Coco’s Tweezer – 1pc Eyebrow Tweezers Slant Precision Stainless Tool for Plucking, Tweezing, & Removing Facial Hairs, Ticks, Splinters (Yellow Silicon)

Professional estheticians rely on our tweezers for their salons, you’ll love them for home use!

When you’re looking for beauty products that help you look and feel beautiful, you want quality bathroom accessories that are versatile, affordable and make it easier to care for your hair and skin. That’s what you need professional-grade tweezers from Coco’s Closet.

Designed for the Modern Woman

Women know that perfectly plucked eyebrows can make you look sexy and feel confident. But they also know that cheap tweezers can pull and irritate your skin, causing sore redness that hurts and makes your eyes water. That’s why Coco’s Closet 1-Piece Tweezer Set is better, safer and relied on by professional beauticians everywhere.

Featuring a slanted tip to reach the root of the hair, a non-slip grip to give you more control, and a tip so precisely fashioned that you can grab even the tiniest of hairs with ease. And because it’s a 1-piece set, you can keep them in the car, at work, and a home.

Whether you’re a makeup artist, cosmetologist, esthetician, or you just plan to use them at home, Coco’s Closet 1-Piece Tweezer Set is the best tweezer set for caring for your facial hair and protecting your skin. They’re ideal for any hand size and help you shape eyebrows perfect arches with painless tweezing. Better yet, they work great in conjunction with laser hair removal, electrolysis and waxing!

Product Details:

1-Piece Tweezer Set 
 Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel 
Safe Non-Slip Grip Lightweight and Compact 
Great for Home, Work or Travel Use Slant Tip: 20-Degree Angle Size: 4″ Long 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Don’t miss those tiny hairs or leave your skin red and irritated. Get our tweezer set today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and choose a better way.

Product Features

  • Easy painless tweezer is ideal for shaping eyebrows, safely remove unwanted facial and body hair, first aid for painful splinters and even removing ticks.
  • Coco’s Closet (TM) tweezer reduces irritation and redness by cleanly pulling and plucking without tugging at tender skin.
  • Perfectly aligned slant tips. Plucking and tweezing is far easier with our angled precision tips that grab hair at the roots, reducing hair regrowth time.
  • Fine hair removal. Grab at the roots to gain longer period in between tweezing and regrowth. Won’t tug at tender skin and will grip the smallest, ultra fine hair at the roots.
  • Our versatile grooming kit for women and men is backed but our no-hassle guarantee. We value personal care, so contact us for a replacement or refund if you aren’t happy.