Justice Shaving Company Chrome Shaving Stand with Bowl – A Shaving Brush Stand and Shaving Bowl Should be the Centerpiece of Your Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving Kit and Badger Shaving Brush Set

Justice Shaving Company’s stainless steel shaving stand bowl is polished to a mirror finish that appears like chrome. It is paired with a shaving brush drip stand that holds your traditional shaving brush in the appropriate position to ensure proper drying and a long brush life. Once you have become enthralled with the art of shaving, a proper wet shaving kit is a must! This safety razor stand/shaving brush stand and bowl combo is composed of 2 pieces: 1) a stand that holds your favorite double edge safety razor and wet shaving brush and 2) a shave bowl to be used as either a shaving cream bowl or shaving soap bowl, depending on which side of the fence you fall on. This is a more elegant and expensive look than the wood shaving bowls and stands available on the market and makes a unique gift for men. For most people, counter space is at a premium, this is especially true of men who use wet shaving products; this shaving set stand and shave soap bowl combination uses only 4-3/4″ x 4-1/2″ of your valuable counter space, leaving room for your pre-shave oil and aftershave. Add to your cart now to start enjoying the best shaving experience.

Product Features

  • Shave Stand with Bowl for use with your badger, boar, or synthetic shaving brush and DE safety razor (shaving razors and shave brushes not included)
  • Quality stainless steel shaving soap dish polished to a chrome-like mirror finish is an elegant home for your favorite shaving soap
  • Shaving brush and razor stand are built with a platform to hold the shave bowl; organizes your wet shaving set and maximizes the efficient use of valuable sink counter real estate
  • Shaving brush stands hold your expensive Silvertip badger brush in a bristle-down position for proper drying and a longer shave brush lifespan; a shaving razor stand protects safety razors from accidental damage
  • Gifts for men: this shave brush stand falls into the “great gifts for men” category; this is a perfect father day gift or birthday gift for a man