PURE JOJOBA OIL for Hair, Face, & Nails, 100% Organic, Natural, Unrefined & Cold Pressed for Best Results, 4 Oz

Keeping your skin protected from germs, dryness, and the effects of the sun and stress can be a full-time job! Gone are the days when you needed to put 10 different products on your skin throughout the day that were full of harsh chemicals and parabens that actually did more harm than good.

YOU HAVE FOUND THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO GORGEOUS SKIN, HAIR, AND NAILS! Our aVo Essentials Jojoba Oil is 100% pure, natural, and organic to work with your body to heal from the inside out. It’s safe enough for even children to use on their delicate skin! If you are frustrated with dry and irritated skin, cuticles, and hair, our Deluxe Jojoba Oil will be a game changer for you! It is full of powerful properties like Vitamin A and E, that will make a big difference! Here are the most common uses for our “liquid gold” Jojoba Oil:
~Heal and Reduce Acne: Softly massage several drops of our Jojoba Oil to your skin after gently washing your skin morning and night.
~Skin Moisturizer: Massage on skin after showering for a radiant glow. Best applied at night before bed for extra hydration.
~Induce Natural Hair Re-Growth: Rub a few drops of Jojoba Oil between your palms, and then gently massage throughout your scalp. Leave for a few minutes, and then wash out in the shower with shampoo.
~Increase Shine and Reduce Frizz: Apply a couple drops of Jojoba oil with your shampoo and massage into your scalp. You will enjoy smoother, shinier, & healthier hair!
~Heal a Sunburn: Rub oil between your palms, and then gently massage on sunburned skin. It will help reduce redness, inflammation, and soothe the burn.
~Reduce the Effects of Eczema & Psoriasis: Gently massage oil on affected skin to soothe and heal dry, itchy skin.

Product Features

  • ♛ GIVE YOUR SKIN THE “ROYAL TREATMENT” ♛ Our High-End Jojoba Oil is the best way to show your skin some love! Our Pure Jojoba Oil is known for its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that give your skin that extra clean feel and radiant glow! Made in the USA. Paraben Free. Fragrance Free and Vegan.
  • 30 USES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE… If you are looking for the ultimate “go-to” oil for all of your skin care needs, then you will love our 100% Natural & Organic aVo Essentials jojoba oil! It helps to heal and reduce acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, stretch marks, dry skin and feet, and even helps heal hair loss! It also works great as a daily moisturizer, and a natural makeup remover without clogging pores!
  • �� GET SOFT, KISSABLE LIPS AND SKIN! Our premium cold-pressed Jojoba Oil works as a natural and powerful lip balm and moisturizer. It will form a barrier on your lips and skin that locks in moisture for extra-soft skin and lips that are irresistibly kissable. Your husband can thank us later!
  • THE PERFECT CARRIER OIL TO USE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS! If you love natural remedies, our pure and effective jojoba oil is great to use alone or as a carrier oil with our essential oils. It works great on kids with sensitive skin to help dilute “hot oils” like: Cassia, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Oregano, Thyme, Clove, On Guard, and more!
  • PURE. POWERFUL. POSITIVE RESULTS. We know you are a beautiful woman that only uses the best products on your skin. After all, your skin is only as healthy as the products you put on it, right?! That’s why we promise to only provide you with pure, safe, and natural products that are guaranteed to make a difference in the way you feel! If you are not happy, receive a full refund no questions asked!

no!no! MICRO Hair Removal System for Lasting Results – Basic Kit (Lipstick Red)

Facial hair? NO! Leg hair? NO! no!no! MICRO gives you a hair removal treatment with professional-like results in the palm of your hand. Treat and remove hair simultaneously with this micro-sized hair removal device powered by patented ThermiconTM Technology. Thermicon Technology works based on the scientific principles of gentle heat transference, making it safe and effective on all skin tones and hair colors. With one treatment level, no!no! MICRO can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body. Simply chose the Thermicon Tip size for the area you are treating and press it into the device, go over the area, making sure the Tip comes in contact with the hair stubble in the opposite direction of the grain of hair and buff after treatment. If any hair remains report the process. This kit includes: 1 MICRO, 2 Thermicon Tips (Wide and Narrow), Charger and Cleansing Brush.

