Purean Hard Wax Beans 10.6 oz – Stripless & Painless Depilatory Waxing Kit – Natural Lavender Hot Wax Beads – For Legs, Underarms, Brazilian Bikini, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Face & Body

Quicker, Convenient & relatively less painful compared to traditional waxing, our hard wax beans allow you to remove unwanted hair like a Pro – flaunt soft & silky skin with easy & cost-effective waxing!


One of the most innovative depilatory solutions of the decade – works like a charm
Significantly less pain – sticks only to the hair and not to the skin, thus making the hair removal easier
Wax itself converts to a solid layer upon drying that can be pulled off easily to remove hair – doesn’t require strips of cloth like with soft wax
Hard wax is suitable for even the most sensitive areas – ideal for bikini area, face, eyebrows, underarms, legs, upper lip & other body parts
Removal from root ensures that it takes longer for hair to grow back when compared to shaving
Almost negligible risk of rashes, cuts, irritation, etc.
No need for application of oil or powder
Easy post-wax cleanup, as it can be applied almost effortlessly with a spatula, dries neatly, and comes off as a flat wax layer
Doesn’t smell bad like inferior quality wax, but instead emanates a pleasant lavender fragrance
Recommended to apply along the orientation of natural hair growth, and pull off in the opposite direction
Ideal gift for a wife or women in your life – help her do away with the pain, and save several hundreds of dollars too

We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

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Product Features

  • LESS PAIN & IMPROVED CONVENIENCE – Remove unwanted bodily hair easier – Purean hard wax beans offer high quality stripless depilatory hot wax which ensures that all your hair come off easily, and with significantly less pain compared to any other types of waxing.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – Stop spending a fortune visiting a waxing center and letting someone deal irresponsibly with your sensitive skin. You can now achieve professional quality results without much hassle.
  • EASY TO USE – Hot melted wax beads sticks to the hair rather than skin, transforms into a thin sheet upon drying, which itself can be pulled off with a jerk – equally suitable for legs, hands, underarms, bikini, facial area, eyebrow, nose, upper lip.
  • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE – Ensures SOFT & SMOOTH SKIN, prolongs the duration after which you need to re-wax – enjoy smooth and soft skin for up to twice as long as shaving!
  • GUARANTEE – With our 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on this wax beans hair removal kit or waxing kit, you have nothing to lose. However, you will be impressed with its functional effectiveness, easy application with spatula or waxing sticks, and less painful process!