Hollywoodskin 2.5% Retinol serum–4x STRONGER than regular anti-aging and acne treatments. With 11% Hyaluronic Acid and 20% Vitamin C, highest strength. 30ml

It’s Never Too Early To Begin Reversing/Preventing the Signs of Aging

We have concentrated the amounts of Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C in our formula to be stronger than any other anti-aging serum available on the market. With 2.5% Retinol, 11% Hyaluronic Acid, 20% Vitamin C and more, no other serum can match the power and effectiveness of our Re-Invented Age Antidote Serum.

Even if you never spent hours in your bikini ‘working on your tan’ when you were younger, the sun can still do significant damage to your skin. Dark spots, brown patches, and age spots can be effectively faded and reduced with our highly concentrated Retinol serum that combines the effects of known age-fighters like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins B3, C & E, Astaxanthin and Green Tea to give your skin a more even tone.

Give Crow’s Feet Their Walking Papers

Retinol stimulates the growth of your skin’s natural collagen so wrinkles and fine lines are dramatically reduced or eliminated. So we make certain we give you more Retinol than any of our competitors.

Tough On Wrinkles, Gentle On Your Skin

Our concentrated formula is packed with antioxidants and powerful age fighters, but it is irritant-free and safe for all skin types. It is so gentle and luxurious on the skin that you can use it with confidence on its own or under your regular moisturizer, sunscreen or night cream.

Higher Levels Of Active Ingredients Make This Serum Your Best Value

There is no other serum available without a prescription that can match the potency of ours. With 2.5% Retinol, 11% Hyaluronic Acid and 20% Vitamin C, Age Antidote Serum gives you more anti-aging protection and antioxidants than any other.

Order Your Own Supply of Age Antidote Serum Today and Finally End Your Search For The Fountain of Youth

30ml bottle, suitable for acne prone skin and for mature skin

Product Features

  • 400% ULTRA-CONCENTRATED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scars don’t stand a chance.
  • OUR SCIENCE-BACKED FORMULA ACTIVATES “CELL COMMUNICATION” – encouraging aged skin cells to behave more like healthy young skin cells. It helps rebuilds healthy, vibrant and elastic skin tissue from within. On the surface, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, dark spots and acne begin to fade.
  • 2 IN 1: Retinol has long been known as an acne fighter. Now used in cosmetics for its anti-aging benefits – stimulating collagen growth, smoothing wrinkles, fading age spots.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT SERUM GOES DEEPER THAN MOISTURIZERS AND NIGHT CREAMS: The smaller molecules in our serum make it easy for nutrients to absorb deep into the skin’s inner layers, tackling the cause of acne at the root, so you see better, faster results.
  • 400% STRONGER ACNE AND ANTI-AGE TREATMENT: Containing 400% more Retinol, the sexy new you is around the corner.

Repairing Acne Cream – 1% Salicylic Acid! 400% STRONGER than regular acne creams. Clinically proven to give better results, faster. The most effective skin-healing acne cream available.

Repairing Day Cream
Now you can get up to 400% better results from the most effective skin-healing day cream available anywhere. Most over the counter day creams contain 0.25% Salicylic Acid, but our Repairing Day Cream gives you 1.0%. This means our Repairing Day Cream is formulated to deliver maximum blemish protection by gently cleansing the pores and relieving existing breakouts. Give your skin the healing gift of Repairing Day Cream and help it stay clear and beautiful all day long! Use this invigorating cream to clean, nourish and repair dry or damaged skin. You’ll be shocked how fast your skin tone improves as your blemishes and marks begin to disappear. Featuring the perfect combination of natural astringents and moisturizing herbal extracts, our gentle Repairing Day Cream will keep your skin looking it’s very best from sunrise to sunset. The 1.0% Salicylic Acid solution will help you fight acne and prevent future breakouts from occurring.

What it is
A healing combination of herbal extracts and 1.0% Salycylic Acid that helps keep your skin soft and clear by providing continuous hydration and protection against future breakouts. This is the most powerful over-the-counter skin-repairing formula available on the market today. All of our ingredients are held to the highest manufacturing standards so you get the absolute best skin-healing benefits from these premium-quality extracts.

Why You’ll Love It
– The gentle nourishing formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth
– Specially formulated to clear away blemishes without over-drying
– Rejuvenating extracts keep your skin soft and radiantly beautiful

120ml jar

Product Features

  • The strongest available day cream for skin repair – Acne doesn’t stand a chance
  • 400% STRONGER than any other – 1% Salicylic Acid
  • Clinically proven to give better results, faster
  • A luxurious day cream that not only destroys acne, but also enriches and heals your skin
  • You’ll be shocked how fast your skin tone improves as your blemishes and marks begin to disappear

Two (2) Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Bay, Regular scent rum shaving sticks. This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form.

This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form. With a shaving stick you rub it directly on your wet whiskers and whip up a lather right on your face with a shaving brush. This is great for traveling, or shaving in the shower….or for everyday use!

Product Features

  • This is a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form.

Magic Regular Fragrant Shaving Cream, 6-Ounce Tube (Pack of 6)

SoftSheen Carson® Magic® Regular With Shea Butter Razorless Cream Shave.
Now, with soft flexible tube.
Regular to coarse beards.
Helps stop razor bumps! With every use.
Better than a razor*.
*Longer-lasting, closer shave.
Comfortable & smoothing.
No mixing, clean scent.

Product Features

  • Smooth Head Maintenance
  • For Bald Heads
  • Formulated For Black Men
  • Helps to Stop Razor Bumps

Skin Tight Regular Strength For Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair 4oz

Shaving, waxing, and electrolysis cause razor bumps, razor scars, burns, and aggravate ingrown hair conditions. Skin Tight was formulated specifically to help reduce and control these problems, while also enhancing the overall condition of the skin.

Product Features

  • Available in Regular and Extra Strength
  • Formulated to gently exfoliate the skin
  • Specfically for treatment of in-grown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and irritation resulting from shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal and any other hair removal process
  • For men and women

Gillette Foamy Shave Cream, Regular – 2 oz

This shaving cream features an extra thick consistency for a shave that’s smooth and comfortable. Just spread it on, shave with ease, and rinse clean to reveal skin that’s soft to the touch. Millions of men know and trust Gillette Foamy Regular for a reason – it’s the shaving cream that started it all.

Product Features

  • Gillette Comfort Glide Formula for a Comfortable Shave.
  • Rust-resistant Bottom
  • Compact Size – Great for Travel.