Facial Hair Scissors, Eyebrow Trimmer, Grooming Scissors for Shaping, Ear, Nose, Nostril and Mustache Trimming – for Men and Women. Comes with Case. By Christina Moss Naturals (Round Tip)

Our Facial Hair Trimmers are an excellent addition to your Cosmetic Tool Kit. Made of hardened surgical stainless steel, these Beauty Scissors are one of the highest quality grooming scissors on the market. They are shaped like tweezers with non-slip finger grips, making them extremely easy to use, increasing the accuracy and precision of your trimming. No more finger loop holes that require you to twist your wrist or hand in an uncomfortable position to get the exact cut you need. Each pair is made by hand and goes through strict quality control measures and testing to ensure they are perfect when they get to you. Each pair arrives in a protective leatherette case that will help prevent damage and dulling of the blades.

Product Features

  • 🍃 DURABLE PRECISION: Made using hardened surgical stainless steel. The blades on these personal care scissors are straight and very sharp. Designed for precision trimming of brows, nose, ear, and nostril and mustache hair. This cosmetic tool will get the job done.
  • 🍃 UNISEX: These are the best Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer to use on your eyebrows, just as much as they are Grooming Scissors for Men. Anyone can use them for their hair sculpting and personal grooming needs, everything from eyebrow shapes to mustaches. They are the perfect addition to your cosmetic tool kit or beauty kit.
  • 🍃 UNIQUE DESIGN: Uniquely shaped for ease of use by gently squeezing the handles. No more finger loopholes, like on traditional scissors, that require you to twist your wrist or hand in an uncomfortable position to get the exact cut you need. The non-slip finger grips make them simple and easy to use. Precision cutting with these is a breeze.
  • 🍃 SPECIFICATIONS: These trimmers are 4.5 inches long and are lightweight. Each pair is made by hand to exact specifications and quality control. As such, this Beauty Tool for facial hair makes the best eyebrow sculptor and ear and nose hair remover around. It is also great for shaping your mustache. Each pair of these clippers comes in its own leatherette case to protect them from damage and dulling of the blades.
  • 🍃 WARRANTY: Our Twissers – scissors that are shaped like tweezers – are extremely durable and should last you a lifetime. However, should they become dull at some point in the future and need sharpening, you can simply send them back to us and we will take care of it. You pay for the shipping, but the sharpening service is free, forever. ADDITIONALLY: Should your beauty scissors ever break for any reason (outside of damage caused to them), just let us know and we will send you a replacement.

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush, 2 inch, Light Grey and White

What’s the Usage of SUPRENT Ceramic & Ionic Round Brushes?
1. SUPRENT round hair brushes are generally used to give a curl and definition to hairstyles.
2. Perfect for creating a smooth rounded finish on almost any length of hair.
3. Create more volume at the base or scalp and deliver soft rounded shape and movement.

How Does SUPRENT Ceramic & Ionic Round Brushes Work?
1. SUPRENT round brush pushes the hair away from the scalp.
2. Just brush your roots up, away from your scalp while pointing the dryer toward the roots, following the path set out by the brush.
3. SUPRENT round vented brush will allow maximum airflow while minimizing your drying time. Use SUPRENT round brush anywhere you want to see fullness.

How to Choose the Size?
1. Your length of hair will determine the diameter of round brush you use.
2. The shorter the hair, the smaller the diameter.
3. The smaller the diameter, the more curl or bend you will get in the hair. The larger the diameter, the more fullness and “c” shaping.

Ceramic Round Brush vs. Boar Bristle Round Brush
1. Choose a ceramic round brush when you need to create curls and wavy blowouts. The barrel of the brush retains heat, allowing you to use it like a curling iron.
2. Choose a boar bristle round brush when you want smooth, voluminous, shiny locks.

A good brush is a worthwhile investment and will help your locks stay healthy and in the best possible shape. Treat your hair well, and it will love you for it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If there were any problem with your SUPRENT Ceramic Round Hair Brush, just contact us, we provide 12 months warranty

Friendly Reminder: All types of ceramic round brush have nylon bristle, which is a little hard. If you like a softer one, go to SUPRENT storefront, we also have high quality Boar Bristle Brush.