Product Features

  • Simultaneously treats and removes hair, Weeks of lasting results with continued use
  • Uses patented Thermicon Technology, Can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body
  • Cordless, rechargeable, designed for a hair removal treatment at home (or on the go)
  • Safe on all skin tone (and tattoos!)
  • Effectively treats all hair colors (including blonde, red and gray)

IPL Hair Removal System-Life Basis Laser Light Hair Removal Device-Professional Results for Home Beauty Use-300000 Flashes

IPL Hair Removal
1. Prevent hair regrowth, making you enjoy silk smooth skin every day with the comfort IPL removal system.
2. Five adjustable level settings can provide 90% hair reduction after 6-10 treatments.

How to use?
Use a medical alcohol wipe to clean the glass window before treatment. Press the “power button” for 1 second. Select your preferred intensity level and place the flash window to completely contact surface on your skin. You will see the warning light flickering and then click the flash button, the device will flash one time. You need to wait for 1-3 seconds to use again after the red indicator light turn off. Apply Life Basis hair removal every two weeks for the initial six treatment and every four weeks after six times.

Weight: 186g
Focus size: 33*10mm²
Size: 124*83*48.5*mm³
Lamp tube: Xenon quartz tube
Light source: Intense Pulsed Light
Adaptor: [email protected] 3A
Operating temperature range: 5~30°C
Operating humidity range: Relative humidity 30%~60%

Package Included:
1 x IPL machine
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Safety goggles
1 x Manual Instruction

Product Features

  • Latest Version: Latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is clinically tested for permanent hair reduction, making you experience a professional hair removal.
  • Powerful: 300,000 flashes capacity can give a full body hair treatment for 10 people, suitable for your families and you.
  • Multiple Application: 5 modes can be adjustable, used for 4 hair colors: Light brow, Brown, Dark brown, Black and 4 skin colors: White, Yellow, Medium brown, Light brown.
  • Smart design: one flash button operation is easy to use and there is an indication light to remind the intensity level.
  • Convenient: the detachable power cable is easy to storage. This hair removal coms with a safety goggles, safe and comfortable to use.

Verseo Conductive Gel Refill Replacement for Pinchless Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Kit, Use With ePen, eSmooth, & eGlide for Best Results on Face, Stomach, Back, Bikini Line, Leg, Etc

Verseo Conductive Gel for Electrolysis Features: Conductive Gel Refill Tube is 3 fl oz/75ml. For use with eGlide Permanent Hair Removal System, ePen, ePen Professional and the new eSmooth Conductive Gel must be used with Permanent Hair Removal tools in order to function properly. 365 DAY NO HASSLE RETURN GUARANTEE Use Gel with your Verseo Permanent Hair Removal System: eGlide, ePen, ePen Pro and the new eSmooth. Conductive Gel allows electrolysis to take place and must be used with the device. Directions: For use with E-Glide Permanent hair removal system and ePen permanent Hair Removal. Apply gel all over area to be treated making sure visible hairs are coated with gel. Refer to product instructions on your hair removal system.

Product Features

  • COMPATIBLE WITH VERSEO electrolysis hair removal model ePen, eSmooth, and eGlide. This long-lasting conductive gel is a necessary component for the Verseo system. (Devices sold separately)
  • USE THIS GEL ANYWHERE ON BODY: this conductive gel helps give a smooth, satin like finishing touch to your hair removal routine. This multi-use gel can be used on your back, stomach, bikini line, arm, underarm, armpit, sensitive private areas, legs, and more for a painless long-lasting hair removal experience and helps to conduct electrical currents to attack and destroy hair roots and prevent regrowth.
  • WHAT IS VERSEO? Forget about painful shavers, waxing kits, lasers, razors, or tweezers, the Verseo system is an affordable needle free and pinchless alternative to shaving for a perfect shave that is also permanent. The electrode pulse kills hair follicles at the root, preventing future hair growth and ingrown hairs.
  • DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME SYSTEM: shaving, especially in personal areas, can be a very intimate experience. The Verseo Electrolysis Hair Removal system helps women take care of their needs in the privacy of their own homes. Easy, safe, affordable, and more effective than expensive visits to the professional salons.
  • WHY CHOOSE US: if you are not satisfied with your purchase return it for a hassle-free refund.

