Shaving Factory SF314 Set for Men

Great starter kit for wet shaving

For the price, what you get out of this package is fantastic. Everything here is perfect for a beginner just dipping his or her toe in the double-edged shaving water. I started on this razor, and it didn’t take me long to graduate to something better, but I’m glad I bought this bundle to start out with. The Derby blades are great starter razors, not super-sharp like Feathers, but they get the job done. The brush is decent; I prefer my newer badger-bristle brush, but it’s not bad. The shave cream can’t beat shave soap in a shaving mug applied with a nice brush, but it works for a beginner. The razor itself is very light, but that might be best for a beginner. It doesn’t feel particularly well-made, but again, it does what it’s supposed to. The doors open and close easily and it’s easy to shave with despite the fact that it’s very light. If you’re not sure whether you want to invest a lot of money in wet shaving right away, buy this first to find out if it’s a path down which you’d like to travel.

This combo traditional wet shaving package contains shaving kit for men.

Product Features

  • 1 shaving factory double edge safety razor
  • 1 shaving factory hand made shaving brush (large size)
  • 100 derby extra double edge razor blades