure.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Beard Shaving Set
Material: (Bowl)Stainless Steel, (Brush Hair)Nylon
Weight: Approx. 210g / 7.4oz

Package Include:
1 x Stand
1 x Bowl
1 x Brush

Product Features

  • Soap Dish – The Soap Dish is designed to comfortably grasp and have the perfect circular motion to create a rich shape. Stainless steel is durable, insensitive to rust and mold.
  • Shaving Brush – Made from 100% pure badger hair that is soft and gentle to your skin. Use the shaving soap with the bowl to soften and cleanse your hair. Place the brush on the stand so that the brush can dry naturally
  • Stand Holder – Made of high quality stainless steel, disc shaped base, stable structure, long usable. Safe and convenient storage of shaving and shaving brushes. Make sure your razor items are arranged clearly
  • Hygiene – It extends the life of your razor and your brush when properly dried with the stand. Keeps the razor and brush dry to minimize the growth of bacteria and odors
  • Mens Grooming Kit: A perfect luxury gift for your families and friends

HongLanAo Premium Shaving Brush High Grade Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Luxury Metal Handle for Any Manual Shaver in Gift Box Men’s Gift idea Perfect Present and Gift for Men

Our shaving brushes are hand-made using only the finest badger hair, ensuring that each of our products are manufactured to the highest standards.
Brushes are extremely soft and dense, the rich lather make you get a better shave, and turn your shave chore into an enjoyable ritual, and help you save time.
The brush is very small that to meet every preference, suitable for home&travel use, so you can enjoy the best shave experience anywhere.

100% pure badger bristles, softer texture and density,
short brush knot,
The bristles on this badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent,
Apply shaving cream fast and produce rich shave lather,
Extra long bristles result in even more of a luxurious shave experience,
High quality alloy handle is durable and fashion texture,
Gently exfoliate,
Perfect for who like traditional wet shaving, best for those with sensitive skin,
Easily cleaning up,
Facilitates air drying.

It works well with all shaving soap, gels, creams.
Bring water to your face, can create a rich lather, achieve perfect&true wet shave.

How much water the brush retains affects the thickness of the foam.
Slight shedding may occur during the first few times, due to genuine badger hair.
Thoroughly rinse the shaving brush, shake and hang it to dry.
Use it with warm water to keep its hair soft and shiny.

Package including:
1x HongLanAo badger hair shaving brush
1x Round Can Box
1x Pocket

Product Features

  • ◆ Best Grade badger Hair: 100% badger hair bristles, Handcrafted production, every brush hair need to carefully chosen, extremely soft and dense, easily cleaning up and fairly quick to dry.
  • ◆ Rich lather: badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent, bring water to your face, can create a rich lather, achieve perfect&true wet shave, it works well with all shaving soap, gels, creams.
  • ◆ Alloy Handle: Design with high quality alloy handle with wonderful shape and fashion texture, the curve of the handle is easy to grasp, the base is flat that it can be weighted for stability.
  • ◆ Note: Slight shedding may occur during the first few times, releases a light badger aroma due to genuine badger hair. Recommend thoroughly rinse the shaving brush, hang it to dry for longer life.
  • ◆ Warranty: At HongLanAo we offer a 1-year Unlimited Warranty on all of our products. We stand behind the durability of our goods and offer an unconditional guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, you can also return the product for free for the first 30 days, no questions asked. Our Customer Service team is here for you and happy to help answer ANY questions you may have.

Grandslam Pure Metal Old Fashioned Double-Edged Shaving Safety Razor Set Manual Shaver Leather Case Holder + 10 Blades

This product is an old fashion safety razor, pure alloy metal, the total length of the razor is 110mm / 4.33 inches, the handle length is 100mm / 3.93 inches, the color is silver, with a brown medium 13cm leather embossed knife Set; Stainless steel blade.
The perfect shaving experience will bring you a happy mood and make you feel confident all day long.
Our razors can be your best helper.

Product Features

  • Great for wet shaving and barber shaving, and also ideal for Hair cutting.
  • Bilateral safety prevent the razor burn ,close shaving and adjustable simple blade replacement .
  • The all-alloy metal rough handle, which is both anti-slip and rust-proof, can extend the life of the razor.
  • A unique classical style men’s shaving design , suitable for home ,bathrooms and personal use, great for traditional of shaver.
  • After-sales service guarantee: If you have any questions such as return, refund, etc., please contact us.

