Blazing Saddles Natural Lotion – The Sexiest Lotion in the West – Western Inspired, Smells like Leather, Gunpowder, Sandalwood, and Sagebrush – Men’s and Women’s Lotion

Even hardened outlaws need soft skin!

What does an Outlaw smell like? In short, an Outlaw smells like an American hero.

In long, an Outlaw smells like leather, sandalwood, gunpowder, sage, two kinds of campfire (the nighttime campfire and the daybreak campfire), and a little dirt. An Outlaw smells like the sexiest goldang thing you can imagine, and then about 12 times sexier than that.

An Outlaw is too old for ‘Axe’ and too young for ‘Old Spice.’ Too old for rot-gut whiskey and too young to give up whiskey outright.

This lotion could be used by the kind of cowboys that other cowboys sing about. This lotion will turn your post-shower routine into a slow-mo celebration of every. darn. reason you woke up this morning: because you have Things to Do.

But you don’t have to do them too fast. Finish your sexy, sexy enlotioning first. And that’s why it’s called “the sexiest lotion ever.”

Some people call this men’s lotion, but we believe men or women can enjoy the smooth scent of leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush.

Product Features

  • Inspired by the Wild West: leather, gunpowder, sagebrush, and sandalwood for a truly rugged, Western scent
  • Made with natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, and avocado oil
  • Silky smooth and quick-absorbing – Won’t leave your hands greasy or oily
  • Handmade in small batches by people in Gold Country, California (in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains!) by people who love their jobs and want you to be happy
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – Outlaw Soaps is dedicated to your happiness and will offer free, no-questions-asked returns or exchanges for any of our products

OPR’s Sandalwood Shave Soap is a Soothing Foam-Free Shaving Cream for Men that Gives Superior Lubrication, Leaves Skin Smooth, Smells Great, and Provides Up To 180 Shaves, No Shaving Soap Bowl Needed

A lubricating soap designed specifically for shaving. Lubricates the skin and whiskers for a close, smooth, comfortable shave. Holding both water and oil together to softens the whiskers and give superior lubrication. It will quickly absorb into the skin to restore, protect, nourishes and moisturizes long after your shave THE KEY INGREDIENTS are very beneficial to the skin. Jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, rosin, glycerin, castor oil, olive oil, and lanolin have been hand selected for their fatty acids and other nourishing ingredients. The skin uses these oils and moisturizers to rebuild and fortify itself. It is rich in nourishing ingredients, so your face feels great after a shave. It is more beneficial to the biological composition of the skin. The chemical compounds found in other shaving products do not necessarily hold the same benefits. If you have sensitive and cannot shave with a blade, use OPR with a wet electric shaver. You will have no irritation, and get a smooth, close, comfortable shave. Made in the U.S.A. DIRECTIONS: Thoroughly wet your face and neck, 4-8 times. Rub 3-4 pumps of OPR into your whiskers. Add a final splash of water. Now you are ready to shave. Shave by sight and touch, with the grain. Re-wet your face to add lubricity as necessary.

Product Features

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you do not like it simply send it back for a full refund.
  • Rich in SKIN-NOURISHING OILS that rebuild and fortify the skin long after your shave.
  • UNSURPASSED LUBRICATION reducing razor bumps and irritation significantly. SMELLS GREAT
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – up to 180 Shaves. No need for Pre-Shave Oil. Also works with electric shavers.
  • Great for SENSITIVE SKIN, but it is scented, so do not use if allergic to fragrance.

Electric Wax Warmer Hair Removal – IdentikitGift Depilatory Hard Wax Melting Pot Heater Kit Set including Hard Wax Beans in 4 Smells, & Wax Applicator Spatulas in 2 Sizes for Hair Removal

Feeling tired of going to salon and pay someone else to do your waxing?

Trying to find a quick, easy, and effective way to get waxes at home?

Wanting to try a new hair removal technique other than razors and wax strips?

IdentikitGift Wax Warmer Kit will give you a great at home waxing experience!



1. Place appropriate amount of hard wax beans into IdentikitGift Wax Warmer;

2. Heat the wax beans at a desired temperature by rotating the knob;

3. Wait until the wax melt into liquid;

4. Spread a layer of wax onto your target area with a spatula along the direction of hair growth;

5. Wait for a few minutes for the wax to cool down;

6. Peel off the wax against the direction of hair growth;

7. Put a few drops of fragrance and color free oil onto a piece of paper towel;

8. Wipe out the inner pot and the rim;

9. The oil will dissolve the wax and it will disappear.



1. Capacity: 14 oz

2. Box Size: 8*8*6 in

3. Rated power voltage: 110 V

4. Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

5. Weight: 2.4 lbs



1.Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.

