Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, For Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage, Carrier Oil for Diluting Essential Oils, Hair & Skin Care Benefits, Moisturizer & Softener – 16 fl Oz.

Scientists have recently discovered a miraculous coconut oil called “Fractionated Coconut Oil”, and now it has been positioned as a No. 1 aromatherapy massage oil on the market. To make fractionated coconut oil, coconut is processed in a way that removes all the long chain fatty acids, leaving only the healthy medium chain fatty acids.

This liquid form of coconut oil has miraculous skin benefits. It has high concentration of capric acid and caprylic acid, which give it an amazing amount of antioxidant and disinfecting properties. It’s an excellent moisturizer and is fantastic for soothing skin rashes, irritations and inflammation. It’s also known to help fight acne.

Fractionated coconut oil is superb for soothing chapped lips, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It has a longer shelf life, is more stable and generally less is needed compared to the other types of coconut oil. Unlike normal coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil remains in a liquid state even at low temperatures.

Majestic Pure fractionated coconut oil is Hexane free, Paraben free and Sulfate free. Our coconuts are growing in no-man islands in Malaysia and Indonesia and southern China. We hand pick only good quality of coconuts.

Safety Warning:
• For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.

For skincare uses:
• Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Coconut oil has a detox effect which may come up in form of rashes but it should go away after 2-3 days of use. Do not use if the rashes persist for more than 3 days.
• Clean skin thoroughly before applying coconut oil to maximize absorption.
• Apply thin layer and massage well, reapply multiple thin layers if needed.

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Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY PURE AND NATURAL FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL – It is a fraction of the coconut oil from which almost all the long chain triglycerides are removed, thus leaving mainly the medium chain triglycerides and making it a great MCT oil. It is ODORLESS, COLORLESS and NO GREASY FEELINGS, does not stain and easily washes out of clothing and sheets. Does not become solid like regular coconut oil but keeps all the great properties. It has very long shelf life.
  • OTHER USES: Coconut oil one of the most versatile oils. It’s used as moisturizer, as private lubricant, in recipes for tooth paste, as lip balm and in coconut shampoo. It’s also used as a natural deodorant, for face wash, as hair conditioner, as eye makeup remover, as shaving cream, in sunburn remedies, for massage, aromatherapy and many other household uses and benefits.
  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
  • FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL is also a great carrier for blending with essential oils. It can be mixed with other more expensive carrier oils. It’s excellent as a MASSAGE OIL and used in AROMATHERAPY RECIPES.
  • GUARANTEE – PURCHASE RISK FREE TODAY with complete peace of mind, if you are not completely satisfied with Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, contact us within 60 days and we will refund your entire purchase.

Bossman Beard Essentials Care Package – Fortify Conditioner, Jelly Beard Oil, and Relaxing Beard Balm Kit (Gold)

Get your ultimate beard care package that contains the essential products to moisturize, revitalize and protect your facial hair for a thicker, healthier, and more seductive looking beard!

Replenish Pores and Facial Hair with the Fortify Intense Conditioner:
Bossman Fortify Intense Conditioner is everything you need to strengthen, repair and replenish your beard from the toughest day to day activities. The first of it kind to utilize Betaine, a highly effective beet extract, combined with mango butter to provide the healthiest beard possible. Use the Fortify Conditioner in the shower 2x per week for optimal results.

Soften and Tame with the Jelly Beard Oil
Bossman JellyTM Beard Oil is a first of its kind product that lasts LONGER and performs BETTER than standard beard oil using an increased viscosity and the moisturizing properties of higher quality oils.

Seal and Protect with the Relaxing Beard Balm
After applying the conditioner and the Jelly oil, your lustrous beard is not complete without the Relaxing Beard Balm. With all natural oils and careful chosen butters, this balm seals in the moisture provided by the Fortify Conditioner and the Jelly Oil to nourish and support beard growth.

Product Features

  • YOUR COMPLETE BEARD CARE PACKAGE – Includes the Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner, the Jelly Beard Oil and the Relaxing Beard Balm
  • FORTIFY INTENSE BEARD CONDITIONER – For the shower 2x per week to replenish pores and facial hair
  • JELLY BEARD OIL – To moisturize pores and soften facial hair. The Jelly Beard Oil is superior to conventional beard oils because of its increased viscosity and its ability to form a better bond with the hair follicles and pores.
  • RELAXING BEARD BALM – To trap moisture and essential vitamins and minerals into the facial hair for long term nourishment.
  • GOLD SCENT – The fresh blend of Cedar Wood and Spruce Oil that provides a hint of the outdoors. Combined with rich Lemon Oil to give a clean and invigorating effect, Gold Scent is the perfect way to wake up or just feel refreshed throughout your day.

7 Jardins Good Night Tranquil Bath and Shower Gel – Calming, Relaxing, Sleep Aromatherapy Enriched with Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood & Frankincense Essential Oils. 100% Sulfate Free

Are You Looking for an All Natural Good Night Tranquil Shower Gel that Thoroughly Cleans the Skin to Give You a Good Night’s Sleep?