BEST Aloe Vera Gel – 99% Organic – NO XANTHAN, Absorbs Rapidly, No Residue – USA made – SEE RESULTS OR – Unique Formula with SEAWEED. Best Moisturizer for Face, Skin & Hair (12 fl oz)

Soothe Your Skin Problems With The Natural Power Of Aloe Vera

Everyone knows that Aloe Vera gel relieves the pain of sunburn. But that’s not all. This high quality gel almost immediately soothes all kinds of problems, including bug bites, rashes, shaving burn, cuts and wounds. Your skin problems will heal faster and disappear quicker.

Made From All-Natural Ingredients For Soft And Silky Skin With No Residue

Other Aloe Vera gels contain Xanthan or Carbomer, which leaves a sticky white residue on your skin. Instead, we use 100% Natural Seaweed Extract. This helps the Aloe Vera soak into your skin quickly, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable and sticky. You can even layer makeup on top.

Add To Lotions And Shampoo For Healthy Skin And Hair

You can use this Aloe Vera gel straight on your skin, or you can mix it into your regular lotions for extra healing power. You can even use it to super-charge your shampoo, making your hair strong, soft and silky.

99% Organic And Safe For Sensitive Skin

Because it’s made from natural ingredients, this Aloe Vera gel won’t irritate sensitive skin. In fact, studies have shown that it helps to heal cuts and damaged areas.

100% Money Back If You Don’t See Results

If your skin problems don’t heal faster and disappear quicker, then we’ll give you your money back. We’re so confident in the power of this product that we’re happy to take on all the risk. That means you can try it without risking a penny of your own.

Note: The sale price is for one bottle only. This is not a multipack. Pictures of multiple bottles are for illustration only.

Soothe Your Itchy, Sore Or Irritated Skin With No Residue. Try Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel Today

Product Features

  • #1 HIGHEST QUALITY – 99% organic, 100% natural – Not loaded with synthetic ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic (unlike most of the aloe gels in stores). Our gel is made from USA-grown certified organic Aloe Vera. Cold pressed to preserve all natural properties.
  • NO UNCOMFORTABLE STICKINESS – made with 100% natural thickener (Seaweed Extract) instead of Xanthan or Carbomer. So it absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue, leaving your skin smooth and silky.
  • DISCOVER NATURE’S MIRACLE PLANT – Soothe your sunburn, treat your cuts, clear up your rashes, take the sting out of bug bites, heal scalp itchiness and dandruff, remove cellulite, calm your shaving burn and more.
  • REPAIR & SOOTHE YOUR SKIN DAILY – Our Aloe Vera Gel is a clear, slightly thinner gel – an excellent daily treatment for face, skin & hair. Regular use soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow.
  • IT WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Seven Minerals products work & they work extremely well – We guarantee you’ll get results or you get 100% refund, no questions asked. BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE!

Repairing Acne Cream – 1% Salicylic Acid! 400% STRONGER than regular acne creams. Clinically proven to give better results, faster. The most effective skin-healing acne cream available.

Repairing Day Cream
Now you can get up to 400% better results from the most effective skin-healing day cream available anywhere. Most over the counter day creams contain 0.25% Salicylic Acid, but our Repairing Day Cream gives you 1.0%. This means our Repairing Day Cream is formulated to deliver maximum blemish protection by gently cleansing the pores and relieving existing breakouts. Give your skin the healing gift of Repairing Day Cream and help it stay clear and beautiful all day long! Use this invigorating cream to clean, nourish and repair dry or damaged skin. You’ll be shocked how fast your skin tone improves as your blemishes and marks begin to disappear. Featuring the perfect combination of natural astringents and moisturizing herbal extracts, our gentle Repairing Day Cream will keep your skin looking it’s very best from sunrise to sunset. The 1.0% Salicylic Acid solution will help you fight acne and prevent future breakouts from occurring.

What it is
A healing combination of herbal extracts and 1.0% Salycylic Acid that helps keep your skin soft and clear by providing continuous hydration and protection against future breakouts. This is the most powerful over-the-counter skin-repairing formula available on the market today. All of our ingredients are held to the highest manufacturing standards so you get the absolute best skin-healing benefits from these premium-quality extracts.