Pure Badger Shaving Brush & Bowl by Bigfoot Shaves | Excellent Gift Idea | Rich Lather & Exfoliation | Pair with Double-Edge Razor, Straight Razor, Multi-Blade Razor | Shaving Accessory

Bigfoot Shaves!

Welcome to Bigfoot Shaves, home of the greatest razor known to Bigfoot (and man) kind! For over a hundred years, soldiers, movie stars–even presidents shaved with a classic brush, bowl, and single or double blade razor. Bigfoot Shaves’ classic old-school shaving set will take you back to an era when men were men. Today men all over the US and the world are throwing away “modern” razors and re-discovering a classic shave.

Save Money & the Environment!

Shaving cream has to be bought frequently when using the “modern” gimmicky plastic razors, but puck soap used for wet shaving can last years while maintaining its quality. Whether you’re just transitioning to the classic safety razor shaving system or are a pro that has been using it for years, you’ll save money with the long lasting quality of both our products and the close shave provided. When it comes to razors, cheap plastic ones give you razor burn and barely last a few shaves before you have throw them away. Cartridge razors cost a fortune. They shave great in the beginning, but you have to keep increasing the blade count to get good shaves. In addition, the multi-blades get clogged after a couple of shaves. YUCK!

The EPA estimates that 2 billion plastic disposable razors end up in landfills each year in the USA alone. Bigfoot Shaves razors and blades contain no plastic and are 100% recyclable.

Perfect Gift for Every Gentleman!

This shaving kit makes an excellent gift for all occasions: Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, and much more. Every man deserves gentle exfoliation and superior lathering for a clean shave every time. That is what Bigfoot Shaves delivers!

Kit Includes:

100% Pure Badger Hair Shaving BrushBrushed Finish Stainless Steel Soap Bowl90-day money back guarantee

Buy with Confidence!

Instead of buying disposable razors every w

Product Features

  • TRUE WET SHAVE: The Bigfoot Shaves badger hair shaving brush delivers a true wet shave, as its high water retention brings the water to your face. This style of shaving softens and raises the beard as you lather, so that your shave is smooth and comfortable with no pulling, giving you a salon quality shave each and every time. This set includes a premium stainless steel mug along with a badger hair brush. With high-end shaving accessories you can sculpt, shape, and shave like a professional.
  • 100% BADGER HAIR BRUSH: Here is the ultimate shaving tool addition that works with all facial hair types. This shaving brush is designed with a high-quality wooden handle and densely distributed, 100% badger hair bristles. Authentic badger hair is ideal for wet shaving as it is firm enough to keep its shape for proper lathering while being soft enough to be comfortable and gentle on the skin, unlike boar hair and synthetic brushes.
  • GENTLE EXFOLIATION: The enhanced design and quality of our shaving brush allows for gentle exfoliation that is essential to a superior shaving experience. The brush and bowl combo is used to create a rich warm lather with your shaving soap, preparing your skin and beard for a shave free of nicks, cuts, and razor burn.
  • BIGFOOT SHAVES PROMISE: We are on a mission to deliver the greatest shave possible with our high performance razors and accessories. This shaving accessory set is a must-have for all modern gentlemen. The outstanding retro brush will deliver a barbershop lather, exfoliation, and shave each and every time.
  • ORIGINAL “THROWBACK” SHAVE: Take a cue from experienced men and shave with confidence knowing that this technology has been around for over a hundred years. We’ve brought back the “old-fashioned” wet shave with quality, classic shaving tools. Bigfoot Shaves makes it extremely easy to groom facial hair like a professional. Pair this shaving brush and cup set with other Bigfoot Shave products such as: safety razor sets, single- and double-edge razors, additional blades, and stands to achieve the u

JOLI Shaving Gift Kit – Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush,Double Edge Safety Razor, Wood Grain Resin Stainless Stand,10 Replacement Blades,For Traditional and Wet Shaving,Men’s Shaving Pal

JOLI Shaving Gift Kit Includes a Shaving Brush,a Double Edge Safety Razor,a Stand and 10 Replacement Blades.