Product Features

  • Vented ceramic barrel helps heats up faster and retains heat longer
  • Selected tourmaline bristles helps smooth hair by sealing the cuticle
  • Extra large vents for great airflow, which reduces drying time, adds more shine while eliminating frizz and flyaways
  • 2 Inch size, perfect for medium-long hair drying and styling
  • 12 months warranty

Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Hair Brush for men, Black Wild Boar Bristle, Best Firm Natural Wooden Round Comb, Beard Oil Balm & Wax Brush, Men Skin Care Conditioner, Military Style Premium Product, Beard Care, Beardeur, Lifetime Guaranteed

The Secret to A Fine Looking Beard!!!

Having Trouble with Maintaining, Styling and Waking up to a Lopsided Beard?

The Beardeur Boar Bristle Brush is excellent for keeping the hair in your face looking clean, smooth and looking great where ever you are.

– Helps eliminate static and smooth down facial hair while adding a light, natural shine
– Manage any beard style
– The firm, natural boar bristle massages and stimulates skin to distribute natural oils with ease
– Workout any troublesome kinks and tangles
– Combs through scruff to lift dirt and beardruff (dried skin)
Order Today For These Great Benefits:
– Its palm sized that features an exquisite low profile wooden handle
– Well designed and provides an attractive and ergonomic grip
– Fits nicely in your hand and is small enough for a travel kit/pocket
– The black bristles are natural boar hair & provide the perfect balance between stiffness and comfort
– Natural boar bristles have the highest reputation for polishing & maintaining hair
– Will brush through even the thickest hair.
– Quality choice for those looking for a military style brush.

At Beardeur, we believe every bearded man deserves a top of the line grooming product. That’s why we search the globe for the highest quality materials available to help you keep your face looking its best, “for nothing adds to the beauty of man so much as a full flowing beard.”

As a result of all this, your brush is set sure to quickly become your new favorite item in your grooming kit. Start every morning with our boar brush today. ACT NOW and start enjoying your Beardeur Beard Brush immediately!

WORRY FREE SHOPPING Just click add to cart above. Your purchase will be backed by a LIFETIME No- Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee! We want you to be 100% HAPPY so if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will Refund you.

Product Features

  • ➊ MASTERFULLY HANDMADE SOLID WOOD BEARD BRUSH by Beardeur ➔ Bearded men were turning heads long before the New York Times declared facial hair fashionable. Theres just something about a well groomed guy that makes you stop and stare. You’ll also notice when there’s a hair askew, or the way the not-so-sexy scruff feels against your face. Luckily, there’s a beard care product like Beardeur’s Premium BOAR BEARD COMB BRUSH that can definitely help you looking great.
  • ➋ TOP SELLER ➔ Number (1) one Amazon Rated, Natural Beard Product Solution for mens grooming accessories, Present yourself as a respectable gentleman & eliminate an itchy & static beard. The best wooden beard comb & coarse hair detangler to treat and calm dry unruly & wild beard hair, Perfect for all skin and hair types. Grooms both dry & wet beards & hair for a healthy, stylish, groomed finish.
  • ➌ AS FEATURED IN GQ & ESQUIRE MAGAZINE ➔ Get the professional shine & velvet smooth appearance, Use daily to maintain the true urban beardsman efffect, Aids in regrowth & thickening of brittle & thin hair – resulting in maximum beard volume, perfect addition to your beard kit. Real 100% pure wild boar bristles for soft and firm hair. There is no synthetic, plastic or nylon bristles. Your brush is set sure to quickly become your new favorite item in your grooming kit
  • ➍ 100% PREMIUM BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH ➔ When combing through your beard & mustache natural oils distribute evenly and with ease, that hydration goes straight to the hair follicle, much like a conditioner & shampoo does when you wash your hair. Dove Men+Care hair expert Mr. Scneidman believes its essential for maintaining facial hair. Most men dont believe they need to use any products at all men should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads.
  • ➎ THE ULTIMATE MANLY GIFT ➔ for birthdays or fathers day: Perfect Gift packaged in a unique vintage travel box stamped with an elegant wax seal from the best beardbrand in the market – the Beardeur skin care boar hair brush is designed to work great with beard balm, beard oil and mustache wax. Grow that epic beard using our all New Beardeur Premium Beard Oil, Leave In Conditioner, and Beard Moisturizer. Beard Up America