Why You’ll Love It
– The gentle nourishing formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth
– Specially formulated to clear away blemishes without over-drying
– Rejuvenating extracts keep your skin soft and radiantly beautiful

120ml jar

Product Features

  • The strongest available day cream for skin repair – Acne doesn’t stand a chance
  • 400% STRONGER than any other – 1% Salicylic Acid
  • Clinically proven to give better results, faster
  • A luxurious day cream that not only destroys acne, but also enriches and heals your skin
  • You’ll be shocked how fast your skin tone improves as your blemishes and marks begin to disappear

Best Wet/Dry Electric Shaver for Men – Precision Shaving – Touchable & Smooth Results for Sensitive Skin – Rechargeable – By Creation Springs

Product Features

  • PERFECTION: Innovative Design Features Highest Quality Triple Action Self-Pivoting Precision Contour Stainless Steel Heads and Blades to Provide the Closest, Fastest, Smoothest Shave
  • Fast, Efficient and Gentle on Skin with a Powerful, yet Safe and Gentle Motor. It’s Always Charged and Ready to Go in its Charging Stand. Easy to Clean by Placing Head Under a Gently Running Faucet
  • Double The Shaving Screen Area of Most Shavers Making for a Fast, Smooth, and Comfortable Shave.
  • HASSLE-FREE: Lightweight Electric Shaver is Easy to Clean and Has a Long Lasting, Fully Rechargeable Battery
  • Better Battery Life, Better Motor, Best Blades In The Business, Best Looking Shaver on the Market.

Styles II Mini Lady Shaver – USB Charging and Cordless – Silky Smooth Shave For Sensitive To Normal Skin – Dry Type – Ultimate In Convenience and Results – No Skin Irritations

Women – looking for a practical and stylish high performance shaver that gives you the most precise and smooth shaving experience ever?

The Styles II Lady Shaver is the most technologically advanced shaver for busy women. With its easy gliding over just about every body part, you will feel great after any shave … bid goodbye to the usual after-shave ‘irritation’ that gets worse in a few hours.

This quick and comfortable shaver will make you look glorious with its results:

Pain-free & gentle way to remove hair: It can’t get any better than this for you, 3-in-1, flexible trimmer system for close, smooth and clean shave.

Portable with Micro USB Charging: Portable and rechargeable shaver with built-in USB connector for charging through a computer, or any other USB port.

Works great on delicate areas: Such as bikini area besides legs, arms and underarms.

Value for Money: At only $28.97, it is the best option available on Amazon.

Ideal travel accessory: 13 x 9 x 5 mm and weighs only 145g

Made to last: Will last for years with due care.


Protective cap


USB Line


Cleaning Brush

User Manual

Product Details:

Charging: 8-10 hours

Shaving time: Up to 30 minutes

Order today for the most amazing shaving experience ever.

Product Features

  • Removes The Smallest Of Hairs, For The Longest of time: For The Closest and Cleanest Shave On Any Body Part Including, Legs, Arms, Bikini Area Or More – The One That You’ve Always Craved.
  • Long Lasting: Shave Lasts Up To 7 Days.
  • Take It Anywhere: Portable and Compact So It Doesn’t Add To The Weight Of Your Luggage. 8-10 Hours of Charging Gives 30 Minutes Of Usage. Most Convenient USB Charging.
  • The Best In Quality: Made Of Nickel-Free, Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Blades and Foils For Even The Most Sensitive Skin.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Satisfied. No Questions Asked.

Vaginal Tightening Serum – Natural Firming & Lifting For Sensitive Skin With Pueraria Mirifica Formula – Fast Results | Safe To Use

Discover The Ultimate Lady Secret & Breathe New Life Into Your Intimate Area!

Do you recall those times when your vaginal walls were tighter?

Do you feel that ageing or birth giving have made your vaginal walls looser?

Meet The Best Vaginal Tightening Serum By RACHAA: Your Most Precious Lady’s Secret!

This especially designed formula has been thoroughly designed to rejuvenate your vaginal walls offering a completely different experience for you and your partner.

The ugly truth is that birth giving, ageing or even your sex routine causes your vagina become looser.

However, your vaginal muscles can easily regain their elasticity with the powerful tightening serum by RACHAA.

How? Using Pueraria Mirifica extract, which is rich in phytoestrogens this serum stimulates blood flow and promotes the production of collagen and elastic fibers, which is the key for tight and healthy genitals.

Among others, this supreme formula can:

ï Eliminate unpleasant odors
ï Firm and tighten the vaginal muscles
ï Resolve lubrication problems
ïKeep your intimate area moisturized and deeply hydrated
ï Smoothen your skin and relieve it from itchiness
ï Regenerate dry skin
ï Establish a more pleasant sex relation with your partner

Use Your Vaginal Tightening Cream With Peace Of Mind; Its Quality Is Unmatched!