100% Badger Hair, Wood Grain Resin, Stainless Steel

Package List: 

Shaving Brush
a Double Edge Safety Razor
a Stand
10 Replacement Blades

How To Take Care Your Brush
1. Wash the shaving brush with warm water.
2. Never use strong disinfectants or detergents – a small amount of shampoo is sufficient.
3.Work into a light lather with the shampoo and rinse brushes under running water.
4. Do not keep the shaving brush wet for long and allow it to air-dry.


Product Features

  • ♥ [Safety Razor] Twist-to-Open design for easy blade replacement.Screws in razor long handle,give you great control and balance.It will leave yourself or him really smooth.
  • ♥ [Badger Hair Brush] 100% Pure badger hair shaving brush with resin handle.Rich and warm lather can be generated easily.Please Notice:All the hair has been sanitized, however the natural smell of badger hair may still present, but it will be gone over few uses.And You may experience hair falling in the beginning, it will stop after few uses.
  • ♥ [ Shaving Brush Stand] High quality wood grain resin plated stand, rust-proof, rubber like non-slip sole weighted for Stability.Shaving stand will keeps your razor and brush dry to avoid bacteria.Facilitates air circulation for brush to dry properly.Minimize irritation, shaving burn and pore infection.
  • ♥ [Replacement Blades]10 replacement blades including provide you a good service and a long time using. You’d better change the blades during 3 months.
  • ♥ [Elegant Gift Choice] Shaving Gift kit comes with key tools in a Elegant Black Gift Box:Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush,Double Edge Safely Razor, Double Claw Multi-function Stand,10 Replacement Blades.Great gift idea for Your Father,Brother,Husband or Boyfriend.

Shaving Brush and Bowl, AKUNSZ Shave Kit: Pure Badger Shaving Brush + 3.2″ Black Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl + Shave Stand – Shave Brush Kit

Professional manufacture of wet shaving products.
We know exactly how to take account of both quality and appearance while making old-fashioned straight razors and shaving brushes.

Complete Shaving Set
This shaving set contains shaving brush, shaving bowl and shaving stand. It will meet all your need for a shaving brush and the complete set will not take up much of your counter space.

Soft Badger Hair
The bristles of the brush hair are from pure badger hair. The badger hair is soft and silky. It feels good when you use this badger shaving brush on your face.

Solid Brush Handle
The brush handle is made of ABS, compare to wood handle it will not rot or mildew. Besides the ABS brush handle is not easy to break and will not get scratch on the surface.

Get A Closer Shave
A shaving brush is a must for wet shaving enthusiast. Use this shaving brush to lather up and exfoliate the skin, you will get a closer shave and therefore have a more confident look.

Package included:
1x Akunsz shaving brush
1x shaving bowl
1x shaving stand

Product Features

  • Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush: The bristles of the shaving brush are from pure badger hair. They are silky, soft and stays firm on the brush handle, The brush lathers well and will cause no shedding. Its water absorbing and heat retention capability helps to open up pores, exfoliate skin, protect you against razor irritation and gives you a closer shave.
  • Solid Brush Handle: The handle of this shaving brush is made of ABS. It will not rot or mildew. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold. The black brush handle matches the badger hair well, which gives the brush a classy look.
  • Stainless Steel Shaving Stand: The brush is easy to clean and you can hang it on the shaving stand to dry, which can also avoid the bacteria.
  • Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl: The black matte coating gives this shaving kit a cool looking. This shaving bowl is made of stainless steel so it’s not easy to rust or wear, unlike the other ceramic shaving bowl, stainless steel shaving bowl is not easy to break when it falls from a height. The diameter of the shaving bowl is 3.2″, the size is perfect for lathering up.
  • Perfect Shaving Set: With this shaving set you can quickly organize your shaving tools on the bathroom vanity. It will not take up much of your counter space and its small size makes it portable. It’s a great gift for the wet shaver.

Grandslam Luxury Professional Shavers Straight Shaving Razor + Pure Barber Badger Brush+ Shaving Mug Soap Bowl + Razor Stand Holder- Gift Set For Men

Very personal razor/brush display stand, extend the life of the brush and dry naturally.
The perfect shaving experience will bring you a happy mood and make you feel confident all day long.
Perfect choose for black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday online shopping,best gift for father, husband and male friends.

