Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Grooming Kit: Beard Wash, Oil, Beard & Mustache Pomade, Beard Brush -Earthy Scent- Stops Beard Itch & Beard Dandruff

Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Grooming Kit: Beard Wash, Beard Oil, Beard & Moustache Pomade, Beard Brush, Moustache Comb – Earthy Scent – Comes as a Beard Grooming Gift Box – Make a beardsman happy! A very manly kit that’s a great gift for a bearded man or a real treat for yourself. 100% Natural and Organic, these products are all original OneDTQ formulas developed in our Brooklyn, NY workshop. Close attention has been paid to all details from products to packaging to ensure a great gift giving experience. MEDICINE MAN’S ANTI-ITCH BEARD WASH – 100% natural and organic beard shampoo was created with old world natural healing knowledge to help guys with itchy beards in two different ways. The first is to help you get through the early itchy stages of growing a beard. The second is to help those with chronic beard itch, beard dandruff or redness of facial skin beneath the beard. MEDICINE MAN’S ANTI-ITCH BEARD OIL – simply the best beard oil to stop beard itch, beard dandruff, and red patches under your beard. Infused with Rosemary and Lavender essential oils, this earthy scented beard oil is grounding and calming. This beard oil helps beard growth and is a natural and effective beard conditioner for every bearded man who wants healthy, full and well groomed whiskers. MEDICINE MAN’S ANTI-ITCH BEARD & MOUSTACHE POMADE – 100% Natural and Organic, Leave-in-Conditioner with light hold. Contains Burdock Root Oil and Castor Seed Oil to stop beard itch, improve hair growth and combat beard dandruff. Applies effortlessly to hair and skin and absorbs quickly for a neat, clean, natural look. NATURAL BOAR’S HAIR BEARD BRUSH – Military style brush with wooden handle that fits perfectly into the palm of his hand. Bristles are short and soft enough that they won’t pull out his whiskers yet firm enough for a great beard brushing experience. Use dry or wet.

Product Features

  • BEARD GROOMING KIT – Earthy and soothing scent- 100% OneDTQ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- Ships FREE & FAST
  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC LIQUID WASH- Cleanses skin of sebum & dead skin buildup that cause beard Itch
  • BEARD OIL- Best beard oil, conditioner & moisturizer powered by healing Castor Seed and Burdock Oils
  • BEARD & MOUSTACHE POMADE- Beard growth balm. Has Burdock Root Oil known to promote hair growth
  • BEARD BRUSH – Natural boar bristles. Styles, relieves beard itch, dandruff & prevents ingrown hair

Beard Ninja: Premium Beard Oil. Fragrance FREE, Leave-in Conditioner. 100% Natural Essential Oils. Promotes Beard Growth. Softens facial hair & stops itching for beards/mustache. Grooming gift for men

If your usual glistening beard has lost its mojo and feels like a wire brush or looks like the remains of a birds nest, you need to take immediate action.

Discerning gentlemen can now protect their burly friend at home, and gain grooming prowess in a quest to tame those unruly whiskers. Beard Ninja, beard oil will empower you to force rogue hairs into submission and leave you with thicker facial hair which is moisturized and healthy.

Embrace your journey to becoming a BEARD NINJA.

Start by repeating the BEARD NINJA mantra: Don’t just grow your beard, OWN YOUR BEARD.

This natural, easy to use beard oil, should be top of your list in the battle against dry, damaged beards. Master the fine arts of beardjitsu and you will soon hydrate, soften and smooth your shoots of facial hair with deadly precision.

Your passage to full beard growth and ultimate bearded glory will have the potential to bring men sporting coarse brittle, unconditioned beard to tears, as you harness the pure power of mind and beard. With just a few drops of this magic elixir, you can kiss goodbye to itching, flakey skin and so hello to your nourished, conditioned bearded face.

Rich in Vitamin E, Beard Ninja, beard oil is your #1 best bro for all Beard styles.

Don’t limit your after shave options by choosing fragranced products. Choose your weapon carefully and remember, the perfect beard accessory is not just a gift for Christmas, it’s just for men. Don’t go to your grave before you shave using the Beard Ninja, beard shaping template then finish with oil and a comb for sweet success.