Made of herbal and tested ingredients you can use your new vaginal serum daily without worries! Just apply in the morning and at night after shower and leave it work its wonders for you.

Restore Confidence In Yourself. Feel Younger & Sexier Than Ever!

Order Yours Now!

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE TIGHTENING SERUM: This innovative formula is a herbal blend of strengthening and firming agents that will provide you with a firmer grip and tighter passage. Soon, you will feel your intimate area tighter and stronger. You and your partner will definitely realize the difference!
  • NOURISH & MOISTURISE SKIN: Shaving, waxing as well as tight underwear often burdens your vagina’s sensitive skin. This herbal formula revitalizes and helps your skin recover from any itchiness and flakiness. This serum will make your intimate area feel gentle and irresistibly soft!
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA WITH PUERARIA MIRIFICA: Unlike other vaginal tightening creams or lotions that are jammed with ingredients of questionable quality, the RACHAA vaginal serum is natural and safe to use. Rich in Pueraria Mirifica extract, the tightening, firming properties of this wonderful serum are undeniable. Once you try it, you will instantly feel the positive difference!
  • WITH RESPECT TO YOUR INTIMATE AREA: The especially designed mild formula of this herbal serum, make it a perfect choice for any woman. This serum is formulated for the natural pH balance of your intimate area, offering amazing results without causing any discomfort. Your vagina walls will instantly feel tighter, while the unpleasant odors will be eliminated and the itching will be completely gone.
  • HASSLE FREE APPLICATION: To enjoy the miraculous tightening properties of this serum you just need to apply it on you external vaginal areal daily after shower in the morning and before bed at night. No need to wait, or no need to rinse it. Just leave it on to work its wonders!

Aloe Vera GEL – 99% Organic, 12 oz – NO XANTHAN, so it Absorbs Rapidly with No Sticky Residue – SEE RESULTS OR MONEY-BACK

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel is a clear, slightly thin gel – an excellent daily moisturizer for entire body.
It softens and revitalizes chapped, sun-exposed, moisture deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture.

Aloe Vera has the ability to protect and heal epithelial tissue, which is a layer of cells in the skin covering the body.
It also helps stimulate fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing and the manufacture of collagen.

By reducing inflammation and stimulating new cells, it allows wounds to heal quickly while minimizing scarring.
Aloe also has natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities.


Unlike most of the Aloe gels in the market, our Aloe Vera Gel is made using seaweed extract as a thickener.
Seaweed extract is 100% natural, it gives our gel silky soft texture and more importantly it absorbs really easily and does not leave any sticky residue.
Seaweed is rich in mineral salts and vitamins which help to hydrate, nourish and condition the skin.
It is also rich in amino acids, helping to improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone.

Note : The advertised sale price is for one bottle only. It is not a 3-pack. Multiple pictures are for information purposes only. Shake well before every use.

Product Features

  • #1 HIGHEST QUALITY – 99% organic, 100% natural – Not loaded with synthetic ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic (unlike most of the aloe gels in stores). Our gel is made from USA-grown certified organic Aloe Vera. Cold pressed to preserve all natural properties.
  • DISCOVER NATURE’S MIRACLE PLANT – Soothe your sunburn, treat your cuts, clear up your rashes, take the sting out of bug bites, heal scalp itchiness and dandruff, remove cellulite, calm your shaving burn and more.
  • REPAIR & SOOTHE YOUR SKIN DAILY – Our Aloe Vera Gel is a clear, slightly thinner gel – an excellent daily treatment for face, skin & hair. Regular use soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow.
  • NO UNCOMFORTABLE STICKINESS – made with 100% natural thickener (Seaweed Extract) instead of Xanthan or Carbomer. So it absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue, leaving your skin smooth and silky.
  • IT WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Seven Minerals products work & they work extremely well – We guarantee you’ll get results or you get 100% refund, no questions asked. BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE!

4oz USDA Organic Eucalyptus Oil by Eve Hansen – 100% Pure & Certified – With Glass Dropper – SEE RESULTS OR MONEY-BACK – Great natural remedy to combat respiratory problems (cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and more); to treat wounds, burns & cuts; and to rejuvenate the spirit, remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness. BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE!