2.Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.

3.Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.

4.Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower, or sunbathing.

5.If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder,consult your doctor before use.

6.Keep away from Children.

Product Features

  • ✔MONEY SAVER FOR HOME WAXING – This kit includes everything you need for an easy, quick, and safe salon-like at-home hair removal experience. Simply melt the wax beans in the wax warmer, spread onto your skin, and then peel away. IdentikitGift Wax Warmer Kit help you save time and money by getting wax hair removal treatment at home instead of in salon.
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – The wax warmer provides a wide range of adjustable temperature from 140 to 230 ℉. The machine will automatically shut off if the temperature is too high, and will turn back on by itself if the temperature is too low, so that your wax will remain liquid but not overheated. The LED light indicates if the wax warmer is working or not.
  • ✔REMOVABLE INNER POT – IdentikitGift Wax Warmer equips a inner pot making it easier to clean up the device after waxing. The inner pot is designed with a non-thermal conductive handle so that you can easily lift the pot without hurting your hands.
  • ✔SEE THROUGH LID – The wax warmer comes with a see-through lid, which enables you to see the status of your wax while it is melting.
  • ✔SUITABLE FOR MOST KINDS OF WAX – IdentikitGift Wax Heater melts most kinds of wax, including hard wax, soft wax, 14 oz wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, microwavable wax kits, hair waxing kits, etc.

Duke Cannon “Big Ass Brick of Soap” Smells Like Victory, 10oz.

Duke Cannon “Big Ass Brick of Soap” Smells Like Victory: The Big Ass Brick of Soap is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories. True to its name, our soap is big (10 oz.) and will last much longer than the chick-sized bars in your local grocery. It also smells awesome (clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass) and contains steel cut grains for maximum gripability. If you enjoy activities like drinking American beer or using power tools, then frankly, this is the only soap meant for you. This soap product is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean & smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories. This product is modeled after the rough cut, “brick” style of soap used by GIs during the Korean War and is manufactured in the same plant that was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years. ** Note – This listing is for the GREEN Smells Like Victory bar soap ** In appreciation of the men and women who have kicked ass serving our country, Duke Cannon Supply Company donates a portion of proceeds to veterans causes. MADE IN THE USA

Product Features

  • You will receive (1) Duke Cannon “Smells Like Victory” Soap
  • Green Bar has clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass
  • Not for clowns – at 10 ounces our soap bar is 3x bigger than feminine soaps.
  • Steel cut grains for max gripability
  • *Support our troops* A portion of proceeds benefits U.S. Veterans

Old Fashioned Shaving Soap for Men By Sir Hare – Barbershop Fragrance – Tallow Shave Soap That Smells Great and Provides a Smooth Shave

The Sir Hare line of Shaving Soap is some of the Best Shaving Soap on the market. Each soap is hand crafted, packed in a beautiful container with waterproof labels. The highest quality ingredients were selected to create the ultimate shaving soap, which provides a great shave with any razor and ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin. The Wet Shaving Elite have approved Sir Hare Shaving Soaps and they are now available for sale. Are you ready for a thick creamy lather that protects your skin while shaving without paying $40 for a hot towel shave at a luxury barbershop? A 4oz soap provides more than 100 barbershop quality shaves.

Do you have dry skin, sensitive skin, get razor bumps, or have irritated skin after shaving? Sir Hare shaving soaps include ingredients such as Refined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, and other natural ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin while shaving and fight common skin conditions that millions experience while shaving.

The Barbershop scent is a traditional fragrance with a modern twist. Enjoy a very light refreshing scent with hints of bergamot and oak moss.

Sir Hare offers a no hassle Guarantee. If you don’t love the product just let us know and we will make it right. We are a small family run business and our customers are everything to us. If you have been thinking about a new shaving soap then go ahead and get one of ours today. You have nothing to lose.

Product Features

  • Tallow based shaving soap creates a protective lather and lubricates any razor for a smooth and irritation free shave. Will not dry out your skin since Shea & Mango butter moisturize and leave only an excellent aftershave feel
  • 4 full ounces of shaving soap provides more than 100 luxury shaves. Waterproof labels will continue looking great even after months of use
  • Hand Made in the U.S. in small batches for the best quality. All natural ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Reduced friction helps reduces chance for razor bumps or rashes while shaving
  • Old fashioned barbershop scent that is Fresh and Clean with hints of Bergamot, Oakmoss, and Cedarwood.
  • Shaving should be an experience and not a chore. Better Upgrade your shave today and buy with confidence with our no hassle money back guarantee. Support our small business by clicking on the add to cart up and to the right and you’ll be glad you did