Product Features

  • High quality black plastic handle and stainless steel razor,suitable for thick crests, sharp edges keep your face clean
  • Resin handle brush, vintage style; Black mane, very soft and dense,You may experience hair falling in the beginning, but it will stop after few uses.
  • The multi-functional bracket not only provides a place for razors, brushes, mugs and soaps, but also allows for natural drying.
  • Very classy and stylish, great for traditional of shaver.Sufficient foam to keep the skin smooth and prevent burns.
  • Ideal for salons, home and professional use.Perfect gift for yourself ,your father, husband, or for any wet shavers.

GBS Premium Shaving Gift Set – Black Handle 3 Blade Razor, Pure Badger Bristle Brush and Chrome Stand – Ultimate Wet Shaving and Perfect to Groom Beard Includes 1 blade

Our 3 Blade Razor set comes with everything you need! You’ll love the look and the quality of this set whether you are buying it for you or you’re buying it as a gift for someone. All the accessories you need to get the best and cleanest shave possible. GBS Manufactures high-end shaving tools and Accessories GBS Proudly offers high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price

Product Features

  • B5 IDEAL GIFT FOR MEN: This grooming set is every gentleman’s dream. COMES IN GIFT BOX — DURABLE:We Stand by our Products 100% because our products well made and extremely durable. With Proper maintenance and care our grooming and beard tools should last many years
  • CLASSIC CARTRIDGE RAZOR – MACH 3 COMPATIBLE: Multi blade razor with precision trimmer – Elegant Ebony Handle . Blades are spaced closer together for less irritation. Features 3 precision blades helping reduce pressure per blade. Responds to contours, getting virtually every hair. Compatible with Mach 3 blades! Overall length 5 1/2″ handle length 3 3/4. This shaver has a classic, timeless design. The multiple blades and lubricating strip provide a close, smooth shave
  • PROPER STORAGE IS KEY: Stainless Shave Stand Brush & Razor Holder – Our Classic Vintage Brush and Razor Stand is solidly made and is great way to store your tools properly. Always have the bristles of your brush facing downward which will ensure base of your brush to collect water. Always remember to vigorously shake your brush dry before putting it away. The razor prongs are made to fit 99% of all Razors.
  • SPACE SAVER AND ELEGANT DESIGN: Keep your counter tops clear of clutter. This brush and razor holder does the organizing for you. The color tones gives this shaving kit a high-end look without the cost. PROFESSIONAL CHOICE – Our Tools are used by professionals Barbers across the USA. Barber Tested and Approved!
  • TOP QUALITY PROFESSIONAL SHAVE BRUSH: PURE 100% badger hair. 20 mm Knot. There is no BOAR, no Goat, No blends of Fibers at all. Solidly constructed for the ultimate Wet Shaving experience. Use your favorite Cream or soap to create a rich lather that would make your Grandfather Father proud. GBS first got started in the shaving world by developing shaving brushes. Today they are still made with he same tight tolerances as before. Like all brushes it’s typical to lose anywhere between 25 – 50 hair

Natural Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream by Pure Tropix for Redness, Razor Bumps, Scars, Burns, Acne Spots, Bikini Line Area and Irritation | Clinically-Proven Results! | For Men & Women | w/Free Brush

Botanical extracts of Aloe, Willowbark and Aloe Vera, accented with Papaya extract – those are the natural healing аnd ѕооthing ingrеdiеntѕ that will help you get rid of ingrown hair, razor bumps & redness forever. When you buy Pure Tropix Natural Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream you are getting a long-term solution that helps in reducing and completely removing redness and ingrowns in the natural way!

▶How are you sure it will work?
Keep in mind, when you use Pure Topix products you use natural & quality solutions. In this case:
1. Our premium, hand-picked natural ingredients like Aloe, Willowbark and Aloe Vera absorb quickly to create a protective layer of soothing hydration that leaves skin feeling refreshed and supple. This prevents irritation, dryness, and redness.

2. The formulation also includes Papaya Extract (naturally rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C) to help in weakening hair follicles and preventing future growth.

▶How it can help you?
– prevents ingrown hair (face, beard, bikini area)
– stops razor bumps, redness & irritation
– соuntеrасts dryness
– sooths sensitive skin & makes it suppler and radiant

Don’t let ingrowns drag you down with frustration and confidence problems.