Our USDA Certified Organic Eucalyptus Oil is one of the purest and safest in the market. Eucalyptus essential oil is known for refreshing, invigorating and antiseptic properties. Great natural remedy to combat respiratory problems (cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and more); to treat wounds, burns & cuts; and to rejuvenate the spirit, remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness. Widely used in natural room fresheners, soaps, detergents, household cleaners and insect repellents.

Product Features

  • ✔ THE ONLY 4 oz USDA Certified Organic Eucalyptus Oil sold on Amazon – 100% pure, steam distilled and undiluted for the highest potency.
  • ✔ Eucalyptus essential oil is known for REFRESHING, INVIGORATING and ANTISEPTIC properties.
  • ✔ GREAT NATURAL REMEDY to combat respiratory problems (cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and more); to treat wounds, burns & cuts; and to rejuvenate the spirit, remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness.
  • ✔ SEE RESULTS OR MONEY BACK – Eve Hansen products are backed with manufacturer’s “100% satisfaction policy”. Try it out at our expense – if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money!
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Nature Tech Pedi Best Electric Callus Remover Pedicure treatment Spa Kit ✮ More Powerful & Efficient then AA Battery Devices – Rechargeable Foot File shaves dead hard skin Dry Feet & Cracked Heels ✮ Includes 2 Mineral Pumice Stone ✮ BONUS Gift All Natural Foot Repair Balm ✮ 100% Guarantee Results ✮ Good for Men & Woman

Do You suffer from dry feet? Or Do you feel embarrassed going bare feet? NOT ANYMORE!!

With our NEW improved model of NATURE TECH # 1 Electric rechargeable pedicure waterproof Foot File Callus scrubber Remover now allow you to have a new way to keep your foot smooth and healthy all year long!

Features and Benefits:

very powerful motor-It is operated by rechargeable battery that makes the roller spin with extra strength and powerful that can help you smooth the tough area as well.

✮ Easy to Use – Gently Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet With 360 Degree Rotating Head

✮ Safe, Water Resistant and More Effective Than a Pumice Stone and Scrapers Which Use Blades to Cut Skin

✮ Safely Buff Away Tough, Rough, Hard, Cracked, Dry and Coarse Skin From Your Feet 

✮ Long Lasting – Battery Operated

✮ Light-Weight and Portable Devise With No Chords or Charging Needed – great for traveling, as well

✮ Powerful Replaceable Head is Specially Designed With Long Lasting Micro-Abrasive Surface for Pulverizing Dead Skin In an Instant

Package Contains:

– Specially Designed Replaceable Roller with Long Lasting Micro-Abrasive Surface for Continuous Filing

– Unique Cleaning Brush to Help Discard Dead & Dry skin

– Bonus Replacement Roller ($10 Value)

– manual user

– US 120V AC 50Mz charger

Our Commitment to Excellence:

✮ RISK FREE!!! ✮ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  ✮ Full Refund Within 90 Days – No Questions Asked!!

How to use:

For best results, use it before shower on dry /not wet feet as needed.

Moisturize your feet after use.

Get ready for summer quickly and easily with better results than a salon and enjoy our pedicure kit spa today !

Product Features

  • ✮ Our MOST POWERFUL improved pedicure devise model. It is run by Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Battery which can be charged for 1,000 times in its lifetime. Once the battery is fully charged, it can keep running for 40 minutes that allowed you to have a full pedicure treatment that Gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry,hard calloused skin callus shaver or scrubber in seconds!! It’s even suitable for commercial use such as pedicure or spa.
  • ✮ ECONOMICAL: Save money in batteries (NO AA batteries needed) and more Ego-Friendly. The savings in batteries add up over its lifetime.
  • ✮ ERGONOMIC BODY; lightweight and easily angled for perfect removal on all sides of your feet with Refillable rollers spins 360 degrees grinding shaver callus. includes 2 micro mineral stone to particles pulverizes dead skin in an instant – Performs quicker and more effectively compared to other pumice stones in the market
  • ✮ Waterproof IPX5 for water resistant making it safe to rinse under tape water, but do not immerse the device fully in water or take it in a shower.design to travel with good for wet & dry use, easy to clean
  • ✮ BOUNOS GIFT & RISK FREE for limited time only you get our amazing ALL NATURAL foot repair cream to complete your dry feet treatment when you buy our Home Electric Pedicure Machine !