We give you 7 Jardins Good Night Tranquil Shower Gel made with plant based ingredients that are blended with essential, precious plant and botanical oils that are gentle on the skin and free of sulfate and harsh chemicals.

Here is What Makes Our Good Night Tranquil Shower Gel Excellent Additional to Your Nightly Routine…

– Perfect for Every Night Use – Our exclusive natural formulation contains no allergens, irritants and sulfate free so it’s gentle enough to use each night. It is enhanced and scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to nourish your dry or sensitive skin to leave your skin feeling healthy, supple and youthful.

– Superior Quality Pure Essential Oils – Each ingredient is carefully chosen for their relaxing and calming properties to improve your bath and shower experience. These include Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Frankincense to help you unwind and relax after a long day.

– No Parabens or Harsh Chemicals – Unlike most shower gels available on the market that contain petroleum, parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, parfum and artificial colors. It’s also cruelty free as our products are made with no animal testing as well as being gluten and wheat free.

– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re  committed to providing the best quality customer service. We’re so confident that you’ll love all of our Products.

DISCLAIMER: The Statements of this Product have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our Products are for Wellness Purpose, so these products are neither medicines, nor cure, diagnose or prevent from any disease. The Results of these products may also vary from person to person.

Product Features

  • GENTLY CLEANSES AND SOFTENS – Our Good Night Tranquil Bath and Shower Gel is non drying and leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and incredibly nourished. The relaxing and calming properties allow your mind and body to achieve soothing peace and serenity to get you ready for bedtime.
  • UNIQUE NIGHT FORMULATION – Made specially for use at night to give you the perfect night’s rest. Especially for those who suffer from disturbed or disrupted sleep, insomnia or just need a natural way to ease stress. Our natural shower gel is made up of pure plant based ingredients, precious plant oils as well as a blend of therapeutic essential oils to purify and nourish your skin as well as helping you sleep easy each and every night.
  • EXCLUSIVE BLEND OF ESSENTIAL OILS – Contains an exclusive blend of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood and Frankincense each carefully chosen by our team of experts at 7 Jardins to help your calm and relax the senses.
  • SAFE AND ALL NATURAL – The specialist team at 7 Jardins use only best and most pure ingredients for its line of luxurious all-natural body products. Made in the USA our products are safe, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, non toxic and made with no artificial colors to ensure our products are top quality to give you product your can trust that works.
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Shaving Soap & After Shave Cream Set – Premium VEGAN Natural Best Sensitive Skin Relaxing Depilation or Shaving Kit for Men & Women – Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Shea Butter & Lavender Essential Oils Blend – (1.7 oz / 50 ml) + (3.4 oz / 100 gr) – FREE Shipping 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED Shaving Kit Therapy!

★ Unique Calming Relaxing Natural Shaving Kit ★

Ever struggled sensitive or irritated skin when shaving?
Wish to have a more calmed and relaxed shaving experience?

If so, You Ought to Give this Unique Natural Shaving Kit a Try!

This natural premium shave kit includes a natural lavender skin softening soap and an active after shaving / depilation cream, designed to provide a smooth, calmed and relaxed shaving even for the most sensitive skin types…

Why Customers LOVE This Rich Shaving Kit?

• VEGAN Natural Proven Formula of Lavender Shaving Soap + After Shave Relaxing Cream
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado and Lavender Oils Extracts
• Cleanses, Moisturizes, Smoothes and Calms the Skin for the Perfect Natural Shaving
• Nourishes the Skin with High Amounts of Crucial Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and Antioxidants
• No Alcohol, No SLS, No Artificial Fragrances or Colors, Environmental Friendly, Not Tested on Animals

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Aya Natural believes that products which are not fit to eat, should NOT be applied to the skin. Aya Natural Products are Sold Worldwide in Premium Luxury Natural Beauty Stores with Great Success.

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Product Features

  • ✔ UNIQUE RELAXING SHAVING KIT – Best Natural Shaving Soap & Relaxing After Shaving / Deplilation Cream Kit Set to Naturally Shave Facial & Body Skin Areas. Thoroughly Cleanses, Moisturizes, Hydrates & Calms the Skin. Recommended for Sensitive or Irritated Skin!
  • ✔ BASED ON MORE THAN 500 YEARS OF ANCIENT TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE – Founded on Recipes of Medications and Cosmetics Passed Down the Generations in a Tradition Hundreds of Years Old. Primarily Based on Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil of an Edible Grade, Shea Butter & Lavender Essential Oils Blend
  • ✔ NATURAL PRODUCTION METHODOLOGY – Retains High Quantities of Vitamins, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Minerals Crucial to Achieve a Smooth, Calm & Relaxing Natural Shaving Procedure
  • ✔ VEGAN NATURAL SHAVING SET – Environmental Friendly, No alcohol, No SLS, No Pertochemical Ingredients, No Artificial Colors or Fragrances, Not Tested on Animals
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