Stop ingrown hair and irritations fast & easy.

✅ Go up, tap Add to Cart and get a natural cream that actually works – risk-free! You’ll also be getting a premium exfoliating brush for free!

By Pure Tropix

Product Features

  • 🌳 NATURE’S FINEST TO REDUCE INGROWNS – Based on an all-natural formula, Pure Tropix Natural Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream (2 oz) GREATLY reduces the appearance of redness, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. Treat, reduce & cures redness with ingrown hair solution that is clinically proven to work (or your money-back!)
  • ✅ NO MORE PAIN PHYSICALLY NOR MENTALLY – Apply the cream with our free exfoliating brush to gently exfoliate the area in need and remove the dead skin which blocks the hair from escaping. No more frustration, Pain & self-doubt – our advanced natural formulation is here from now on to prevent blackheads or acne spots caused by the buried hairs.
  • ⭐️ SAY YES TO A SKIN TREATMENT WITH FINEST INGREDIENTS – Masterfully formulated by Pure Tropix with natural healing аnd ѕооthing ingredients tо effectively соuntеrасt dryness аnd irritаtiоn. Make use of the premium Exfoliating Brush that comes for free! Simply apply an оrgаniс formula that lосkѕ in nаturе’ѕ bеѕt for long-term gains!
  • ENJOY CLINICALLY PROVEN NATURAL FORMULATION – Why our ingrown hair treatment cream is best for you? First, the botanical extracts of aloe, willowbark and aloe vera absorb quickly to create a protective layer of soothing hydration that leaves skin feeling refreshed and supple. Second, the Papaya Extract is a natural source of vitamin A and vitamin C, it helps weaken hair follicles, inhibiting future growth.
  • 🛒 TREAT YOUR INGROWNS NOW – RISK-FREE – It’s the time to reduce the appearance of ” cherry necks ” (Necktie Redness), ingrown beard hair & facial hair, bikini line area ingrown hairs, scars, acne spots and similar conditions. Get your Natural Ingrown Hair Cream now & become the best version of yourself! Rest assured – your purchase is risk-free, backed by our hassle-free money-back guarantee!

Mr PB24BA-04 Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Black Handle Shaving Accessory Birthday Gift

Mr known as a worldwide registered brand owned by Amis Shaving Brush Co.Ltd, is one of the most desired brand in North America, Europe and Asia.

Mr PB24BA-04 Hand Crafted Shaving Brush adopts 100% Pure Badger With Black Color Hard Handle generate a wonderful, creamy, rich and warm lather, the densely filled brush head is ideal for holding and distributing lather, soften and lift the beard, open pores, bring sufficient water to the skin and gently exfoliate.

Engineered to deliver the best shave of Your Life. No matter what method you use, safety razor, double edge razor, straight razor or shaving razor, this is the best badger brush.

Product Details:
Material: 100% pure badger hair bristles;
Hair : 100% Finest pure badger;
Knot Size: 24mm;
Loft Length: 57mm;
Handle Height: 51mm;
Total Height : 108mm(4.3″)

Package Includes:
1 x Shaving brush
1 x package carton

1. Moisten face with warm water to soften hairs.
2. Wet shaving brush, shake off excess water, and rotate brush over shaving soap to create desired amount of lather.
3. Apply lather in a circular scrubbing motion to shaving area.

This is a SUPER DEAL you can ONLY find on Amazon, because this is the ONLY Quality Surveillance Kit that gives you the BEST VALUE for every cent you pay. Don’t buy those cheap brushes that can be broken after using sever times. Take advantage of the 1-Year Hassel Free Service that could only bring safety and happiness to your mind!

Best Birthday Gift,please leave us a message if you need it with a messge which you wanna to write in the card.

Product Features

  • Mr PB24BA-04 Hand Crafted Shave Brush adopts 100% Pure Badger Hair with Hard handle;
  • Minimize Irritation, Shaving Burn and Pore Infection; Lift Hair and Open up Pores on Your Face, Naturally Exfoliates Your Skin;
  • It brings water to the face for a true wet shave;
  • It is Designed to Increase Air Circulation for Brush to Dry Properly;
  • Best Birthday Gift,Shaving bowl is not included,please kindly check our store if you need shaving sets;