BEWARE: Legend has it, results of a perfectly cultivated beard can increase attractiveness. Be on your guard buddy, and prepare to become the envy of men.

Product Features

  • RICH in VITAMIN E, a known ingredient to help reduce beard irritation and dry skin ‘beardruff’. All ingredients are 100% natural, including Virgin Argan oil & Pure Jojoba oil.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE, leave-in conditioner, moisturizes and protects facial hair and skin all day.
  • GAIN HEALTHIER, thicker beard growth by using BEARD NINJA Beard Oil daily, as part of your grooming routine. Oil tames wild unruly whiskers, and softens coarse beard and mustache bristles, for a tidy, professional looking finish.
  • BEST RESULTS: Place a few drops in the palm of your hand. Apply deep into the beard hair and massage from skin to tip. Comb to detangle and style. Its that easy!.
  • For the ultimate mens beard accessory combo, also try the awesome BEARD NINJA, Beard Shaping Template for perfect symmetry.

TEA TREE OIL BALM by Chamuel-100% All Natural. Stops Irritation, Itching, and Soothes Your Skin! Extremely Versatile! All the benefits of Tea Tree Oil and more! THE MOST EFFECTIVE Ointment that will dramatically reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief for dry, itchy, or irritated skin. Great for rashes, scrapes, chapped lips, razor burn, blemishes, rough cuticles, and itchy bug bites. Money-back Guarantee!

Chamuel Tea Tree Balm Ingredients: BEESWAX–acts as a protective barrier to prevent damage to your skin and also seals in moisture, SAFFLOWER SEED OIL –is a potent hydrator and ideal for sensitive skin, OLIVE OIL–does not clog pores while providing the skin with Vitamin E which helps restore skin smoothness, JOJOBA OIL–is known for closely resembling human sebum and can be used from head to toe to moisturize, GREEN TEA–is full of potent antioxidants that help soothe sensitive skin and improve the overall appearance of your complexion, TEA TREE OIL–will calmly restore balance and health to our skin while helping maintain a natural glow, LAVENDER OIL–helps normalize oil production while soothing and softening the skin, LEMON OIL–is rich in Vitamin C and increases the luster of dull skin, PEPPERMINT OIL–contains menthol that has a cooling effect and at the same time works to brighten up dull skin, and WHEATGERM–delivers a healthy infusion of Vitamins A, D, B and E to moisturize and help dry or cracked skin.

✔Chamuel Tea Tree Balm’s easy application and good coverage will calm the skin, soothe chapped lips, clear up rough heels, moisturize itchy skin with quick, noticeable results.

✔It is gentle with a clean, fresh scent.

✔This all-natural balm will illuminate your skin!

✔Chamuel Brand Tea Tree Oil Balm radiates quality in the spirit of old world elegance!

Chamuel Products is a small, family owned company with customer service as our top priority.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Apply topically to skin.

Product Features

  • QUICK RELIEF OF ITCHY, BURNING, RED, CRACKED, SORE, AND IRRITATED SKIN. Moisturizes cuticles and chapped lips, soothes razor burn, diaper rash, insect bites, itchy spots, and dry skin with a fresh, clean citrus scent. Use to massage tired, dry feet. Cool relief after waxing. Effective against athlete’s feet. A MUST HAVE in your bathroom, purse, and office drawer! Money Back Guarantee!
  • GENTLE YET VERY EFFECTIVE! Contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances or artificial ingredients. Can be used on Children and Adults with SENSITIVE SKIN!
  • Stop dreaming about silky, smooth skin and try Chamuel Tea Tree Balm for under $15! You deserve it!
  • Here’s what several of our satisfied customers have to say about Chamuel Tea Tree Balm: “The balm has so many uses, it’s absolutely amazing.”, “Will buy again, love the smell and texture.”, “I highly recommend this seller and more importantly this balm.”
  • 1000’s of Happy Customers! ACT NOW….Supplies are Limited! BONUS information insert included!!